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        • Jessica plans first Country Concert
Jessica Simpson has booked an appearance during the Country Thunder USA festival in Twin Lakes, Wis., in what her representatives say is her first full concert since shifting from pop music into country.

Jessica’s performance comes July 19, on the final day of a four-day event that features more than 40 acts, including Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, Sara Evans and Taylor Swift.

From all appearances, she’ll be quite happy to let the fans form a first-hand impression of her and her music. She’s most often been presented to the public through the tabloids, but she says that much of what’s been written about her is littered with errors and incorrect speculation.

"As far as tabloids are concerned, they’re gonna do that no matter what," she told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. "If I’m walking down the street holding a Starbucks, they’re gonna talk about that or they’re gonna talk about my relationships. I’d rather people hear the truth than make up something, so they can say whatever they want to about the music."

The music on her first country album, due this fall, will represent her truthfully — at least at an emotional level.

"Most of the music is from real-life experiences," she said. "I can’t sing about something that I haven’t gone through. I can’t make you fall in love with that song if I can’t relate to it."

Jessica’s first country single, "Come On Over," is currently in the Top 30 on the Country Aircheck chart.

Source: gactv.com
        • (watch) Jessica Simpson On The View In Las Vegas
June 25th, 2008: Jessica Simpson was a guest on the panel of The View, currently filming in Las Vegas. She chatted and then sang a bit, and afterwards she and Ken Paves were seen walking through Caesars Palace.

Credit: x17video.com

Also, wow, check this out: we've passed 18 million hits on the counter! Thank you for visiting the site!!
        • Kim Kardashian on Jessica
"Jessica Simpson was on right before us (on The View); she was even on our flight last night! She is so gorgeous, it's not even normal!!!!"

Source: OfficialKimKardashian.com
        • (download) 98.5 KYGO Interview, June 23 2008
98.5 KYGO Interview, June 23 2008
format: mp3
quality: 160 kbps
size: 21.39 mb
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        • Spotted
TMZ spies spotted Jessica Simpson at TREVI's Italian in Caesar Palace in Vegas a couple days ago, housing some of the joint's Penne Puttanesca.

Source: TMZ.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • (watch) Kristin Pullen meets Jessica
        • Pictures
June 25, 2008: Jessica Simpson on The View (hq). Lots of new pics today!
        • Pictures
June 22, 2008: Jessica Simpson at B93 Birthday Bash (hq).

Credit: jvh33 @ flickr
        • Pictures
June 23, 2008: Jessica Simpson at K102 Wakeup Crew.

Thanks to Terran for finding these!
        • Pictures
June 23, 2008: Jessica Simpson at 98.5 KYGO.

Thanks to Terran for finding these!
        • (watch) KCYE Interview, June 25 2008
Jessica Simpson, taping an interview at KCYE-FM 104.3 (Coyote Country) on Wednesday with Tom & Rick in the Morning. She was in town for an appearance on 'The View' at Caesars Palace. 'She has a new country song, 'Come on Over,' and she made a visit to the station as part of coming into the country scene,' said program director R.W. Smith.
        • 6/26 Jessica's new blog!
"Sweet Kisses.net... Firstly I want to say a big thank you to every person here!!! You guys may not know it, but you have helped me get through some rough times! I am blessed to have such amazing fans!

These past few days I've been in 4 states, on 8 flights, and in 4 time zones promoting my single "Come On Over", and I've had such a great time! I have met some really amazing people and I feel at home in this world. I feel like I never left Texas - haha!!!

As you know, I did the View yesterday, and I was so nervous. It felt like my knees were going to give out! It has been a long journey building back my confidence to stand there in front of the world. But I feel like I have found that place again.

I also need to thank you all for the support you are giving my single. #3 on itunes country chart!?!?! And seeing the reaction at radio, watching it go higher on the charts is amazing. I am coming to some fairs this summer and I hope to see you all there!

Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going. - Tennessee Williams

Xoxo jess"

- Thank you Jess for writing again! We loved seeing you back on stage and singing You did a great job!
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        • Victoria Banks blogs about Jessica
"Don’t Mess With Jess!!!!

I can't believe the fantastic response that Jessica Simpson has been getting with "Come On Over"! Rachel Proctor and I wrote the song with Jessica, and it was released by Columbia Nashville as Jessica's first country radio single at the end of May. I was performing up in Canada when the song arrived at radio stations and my phone started ringing off the hook with calls from friends all over the USA who were hearing it over the airwaves. Within minutes it was posted on YouTube, Perez Hilton's gossip site, Entertainment Tonight online, MSNBC etc, and by the end of the day I was watching a story about it on TV's E! News Daily. At the end of the week Billboard reported that the song had made history, breaking all previous records for the highest charting debut of a new country artist by entering at number 41.

I've been getting a kick out of watching the progress of the song on the charts every day. You can click here to check the Mediabase Website which updates the song's position daily. (By the way, LW means last week, TW means this week, "Aud" means audience in millions, a red arrow signifies a "bullet" of upward momentum, "Spins" means the number of plays on major country radio stations in the USA, and you can also click on the song title to see the list of radio stations who are playing it the most).

Now, two weeks after its release, the song is at number 28 in the USA (27 in Canada) and rising fast. Since its release on iTunes a couple of days ago it is reportedly the number 3 most downloaded country song and the number 22 most downloaded song across all genres in the USA. (And number 1 in Canada – thanks, eh!!) In the past week it has been played 1200 times on the major U.S. country radio stations alone for an audience of almost 9 million. That just about blows the top of my head off when I try to think about it.

Not only that, but the song has also been given great reviews in Billboard, R&R and Rolling Stone Magazines, and lots of great front-page press by newspapers like The Tennessean and The Chicago Sun-Times.

Speaking of press, I have to put in my two cents in support of Jessica, who despite the great professional press on this song, seems to be a magnet for particularly nasty public criticism by online bloggers. They love to hate her. She can't sing, she's an airhead, her music is stupid and trite…I've been shocked at the cruelty and ignorance of some of the things people write. First, anyone who makes the claim that Jessica can't sing is not a singer, because a singer would recognize that this song has a huge range (an 11th, to be specific, and anything beyond a 10th is right up there with Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood - a wider range than most of us can belt without shifting to head voice). Jessica delivers it with both personality and good intonation, and that's a tough balance to strike. Second, anyone claiming that she is an airhead has never spent any one-on-one time with her, because it was instantly obvious to us as her songwriting collaborators that she is in fact a smart woman with substance, emotion, the great strength to overcome personal obstacles and the even greater strength not to share them with the public. Third, if you think her music is not meaningful, then just wait…wait until you hear some of the songs she's recorded for the rest of the record. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I gathered with some friends to watch TV yesterday morning when Jessica performed "Come On Over" for the first time, live on ABC's The View and backed up by Rachel Proctor on harmonies. Rachel was text-messaging me with updates and photos from backstage, so it was almost like being there in person. This whole experience is such an amazing one for the two of us. She's become my close friend and main collaborator, and from the first moment we sat down to write we realized how much we have in common. We both experienced some success early on in our careers, but since then we've both come through parallel times of pain and abuse, we've struggled to pay the bills, we've experienced a lot of frustration and had to learn some hard lessons about patience, and we've worked really, really hard to get to where we are right now. Rachel said that when the cameras came on and the band started playing the song, she stood on that stage and pictured me sitting in front of the TV in Nashville, and it was all she could do not to cry. I felt the same way. Success is a thousand times sweeter the second time around, and we are savoring every moment of this!

I heard "Come On Over" on the radio here in Nashville for the first time last night. I had worked yet another 18-hour day and I was heading home from the studio in my car. When I heard that familiar acoustic intro – the one that had come from my own guitar - my heart just about leaped out of my chest! I spent the next 3 minutes driving up and down Music Row, past the late-night deserted record labels and publishing offices and recording studios, with the volume cranked up to 10 and a big goofy smile on my face, thinking "yeah – this is my town". What can I say? That was a great 3 minutes."

Source: myspace.com/victoriabanks
        • Photos
I've added photos of Jessica on The View yesterday.

Credit: Celebrity-Gossip.net
        • Rachel Proctor blogs about Jessica
"So ...I've done a lot of things in my life but singing with Jessica Simpson on The View has to rank as the most overwhelming moment ever. I rehearsed the song with her several times over the last few days but I just wasn't ready for what came over me while on stage with her this morning. We got to the first chorus and it was like my breath was taken away. The happiness I felt singing "Come On Over" on national television was almost more than I could take. I wanted to let it overcome me but then I would've been sobbing like a thankful little baby. Every time I thought about Victoria in Nashville watching on TV I got choked up. Vic and I have worked really hard this year and it feels really good to start reeping some of the benefits. We were the number 3 most downloaded song on Itunes yesterday. All I can say is WOW!!!!
I feel so honored to be a part of what Jessica is doing. Not just because I co-wrote the song but because of Jessica and who she is. Jessica is a wonderful person with a great big heart. I've never felt more welcomed or respected by a peer than I do with Jess. She is truly in her element singing country music and I can see it and feel it when I'm around her. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
So here's the big news I've been wanting to share with everyone....
I'm going to tour with Jessica this summer and sing background vocals on the road. I'm so excited. I've got three songs on her album due out this fall including "Remember That" which sounds amazing. I know so many of you love that song. WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR JESSICA SING IT!!!! OMG it is sooooo good.
I know I sound like I'm gushing about her but I just want all of my fans to know how awesome she is and how lucky we are to have her in our genre of music. Open up your hearts and let her in. You will NOT be disappointed."

