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June 30th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New guestbook
I set up a new Guestbook for the site, please sign it to leave your opinion about the site and comments This guestbook is not meant for messages to Jessica, we will have another one for that Thanks!
        • Epic Promotes Jessica Simpson Record Via Handsets
Epic Records launched a mobile campaign for Jessica Simpson's fifth album, "A Public Affair." Ipsh! is behind the effort, which will see posters plastered up in multiple cities with copy inviting people to text "Jess" to the short code 33992. A reply SMS includes a phone number recipients can dial to hear the album's title track single, plus instructions for downloading the ringtone and getting Jessica Simpson alerts. Read more.
        • Nick and Jessica About to Seal the Big D
TMZ has obtained legal documents which make it all but certain that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are both about to become legally single. The documents, which were signed by both Simpson and Lachey and filed in L.A. County Superior Court, ask that a retired judge be appointed specifically to enter a divorce decree. In legal terms, Simpson and Lachey are asking to "bifurcate" the divorce case, meaning the divorce can become final and the parties can then deal with the messy financial matters separately. The documents ask that retired Judge Dana Senit Henry be appointed "for the sole purpose of conducting the hearing, if any, with respect to the bifurcated issue of the termination of marital status." The documents, which TMZ obtained from the court, need a "sign off" from the presiding judge before it becomes official. The judge is on vacation until next week. Assuming he signs it -- and there is no reason he wouldn't -- Judge Senit Henry could issue the divorce decree immediately. Under California law, a divorce decree cannot become final until six months after the divorce petition is filed. Jessica officially filed for divorce on December 16, 2005, just over six months ago. As TMZ first reported, Jessica and Nick are worlds apart on how their property will be divided. Under California law, all earnings and most other assets acquired during their marriage are divided 50/50. Jessica, who has earned tens of millions of dollars, has offered Nick a scant $1.5 million to walk away from the marriage. Nick has balked at that amount. So, the stage is set for a court battle over money. Click to read court documents.
Jessica Simpson insists she still has a sense of innocence about her even after her public break-up from estranged husband Nick Lachey. The couple split last November (05) and the With You singer has since been linked to a series of men including Adam Levine, Dane Cook and Jared LEto. Although she has denied any rumours of romance, Simpson claims she has become more cautious about her personal life. She explains, "I am guarded, a little bit jaded. I still have an innocence about me. "And I hope people can still believe my smile."
June 29th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Charts
From Thomas: "Great news 'A Public Affair' has debuted at #20 on Billboards Bubbling Under Chart based solely on Airplay, the track is now at #36 on the official American airplay charts, only 6 days after being released! The digital single is now available, all its sales will be contributed to next weeks chart published on Thursday July 6th!"
        • Video
Ok I don't really know where this is from but it's Jessica making her new video "A Public Affair" from the director's point of view, the quality is kind of bad but I thought you'd like to see it anyway. Thanks to Roxana for sending me the video and Malibu for capping it
A Public Affair (Rough Copy)
Format: mpg
Size: 35,27 mb
Capped by: Malibu!
Download | Captures
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        • Video
E! News, June 28 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 16,71 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • New candids
June 28, 2006: Jessica Simpson in New York City.
June 28th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Q102 Interview Audio
Huge thanks to Cheryl again for recording! DO NOT HOTLINK!
• Download part 1 [13,28 mb]
• Download part 2 [10,90 mb]
• Download part 3 [11,65 mb]
• Epic guy call-in [7,79 mb]
        • 104 KRBE Interview Audio
This interview aired yesterday on 104 KRBE, enjoy!
• Download interview [9,50 mb]
        • Laughing, Acting Or Singing, Jessica Simpson Aims To Entertain And Inspire
She might have shed her Daisy Dukes for a name tag and store apron in "Employee of the Month," but Jessica Simpson is still right where she wants to be in her acting career — namely, making people laugh. MTV News' Yasmine Richard spoke with her about her latest movie, her music and how much of her personal life fans can expect to hear about on her upcoming album.
MTV: Let's start off with your upcoming movie. What's "Employee of the Month" about?
Jessica Simpson: In the film there's a rumor going around that Amy, the girl I play in the movie, only dates her store's Employee of the Month. So the whole plot is about these two guys [Dane Cook and Dax Shepard] who have worked at the store for 10 years and basically, throughout the whole movie, they're trying to win my heart by becoming the next Employee of the Month.
MTV: Were you excited about this role and being in this movie?
Simpson: The first time I read the script I fell in love with it. I read about 15 pages of it, and I just said, "I'm in, this is what I want to do." I wanted to be a part of an ensemble cast again, like I was for "Dukes." That way I didn't have the pressure of the whole movie on my shoulders. Plus it's a good way to learn; it's like an acting class every day. I get to work with really amazing, talented people and we just laugh the whole time. Read more.
        • New candids!
June 27, 2006: Jessica Simpson in New York City. High quality pics: here!

