June 29, 2005 | by Joanna
The Dukes Of Hazzard OST Tracklisting!
Thanks to Thomas :D

1. Uncle Jesse Tells A Joke Willie Nelson
2. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Jessica Simpson
3. One Way Out The Allman Brothers Band
4. Pride And Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble
5. Call Me The Breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd
6. The South's Gonna Do It Again The Charlie Daniels Band
7. Flirtin' With Disaster Molly Hatchet
8. Hillbilly Shoes Montgomery Gentry
9. Black Betty Ram Jam
10. Soul City Southern Culture On The Skids
11. Change My Mind The Blueskins
12. Burn It Off Blues Explosion
13. Funk #49 James Gang
14. Good Ol' Boys Willie Nelson
15. Uncle Jesse Tells Another Joke Willie Nelson

Is anyone able to scan Premiere and GQ for me please? Thanks to Lisa M. for the scans below :)
OK, June 7 2005 [05]

Jessica Simpson, "I'm Married, and My Husband Is My Romance"
Pop star/actress Jessica Simpson wanted to go on the record regarding her marriage to 98 Degrees vocalist Nick Lachey, saying, "I'm married, and my husband is my romance." Read more.

Updates are a little slow again, I know. I still have one exam left in July so I've been studying :( Here's a Dukes Of Hazzard calendar for you to print or set on your desktops, it has beautiful promos of Jess on it :D Thanks to Patrick :)

June 25, 2005 | by Joanna
Jessica Simpson accompanied by her dog Daisy, mother Tina, and a burly bodyguard, prepares to depart Los Angeles International airport. EXCLUSIVE. June 22, 2005, Los Angeles, California. Thanks Angie! :)

Jessica and Nick leaving Spider Club, June 20 2005. Thanks Laila! :)

I added 4 new affiliates :)
> Oh-Hilary.com
> TheModelHome.net
> SeannWScott.net
> J-Lafferty.com

New wallpaper
Made by Luke - thanks! :D
by Luke

Vote for Boots on TRL
Click here to vote for Jessica's new video on TRL!

Jessica Simpson to headline "Mort, the Dead Teenager"
MTV spoke with Marvel chief Avi Arad, who revealed that they're so happy with Jessica Simpson and her tryouts, that they will move forward with a feature film with her headlining "Mort, the Dead Teenager." Read more.
(I don't know about this, there was the same rumor floating around last year and it wasn't confirmed so not sure if there's any truth to this!)

I made 8 animated avatars from Boots - enjoy :D

June 24, 2005 | by Joanna
I got a lovely piece of digital art featuring Jessica as Daisy Duke from Paige today! Take a look, it's amazing!!
by Paige

GQ Preview
I love the pics, so different :D Thanks to Radekk :)

June 23, 2005 | by Joanna
New candids
Jessica Simpson enjoys a night out with a pal -- joking and laughing after an evening of rock 'n roll at Sunset Strip's Rainbow Room. Sans hubby Nick, Jess parties the night away with this handsome mystery man and gave him a tight hug when the night was over. June 21, 2005.

Margera Clears Up Simpson Reports
Former JACKASS star BAM MARGERA has confirmed he did spend a night with JESSICA SIMPSON - but no sex was involved. Margera's friendship with Simpson was strained last month (MAY05), when his father told a radio station that his son and the married pop beauty had slept with each other. And Margera is keen to clear up any misunderstanding about what actually went on after he and Simpson partied at West Hollywood's Roxy last month. He says, "We fell asleep on her couch. Everybody was there. It was no big deal at all. "(My dad) doesn't understand when you say 'sleep with', it means something totally different." Margera and Simpson - whose husband NICK LACHEY was in Sweden on the night in question - now send text messages "back and forth" to each other, according to the TV prankster, but have not met up or verbally spoken since his dad's radio interview. ContactMusic.com

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GQ Article
The Bombshell We've spent countless hours watching her on MTV, but American men still can't get enough of Jessica Simpson. What is it about this Texas-raised, God-fearing, platypus-mispronouncing Girl Next Door that makes us swoon? Hint: It's not the songs. Read more at JessicaForum.com :D

June 22, 2005 | by Joanna
Jessica Simpson in shorts stop at a gas station on her way to Palm Springs with Nick Lachey. The couple got also humbergers at a fast food. June 20, 2005.

Jess in GQ
Jessica will grace the cover of GQ! Click the thumbnail to enlarge!

June 18, 2005 | by Joanna
Thanks to Lisa :)
Complete Woman, August/September 2005

J-14, September 2005 [09]
Celebrity Living, June 13 2005 [06]
Celebrity Living, June 20 2005 [04]
Life & Style, June 20 2005 [12]
InTouch, June 20 2005 [06]
Us Weekly, June 20 2005 [08]
Urban Male Magazine, Summer 2005 [09]
Blender, July 2005 [02]
Celebrity Living, June 27 2005 [06]
Us Weekly, June 27 2005 [03]
Life & Style, June 27 2005 [05]
NW, June 20 2005 [06] (thanks Joyce!)

Boots lyrics
I added the lyrics to 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" - typed up by JessFan20 :)

New official pics
Jessica's official website JessicaSimpson.com added some new pictures from 'These Boots...' video set - I added them to the site :)

June 17, 2005 | by Joanna
New candids!
Angel Jessica Simpson dressed with leather as she goes to a recording studio in Los Angeles before shopping at Bloomingdale's. June 15, 2005. Thanks Emily!

