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June 30th, 2003
Today Show video
I added a video of Jessica on Today Show talking about the book "I do" :) The quality isn't too impressive because I converted it to mpg from asf but still if you missed the interview go ahead and download :) Jess looked really pretty there!

More MTV Bash pics
I added more pictures from MTV Bash, also of Ashlee and Nick.

I added 2 new wallpapers! If anyone wants to contribute any I'll be glad :D

I have made a few new JSMB siggys, but please - save them to your own space before using, that will save my bandwidth - thanks! :)

June 29th, 2003
And we're back!
Ok Sweet Kisses is back! Woohoo I am so happy :) I am sorry about the downtime. I am currently uploading the recent pictures of Jess so the new ones I have should be up tonight. I also added new pics of Jess & Nick from MTV Bash, absolutely gorgeous!!

Lycra Ad - bigger scan
I replaced the Lycra ad scan with bigger one scanned by myself. I got a new scanner - finally!

Lovable Bras
I added pictures of Jess from the Lovable Bras event, check them in the Gallery. There's also a new important thing about the pictures from this site: please do not post them at message boards etc - post links instead!. Posting our pictures at other sites consumes our bandwidth (which is limited) and the site goes down, so please, don't let that happen again! Thank you.

More pictures!
OK I added pictures from Entertainment Weekly IT List Party regular and HQ, book signing regular and HQ and also 24 HQs from Lovable Bras event! Woohoo check them out, more coming :)

Nick & Jess Drive Labels Nuts With Same Release Date
The New York Post reports that Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey are driving their respective labels, Columbia and Universal, nuts. "They both want to release their solo albums on the same exact day [Aug. 19]," a spy said. "The labels are going crazy." A rep for Simpson's label, Columbia, said, "Nobody is upset as far as I know." The couple are banking on fans buying both CDs simultaneously, and no doubt would be appearing as a couple to promote both albums simultaneously as well. [Source:PopDirt.com]

Today Show captures
I added 14 captures of Jessica on Today Show.

June 19th, 2003
Sweetest Sin Single Cover
Click here to see Sweetest Sin single cover, thanks Lisa! Also there's one more official pic here :) There's also a new interview here lol sorry for all the "heres" but it's late ;)

Charlie's Angels 2 Premiere HQ
I added 3 HQs from Charlie's Angels 2 Premiere, huge thanks to Ratib! By the way he just re-opened his Britney Spears site and it's beautiful, go visit it now :) Click here!

New pictures
I added new pics of Jess and Nick from Charlie's Angels 2 Premiere last night, Jess looked so gorgeous!

Disney Special videos
I added 2 videos from the Disney Special to the Media > Video section: I've Got My Eyes On You and Your Faith In Me. I'll be adding more media soon! :)

June 18th, 2003
Nick & Jess Reality Show A Real Snooze-Fest
Star magazine reports execs at MTV are working overtime to figure out how their new reality show starring Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees and Jessica Simpson more exciting. The pair aren't nearly as amusing as the Osbournes, and crew members practically dozed off while filming the two singers. MTV tried to spice the show up by sending the newlyweds camping in Yosemite, and they're trying to figure out more outings to get the out of the house.

Nick Lachey i-squad!
Nick's official i-squad has been launched! You can join by going here :)

Jess in z100 studios pics
I added new pics of Jessica from z100 studio, from yesterday.

Jessica on The Today Show Tuesday, June 24!
Jessica Simpson will appear on The Today Show (in conjunction with her book release) at 7AM (ET) Tuesday, June 24.

Who Will Be On The Cover Of The Next Rolling Stone?
Rollingstone.com's message board is letting fans vote for who will be on the cover of the next issue. You can vote for people such as Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, and many more. You must be registered to vote. Vote for them here.