There are more candids of her in NYC here and here.
        • Video
Daily 10, June 27 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 7,73 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • Video
E! News, June 27 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 22,93 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • "A Public Affair" Tracklist
This tracklisting was available at iTunes so I'm guessing it's a reliable source (unlike Wikipedia ), thanks to Lisa!

1. A Public Affair
2. Walking In a Circle
3. I Belong to Me (written by Diane Warren)
4. Back to You
5. I Don't Want to Care
6. Mr Operator
7. Swing With Me
8. Round Here
9. Fired Up
10. Between You & I
11. Please Help Me
12. Let Him Fly (this is NOT a cover, sorry for the mistake!)
13. A Public Affair (Remix) [bonus]

So "Sexified" and "Son Of A Preacher Man" didn't make the cut in the end!
June 27th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Video
E! News, June 26 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 21,24 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • Interview Audio
Thanks to the amazing Cheryl (aka cherry-pops) I now have the interview with Jessica from today's Mojo in the Morning show!
• CelebDirt [1,91 mb]
• Commercial #1 [0,48 mb]
• Commercial #2 (Jessica talking!) [0,37 mb]
• Download Part 1 [16,84 mb]
• Download Part 2 [17,27 mb]
        • Video
On Set Of "A Public Affair"
Format: mpg
Size: 32,76 mb
Download | Captures
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        • Simpson's Sexy Circle of Friends
When it came time for Jessica Simpson to shoot the video for her new single "A Public Affair," she made a couple of calls to some all-star friends. Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate and Christina Milian all join the pop-princess for the rollerskating themed shoot, making them some of the hottest women on wheels. Simpson's certainly having a bit more fun with her record than ex Nick Lachey's somber "What's Left of Me." "My album's definitely a reflection of where I am this very moment. It's happy, it's summer, I just want to get out with my girlfriends and have a good time and enjoy myself," says Jessica about the new record. So how did Simpson get them all to take a day to skate with her? "She said you better be there biatch!" says Applegate while getting a foot massage from Brett Ratner. "No. She just asked me please, so I said of course." Longoria was a little worried about the shoot since it had been a while since she last laced up. "8th grade maybe. It's been a while, but Applegate is an expert so if I fall, I'm bringing her down with me." Simpson's new album, "A Public Affair," is set for release August 29th.
June 26th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jess on Mojo In the Morning - Channel 95.5 (Detroit, MI)
From Cheryl: "Jessica will be on the Mojo In the Morning show - Channel 95.5 (Detroit, MI). The show runs from 5am-10am. Click here to listen to the Internet stream."
        • Simpson Owns Up To 'Public Affair'
Jessica Simpson will on Aug. 29 release her first post-divorce album, "A Public Affair," which will be preceded by the single of the same name. As previously reported, the 12-track Epic set features production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Cory Rooney, Scott Storch and Lester Mendez. Simpson is listed as a co-writer on nine of the songs. The single was co-written by Simpson and Johnta Austin; the accompanying video was shot over the weekend by director Brett Ratner and includes appearances by Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, Ryan Seacrest, Christina Milian, Andy Dick and Maria Menounos. It will premiere July 19 on MTV's "TRL."
        • Charity auction to fight skin cancer offers boots, other celeb loot
From today through Friday, you can bid on celebrity auction items including a Juicy Couture terrycloth suit signed by Jessica Biel, a pair of cowboy boots signed by Jessica Simpson and a pair of jeans signed by Mariah Carey. All proceeds go to a good cause. The Jergens Glow Like the Stars Celebrity Charity Auction is a fund-raiser for the Skin Cancer Foundation, which works to educate people against skin cancer and search for a cure. Last year, the auction raised $5,300. To bid: link. The auction ends Friday. Also on the block: Oliver Peoples sunglasses signed by Gwen Stefani; A Giorgio Armani silk dress, worn and signed by Marcia Cross; and an Araks chemise signed by Carmen Electra.
        • New "APA" set picture
View it here, thanks to Brittany!
        • New Music Sneak Preview: Jessica Simpson Blasts off This Week
Get Your Exclusive Network Premiere of Hot New Single ‘A Public Affair’ and Exclusive Scenes From Star Studded Video Shot by Brett Ratner.
"Everything you think you know about Jessica Simpson -- forget it. Here she comes with the best music ever, a fun summer blockbuster smash called 'A Public Affair,' an irresistible fresh look, and a video packed with exciting surprises. I am so proud to be a part of this moment with her as she's about to knock everyone off their feet." -- Brett Ratner, Director, "X-Men: The Last Stand".
"Jessica Simpson opens a new chapter in her life ready to set the charts ablaze. This record is perfect!" boasts Chuck Taylor of Billboard magazine. This week, superstar Jessica Simpson is kicking off the launch of her forthcoming album "A Public Affair" with the release of her first single, a dance-pop summer smash single also entitled "A Public Affair." Reminiscent of a fun roller-skating jam, co-written by Jessica and Johnta Austin (Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige) and produced by Lester Mendez, the anthem is about a girl's night out. This weekend, Brett Ratner of "X-Men" fame directed a star-studded video chronicling a fun night out with Jessica and her celebrity friends. Jessica Simpson is joined in the clip by EVA LONGORIA, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, CHRISTINA MILIAN, MARIA MENOUNOS, ANDY DICK AND RYAN SEACREST. Jessica will appear on MTV's "TRL" on July 19th to unveil the video; her appearance will be preceded by an exclusive "Making the Video" special.