Jessica Simpson goes purple with her dark sundress and lighter leather purse. And the pop star's love of platform shoes reaches new heights with these tall heels! Simpson was on her way to a West Hollywood recording studio. June 14, 2005. Thanks Emily!

Skinny Jessica Simpson wearing high shoes with laces platforms as she goes to a recording studio in Hollywood. June 13, 2005. Thanks Emily!

Boots mp3
I added 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" mp3 - it's the official single version - thanks to Doublem200 :)

These Boots Were Made For Walking - single version
format: mp3
quality: 128
size: 3,41 mb
credit: Doublem200
download here (right click > save target as)
number of downloads:

June 16, 2005 | by Joanna
Hey guys
Hey everyone, once again I apologise for the lack of updates, 2 of my finals are behind me now (I passed!) but I still have 2 next week. After that I will be able to spend much more time online to keep you updated on our girl Jessica :) Thanks for understanding!

June 11, 2005 | by Joanna
'Boots' MPG!
I finally got the great mpg of 'These boots are made for walkin'" for you guys! I also made 116 caps!

format: mpg
size: 40 mb
capped by: Malibu
Download | Captures
Number of downloads:

'Boots' animations
I added 5 animations from the new video - thanks to Radekk :D

'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson launching her own clothing brand
Pop idol Jessica Simpson is preparing to roll out her own clothing lines, with the clothes timed to hit U.S. stores when her new movie hits the theaters. The Wall Street Journal reports that the singer has not been busy with patterns, pins and shears. The clothes, while inspired by Simpson's personal style, are the work of a top designer for Tarrant Apparel Group, with Simpson giving final approval. Read more.

'Boots' single cover?
This image was featured in the official newsletter I got from JessicaSimpson.com - I think this might be the 'Boots' single cover :) Click to enlarge. Also more scans on the way!

Thanks to Lisa :D
Glamour, July 2005

Jessica Simpson wearing platform shoes goes recording at a studio in Hollywood. June 8, 2005. Thanks Emily!

June 10, 2005 | by Joanna
Boots video!
Here it is! :D I'll try to post high quality video soon. Thanks Radekk & Luki!

format: wmv
size: 9,3 mb
credit: Sony Music
Number of downloads:

Boots video!
I'm gonna upload the Boots video for you in a moment!! It's AWESOME!!

June 6, 2005 | by Joanna
New candids!
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey consider renewing their wedding vows. Both seem very much in love as they go to a fish restaurant near their home. June 5, 2005. Thanks Emily!

New candids
Jessica Simpson coming out with slippers as she goes to a tanning salon near her house in Calabasas. June 4, 2005. Thanks Emily!

Exclusive video
I got this rare performance of Jessica in Spanish TV show 'Musica Si' from 1999! She performed 'I Wanna Love You Forever' and sounded amazing! Huge thanks to Al for capping the video exclusively for SK.net :D

format: avi
size: 33 mb
capped by: Al - thanks!
Number of downloads:

June 5, 2005 | by Joanna
I added some regular size pics from the Movie Awards!

I added high quality pictures of Jessica & Nick at the MTV Movie Awards, June 4 2005 :)

I added 18 more pictures of Jessica and Cacee leaving Spider Club, thanks to Angie :D View the pictures here.

June 4, 2005 | by Joanna
Here's some pictures of Jessica shooting new video!

Lisa got some new scans for us :) Thanks girl :* :D
Star, June 13 2005

InTouch, June 13 2005 [06]
National Enquirer, June 13 2005 [01]
Life & Style, June 13 2005 [06]
Us Weekly, June 13 2005 [02]
Twist [Poland], June 2005 [01] (thx Ewelinka!)

June 3, 2005 | by Joanna
Simpson Sisters Fight Over New Wardrobe
Pop beauty Jessica Simpson is locked in an ongoing wardrobe row with her younger sister Ashlee. The 24-year-old The Dukes of Hazzard star singer is furious with her pop star sibling Ashlee - who is four years her junior - for constantly sneaking into her home and stealing her newly-bought clothes. Jessica says, "Oh my gosh, she steals my clothes all the time. I steal hers. We fight about it. "You know, every time I get something new, it disappears. "She comes over to my house without me knowing and it's gone. I go back to her house when she's not there and take it back."

Jessica Simpson gives a belly laugh as she enters her car after a night out at the clubs, June 1 2005. Thanks Emily! :)

Jessica & Cacee leaving Spider Club, May 31 2005. Thanks Emily! :)

June 1, 2005 | by Joanna
Pop beauty JESSICA SIMPSON considered renewing her vows to husband NICK LACHEY in a private ceremony - because their October 2002 wedding was spoilt by the intrusive cameras filming them for MTV reality show NEWLYWEDS: NICK AND JESSICA. The IRRESISTIBLE star would love to become a bride for a second time, because she could have another bachelorette (hen) party and enjoy a ceremony without the public scrutinising her big day. She says, "Nick and I did think of renewing our vows in a private ceremony. "It's be great to be a bachelorette again. I had a really wild bachelorette party." ContactMusic.com

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