Source: myspace.com/rachelproctorsongs

That's very sweet of Rachel to say all those nice things about Jessica Their performance on The View was great although I think that the background vocalists had their mics set too loud or something, because you could barely hear Jessica in the chorus, but she sounded great on the verses! Maybe it's just an impression from tv though. What did you guys think?
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        • New appearance
River City Roundup Pro Rodeo Playoff Three : Jessica Simpson
Qwest Center Omaha, Omaha, NE
Sat, Sep 27, 2008 07:00 PM
More info: TicketMaster.com (thanks Alec!)
        • (watch) Jessica on set of Come On Over
CMT.com has this cute video up of Jessica on the set of her new music video "Come On Over" - it looks amazing! I can't wait to see the video! Click here to watch it, thanks Tamara!
        • Come On Over @ The View, June 25 2008
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Capped by: Samantha!
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        • The View, June 25 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 75.01 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • The View videos
The View videos are coming right up, downloadable of course - huge thanks to Samantha for recording them for us
        • Jessica Talks About Love, Marriage & Ashlee's Baby Bump
Jessica Simpson is smitten with her beau Tony Romo, but Wednesday morning, the singer-actress dodged Barbara Walters's question about impending wedding bells.

"We've been together for … seven to almost eight months now," Simpson, 27, said of the Dallas Cowboys star, 28, on The View, before she performed "Come On Over," the first single from her upcoming debut country album. "I don't really know about wedding bells … I still love him, and I'm still with him, so that's a good sign."

As for her sister Ashlee, who's pregnant, Simpson said, "She sent me a picture of her belly. She's popping, it's so cute!"

Source: People.com
        • (watch) Interview on The View

Thanks Lindsey!
        • (watch) Come On Over on The View

Thanks Lindsey!
        • Jessica Simpson Appearing on The View
Jessica Simpson will be discussing her move to country music during an appearance Wednesday (June 25) on ABC's The View. Simpson is expected to talk about her upcoming country album and perform the project's debut single, "Come On Over," which has climbed to No. 27 on Billboard's country singles chart. She co-wrote the song with Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks. Simpson's album, set for release in September, was produced by John Shanks and Brett James.

Source: cmt.com
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        • 20-year-old Floyds Knobs girl goes into remission from cancer, meets her idol Jessica Simpson
At 18-years-old, Kristin Pullen started school at Bellarmine University like many other students — excited, yet undecided in her major. Just weeks after school started, Pullen went down a path that not only gave her direction, but led her to meet her idol, Jessica Simpson.

“I started having like bone pain in my legs and I started bruising really bad and I kept getting really sick,” the now 20-year-old said. “Then in October of 2006, I was diagnosed with AML, which is acute myelogenous leukemia.”

During her treatment, Kids Wish Network contacted her, saying she could make any request she wanted, such as going on an exotic trip or meeting someone famous.

“It wasn’t too hard of a decision,” Pullen said. “[Jessica Simpson’s] the person I’ve pretty much wanted to meet out of everybody. She’s my role model.”

Pullen completed her chemotherapy treatments that April and went into complete remission. However, she still had not heard anything back about her wish. Then it became a reality when this spring, she found out that she and her mother were not only going to meet Pullen’s idol, but get to fly to Los Angeles to stay for the visit, all expenses paid.

The two got to sit in Simpson’s studio as she recorded tracks for her new CD coming out this fall. Simpson then sat down and chatted with the two.

“She actually did most of the talking. She asked me more questions than I asked her,” Pullen said.

Topics included Simpson’s boyfriend, Tony Romo.

“She’s crazy about him,” Pullen said.

Simpson also talked about her divorce to Nick Lachey and how she handled that hard time in her life. She gave Pullen a book of daily inspiration that was given to her after her separation.

“It made me realize that people that seem happy 24/7 go through the same struggles as us normal people do,” Pullen said. “I realized her life isn’t all perfect like it appears to be.”

Pullen said Simpson is still her role model, even more so now than before.

“She was so friendly and so nice,” Pullen said. “She was just so, like, real. She wasn’t stuck up one bit.”

Pullen’s mother, Valerie Pullen, had thought Simpson was a good singer before she went, but that was about it.

“I wasn’t real impressed with her until after I met her,” Valerie said. “(But) Jessica was just so sweet. It was just a wonderful day. Kristin said it was the best day of her whole life.”

Valerie said it was wonderful watching her daughter’s wish come true after she had been through so much.

“It was just great. It was really great,” Valerie said.

Kristin said she now knows her direction she wants to take. The 20-year-old plans on going to Ivy Tech this fall to become a nurse practitioner. She want to be a nurse on “7 west,” which is Kosair Children’s Hospital oncology unit in Louisville.

“Hopefully, I could give some hope to them and their families,” Kristin said.

Valerie said this whole experience taught her the importance of donating blood and platelets, which cancer patients go through a lot of. She said she regularly donates now to help others who are going through what her daughter did.

Kristin is still in remission. She said her 18-month mark is in October. She said at that point, there will only be a 2 to 3 percent chance the cancer will return.

Source: news-tribune.net
        • Romo stays true to roots
[...] Ramiro is about as kind and sweet-tempered as they come. But ask him about all this gossip, especially concerning Jessica Simpson, and you’ll hear an edge quickly develop in his voice.

“You know what? All of it is untrue,” Ramiro said. “It’s just a magazine that is trying to sell their publication and dirt sells. I just want everyone to know that none of the stuff they’re writing is true.

“Everything is between Jessica and Tony. We know Jessica, we know her family and they are outstanding people. But we do not comment on their personal lives.”

It’s been said that great people talk about ideas, ordinary people talk about events and small people talk about other people. And it’s a given that love endures.

The Romo family has that love. Take it from someone who knows.

Source: JournalTimes.com
        • Buy "Come On Over"!
Today is the day: you can purchase the "Come On Over" single on iTunes and Amazon.com - support Jess and go purchase the single now!!!


iTunes | Amazon.com
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        • Jessica on KYGO; mentions SKNET again!
Woohoo! I've just found out Jessica was interviewed on 98.5 KYGO earlier today and she mentioned SweetKisses.net again (thanks Stephanie for the heads up!) The station has just put the interview on their website so go listen to it at KYGO.com! Jessica mentions SKNET in part 3 of the interview near the end, gotta love this girl She talked about her country album "Do You Know", about the "Come On Over" single and also about Tony and her family. Really fun interview. Check it out. Thank you Jess!
        • "Come On Over" Available 6/24!
"Hey y'all! I wanted to let ya know that my single "Come On Over" will be available tomorrow in itunes and amazon.com! Thanks for supporting me so much already, I have the best fans in the whole world! I'm beyond blessed.

Oh yeah and don't forget that I will be performing it on The View live from Vegas Wednesday morning, I can't wait to sing for y'all again. It has been way too long!


Source: JessicaSimpson.com
        • Billboard Review
Come On Over
Producer(s): John Shanks, Brett James
Label: Columbia Nashville

Pop princess and tabloid queen Jessica Simpson needed to hit a home run with her country debut if she wanted any shot of being accepted in a skeptical carpetbagger's world, which has recently been inundated by the Eagles, John Mellencamp, Darius Rucker, Bon Jovi and Jewel. How about this? Mission accomplished and then some. Sexy, flirtatious "Come On Over" is everything it needs to be—undeniably country and not forced. Under watchful maestro John Shanks and Brett James, Simpson shines on a steel guitar-laden track that finds her pleading with a beau to drop everything for a little loving. Is it the most thought-provoking tune in recent years? No, but Simpson is convincingly ready to play in the country arena. Come on over, indeed.
—Ken Tucker

Source: JessicaSimpson.com
        • (download) K102 Wakeup Crew Interview, June 23 2008
K102 Wakeup Crew Interview, June 23 2008
format: mp3
quality: 128 kbps
size: 18.82 mb
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        • Album title + new interview
The new country album will be called "Do You Know", Jessica mentioned it in the interview she had at K102, listen to the interview at k102.com - I will try to put it up for downloading too.
        • New pics
I've added pictures of Jessica at the B93 Birthday Bash.