On Tuesday, June 27th, a major pre-order campaign launches with lots of incentives for fans. When fans log on to to order the album in advance of August 29th, they will also receive an exclusive DVD featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album, and the chance to win a trip to New York City for a fans-only party with Jessica herself. And that day in the mobile space, Epic Records will launch a creative multi-city street advertising campaign in ten major markets with posters reading Text "Jess" to the short code 33992 where people can text to hear the song. They'll also be able to download the ringtone and sign up to receive text messages about Jessica. The text campaign is available across all major US Carriers. Yahoo! is launching their "Get Your Freak On" contest where fans will to create their own version of the video submitting a 30-second clip of them grooving to the new tune. The best and hottest performers will be included in a special fans-only video for the new track, premiering exclusively on Yahoo! Music, July 10th.
This is Jessica's fifth solo album, "A Public Affair," to be released on August 29th, 2005. Simpson boasts song writing credits on 9 out of the 12 slated tracks, produced by the most sought-after producers in the business: Lester Mendez, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Cory Rooney, Scott Storch and Stargate. Simpson started her multi-platinum musical career in 1999 with her major label debut, "Sweet Kisses" that spawned the smash single, "I Wanna Love You Forever." 2 years later she followed up with "Irresistible" in 2001. By her third album in 2003, Simpson showcased her maturity with the triple platinum "In This Skin," which spawned hits like "With You" and the reworked Berlin track, "Take My Breath Away." Her last effort in 2004 was "Rejoice: A Christmas Album," showcasing cherished holiday favorites.
        • Vacation!
It's kind of off topic but I just wanna share with you that today was my very last exam and ... I got an A!! So now school is officially over for me FOR GOOD! Which is kind of sad really lol Oh well, I just wanted to share because I'm so proud of myself! Jessica updates are coming!
June 25th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Takes A "Holiday"?
Madonna might be more than a little surprised when she hears the title track and first single off of Jessica Simpson's new album "A Public Affair." The single appears to bear a striking resemblance to Madonna's 1983 hit "Holiday." In fact, the songs sounds eerily similar. From the synth-pop beat to the jangly guitars in the beginning, to the eight-note motifs in the verses to the choruses that begin on an A and the use of the same key (B-minor), the two songs are so similar that, in a highly unscientific poll, every person to whom TMZ played "A Public Affair" identified it as "Holiday." Will Jellybean Benitez (who produced the original) be getting royalties for this? TMZ called a rep for Madonna, but as of yet our calls have not been returned. As for Jessica, her rep tells TMZ "It is a fun summer single and comparing to retro Madonna is flattering!" But don't trust our ears: You be the judge. Listen to Jessica's "A Public Affair" and Madonna's "Holiday" to compare. Take a poll.
        • "A Public Affair" goes up on Mediabase!
Here are the newest numbers: 59 JESSICA SIMPSON A Public Affair 344 0 344 6.010 (Number of spins, Number of spins last week, Difference in spins, Audience (Millions)) - thanks to Richard! YAY GO JESS!! Keep on requesting the song guys!
        • "A Public Affair" set pics!
WENN posted some pictures from the set of "A Public Affair" music video! View them here!
        • Vote for / request "A Public Affair"!
Jessica's new (awesome) single "A Public Affair" entered the KIIS FM's Top Nine At Nine list! Please continue voting for the song HERE, support Jessica!
        • New scans!
Thanks to Lisa !
• 02 x Star, June 19 2006
• 03 x OK!, June 19 2006
• 01 x OK!, June 26 2006
• 04 x Star, June 26 2006
• 04 x In Touch, June 26 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, June 26 2006
• 03 x Us Weekly, June 26 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, July 3 2006
• 02 x Us Weekly, July 3 2006
• 03 x Complete Woman, August/September 2006
• 08 x Maxim, July 2006 (complete spread, no missing pages!)
        • Candids
I added candids of Jessica leaving the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Launch.
June 24th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Hungarian Cosmopolitan scans
Jessica graces the cover of Cosmopolitan in Hungary, July 2006 issue! Thanks to Timi for scanning it for us I just noticed they didn't erase her wedding ring from the cover picture like they did on the Swedish and Australian covers. Just an observation!
        • "A Public Affair" debuts on MediaBase
... at #72 with 187 spins! This is a very good result! Thanks to enzoseb for the info Jessica is shooting her music video today - exciting isn't it?
LATEST: Jessica Simpson has slammed reports she is dating actor Jared Leto, insisting they just happened to run into each other during a night out on the town recently. Simpson appeared on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show in Los Angeles yesterday (23JUN06) and claims her encounter with the Alexander star was entirely innocent. When Seacrest asked her if she was dating Cameron Diaz's ex-boyfriend she shot back, "Don't ask me about that! It was just a night out!" Seacrest replied, "So you guys were at the same place at the same time?" Simpson replied, 'We were, isn't that a coincidence? We said 'Hi' and gave each other a hug and somehow it became this whole huge story. He's a friend." The singer was scheduled to shoot the music video for her new single Public Affair in Los Angeles yesterday, where Seacrest will appear as a limo driver taking Simpson and pals, including Eva Longoria, to a rink to roller skate.
        • Wallpapers
Here's a wallpaper with the new "A Public Affair" picture, thanks to Luki! And another one with Maxim pictures is made by andthebandplayed0n - thanks
by Luki by AndTheBandPlayed0n
June 23rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Get ready to go public!
Submit a video of you dancing to Jessica Simpson's new single "A Public Affair" and you may end up starring in her new fans-only video! Click here for details!
        • Jessica Simpson Turns Up the Heat
I have to admit this one took me a bit by surprise. No post-Nick moping for Jessica Simpson. Head on over to Jessica's official site and her hot new song "A Public Affair" will start playing immediately. It's drenched in retro "Holiday"-era Madonna sounds, and then it all closes out with that Diana Ross "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" lick. I think it's hot... what about you?
        • Billboard's review of A Public Affair
A Public Affair
Producer(s): Lester Mendez
Genre: POP
Label: Epic