June 17th, 2003
New pics!
JessicaSimpson.com has been updated! It has a brand new layout :) I added 4 new official pictures to the Gallery. I am also sorry for not updating in the last 2 days, but I was working on my Christina Aguilera site, you can check it out if you want:
Miss Aguilera =)

KIIS FM interview
Go here to listen :)

June 15th, 2003
I changed HQ Of The Moment :)

June 14th, 2003
New Pictures
I added new pictures from 101.3 KDWB 10th Anniversary Bash and also quite some exclusives Lisa sent me, they're from: Arthur Ashe Kids Day, Detroit's Thanksgiving Parade, DRQ Summer Heat Rave, Girls Gone Wild Party, Here On Earth Premiere in NYC & USO Tour :D Thanks Lisa! I still have more from Lisa to add so check back :)

June 13th, 2003
The Sweetest Sin pictures!
Jessica's Official Site put up 2 new pictures from The Sweetest Sin video, they are gorgeous! Click here to see them :D

The Sweetest Sin mp3!
I added the mp3 of The Sweetest Sin to the Audio section, thanks to Jessica Online :)

Nick & Jess on Rick Dees mp3!
I added an mp3 of the Nick & Jessica interview from Rick Dees show, for everyone who missed it. It's really nice, 17 minutes long - worth listening! :D

June 12th, 2003
New interview!
There's a new Jessica interview here, she talks about her new CD and single! You can also hear a bit of the single so check it out :)

Jessica's appearances
According to Rock On TV Jessica's MTV Making The Video will air on July 7th, and not this Monday. Jess will also appear on Today Show on June 24th at 7AM, check your local listings :)

June 11th, 2003
Jessica's new songs
Ascap.com has some songs listed, written by Jessica Simpson :D I thought I'd post about them:

(She mentioned on DRQ today that she wrote the song for her dad Joe!)



There are also 2 listed, which were not written by Jessica, but she sings them (she said in Entertainment Weekly that she wrote all songs but two, so maybe these?):



Jessica News: Cd, single, book etc
From Lisa, Jessfan4life: "Hey everyone, Jessica was in Detroit today live in the DRQ studios. She was talking about the reality show which does premiere aug 4th, single drops July 7th (they played in on the radio and OMG it's AWESOME. She said she wrote the entire cd except 2 songs and its more of a older sound and is all about LOVE. Her cd drops aug 19th, book comes out june 25th (she mentioned that the cd rom that comes with the book has exclusive footage from the wedding as well as the recording of the song she wrote for Nick for the wedding titled "my love") that will be the only way you get to hear it as it will not be on the album(in this skin) WOOHOOOO

she was hilarious, she was saying she went golfing with Nick just the other day for the first time and she did a aweful job. They had her drive the golf cart and she was saying how she was driving up on other peoples greens..ROTFL GO JESS!!!!

Oh and she will be on CBS's early show june 24th ,so make sure ya's tune in :)

I forgot one thing, she said Ashlee just was offered a record deal but didn't say with what label, and you can catch ashlee all summer long on TRL and as a judge on say what kareoke. :) GO ASHLEE!!!!"

Quote Nick said about Jess
From Lisa984: "Everyday in the paper, they have this little "Quote of the day" type thing, and today it was him! It said:
"Our roles are reversed: She never puts on a new roll of toliet paper, she never makes the bed, she never picks up her clothes off the floor or puts away her shoes. I'm the woman in our relationship" -Singer Nick Lachey 29, dishing on his wife, pop singer Jessica Simpson, 22.

News from Nick
From NickLachey.com: "well, the show in tampa was cancelled. i don't know why but the radio station pulled the plug on it. so i've been keeping busy in la lately. after shooting my video, i shot a video with jessica about a week later. i think they're both going to debut on mtv making the video in a a couple of weeks. yesterday, i did the morning show with rick dees. he was really cool and he played "shut up" on kiis fm here in los angeles. on thursday of this week, i'll be in mineapolis with jessica hosting a show for kdwb, so everyone in minneapolis, be sure to come down to that. other than that stuff, i'm just getting ready for the single to come out on june 24th. i'm really anxious. i hope you all like the song as well as the video. i saw some people saying that jessica is in my video, but that's not true. i'm in her's with her. i think you guys will really like both of them. anyway, i hope to see some of you in minnesota and i'll talk to you soon.
thanks! nick