Credit: b93.com; thanks honestly speaking & Tamara!
        • Jess on the radio today
Jessica is scheduled to appear on K102's The Wakeup Crew today at 8AM! You can listed to it at k102.com! Thanks to Rachel for the info.
        • (watch) Behind the scenes at B93 Birthday Bash 2008
        • Jessica Simpson makes surprise appearance at B-93's Birthday Bash
Jessica Simpson surprised B-93 Bashers by taking the stage and singing her first country single, "Come on Over."Jessica Simpson's appearance had been rumored It wasn't a total surprise when Jessica Simpson visited the B-93 Birthday Bash for a few hours Sunday afternoon before she catches a flight to Minneapolis at 8 p.m. Simpson released her first country music single "Come On Over" in May under Columbia Nashville Records, a SonyBMG label. The song stands at No. 33 on the Country Billboard chart. Its debut at No. 41 was reported to be the highest-chart debut for a solo artist with no prior history on the country chart, according to Billboard.com.

Simpson has been attempting to redefine herself as a country music artist before the release of her new album this fall.

Rumors have circulated for several weeks that the former pop star would appear as the special guest at Birthday Bash Sunday afternoon.

"Word got out. We don't know how, but it did," said one SonyBMG representative.

She is scheduled to appear at country music festivals across the country all summer long.

Simpson made a surprise performance at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville and was well received by fans who pushed and shoved their way through meet and greet lines to meet her.

"When she was in Nashville, people were losing their minds," said one SonyBMG representative.

"She was given rock star treatment by all of the fans."

Simpson will perform her single "Come on Over" on "The View" on ABC WZZM-13 Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Sunday's second surprise guest is... Jessica Simpson, who's starting a new career in the country music biz, just took the stage at B-93's Birthday Bash, around 4:55 p.m.

"I grew up as a huge fan of country music listening to all the greats," said Simpson, known more for pop tunes.

She told the crowd that she hangs out with Willie Nelson, who encouraged her to get into country music.

"I really feel country music is the best way to tell my story and it absolutely has the best fans in the world," she said from the stage. Her CD, which will debut Sept. 9, will include a duet with Dolly Parton called, "Do You Know?"

Simpson was on stage less than five minutes visiting with B-93 radio personality Broadway, as the crowd wondered what would come next.

"Is she going to perform?" asked Lisa Goodrich of Grand Rapids. "It's good for her to get out and promote the song, but it's kind of stupid if she's not going to perform.

"I think everybody's kind of shocked that she would be at Birthday Bash because she's just starting as a country singer. And the song isn't that country."

Sure enough, Simpson soon performed her first country single "Come on Over."

Source: blog.mlive.com
June 22nd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New message from Jessica!
"Hey yall, I just wanted to let you know that I shot my video for "Come On Over" last Thursday! I worked with Liz Friedlander and it was so amazing - it's the first time I've ever worked with a woman director and I'm so excited to see how every shot turned out. Her passion for capturing the essence of the track and the lyric encouraged me to give the best I had. It was so hot (over 100 degrees!) but it was worth it all!!!

By the end of the day, I was so overwhelmed with emotion about this new chapter of my life, that when I got in the car to ride home, my close friends and I all joined hands and prayed out loud. I am more and more thankful everyday that God has given me this opportunity to sing for you guys! A couple of weeks ago, I went to Tony Evans' church in Dallas, and one thing he said that stuck with me is that "in God's silence, He's never still." It made me look back and understand that all the prayers I thought God didn't hear were being answered in their own way and in their own time.

Just wanted to write and share that with yall 'cause I love ya!

- Thank you Jessica for your message! We can't wait to see the video Love you too
        • Rachel Proctor to sing with Jessica on The View
"Just wanted to let everybody know I'll be singing "Come On Over" with Jessica Simpson on The View on June 25th. I'm excited. Hope I get to meet Whoopi :-)"

Source: myspace.com/rachelproctorsongs
        • Photos
I've added photos of Jessica being interviewed at K-Frog.
        • K-Frog video
        • "Major Movie Star" - straight-to-dvd?
Guttenberg is set next to appear with Jessica Simpson in the straight-to-DVD comedy “Major Movie Star”, the tale of a famous young actress who unwittingly joins the army following a string of bad luck.

Also starring Vivica A fox and SNL’s Cheri Oteri, Guttenberg will play Simpson’s beleaguered agent Sidney Green, who is outraged after discovering his biggest actress has enrolled in armed service.

Source: actressarchives.com (thanks Tamara!)

- The movie is still going to be shown in Russia, opens on September 18th. I don't know about other countries yet.
        • Jessica Simpson "Come On Over" Review in Rolling Stone
For her new album she's making like Jewel and going back to her country-western roots. Surprisingly, her first twangy single is a slick treat. Begging a boy to drop his dirty dishes and come to bed, Simpson keeps it simple and on a Shania Twain-esque foot-stomper built on energetic acoustic and slide guitars.

Source: JessicaSimpson.com
June 21st, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Candids
June 10, 2008: Jessica Simpson arrived a JFK Airport, her flight was delayed 3 and a half hours and she looked tired and was a little camera shy, wearing a John Lennon shirt and covering her face with a Dallas Cowboys cap (hq).
        • Jessica Simpson To Design Country Clothes
Country is all Jessica Simpson is thinking about right now, and she may be taking it a little far on this latest venture. Jess is planning on developing a country-western clothing line. She's done so well with the shoes, sunglasses, and bathing suits, that she figured, why not?

And Papa Joe is behind her every step of the way. He thinks a new designer denim and western wear clothing line will help Jess expand her fan base and help with her new image.

Jess does know her jeans! The girl is practically in a new pair every day. We'll have to see how this one pans out. Jessica Simpson brand items are usually on the cheesy side, but we're anxious to see what she comes up with! Just no fringe please!

Source: style.hollyscoop.com
June 19th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (download) The Big 96.3 KSCS interview, June 18 2008
The Big 96.3 KSCS Interview, June 18 2008
format: mp3
quality: 128 kbps
size: 3.04 mb | 2.89 mb
Download: Part 1 | Part 2
Sendspace: Part 1 | Part 2
        • (download) K-Frog interview, June 18 2008
K-Frog 95.1 FM Interview, June 18 2008
format: mp3
quality: 128 kbps
size: 19.79 mb | 7.54 mb | 14.36 mb | 5.74 mb
Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Sendspace: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
        • Jessica Simpson Chats with Jeremy

Jessica Simpson is in LA shooting her new video "Come On Over" , and called our very own Jeremy Robinson to discuss... The rumors, life with Tony, and more!! Click here to listen! Thanks to Alec.
        • New interview
Jessica was a guest at K-FROG 95.1 FM to talk about her country record, you can listen to the interview at kfrog.com! In the first part she mentions SweetKisses.net! WOW! Thanks Jessica, it's good to hear you're visiting the site! I played the clip to my mom and she cried aww! It's in the first part of the interview around 11:30, I'm so excited! I will add the interview to the media center later today! Thanks to Tamara for the heads up!
June 18th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (scans) Blonde Ambition dvd [Russia]
"Blonde Ambition" was released on dvd in Russia, I've added scans!

Thanks to Dron

Also the opening date of "Major Movie Star" in Russia has been pushed back again, to September 4th.
        • Candids
June 9, 2008: Jessica Simpson arrives in New York City (hq).
        • Candids
June 11, 2008: Jessica Simpson departs LaGuardia airport in New York City (hq).
        • Jessica Simpson Explains "9 To 5" Meltdown
When Dolly Parton was toasted at the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors in December 2006, much of the press surrounding the event focused not only on Dolly, but on Jessica Simpson, who flubbed a performance, then left the stage in tears.

Jessica had been divorced from Nick Lachey for less than six months at the time, and on reflection, she really wasn’t ready to perform in public.

"I completely tortured ‘9 to 5,’" Jessica told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. "I messed the lyrics up, and my boyfriend broke up with me that day. I couldn’t even focus on stage, and I was in front of the president and everybody. Afterwards, my chin started quivering. I just started crying...and then I walked offstage, and I said, 'I will absolutely never sing again, ever in my life.' It made me afraid to go on stage. After going through a divorce, I was always used to my ex-husband standing side stage when I was done. I only performed twice during that [time], and every time I broke down onstage crying. I was dealing with a lot of pain and trying to heal, and it was such a process."

Obviously Jessica changed her mind about never singing again. She’s working on her first country album, and who was among the first to offer encouragement? Well, that would be Dolly.

"Afterwards," Jessica noted, "Dolly was like, ‘Don’t you let that get you down. I want to hear you keep singing.’ I was just like, ‘I’m so sorry.’ And she’s like, ‘I don’t even want you to apologize. Let’s take a picture, and we’ll end up working together someday.’ And then she wrote me a letter, ‘cause all the media and the press were really, really hard on me, and I knew that was going to happen. And she even went as far as to say, ‘I will always love you.’ I just cried and cried reading the letter that she sent me, but it was so encouraging."