Jessica Simpson opens a new chapter in her life ready to set the charts ablaze. Her first release post-100 mph ascent to the A-list is an ecstatic pure-pop frolic reminiscent of Madonna's "Lucky Star." Giddy, wildly adventurous production from Lester Mendez is an absolute delight—maddeningly catchy and brimming with melodic twists and turns—giving "A Public Affair" the potential to actually signal a tidal shift back to the center for top 40—it's that good. Neglected pop fans will lather over this unapologetically fluffy summer song while habitual Simpson detractors will see her in a new light. A public affair, indeed. This record is perfect.

—Clover Hopeuck Taylor
        • KIIS FM Interview Audio!
HUGE thanks to cherry-pops for recording it! Right click & save target as to download! You can also listen to it at KIIS FM website here!
• Download Part 1 [9,07 mb]
• Download Part 2 [6,37 mb]
• Download Part 3 [8,02 mb] (incl. World Premiere of 'A Public Affair'!)
• Download Part 4 [10,87 mb]
• Download Part 5 [12,89 mb]
Please do not hotlink these files!
        • Listen to "A Public Affair"at! has just been updated and you can listen to full version of "A Public Affair" there now! You can now also pre-order her album, it's available only for US customers though
        • "A Public Affair" Lyrics!
Check out the lyrics to "A Public Affair" here!
        • "A Public Affair" Single Cover!
Here's a cover of "A Public Affair" - Jessica's new single!! AMAZING!!
        • New message from Jessica!!!
OMG we're being treated today! I swear it's better than Christmas! Here's a message I just got, from Jessica!!

"Hey everyone. I wanted to send you a quick message to let you know I have been working so hard on my new record and am so excited for you to hear it. My first single PUBLIC AFFAIR comes out today, and I want you guys to hear it first ( I am shooting my video today and tomorrow and it is going to be so amazing. I will send you a picture from the shoot next week. I have so much more to tell you all, so expect more from me soon. Thank you all for being the best fans in the world. I hope I can inspire you as much as you all inspire me. God bless, jess"