June 10th, 2003
Nick & Jess on Rick Dees Show
"Nick and Jess were just on Rick Dees, and they said Jess laughed so hard she peed her pants!! It might be on the reality show! They should have it up on the site in a couple days. Nick was in the studio, and Jess was stuck in traffic on the way to a Cosmo Girl photo cover shoot, she called in. Just to clarify, it did not happen while they were on the air with Rick, it was some other time." - from jessluvsnick

Stars Gather To Roast MTV's Carson Daly
Billboard.com reports Madonna, Britney Spears, Nelly, Jessica Simpson, Papa Roach, 98 Degrees, Lit, and Usher will be on hand on June 28th at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles for the first "MTV Bash." The event will serve as a comedy/concert roast of MTV personality and late-night TV host Carson Daly. The Bash will be recorded for a July 13 broadcast. Read more. [Source:PopDirt.com]

June 9th, 2003
Entertainment Weekly Article
Don't compare Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey to MTV's OTHER reality family. ''We can't try to be the Osbournes,'' Mr. 98░ admits. He and his pop-star bride will, however, make like Ozzy's clan and broadcast their home life in a sitcom-style series. And though they've built their images on squeaky-clean virginhood and such, ''if a cussword flies out, a cussword flies out,'' Simpson says. ''Newlyweds'' will also intertwine personal adventures (decorating the house) with showbiz exploits (both are preparing to release albums on Aug. 19). At its core, though, it's a show about the precarious negotiations that make up newlywed life. ''Jessica's a slob,'' Lachey says. Simpson counters: ''Nick's a woman. Even if he's wearing a T-shirt it has to be ironed.'' Their secret to marital bliss? Honesty, of course -- which happens to be Simpson's policy when explaining their rationale for doing the show: ''It's good for record sales.'' -- Jennifer Armstrong | Click here for the new pic! [thanks Jess_Faith24]

New appearance
From pvprincess621: "I found on my tv guide that Jessica will appear on Maxim's Hot 100 on NBC on friday at 9 pm. Kelly Clarkson is gonna host the show! So watch it!"

New HQ
I changed hq of the moment again :) I will work on the gallery today too, because I have lots of pics to add back.

Jessica FanCentral!
I opened a Jessica FanCentral for all fans, you can find it in Interactive section :) Please join! More buttons coming soon.

New bookmarks
I added 3 new bookmarks with Jessica, made by Piter - thanks!

I added more pics to the Gallery, I still have thousands to add so be patient :)

June 8th, 2003
New video!
I added the VH1 All Access - Weddings Special video, hope you enjoy it :) *Sorry guys! I fixed the link!*

Jess/Nick on Rick Dees Show!
From kktwins: "Jessica and Nick will be interviewed on the Rick Dees show on Monday the 9th, it begins at 7am! I think you can listen to it live at www.kiisfm.com or www.rick.com".

Jessica Simpson: The Wedding Planner
Singer Jessica Simpson's new book/DVD set, I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding, chronicles her wedding to 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey. The book features both black-and-white and color photographs of the couples' wedding, and offers tips on everything from finding the right photographer to how to pick a caterer for people who are planning their own wedding.
Simpson and Lachey got married on October 26, 2002 in Texas. Simpson said the best advice she can offer to brides-to-be is simply to remain calm on the big day. "I was like the calmest bride," Simpson said. "Like I just knew everything was going to be great, and it was going to be the best day of my life. And I just kind of focused on the love and the excitement rather then, 'Oh, is this going to go wrong? Is that gonna go wrong?' Because there's always going to be stuff that goes wrong, but it's the best day of your life, so you want to enjoy every moment of it. I think that just relaxing is probably the best thing a bride can do."
The book also contains tips on how to look the best on your wedding day from some famous experts, including Hollywood stylist Jessica Paster, dress designer Vera Wang and hairstylist Ken Paves, among others. I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding shows couples how they can have a celebrity-style wedding regardless of the budget.
I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding can currently be preordered at jessicasimpsonbook.com. [Source:The Launch, thanks Lisa!]