That makes it quite appropriate that Dolly has a song slated for Jessica’s first country album. It’s titled "Do You Know," and Dolly will be singing on the song, as well.

Source: gactv.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica shooting her video on the 19th of June
From iheatmaroon: "I found this ad that they were looking for musicians for her video. It was found on Craigslist.

Musicians for Jessica Simpson Video (Hollywood)
Looking for REAL Musicians:

Drums, guitar and bass players.

Young, hip western style - Ages 20-35. Mulitcultural, caucasian, all races. Need to be able to learn the song in a day.

Need to really really play, have own instruments and wardrobe.

Must be available tomorrow Tuesday, June 17th b/w 4:00-5:30 for casting in Hollywood, and available ALL DAY Thursday, June 19th for the shoot.

If you are not available these days, please do not reply, and you must be 18 years of age.

Reply with the following:
Phone Number
June 17th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Promo photo
I've added a scan of 2003 Columbia Promo photo.
        • Jessica & Tony Still Going Strong!
Despite all the breakup rumors a very dressed down Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo made a quick grocery run to Ralph’s. Jessica’s dog, Daisy patiently waited for Jessica to come back to the car. Look how Jessica grabs Tony’s hand as they enter Ralph’s, hold on tight Jess don’t let this one get away. Click for video.

Source: x17video.com
        • New candids
June 15, 2008: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo shopping together in Los Angeles (hq).
Singer/actress Jessica Simpson has come under fire by an animal rights group for voicing her love of meat - through a slogan on her T-shirt. Simpson was photographed wearing a top bearing the words "Real Girls Eat Meat". But leading animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has condemned her choice of clothes. A spokesman tells TheCelebrityTruth.com, "Jessica Simpson's meaty wardrobe malfunction makes us thankful that no one is looking to her for food advice. Chicken-of-the-Sea anyone? The woman who thought that Buffalo 'Wings' came from buffalos would benefit from some good veggie brain food."

Source: ContactMusic.com

- I could totally see that coming...
        • Site news
Sorry sorry sorry for not updating lately. I've been glued to the TV watching the Euro 2008 matches, lol I'm a big football fan (soccer) and I've been in my little world for the past week. Sorry about that. I need to apologize to everyone who applied for affiliation, I will review all the sites and add them asap.
June 14th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New scans

01 x Us Weekly, June 23 2008 (thanks Tamara!)
03 x In Touch, June 23 2008 (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica Simpson Turns To Dolly Parton
When Jessica Simpson wanted to shift into country music, she got encouragement from Willie Nelson, who was a fellow cast member in the Dukes Of Hazzard movie in 2005. Now she’s getting an assist from a second Country Music Hall of Fame member: Dolly Parton.

"We were out here [in Nashville] writing and we set up this meeting with Dolly," Jessica told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. "I went to her adobe, which is so cool. You walk in and she has a chapel and a beauty salon basically and ballet bars. I just loved being there and being in her presence. She listened to the album, and she just was encouraging. She goes, ‘I have to be a part of this record.’ And so she gave me a handful of songs and she said, ‘I got better ones. I got better ones!’ And then three days later, she sent me 12 more songs, and I chose the very first song that was on the second CD, and it’s called, ‘Do You Know.’ She wrote it and it’s such a great song, and I’m so blessed to be able to sing with her on it and have her be so much a part of my career."

Dolly is adding her vocals to "Do You Know," which will appear on Jessica’s debut country album. The first single, "Come On Over," has already set a record as the highest debut in history for a solo artist who’s never previously been on the country chart.

Pictured (L-R): Brett James, Jessica Simpson and John Shanks. Photo Credit: Jen Cook for Sony BMG Nashville / Columbia Nashville.

Source: gactv.com
        • New candids
June 13, 2008: Jessica and Tony are back in Los Angeles (hq) updated +43*.

Source: JustJared.com
        • Tony Romo Speaks Out About Jessica's Dad
Speaking for the first time about reports that Joe Simpson was interfering with his relationship with Jessica Simpson and his business affairs – and that his parents did not approve of or get along with the Simpson family – Tony Romo released a statement to PEOPLE saying, "It's all laughable.”

Romo, 28, and Simpson, 27, have been dogged by rumors that her father has been meddling in their nearly seven-month-old courtship.

In his statement, Romo insisted that characterization is "so far from the truth."

A source also confirmed that Romo's father, Ramiro, went to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga., with Joe Simpson earlier this year and "had a great time."

And there was more family bonding when, after spending a couple of days in Dallas, the singer and Romo shared a lunch date Friday with pregnant sister Ashlee Simpson and new husband Pete Wentz at a Chili's in Encino, Calif.

"Jess was giggling and grabbing onto Tony. They were both very natural and sweet with each other," says a source. "It was cute to see the sisters and their guys having such a good time."

Source: People.com
June 13th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Candids
June 11, 2008: Jessica Simpson in NYC (hq).
        • (scans) FHM [Holland], January/February 2001
        • Caught in the Act!
• Jessica Simpson, hitting up her favorite New York City restaurant, Dos Caminos SoHo, for lunch with her mother and other business associates. According to a source, the party was "laughing and having a great time." The group noshed on guacamole, blueberry pomegranate margaritas and a mahi plate. Later in the evening, Simpson linked up with her "mane man," hairstylist and BFF Ken Paves for a late dinner at Da Silvano, where they ate al fresco with two other people. "It looked like they were having a heart to heart," a fellow diner tells us of the pals.

Source: People.com
        • Jessica Simpson Joins Country Thunder USA Lineup
Jessica Simpson has joined the list of performers at the Country Thunder USA Festival on July 19 in Randall, Wis. The four-day festival begins July 16 and also features Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Jason Michael Carroll, Emerson Drive, Sara Evans, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Joe Nichols, Randy Owen, Kellie Pickler, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Clay Walker. Simpson recently released her first country single, "Come On Over," with an album expected later this summer.

Source: CMT.com
        • 'Come On Over' single cover
Here's the single cover for "Come On Over" - I love this picture! The single will be available to buy on iTunes on June 24!

Thanks to Mario and Sherry!
June 12th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Spotted: Jessica on route to Dallas 6/11
Overheardian on American Airlines flight 759 scheduled to arrive DFW at 7:10 p.m. from NYC sends this:

“On flight from New York with Ms. Simpson. She’s scrolling thru pictures on her phone. Head down in hand. Doesn’t look happy. Saw pic of Tony Romo on screen.”

Source: Tamara, thanks!
        • New candids
June 11, 2008: Jessica Simpson sightings in New York City.

Source: JustJared.com
June 11th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Joe Simpson responds to "controlling stage dad" charges
Several reports have chalked up the tension in the Jessica Simpson - Tony Romo relationship to her father, Joe. But Mr. Simpson has a different take. He told Extra in an interview that aired Tuesday he's not the controlling stage dad to Jessica and Ashlee he's been made out to be.

"For all those people thinking I'm sipping Pin~a Coladas on the beach and enjoying millions of dollars and having this great life ... I work seven days a week, 24/7," he said. Referring to his daughters, he said, "They don't call me and ask me. They call me and tell me."

Mr. Simpson said the Tony-Jess romance is going well. "He's a great guy. I love Tony to death. ... He's just a good kid."

Source: DallasNews.com
        • (watch) Jessica in NYC on June 10

Credit: x17video.com
        • New candids
Jessica Simpson sports a oversized clutch with multi-colored tiles as she leaves her New York City hotel on Tuesday and catches dinner at the chic Manhattan restaurant Nobu.

While being followed by paparazzi, one photog doled out the compliments about how “lovely” she looked. Jessica responded, saying, “Butter me up boys!”

When asked where on-and-off-again boyfriend Tony Romo was, Jess told photogs he was at “football practice.”

The 27-year-old singer/actress also said that her handbag was a “Jessica Simpson design“ (hq)

Source: JustJared.com
        • New candids
June 10, 2008: Jessica Simpson in New York City (hq).
June 10th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Possible new song titles
From Verónica: "Hi, first of all, sorry for my English... it's very poor.. I found yesterday in ASCAP website, 9 possible songs for upcoming cd of Jessica. I know it because the songwriters of these songs are country songwriters. The titles are:

- Made To Order Miracle
(co-written by Jessica with ROBERT ELLIS ORRALL and ROBERT DONALD PALMER );
- A Break From Being Broken
(co-written by Jessica with MARV GREEN and TROY VERGES);
- Man Enough
(co-written by Jessica with BRETT JAMES and TROY VERGES);
- I'm Just Me
(co-written by Jessica with RACHEL PROCTOR and VICTORIA BANKS);
- Sipping On History
(co-written by Jessica with LUKE ROBERT LAIRD and HILLARY LEE LINDSEY);
- Never Not Beautiful
(co-written by Jessica with BRETT JAMES and TROY VERGES);
- Shine
(co-written by Jessica with EDWARD MONROE HILL and MICHELLE ROBIN LEWIS);
- Everyone Lose Control
(written by the authors of 'I Wanna Love You Forever' LOUIS JOHN BIANCANIELLO, GREGORY ALLEN KURSTIN and SAMUEL J WATTERS );
- Come As You Are
(co-written by Jessica with RACHEL PROCTOR and VICTORIA BANKS);
- I Want
(co-written by Jessica with JANE MARIASH BACH and TAMARA J HYLER );
- You're My Sunday
(co-written by Jessica with LUKE ROBERT LAIRD and HILLARY LEE LINDSEY)."