- thanks so much Jessica for your message, can't wait for the picture from the video! You are the best and we LOVE your single (I'm speaking on behalf of myself and all of your great fans at
        • New picture
Here's a new candid of Jess at Mr Chow on June 21, click here to view!
        • Jessica on Kiis FM!
Jessica was just on KIIS FM and premiered her single!! It's HOT! Very girly, perfect Summer song!! In the short interview Jessica said she has been doing very good, happy! Also, you can pre-order her new album "A Public Affair" at and you will get a bonus DVD with candid footage! Jessica said she had no idea what's going to be on the DVD lol I will have the interview + the single up for downloading soon, keep checking back!!
        • Jessica on Kiis FM - listen online!
Tune in to KIIS FM online, click HERE to listen live and catch Jessica premiering her new single "A Public Affair"! You can also send in questions for Jessica to this e-mail address: - good luck!
        • Kiis FM Commercial
Here's a commercial which airs at Kiis FM - Jessica says: "Hi, this is Jessica Simpson and I will be here to world premiere my new song tomorrow morning. Right here, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, 102.7 KIISFM. Don't miss it!" Huge thanks to cherry-pops for recording it!
D O W N L O A D   MP3
        • Today is the day!
Guys, how excited are you?! I'm shaking! LOL Today "A Public Affair" premieres and we're going to hear it! YES, it's TODAY! To get you started here's a new ad promoting it!
June 22nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Another Maxim wallpaper
Thanks to Radekk for this one!
by Radekk
        • Video
Irresistible @ Good Morning America 2003
Format: mpg
Size: 33,79 mb
Thanks to: Ben!
Download | | Captures
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        • New wallpaper
Thanks to Joakim for this wallpaper
by Joakim
        • Video
The Insider, June 21 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 6,14 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | | Megaupload Link | Captures
Please do not hotlink this video!
        • New candids
June 21, 2006: Jessica Simpson at Mr Chow (high quality). Thanks to Radekk!
June 21st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica debuting "A Public Affair" On Ryan Seacrest!
From Richard: "I'm listening to Ryan Seacrests morning show on Kiss fm (which is weird cos its 5:15pm here) and he was just interviewing Ryan Cabrera:
Ryan S: So have you heard Jessicas new single?
Ryan C: Yeah i have actually
Ryan S: It's hot
Ryan C: Yeah, Yes it is - their filming a video soon!
Ryan S: Jessica's actually on the show on Friday debuting the single with us!"
        • Vote for Public Affair
Click here to vote!! Thanks enzoseb!
        • New pictures!
June 20, 2006: Jessica Simpson at T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Launch (high quality)(+12).
Jessica Simpson has Hollywood's Favourite Body, according to readers of US lifestyle magazine InStyle. The pop star/actress tells the glossy she credits four work-outs a week and an aversion to junk food for her famous curves. Simpson joins a list of lovely ladies, including Reese Witherspoon (Hottest Petite), Beyonce Knowles (Best Curves), Kate Beckinsale (Perfectly Toned) and Jessica Alba (Hottest Bikini Body) on the hit list.
June 20th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Maxim photoshoot!
Here are pictures from Maxim photoshoot by James White from Maxim's official site, thanks to enzoseb!
        • Maxim scans!
Here's Jessica in the July 2006 issue of Maxim, credit: link_zelda_98!
June 19th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Pictures
Some new albums have been added to the gallery:
• 18 x z100 Commercial - Behind The Scenes
• 04 x Good Morning America, August 25 2005
• 10 x KRQ "I'm Lovin It" Concert (thx nessa-kitty)
• 07 x New York City, November 28 2004
June 18th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Vote for Jessica!
Jessica is nominated for Teen Choice Award in "Female Hottie" category! Click here to vote for her now! (thanks enzoseb)
June 17th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Gallery additions
• 09 x Il Sole, June 10 2006 [HQ]
• 07 x Breakfast with Ken, June 10 2006 [HQ]
• 09 x Laurel Canyon Restaurant, June 9 2006 [HQ]
• 01 x In Style [UK], May 2006
June 16th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • FASCINATING FACT 1643
Jessica Simpson donned one of the wigs from her new hair line, Gorjess, to appear as a sexy red head on the cover of the upcoming US Maxim magazine.
        • Jessica admires Ashlee's bod
Red alert: Jessica Simpson sports a fiery new 'do on the July cover of Maxim magazine, which hits stands Thursday (June 15). In the issue, the singer/actress makes a promise that has been uttered by others before her: "I will never do another reality-TV show. Been there, done that." In addition to revealing that guys with vivid imaginations send her "through the rafters" and that she likes kissing with her eyes open, Simpson also let fly her admiration of Ashlee: "My sister has the most perfect [breasts] and skinniest legs," she said.
        • Photoshoot
I added an older photoshoot by Jill Wachter, thanks to Luki
June 15th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Maxim cover!
WOW!! I LOVE it, it's gorgeous!! Credit JustJared
        • New cover!
Jessica graces the cover of To & Owo magazine in Poland, June 13 issue! Click here to view scans!
        • New scans!
Thanks to Lisa
• 04 x Star, June 12 2006
• 03 x Us Weekly, June 12 2006
• 02 x Life & Style, June 12 2006
• 04 x In Touch, June 12 2006
Thanks to Kristen
• 07 x Us Weekly, June 19 2006
• 08 x In Touch, June 19 2006 (+1)
Jessica Simpson has reportedly persuaded sexy pals Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes and Carmen Electra to don rollerskates for her new music video. The promo for her new single Public Affair is being shot by X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner, who also did her Dukes Of Hazzard video These Boots Are Made For Walking. The video begins shooting later this month (JUN06) in Los Angeles and will be released on 30 June (06).
June 14th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids!
June 11, 2006: Jessica Simpson at lunch with a friend in West Hollywood. Thanks to Luki! (+2)
        • New candids!
June 10, 2006: Jessica Simpson going to breakfast with Ken Paves wearing a vintage sweatshirt. Thanks to Vivian for some of them!
        • New candids!
June 9, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving restaurant on Laurel Canyon flirting with guys. Thanks to Vivian for some of them!
        • Exclusive Video
Here's the full episode of 'Jessica' - the pilot episode of sitcom Jessica made with ABC and which wasn't picked up. It's hilarious! Since it's exclusive I ask you not to use the video on other websites / forums, thanks! And enjoy!