In '0304,' Jewel Is Less Polished, More Fun
Allison Stewart of The Washington Post reviewed Jewel's new album '0304', calling her '80s-style dance diva makeover "a conversion that ranks in the Recent History of Bad Ideas alongside Madonna's decision to rap." Stewart added, "It's a safe bet that the less attached you were to the old Jewel, the more you'll like the new one, who has abandoned her modest coffeehouse strummings to become a more disapproving version of Shakira. It could have been a train wreck, but '0304' is frothy, undeniable fun. While not as great as comparable works by Britney Spears or Cher, it's more like the best Jessica Simpson album ever." Read more. [Source:PopDirt.com]

June 7th, 2003
MTV interview
Here is an article from MTV.com, Jess and Nick are talking about his new video :) Thanks Shannon! I am sorry for posting this so late but I have had problems with connecting to the server again. MTV also has an interview with Jessica on the Red Carpet here.

VH1 All Access - Celebrity Weddings - more caps!
I added more captures from the VH1 Celebrity Weddings special, the video is coming very soon! :)

Fan Pictures update
I added some galleries of pictures scanned exclusively for SweetKisses.net by Lisa [Jessfan4life] :D You can find them under Fan Pictures, thanks a bunch Lisa!

June 5th, 2003
Oprah pictures
I added 3 pictures from Oprah Show, thanks to Oprah.com. There's a little video clip you can watch too, here.

Jessica on TRL!
From Shannon: "Jess was just on TRL for a moment. The Movie Awards are tonight so she was there. Nick Zano from MTV was with her and she said that she is shooting her new video this week and Nick is the leading man in it."

VH1 All Access - Celebrity Weddings captures
I added 21 hq VH1 All Access - Celebrity Weddings captures, I will put the video up too, as soon as I have it complete and my host is done with moving to another server :)

Jessica Simpson On B96
"Jess98fanatic831 at the Jessica Simpson official message board writes, "Jess was on B96 this morning. She was sooo adorable! It was right before Oprah so she had to hurry up! First of all [Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees] was there but he didnt talk. Jess said he was still tired! Haha! She said she hates her middle name 'Ann' because its such a southern name and everyone has it! The DJ called her Mrs. 'Lackey' Simpson and she goes no its Mrs. Simpson Lachey! Nick wouldn't like the other way cuz it's not his name and I'm married to a Lachey NOT a Simpson! The DJ also asked her what she thought of Nick naked! She made a cute sound and was kind of astonished! She goes 'are you serious?' She said he was gorgeous! Haha! Jess will not have kids until she gets a dog and learns how to take care of a dog! lol! Well, it was cute!""

New Link Me Buttons
I got 4 new Link Me buttons from Kamil, thanks!

June 4th, 2003
DRQ Kringle Jingle 2001 Exclusive Pics!
I added 4 pictures from DRQ Kringle Jingle 2001 in Michigan, thanks to Lisa [Jessfan4life] :D

Jessica at the MTV 2003 Movie Awards!
Catch Jessica Simpson reporting from the red carpet of this year's MTV Movie Awards, beginning at 8:30pm (ET/PT) on Thursday, June 5th. Please check your local listings.

Jessica & Nick on Oprah Show
Jessica and Nick were just on Oprah Show, she said that her book "I Do" is due out to June 25th, right after the single. She was talking about hating laundry and how they are going to get a maid ;) Jess also said they caught on camera for the reality show her throwing a temper tantrum..lol oh and the best part was Nick going, im not too anal but he was trying to get Jess to start putting toilet paper back on the rolls..lol [thanks Lisa - Jessfan4life]

National Enquirer scan
Roxana sent me a scan from National Enquirer, thanks! :D

Lycra Ad scan
I finally got a scan of that Lycra Ad with Jessica, check it out in the Gallery; thanks Jodi.