- Thanks Verónica for the heads up, I checked Ascap.com and found a couple more song titles that could possibly be on the new album and also included the songwriters above
        • K-Frog 95.1 FM Interview
K-Frog 95.1 FM Interview, June 4 2008
Format: mp3
Size: 3.08 mb
Recorded by: Terran
Download: here (right click & save target as)| Sendspace Link
        • (watch) WQYK TV Interview, June 4 2008
        • Pictures
June 4, 2008: Jessica Simpson interviewed by K-Frog 95.1 FM during CMA Fest in Nashville.

Source: KFrog.com (thanks to Terran!)
        • New candids
June 10, 2008: Following a late night arrival in the Big Apple, Jessica Simpson and her mother Tina were spotted up bright and early on Tuesday morning. And the rising country starlet looked cute in a white top, black jacket and a pair of black short shorts as she exited her hotel.

Source: GossipGirls.com
        • New candids
June 9, 2008: Following a weekend appearance at the CMA Music Festival and a quick trip to Dallas, Texas, Jessica Simpson was once again flying the friendly skies - this time making her way to New York City. Wearing her Cowboys cap, the Dukes of Hazzard hottie was helped out of her ride by the chauffeur, trying her best to avoid photographers upon arrival to a luxury Big Apple hotel.

Source: GossipGirls.com
        • Simpson Slipping Into Something More Comfortable
If you've ever wanted to get intimate with Jessica Simpson, here's your chance.

It seems the singer is creating a lingerie line to add to the handbags, shoes, sunglasses and swimsuits that already have her famous name attached to them.

"I like different lingerie for different occasions," she tells Women's Wear Daily about the new Jessica Simpson Intimates collection. "I think that's the best thing about it. You can feel sexy or girly depending on your mood."

Cowboy boots and hat not included for those days when you're feeling a little bit country.

Source: EOnline.com
        • JS Collection to expand
Jessica Simpson is set on expanding her five year old empire at The Camuto Group and venturing out to intimate apparel for spring 2009. She already have five established categories in her franchise, footwear, handbags, sunglasses, outerwear and swimwear. The new intimates collection will includes bras, undies, sleepwear and daywear, “also in the works is a fragrance launch in August and a belt collection for fall”. Damn, she really knows how to rack in the loot! Good for her!

Simpson said the biggest problem when wearing lingerie is panty lines. “That is why I am including, in my collection, a stylish assortment of shapewear that women will love,” she said.

Source: WWD.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • Spotted
Jessica Simpson and boyfriend, Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, strolling hand-in-hand through the Galleria in Dallas on Monday.

Source: PerezHilton.com
June 9th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Photos
I added more high quality pictures of Jessica's meet & greet in Nashville.
        • More info about the new songs

The demo version of Victoria’s song “Remember That”, sung by Rachel Proctor and pending release by Jessica Simpson, is the subject of a new Grey’s Anatomy fan video on YouTube. Click here to check it out.


Victoria has had three songs recorded by Jessica Simpson for her new country record to be released through the Columbia label later this year. Two of the songs, “Come on Over” and “I’m Just Me”, were co-written by Victoria, Jessica Simpson and Rachel Proctor. The third song “Remember That”, is about domestic abuse, and will also be the topic of a book which Victoria is currently co-authoring with the song’s co-writer, Rachel Proctor.

Source: VictoriaBanks.net
        • The Jessica Simpson question
At most major music events, some non-music magazines send reporters armed with one question to ask every artist, usually to the dismay of other reporters in the room.

At this year's CMA Music Festival, the question came from an OK magazine reporter. She asked virtually every artist in the CMA Music Festival press conferences what they thought of Jessica Simpson's new single. Of course, everyone had only nice things to say about her.

"It sounds good," says Luke Bryan. "If Jessica Simpson fans are listening to country radio waiting on one of her songs, it ain't a bad thing. Hopefully one of mine will come through there at some point and there you go, I have an opportunity to get a new fan."

Jewel says, "I've always thought there's room for everybody."

Rascal Flatts' Jay Demarcus says, "Jessica Simpson and country singer is an oxymoron. Isn't she a pop singer?" He was kidding, but it caused several journalists to raise their eyebrows because they're aware of how this could get reported as a serious statement.

Jay says that unlike other musical genres, country music allows others to come into its family. "I wish her the best."

Source: Tennessean.com
        • Jessica Simpson Sets Intimates Launch for '09
The Camuto Group Is Expanding Its Jessica Simpson franchise with the introduction of intimate apparel for spring 2009.

Simpson's five-year-old fashion franchise at the Camuto Group, which holds the master license for the Simpson brand, is projected to generate wholesale revenues of $300 million in 2008, said Kristin Kohler, senior vice president of licensing at Camuto.

Source: WWD.com
        • Jessica Simpson commits to country
Jessica Simpson — she of the reality program and the short shorts and the celebrity romances and the pop hits — spent the CMA Music Festival week in Nashville, introducing herself to people she'd never met and pitching a song that she co-wrote called "Come On Over."

Friday morning, hundreds of fans bustled and clamored for her autograph, and Thursday night at LP Field, a roar went up at the mention of her name. That's the good part.

"A lot of people have listened to 'Come On Over' and told me, 'I really wanted to hate it, but I like it,' " she said, sitting at a table at Mambu restaurant and admitting the oddity of people wanting to hate something they'd never heard before.

Why would someone hope to be repelled? "I think just because my name is attached to it. Or maybe they thought that I was just trying to stomp on their ground for a little bit and see what I could do, and then just go back and make another pop record. But I'm planning on making country for the rest of my life, and I don't want to go back to that other world."

Celebrity is a weird locale. It draws adoration and indignation from people who've never been within a thousand miles of the center of their love or ire.

" 'I wanted to hate it, but I like it' is a backhanded compliment, but I'm glad it's that way and not the other way around," she said.

Jessica Simpson, 27, is quite used to this kind of thing.

What she wasn't used to, until lately, is a feeling that music is a comfortable, comforting and personal thing. "Come On Over" is already being played on country radio, and an as-yet-untitled album (produced by Brett James and John Shanks for Columbia Nashville) is due to follow on Sept. 9.

Heartbreak brought fear

Simpson talks of the move to country as a full-circle moment for her, and father/manager Joe Simpson says this is the happiest and most confident he's ever seen his daughter. But the new music also marks the end of a phase of Simpson's career in which singing made her feel frightened and unsure.

"I had so much fear," she said of the year-and-a-half that followed her late 2005 split from Nick Lachey, her husband, fellow pop singer and MTV reality co-star in Newlyweds.

That fear won out in December 2006, when Simpson flubbed an appearance at the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors, forgetting words and singing unconvincingly on Dolly Parton's "Nine To Five." Across America, people chuckled at her failure as she took a media pounding.

"I was going through a heartbreak, and I was scattered and shouldn't have been on that stage," she said. "There's no way to convince anybody that you're comfortable onstage if you're not. I got enough of a beat-down from that that I feared going onstage after that."

Simpson called her dad and said, "I never want to sing again. Don't make me do it."

"I was ashamed," she said. "Because I know the gift God has given me, and I know I'm supposed to be using it, and I know that gift is my voice, and music, and singing."

Father Joe had figured out something about why she was having problems.

"She started dating Nick when she was 18, and from that point everything about music had been about him. And when they broke up, all that music represented a very sad part of her life."

Once, in Lachey's hometown of Cincinnati, Simpson was, as she put it, "an emotional wreck" before a Christmas concert. She went out anyway.

"I bawled onstage, singing 'O Holy Night,' and then everybody was crying," she said. "I realized that every time I'd gone onstage, I had that same person — my boyfriend or husband — watching me and waiting for me to get off the stage. This was an empty feeling, like, 'It's too close, too emotional.' There were stages I went through, and now that it's been over two years, I can see how I neglected myself so I didn't have to feel hurt anymore."

She stood up to her label

A nation of US Weekly readers thought of Simpson as a celebrity. She thought of herself as a singer, and as a singer who wasn't being true to her gift. She also thought herself ill at ease in pop music, and she wanted to move into the country sounds that originally influenced her as a child in Texas.