Format: avi
Size: 91,49 mb
Download | Captures
Please do not hotlink this video! Do not post it elsewhere!
        • Candids
• 08 x LAX Airport, June 7 2006
• 29 x LAX Airport, June 4 2006 [HQ] (thanks Winnter!)
        • is getting a makeover!
Jessica's official site is getting a new look and also has a countdown to her now single "Public Affair"! Click the image below to visit!
June 13th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Picture
June 7, 2006: Jessica Simpson backstage at Ashlee's concert in Los Angeles (high quality).
        • New pictures
June 10, 2006: Jessica Simpson at Chrysalis's 5th Annual Butterfly Ball (high quality). Thanks to The Rock.
June 12th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New pictures
June 10, 2006: Jessica Simpson at Chrysalis's 5th Annual Butterfly Ball.

My computer is currently being fixed and I'm on my old one, more pics will be added later!
June 11th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Candids
June 8, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving Il Sole, thanks to Julli! View them here.
        • Scans
Thanks to Lisa
• 04 x OK!, May 29 2006
• 03 x Star, June 5 2006
• 02 x Us Weekly, June 5 2006
• 03 x In Touch, June 5 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, June 5 2006
• 03 x OK!, June 5 2006
• 07 x OK!, June 12 2006
Thanks to Kristen
• 03 x Life & Style, June 19 2006
• 07 x In Touch, June 19 2006
June 10th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Sweetest Sin Remixes
I added 2 remixes of Sweetest Sin, enjoy! And please do not hotlink Credit: lovely_jessica!

Junior Vasquez Mix | Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix
        • Candids
There are candids of Jessica shoe shopping here.
        • Jessica an Independent Woman on First Post-Split Single
When the crowd at NYC hotspot Butter started grooving to the club-friendly track that blared from the sound system, few of them expected Jessica Simpson's vocals to kick in. But at an after party for Natasha Bedingfield's sold-out Nokia Theater concert on Thursday night, partygoers including Wyclef Jean, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Cheyenne, Fonzworth Bentley, producer Swizz Beatz, singer Josh Hoge and Duran Duran's John Taylor enjoyed a surprise world premiere of Jessica's new single, "Public Affair" -- and kept on dancing once they figured out it was her. While Jessica's soon-to-be ex-husband, Nick Lachey, seemed to address their breakup on his album (the melancholy single "What's Left of Me" was a hit, and other song titles included "I Can't Hate You Anymore"), Jessica's first post-split offering shows no trace of addressing Nick. Rather, "Public Affair" is a fun, frothy dance track, reminiscent of early Madonna. Jessica's vocals are breathy and Janet Jackson-like as she sings, "All the girls stepping out for a public affair / All night, let's rock cause the party don't stop / You know the cameras come out for a public affair / Who cares, let's rock cause the party don't stop." Jessica wasn't the only one premiering new music at the bash -- Wyclef, who briefly played DJ, played his new track "L.O.V.E." [yes, titled just like Ashlee's], and despite the fact that the superstitious consider it bad luck to extend an umbrella indoors, Fonzworth cracked his open when playing the tracks "Laid Back" and "Since I Was 9" from his September debut disc, C.O.L.O.U.R.S. (CoolOutrageousLoversofUniquelyRawStyle). The video for "Public Affair," which will be helmed by X-Men 3: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner, is being shot in Los Angeles at the end of this month. Sources say that it will feature several of Jessica's A-list friends enjoying a night out on the town with her. Her fifth album, also titled Public Affair, will be released in late August.
June 9th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Scarlett Johansson tops Best Breast List
Sexy Scarlett Johansson has the best boobs in Hollywood, according to a new magazine poll. Editors at In Touch magazine gave the actress' "irresistible assets" top marks in the new best-breasts list, claiming Johansson has designer Isaac Mizrahi's wandering hands to thank for her ranking on the Best Cleavage In Hollywood poll. The Lost in Translation star beat out competition from Jessica Simpson and hot Latina Salma Hayek on the breast list. The full top 10 is:
1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Salma Hayek
4. Halle Berry
5. Jessica Alba
6. Tyra Banks
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt
8. Rebecca Romijn
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Brittany Murphy.
        • Simpson rumors make comedian Dane Cook a tabloid target
After being linked to his "Employee of the Month" co-star, Jessica Simpson, in the tabloids, comedian Dane Cook's popularity has shot through the roof, though he admits that this newfound attention has been "a little kooky." "It's been a little overwhelming but in the best ways," he says, making it clear he's not complaining. "You always dream as a comic of acquiring a fan base that you can maybe bring into film." As for those pesky paparazzi, Cook says, "They've followed me a couple of times, but I'm not at that level of Jessica Simpson or somebody like that so they're not going through my trash. It's silly but as long as they're talking about the movie then you're kind of glad." Read more.
Jessica Simpson is refusing to hit back at estranged husband Nick Lachey in song on her next album And The Band Played On, and has featured tracks about her friends and family instead. While Lachey used their November 2005 split to inspire a series of tracks on his latest album What's Left Of Me, including the rather tellingly-named I Can't Hate You Anymore and On Your Own. However, Simpson is refusing to sing about their break-up - despite living her married life in front of TV cameras for Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Her manager/father Joe says, "She's talking about having fun with her girlfriends. "Enough has been said. Let's go on and live our lives. "It's a lot like Mariah's (Carey) record, you know. They're both the same kind of singers, they're both ballad singers."