Teen People Party pics
I added more pictures of Jess & Ashlee from the Teen People Party :) I also replaced the first 4 in the gallery with untagged ones!

Legacy Links Up With Ad Council
Stepping up efforts to do more with less, the American Legacy Foundation is partnering for the first time with the Ad Council on a pro bono campaign addressing secondhand smoke, the client said.
Legacy is also launching a print ad with actress Cicely Tyson in July issues of Essence, Good Housekeeping, O and People as part of its "Portraits" campaign from Arnold in Boston. That work features celebrities who have family or friends who have suffered from tobacco-related diseases. Pop star Jessica Simpson (news) will appear in an ad in August and September. Read more here. [Source:Yahoo.com]

Reality Show Info
"Newlyweds," 9:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 4, on MTV. Newly hitched pop stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey let cameras in on their marriage. [Source:OCRegister]

June 3rd, 2003
Seventeen Spa Opening - exclusive pics!
I added 5 gorgeous fan pictures from Seventeen Spa Opening, huge thanks to Lisa [Jessfan4life] for scanning them for me! :D Lisa also sent me a bunch of other pictures, which are amazing as well so expect them up soon :)

More Salute To The Troops pictures
I added over 100 pictures from USO Salute To The Troops, they are absolutely lovely! Now I have 214 pics from that event yay! :) I also have 101 MTV Movie Awards 2003 pics so check them out!

More MTV Movie Awards 2003 pics
I updated the MTV Movie Awards 2003 gallery with more pictures, check them out :) I am sure I will have many more!

Ashlee in Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide
I added 2 scans of Ashlee in Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide, June/July issue, huge thanks to imboredd from JSMB!

New interview
MTV.com has a new interview with Nick & Jessica about the Movie Awards, read it here :) The newlyweds discuss the virtues of a quality action flick, and the shortcomings of virtual performances.

June 2nd, 2003
MTV Movie Awards 2003 HQ
I added 2 hqs from MTV Movie Awards 2003, thanks to Roxana! I am almost done with uploading the galleries back :)

New appearance!
I added a new appearance info to the Appearances section [under Jessica], here's what MTV.com said about the episode:
Episode 1205: Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey
Featuring new videos by both Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

More MTV Movie Awards 2003 pictures
I added 20 pictures from MTV Movie Awards 2003.

Jessica in Twist
Ever wonder what it's like to be a star married to another star? Of Course you have! Well, a new MTV reality show featuring Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey promises to give us a peak into their marriage. "There's going to have to be a line drwan about what we're willing to let the audience see." nick says, although Jessica is more gung ho: "It's awesome! People are going to see how normal we are and how normal we're not." The show may be called THE NEWLYWEDS. We suppose THE SIMPSONS was already taken! D'oh. The the captiong says "No we're not the new Pam and Tommy Lee!"
There's also two other pictures of Jessica. One of them has a comment by her: Jessica Simpson says, "You can be confident with your sexuality and your womanliness without having sex." [thanks Jess1318]

June 1st, 2003
I am sorry for not updating lately and the downtime. I had to upload the whole site once again, not all galleries are up yet, but I am uploading them as we speak ;) I added 16 new MTV Movie Awards 2003 pictures as well as 2 HQ galleries and Crib Crashers captures!

Jessica Simpson On Sporting Dreams
ESPN magazine asked Jessica Simpson and other celebs about their dreams of sporting glory. "I'd be a gymnast," Simpson said. "It looks so exhilarating. Or maybe I'd just be the wife of a sports guy. Players always look really cute in their little baseball outfits. I like football players too, but some of them are a little too stocky. And I'd never marry a curler!" [Source:PopDirt.com]

Fan Art
I added 2 graphics to fanart section, made by Piter and Alex - thanks! :)

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