She had tried writing in Nashville, but her label rejected the resulting material as "too country."

"I got signed when I was 17, and I was just happy to have a record deal," she said. "I thought what I was supposed to do was go in the studio and sing, and I was just excited for the opportunity. By album three, I was writing in Nashville, and it sounded kind of country and the label said, 'Absolutely not. We signed you as a pop artist.' "

Last year, though, Simpson told the label she wouldn't make another album unless it was country.

The hip-hop-accented version of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and her appearance in the Dukes of Hazard film pointed to an ability to connect with Middle America, and Joe Simpson had pointed out in negotiations that "There is a whole other country out there, besides New York and L.A."

Besides, on the Dukes set, Willie Nelson had told her that country would allow her a way to tell her story.

In the end, her label's New York and Nashville offices decided to work together on a release, and Simpson sat with Nashville writers and said, "Here's my heart; let's write about it."

"Everything was real personal for her," said Rachel Proctor, who co-wrote "Come On Over" with Simpson and Victoria Banks. "As an artist, you have to open up, and that can be hard."

The first writing session with Proctor and Banks was a strange one, as the usually chatty Proctor had laryngitis and Banks was hobbling after a knee surgery.

"We didn't get too far that day," Banks said. "But Jessica talked so much about her life with us that day and we got to know her so well that the next time we wrote we got two songs. In writing, you need some level of serenity and confidence to listen to the voices in your head that give you ideas. It can be tough to do that when the stakes are high or you're nervous about meeting the person. But Jessica made it easy, because of her personality."

That personality will be a surprise to those who know Simpson only as a television caricature, and a bummer for those who want to dislike her. She's funny and sharp, and self-assured enough to lean in rather than pull back when asked a difficult question. And it's clear that, for her, Nashville is on the other side of somewhere she doesn't want to be.

"The first day of recording vocals, I didn't want to go to the studio," she said. "Fear can ruin people's lives. It handicaps you. But that day, I sang two songs, and it was like I stepped outside of myself, watched and listened and thought, 'Hey, that is you, Jess!' I called my dad and said, 'I'm back.' "

Simpson co-wrote all but a few of the album's songs. Thursday at Mambu, she softly sang along with herself while some of the tracks played through the restaurant's speakers. Asked what would happen if the album was a commercial failure, she said she'd make another country album, and if that one failed she'd do a third.

And if the label refused to pay for such an endeavor?

"Then I'm going to pay for it myself. I'm not giving up, and I'm going to make country music.

If that's the case, she'll do so with the support of one of her biggest heroes, Dolly Parton, who wrote and sang on one of the album's songs.

A Google search on "Jessica Simpson" and "Dolly Parton" today yields stories about the Kennedy Center debacle. Come September, that same search will offer links to tales of the women's friendship and mutual admiration.

"It's a spiritual thing for me, like 'I know God has a plan and a purpose,' " Simpson said. "For the first time in my life, I take a lot of pride in my talent and in the record I was able to put together. With the writers, I felt comfortable opening up, because the only way this opportunity was going to be a great one was to be honest with myself and with them. If I want to be singing it for the rest of my life onstage, I want it to be honest."

Source: Tennessean.com
        • Couples Watch
• Before heading to Nashville for the CMA Music Festival, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo had a romantic lunch at SushiSamba in Dallas. The couple – who feasted on edamame, salmon ceviche, sushi rolls, Chilean sea bass (for him) and chicken teriyaki (for her) – held hands and snuggled in a banquette. At one point, the singer even rested her head affectionately on her football-player beau's lap.

Source: People.com
June 7th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Pictures
Added 3 high quality pictures from CMA Fest in Nashville, from June 5 and 2 from the meet & greet yesterday.
        • Fan photos from Nashville
From Veronica: "Hi, I went to today's autograph signing and Jessica Simpson was there, I didn't get to meet her but I did get to take some pictures!!! She's so pretty, I will have to send you like 5 or 6 e-mails to get all the pictures I took. She is here with her dad Joe Simpson and her best friend CaCee Cobb."

Thanks Veronica!
        • Jessica Simpson Grabs Attention at CMA Music Festival
When news spread that Jessica Simpson and Alan Jackson would be signing autographs in the CMA Music Festival's Fan Fair Hall, hundreds of fans began lining up early Friday morning (June 6) for a chance to get a signature and have their photos taken with the stars.

A crush of overly-enthusiastic fans resulted in scattered, sporadic pushing and shoving when the doors of the Nashville Convention Center opened at 10 a.m., the announced start time for Simpson's scheduled two-hour appearance. Within minutes, though, the fans were lining up as they normally do -- in an orderly fashion -- and Simpson was signing her name and flashing her familiar smile as she stood beside admirers from throughout the U.S.

Before the doors opened, the line of fans extended from the convention center's entrance on Commerce Street, around the corner to Fourth Avenue in front of the Ryman Auditorium and around the other corner to Broadway. A similar line is expected Saturday (June 7) when Taylor Swift is scheduled to sign autographs for the entire day.

Like other artists, Simpson is capitalizing on the four-day festival to create a bond with country fans before the fall release of her first country album. Her first single, "Come On Over," debuted this week at No. 41 on Billboard's country chart, making it the highest-chart debut for a solo artist with no prior history on the country chart.

On Wednesday night (June 4), Simpson attended a private party her record label, Columbia Nashville, hosted for country radio programmers. She was also introduced briefly Thursday night (June 5) during the CMA Music Festival's first concert of the year at LP Field. The show featured performances by Jennifer Hanson, Montgomery Gentry, Kellie Pickler, Luke Bryan, Jewel, Taylor Swift, Sugarland and Rascal Flatts.

Photos Credit: Brian Tipton, cmt.com
        • Crowd Clamors To Meet Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is making the crossover from pop to country and met with fans at the Nashville Convention Center on Friday. Fans pushed and shoved to get through the line, and some came out of the fray in tears. The crowd calmed when the star arrived, albeit a few minutes late. Fan Jonathan McDonald said he gave up his ticket for one fan.

"She was crying and I could tell she really wanted to meet her. So, it's more important for somebody that's that excited about seeing somebody and that disappointed that they didn’t get a ticket to let them get what they’ve been here for. I mean, this is what this is about: meeting who you love, and that's the most important thing," he said.

Simpson's appearance was just one of the many events at the festival on a busy Friday leading into a weekend full of other events.

Source: wsmv.com (click here to watch video!)
June 6th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Wants Tony to "Come On Over"
Is Tony Romo going to "Come On Over" to Jessica Simpson's music video? If she has her druthers, then yes! In preparation for her first country album, set to drop this fall, the 27-year-old songstress hopes to drum up some publicity by casting her on-off beau in the video for the first single, "Come On Over.

“Tony said he’d love to support her,” a friend of the couple tells OK!.

However, there is a catch.

“If it’s not for publicity, he thinks this might be fun for them to do together,” the friend adds.

This, of course, wouldn't be the first time Jess filmed a music video with a real-life love interests. Ex-husband Nick Lachey was featured in a handful of her vids, including their duet "Where You Are" and "Sweetest Sin." It remains to be seen whether Tony, 28, will be next.

“Nothing is set right now," a Jess insider tells OK!.

Source: OKMagazine.com
        • Album title: SIPPIN' ON HISTORY
Jessica mentioned in an interview that the album's title is "Sippin' On History" - I love it Jessica also revealed the title of her duet with Dolly Parton which is "Do You Know". You can watch the video online here.
        • New pictures
June 4, 2008: Jessica Simpson during the interview with 94.1 KMPS FM Radio.

Credit: kmps.com
        • Radio tries to hate Jessica Simpson's country song, but fails
Suffice to say there was healthy skepticism at country radio and on Nashville’s Music Row when word began circulating last year that Jessica Simpson was recording a country album, due later this year.

But at least by early indications, Simpson is on her way to swaying opinion in her favor. Her first single, ‘‘Come on Over,’’ makes a historic debut at No. 41 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart this week.

A flirtatious, up-tempo song, it was co-written by Simpson with Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks.

‘‘The fun thing about the song is that anxiety of wanting the guy to come over right then and there,’’ says Simpson. ‘‘Everybody’s felt that before.’’

Columbia Nashville Vice President of Promotion Jimmy Rector says radio is responding positively to the single. ‘‘More than anything, people are pleasantly surprised. A lot of people didn’t want to like it, but when they heard it, regardless of pre-conceived notions, they realized this is a really good record.’’

One unnamed programmer went as far as to tell Rector, ‘‘God help me, I really like this song.’’

‘‘That’s the reality of what we were facing,’’ Rector says.

Comments like that surprised Simpson, who remembers thinking, ‘‘Oh, my gosh, people want to hate me,’’ when first told of radio’s feedback. ‘‘That’s kind of hard to grasp, but at least they’re supporting it. At least they know good music and they play good music. I can’t believe the single’s doing what it’s doing.’’