- way to go Jess, that's really classy
        • MTV Movie Awards 2006 Coverage
MTV Movie Awards 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 3,73 mb | 11,87 mb
Capped by: Samantha !
Audience Clip | Introducing AFI with Dane Cook | Captures
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        • Columbia Records Promo
I added a promo picture from Columbia Records taken in 2000, view it here!
        • Jess in Allure soon
From Kelly: "Hey, the pics u posted of Jess coming out of a photoshoot are for the cover for Allure Magazine, I'm guessing maybe it's for the September cover. I can't wait! I found out from US weekly in the US. I will let u know if I find out more about other mags and this one."

- thanks for the info!
        • Captures
I added better quality captures from Angels music video and also captures from the making of the video Angels

        • Videos
From Emily: "Hey! Ryan Seacrest interviewed Ashlee backstage at her concert in LA and Jessica was there. He talked to Jessica and Ashlee together too. She flew in from NY to be there and they said that while she was in NY she gave a nightclub an earful of her new single. They said that they will have it first on E! News but they didn't say when. Ryan asked Jessica if she was going to do anything on stage and she said no. Ashlee said that they're going to do let em' fly and then Jessica said that they might do it in NY. Entertainment Tonight had video of Jessica going to her seat to watch Ashlee's concert in LA."

Thanks to Emily you can now download both of these videos below! Right click & save target as to download, and please do not hotlink these videos!
Download ET | Download E! News
        • Jess attended Ashlee's concert
From Kristen: "Hi! I was at the Ashlee Simpson show 2nite at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and Jess was there! She sat in the box seating and was with Ken and her mom, and some friends. She had a pretty dress on, and then put on a black hoodie sweatshirt b/c it started misting out. She sat there the whole concert except for the encore (LOVE and Pieces). She was really into all of Ashlee's songs and was having a great time. The crowd went wild for her when she came out and when she left!!"
June 7th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Tune in to ABC Family’s New Original Series Kyle XY premiering June 26
KYLE XY is an incredible drama about a teenager with no past. To add to the mystery he is missing the one thing every human body has - a belly button. Check out the premiere of the New ABC Family Original Series, Kyle XY, on Monday, June 26 at 8/7C. Who is Kyle XY? Click Here for more.
        • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Divorce Final on June 17?
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey fans hopes that the couple may reconcile are fading fast. A report now sets the date for when the divorce is finalized as June 17 by Life & Style Weekly. Though both parties have reportedly had second thoughts, Nick seems to really have moved forward and is having no trouble with the Hollywood dating scene. Jessica was linked to a number of men early in the split including Adam Levine, Dane Cook and Jude Law but none of those were ever confirmed and at best they were short lived.
"Jessica's learning that most men aren't as commitment as Nick was," an insider tells Star Magazine. "She's seen that there aren't many eligible men who are serious boyfriend material. Most men she meets look at her as an easy score or a ditzy blonde," the source continues. Read more.
        • Video
Sweetest Sin @ Good Morning America 2003
Format: mpg
Size: 33,99 mb
Thanks to: Ben!
Download | Captures
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        • New candids
June 6, 2006: Jessica Simpson in NYC
        • New candids
June 6, 2006: Jessica Simpson shopping in Soho in NYC (high quality). In one of the pictures she's holding a CD with her new single!
June 6th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • ET VIDEO
ET, June 5 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 1,52 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Captures
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        • Access Hollywood VIDEOs
Access Hollywood, June 5 2006 (2 segments!)
Format: mpg
Size: 5,93 mb | 5,69 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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Jessica Simpson will be getting her skates on in her next video - her roller skates. Director Brett Ratner will shoot the sexy pop star roller skating in new promo Public Affair. A thrilled Simpson can't wait, stating, "I'm fired up. I'm so excited, it's going to be awesome. I'm gonna be roller skating."
        • Candids
June 4, 2006: Jessica Simpson at LAX Airport. Thanks to Vivian!
        • Scans
Thanks to my friend Ann from Sweden for these lovely cover features with Jessica!

• 02 x TV Direkt [Germany], #10 2006
• 02 x Vecko Revyn [Sweden], June 1 2006
• 03 x Cosmopolitan [Sweden], May 2006
• 02 x Pause [Sweden], June 2006
        • Stars walk the carpet at MTV Movie Awards
What a difference a year or two makes. [....] And it was just last year at the movie awards that Jessica Simpson -- promoting "The Dukes of Hazzard," worked the carpet with husband Nick Lachey, vowing the two would someday, "celebrate our 10-year anniversary." But the now separated Simpson's date this year was father Joe Simpson. And she's hoping to be cast in the upcoming "Dallas" feature film - but not as Lucy Ewing, as previously reported. "'Dallas' is something I definitely want to do, but I'm going in for Pam Ewing, actually," said Simpson. "Victoria Principal (TV's original Pam) is one of my favorites of all time." If she lands the role of Pam, Simpson will be romancing Luke Wilson, who already has been cast as Bobby Ewing. "He wouldn't be a bad one to kiss," said Simpson, while Wilson's brother Owen said of his brother's casting: "it's unbelievable because I remember being with Luke on a family vacation, and we were trying to get back home to watch 'Dallas.'" Source: here, thanks Cheryl!
        • New candids!
June 5, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving photo studio in New York City (high quality).
        • New photoshoot preview!
OMG how HOT is that?! I have no idea what photoshoot this is but I love it!!