For her part, Simpson says the process of recording and releasing a country album is exciting. ‘‘I feel like a brand-new artist,’’ she says. ‘‘It’s a great feeling.’’

And early skepticism aside, Simpson feels like she’s found a home. ‘‘I did a lot in the pop world and I had a great time doing it, but this just feels so much easier,’’ she says. ‘‘There’s a lot of soul in country and while I was making this album I discovered that. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else, to be honest with you.

“I look in the mirror and I know I’m doing the right thing with my career and my life,” she adds. “It’s a great place of comfort.”

Source: suntimes.com
        • Jessica Simpson Soaks Up Nashville Atmosphere
Jessica Simpson proved to be both a tourist and an attraction during a visit to Nashville Wednesday.

The singer-actress, 27, surprised fans with an unannounced autograph session at the Block Party kicking off the annual CMA Music Festival.

Although she did not perform, her music played – specifically, her new song "Come on Over," the leadoff single from her as-yet-untitled first country album, due in the fall.

Later that night – clad in black short-shorts, a white shirt, a fitted black blazer and high heels – Jessica joined dad Joe Simpson and some others at Lime, a hip new Latin fusion restaurant in midtown Nashville.

Absent from the meal was her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who was at practice with his team back in the Lone Star State.

Eventually Simpson joined a few female fans in one of the restaurant's other booths and sat for photos with even more admirers before heading back to her own table.

Source: People.com
        • Jessica Simpson Plans Romantic Vacation
The couple that travels together, stays together—or, at least, so says rocky-relationship queen Jessica Simpson.

Pals close to the music scene's newest country crooner say Jessica is planning a quick summer get away for herself and beau Tony Romo.

"She thinks they need some quality alone time," says friend of Jess, who is still reeling after her relationship reached the breakup brink.

"She believes a vacation will really do a lot to reconnect them. Tony agreed to go, but it was all Jessica's idea."

Timing, however, is a problem. Jessica's crazy busy with photo shoots and interviews to promote her soon-to-be-released country album. And Tony starts football training camp July 24.

"But she's determined to squeak out a week together before then," says her pal. "So if she has to clear the decks on her own schedule to make it happen, she so will."

Source: EOnline.com
        • New pictures
June 5, 2008: TV personality Storme Warren and Singer, musician Jessica Simpson onstage during the VAULT Concert Stages during the 2008 CMA Music Festival at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee.
        • Jessica Simpson Gives Radio A Sneak Peak
Last night, Columbia Nashville’s Jessica Simpson treated radio to a special sneak peak of music from her much anticipated country debut, including the brand new single, “Come On Over,” and never before heard tracks “Remember That” and “Might As Well Be Making Love,” at the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville. As part of the festivities, Simpson took the stage with Columbia Nashville's Northeast Promotion Manager, Cliff Blake, to give guests the inside scoop on why country and why now. Simpson’s album is due out this fall.

Pictured (L-R): Pictured (L-R): Tom Baldrica (VP Marketing Sony BMG Nashville), Joe Galante (Chairman Sony BMG Nashville), Lon Helton, Jessica Simpson, Butch Waugh (Executive VP), Jimmy Rector (VP Promotion Columbia Nashville) and David Friedman (National Director Promotion Columbia Nashville)

Source: ColumbiaNashville.com
June 5th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson to play Monterey County Fair
Jessica Simpson and Randy Travis are set to perform at this year's Monterey County Fair. Simpson is scheduled for Aug. 15 and Randy Travis for Aug. 16. The Fair runs Aug. 12-17.

In addition, David Drew Productions will be organizing a Central Coast Idol competition, to find an opening act for both shows. Two area winners will be chosen from the competition.

Tickets go on sale June 13 for both Jessica Simpson and Randy Travis at the Monterey County Fair Box Office. Tickets will also be available start June 16 at the Monterey County Fair Administration Office and www.ticketmaster.com.

For additional ticket information visit ticketmaster.com, montereycountyfair.com, or call the fair office at 372-5863.

Source: MontereyHerald.com
        • Request "Come On Over"!
As you can see there's a new graphic on the side (no, it's not the official single cover, it's a graphic my friend Radekk made, just sayin') with a link to a page, where you can find information how to request Jessica's new single "Come On Over" on the radio! This list has been put together by JessicaForum.com members: enzoseb, canuck, Natalie and punkpopangel - thank you so much guys Request the song on your local radio now!
        • Jessica Simpson to Perform Country Song on The View
Jessica Simpson will perform her first single from her upcoming country album on The View on June 25. The singer will sing "Come on Over" from Las Vegas, where the chat-fest is broadcasting that week.

Source: UsMagazine.com
        • (download) 99.5 WYCD Interview
From this morning! Enjoy

99.5 WYCD Interview, June 5 2008
Format: mp3
Size: 7.30 mb
Recorded by: Joanna
Download: here (right click & save target as)| Sendspace Link
• Speaking of Lime, it has been a magnet for celebrities in the past week. Jessica Simpson enjoyed dinner there with a few of her colleagues, her Malti-pooh pup, Daisy, and her never-leave-home-without-him hairstylist, Ken Paves. The very next night, Tanya Tucker stopped by for some Latin fusion cuisine. Simpson was also spotted at radius10 earlier in the week. No doubt she's in town to bend the ears of the country music scene for her new radio single, "Come On Over."

Source: Tennessean.com
        • New photos
June 4, 2008: Jessica Simpson being interviewed by XM Satellite Radio in Nashville *updated +03*.

Photos by Chuck Clark, thanks to Terran & Crayen!
        • Jessica Simpson’s New Single Makes Billboard Country Chart History
Columbia Nashville’s Jessica Simpson made country music chart history this week with her brand new single, “Come On Over,” which debuted at the No. 41 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Racking up 2.1 million impressions at 67 monitored stations in just 5 short days, this marks the highest chart debut among a solo artist with no prior history on the country chart.

Written by Simpson, Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks, “Come On Over,” is all about the excitement of a new crush. “It’s about that feeling you get when just can't wait to see the person you’re crushing on,” says Simpson. “You feel like you're going to burst if you can't see them right then and there.” This fun, up-tempo record is from Simpson’s highly anticipated country album due out this fall.

Now talk about excitement… Simpson is thrilled to be coming on over to Nashville’s CMA Music Festival this week where she’ll be signing autographs for fans and visiting radio.

Source: JessicaSimpson.com
        • Jessica Simpson Releases New Single 'Come On Over' To Country Radio
Last week Columbia Nashville's Jessica Simpson released her much anticipated new single, 'Come On Over,' to country radio. This fun, up-tempo record is from her debut country album due out this fall. Written by Simpson, Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks, 'Come On Over' is already getting rave reviews from both country radio and fans.

When Simpson found out her single had gone to country radio, she exclaimed, 'I got chills and butterflies in my stomach! It felt like the first time I heard myself on the radio when I was 19. Country is where my heart is. It's refreshing to share something that feels so close to home. I am so honored to become a part of the country community.'

Simpson's butterflies started to settle as the positive reviews immediately started pouring in. 'I always knew Jessica could sing, but dang! This is an automatic add for us! We girls from Texas can do anything we put our mind to,' says Christi Brooks (MD) KKBQ Houston. And this is not just a Texas bond. Simpson's single is catching fire all across the country. Cody Alan (PD) KEGA Salt Lake City says, 'The wait is over for this summer's best feel good song... 'Come On Over' is the one!'

Simpson will be kicking off the summer right as she just landed in Nashville for her first CMA Music Festival experience.

Source: top40-charts.com
        • Jessica's Country Cover
Expect to see a little southern comfort to grace the cover of Jessica Simpson's new country album.

No, not the booze.

Sources tell E! News she'll likely be dressed in a cowboy hat and boots for the CD cover.

"This is her first country album, and she wanted to send home the message that despite her previous pop stuff, she's just a country girl at heart," the pal says.

Jessica posed for pics in Nashville on Monday in a cover shoot that included lots of cowgirl shots (in jeans and cutoffs), as well as glam-girl pics, according to our insider.

"They wanted a mix of stuff to choose from," says the insider. "But she is pushing for the simple country cowgirl-type thing."

Jessica's mom, Tina, was on set, but the men in her life (daddy Joe and beau Tony) were both absent. And that's a good thing, says Jessica's pal.

"She's got enough pressure on her," her friend says. "She doesn't need the men all tense around her. She's got so much hope pinned on this country record. She thinks this could reinvent her and finally give her the respect she's never had in the music industry. She simply can't live with Newlyweds as her only lasting legacy."

Source: EOnline.com
June 4th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica on the radio again tomorrow
From Lisa: "Jessica is going to be on my country station tomorrow being interviewed from the CMA Music Festival. She will be on the New Doctor Don Show, they are in Nashville. They didn't say what time, they just said Jessica will be on tomorrow morning, their show I think is 5am till 10am. Here is the link."

- Thanks Lisa for the heads up! Hopefully I will be able to catch and record it. You can listen to that radio station online at the mentioned website! I am so excited about those interviews
        • (watch) Another Palms Place video
        • Jessica Simpson 'Thrilled' About New Country Album
Jessica Simpson, whose single "Come On Over" debuted at No. 41 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, is "thrilled" about her album.

"She said, 'I feel like it's my first album again," according to a source close to the singer, who added that Simpson compared releasing a country song to starting her career and hearing herself on the radio for the first time.

The debut of "Come On Over" is the highest for a country music newcomer. It's the first single from her upcoming country album, which is due out in the fall.

"It's about that feeling you get when just can't wait to see the person you're crushing on," Simpson says about her inspiration for the album. "You feel like you're going to burst if you can't see them right then and there."

The man she's crushing on – boyfriend Tony Romo – won't be able to attend Nashville's CMA Music Festival with her this week. But, the pair are happier than ever, according to the source who says: "Everything is good with them."

Source: People.com
        • (download) E! News, June 3 2008
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Credit: Terran!
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        • (download) Extra, June 3 2008
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Credit: Terran!
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        • (watch) Jessica Simpson at the CMA Music Fest
Thanks to Terran!
        • (watch) Jessica on ENews, June 3 2008
Thanks to Terran for recording and sharing the video
        • (watch) Jessica on Extra, June 3 2008
Thanks to Terran for recording and sharing the video
        • This week's tabloids
No comment, I guess.
        • Jessica Simpson is a Nashville Star
Here is an exclusive picture of Jessica Simpson and her mom Tina (right) returning to their country roots in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday, May 28.

“Jessica looked really happy and fresh — ready to work and in a great mood,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “She was laughing and chatting with her mom and her publicist.”

The previous day, “Jessica worked all day on shooting her album cover,” an insider says. “She then rested up that evening for an eight-hour photo shoot with Elle magazine that happened the next day. She was really happy and just glowing.”

The newest solo country crooner is successfully climbing up the charts with her single, “Come on Over,” which debuted at No. 41 on the Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems.

Source: JustJared.com
        • Jess' & Eva's airport fashion
I've just found a pic of Eva Longoria Parker departing JFK airport with her husband yesterday and noticed she was sporting the same dress Jessica wore 2 days before in San Diego airport
        • (download) US99.5 Interview
Here you go! Enjoy

US99.5 America's Country Station Interview, June 4 2008
Format: mp3
Size: 14.20 mb
Recorded by: Joanna
Download: here (right click & save target as)| Sendspace Link
        • Jessica on the radio
From Missy: "Hi, I live in Chicago and wanted to let you know that I heard on the radio, Jessica will be calling into Chicago's US 99.5 FM Country Station to talk to Lisa Dent and Ramblin Ray on their morning show after 7 AM on Wed. 6/4. You can check it on here."

- Thanks for the heads up Missy! You can listen online to this station by clicking the link above

The interview has just ended, it was very cute! Jessica was in a great mood, laughing and joking, she said she was in Dallas and she's just had breakfast, and was on her way to the airport. She talked about hanging out with Willie Nelson while filming 'Dukes Of Hazzard' and how he played her some of his favorite country songs which felt like home to her. She commented on the reports claiming her father Joe was ruining her relationship with Tony Romo, she said they heard this yesterday and it's not true. Joe is not involved at all in their relationship. Jessica also said that she is ditzy and she loves it but she is smart too Then the interviewers played "Come On Over" and then asked her some final questions which included "when was the last time you cried?" and Jessica said yesterday because she was looking at the pictures of her Godson and he was growing up so fast and she cried because she felt like she couldn't be there. She also mentioned that she had a photoshoot at Johnny Cash's ranch in Tennessee and Johnny's son gave her some albums by Johnny Cash and June Carter which she didn't have yet! I'll try to put the interview online in a bit!
June 3rd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica "So Nervous" About Country Disc
With the release of her new single, "Come On Over," the countdown is on until Jessica Simpson's country album hit shelves in September, and the pop star is definitely feeling the pressure.

“I am so nervous," she tells Extra. "I know this is a part of me that people are going to see that they’ve been waiting to see and I’ve been waiting to let out so it’s very exciting.”

Also exciting is her new purchase -- the 27-year-old recently bought digs in Sin City, now her home away from home. “I honestly feel like it was a great place to put my money.”

The city has certainly been good to her. Jess once won $7,000 playing blackjack and was "handing out hundreds, left and right.”

The Texas native was back in Vegas over the weekend for the Palms Palace opening, where her new brother-in-law, Pete Wentz, DJed the party, and Jessica had full faith in the Fall Out Boy for bringing out the big guns on the turntable.

“DJ P did a good job at the wedding. He picked the play list so I trust him tonight," she says.

As for Pete, DJing was the furthest thing from his mind. The dad-to-be was still basking the the glow of his marriage to Ashlee Simpson.

“The best part of being married is I get to hang out with this girl [Ashlee] everyday," he tells Extra.

For more on Jessica and Pete, tune in to Extra tonight!

Source: OKMagazine.com
Glamour? Vogue? That’s so passé.

Jessica Simpson graces the new issue of Dear Doctor: Dentistry & Oral Health magazine (Volume 2, Issue 2). The blonde beauty’s work with Operation Smile, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to treating children around the world with facial deformities, is featured.

Says Jess: “My experience in Kenya with Operation Smile was incredible. To witness the truly miraculous trans-formations in the lives of so many desperate needy children was both powerful and personally rewarding.”

Source: fadedyouthblog.com
        • Jessica Simpson Makes Chart History
Jessica Simpson may be most known for her career as a pop singer, but the Texas native swears she’s a country girl at heart. And the chart performance of her latest single backs up the claim.

“Come On Over,” which was released to country radio last week and debuted at no. 41 on Billboard’s country singles charts, makes Simpson the highest charting debut solo artist in the history of Billboard’s country singles chart.

The previous record belonged to Miranda Lambert and Brad Cotter who both debuted at No. 42.

“I got chills and butterflies in my stomach,” said Simpson of hearing her song on country radio for the first time. “It felt like the first time I heard myself on the radio when I was 19. Country is where my heart is. It’s refreshing to share something that feels so close to home. I am so honored to become a part of the country community.”

Simpson’s album, which is yet to be titled, will be released in the fall.

The singer is currently in Nashville to participate in her first CMA Music Festival. At this time, it is unclear where or on which days she will show up. Fans should ‘come on over’ to the festival to find out.

Source: tennessean.com
June 2nd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (scan) People, June 9 2008

Thanks to Tamara!
        • (video) Jessica & Tony at San Diego airport

Download this video: here | 4.09 mb (sendspace)
        • Candids
May 25, 2008: Jessica & Tony at Sneaky Pete's.

Thanks to browneyesgirl!
        • Scans

08 x The Newfoundland Herald [Canada], August 15-25 2000
        • New concert/appearance date!
Thu, 08/07/08

07:30 PM Indiana State Fair, Grandstand, Indianapolis, IN

» on sale: Fri, 06/06/08 10:00 AM

Source: TicketMaster.com
        • New candids
June 1, 2008: After attending last night's opening of the Palms Place Condo Hotel in Las Vegas, Jessica Simpson popped up at San Diego International Airport with her Dallas Cowboys quarterback beau Tony Romo. Jessica wore a red and white maxi dress while Tony kept hidden under his baseball cap, per his usual. The two were very close while checking in curbside.
        • Jessica Simpson on Ashlee as a Mom: 'She'll Be Amazing'
Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz may be on their way to becoming first-time parents, but Ashlee's older sister has no doubt the sort of mother her sibling will be.

"She'll be amazing, absolutely amazing," Jessica Simpson, 27, told PEOPLE in Las Vegas Saturday at the grand opening of Palms Place.

Jessica, who is dipping into the country-music scene, also says that her sister's relationship with the Fall Out Boy bassist helps inspire her own music.

"They're just the cutest couple in the world," she says. "They are adorable. Anybody would wish to be them and you can only wish them well. Just being around them inspires love and everything I sing about."

At the Vegas event, newlywed Ashlee, 23, never strayed far from her sister, as the two hung out in the VIP area and took photos together – several with Jess's hand on her sister's stomach – while Pete Wentz remained only a few feet away, playing DJ at the event.

Came the end of his two-hour set, Wentz, 28, thanked his "baby mama."

Source: People.com
June 1st, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Video
        • New pictures
May 31, 2008: Jessica Simpson at the Palms Place Hotel & Spa opening in Las Vegas, Nevada (hq) *updated +59*.
        • Video
        • New candids
May 30, 2008: Jessica Simpson lunches at Good Earth Cafe (hq).

I've been a bit busy this weekend so that's why I'm a little late with the picture updates, sorry about that!
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