        • New pictures!
June 5, 2006: Jessica Simpson at the CFDA Fashion Awards (high quality). She looked absolutely gorgeous!!
June 5th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson: Better off singing?
AOL has a new poll up, cast your votes here.
        • Icons
I added some new livejournal icons / avatars
        • Perez At The Movies: Gor-JESS
We were very lucky to watch the MTV Movie Awards from the Green Room, which is where the celebs hung out backstage and got their drink on. We hung out for a bit with the lovely Miz Jessica Simpson, who was there with the Shuter, her new assistant, and the glam team, hairstylist Ken Paves and makeup maven Mary Phillips. Yes, she was wearing some extensions from her hair line, which she and Ken just told us will be dubbed Gor-Jess. Miz Simpson's new album is gonna be out this August, and she is very excited about the first single, which is an up-tempo club banger. Jess also recorded a song that our pal Diane Warren wrote for her, which will probably be released as a single as well. View the pictures here.
June 4th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • MTV Movie Awards: Jessica Simpson Dusts Off Daisy Dukes
Meanwhile, "Dukes of Hazzard" co-star Jessica Simpson, sporting a skirt as short as her marriage to Nick Lachey, drove "Miami Vice" star Foxx so crazy that he seemed to forget the beatbox noises he was laying down for co-presenter Colin Farrell's stroll across the stage. Whole story.
        • Scans
I scanned a bunch of cover features from different countries, check them out
• 03 x Frida [Sweden], #5 2006
• 03 x Fredag [Sweden], January 27 2006
• 07 x Solo G [Sweden], #3 2006
• 03 x Hit Machine Girl [France], October 2005
• 06 x Cine Tele Revue [France], September 1 2005
• 02 x Klick! [Sweden], January 27 2006
• 01 x Klick! [Sweden], December 30 2005
        • New pictures!
June 3, 2006: Jessica Simpson at the MTV Movie Awards 2006 (high quality).
June 3rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New pictures
June 2, 2006: International Launch of Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 1996 Champagne by Karl Lagerfeld (high quality)(+10).
June 2nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • THE THINGS THEY SAY 2156
"Ken (Paves) and I are soul mates - he had me at 'hello'." Jessica Simpson and her hairdresser Ken share a close bond.
Jessica Simpson had to seek medical attention after suffering from a possible stomach ulcer. The These Boots Are Made For Walkin' star was seen leaving a Beverly Hills, California medical clinic on 19 May (06). A source close to the singer tells the US edition of OK! magazine she was seeing a physician and undergoing tests to confirm whether or not she has an ulcer. Simpson is back in the studio working on her next album and is in the middle of a divorce battle with estranged husband Nick Lachey.
June 1st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
May 31, 2006: Jessica Simpson shopping and lunching in Beverly Hills (high quality).
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        • Jessica Simpson seeks psychiatric help
Pop singer Jessica Simpson set off a paparazzi frenzy when she headed into a Beverly Hills doctor's office, sparking speculation that she was consulting a cosmetic surgeon reports The ENQUIRER. Turns out Simpson, went to see a psychiatrist. "No one knows for sure what Jessica discussed, but it was clear that she was seeking help for something very troubling," said an inside source. "Her hand was trembling as she reached for the door, and she looked like she was desperately trying to fight back tears as she went back out to face the world." Read more.
        • Angelina Jolie Leads Celebrity Searches In May, the Internet's leading celebrity encyclopedia, announced today the 25 most searched for celebrities for the month of May 2006. The numbers reflect the amount of interest their entries in the celebrity encyclopedia earned in the month (last month's ranking in parenthesis).
1. Angelina Jolie (1)
2. Jessica Alba (4)
3. Beyonce (3)
4. Pamela Anderson (7)
5. Jenna Jameson (4)
6. David Beckham (13)
7. Shakira (16)
8. Trish Stratus (14)
9. Adriana Lima (11)
10. Zac Efron (6)
11. Vida Guerra (2)
12. Orlando Bloom (20)
13. Jessica Simpson (8)
14. Tila Nguyen (-)
15. Lindsay Lohan (18)
16. Hilary Duff (10)
17. Ciara (22)
18. Maria Sharapova (12)
19. Raven Symone (9)
20. Jennifer Garner (19)
        • Scan
I added a scan from Polish magazine Gala, May 15 issue here. I hope that the gallery works fine for everyone already
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