June 30th, 2004
New fancentral layout
I made a new layout for our FanCentral, hope you like it :) And join if you haven't already, I bet there are many more Jess fans than 100! We also have a new affiliate: AboutJessica.tk.

New scans
Lisa sent me some new scans!
People, July 5 2004 [01]
Us Weekly, July 5 2004 [04]
In Touch, July 5 2004 [06]
Star, June 28 2004 [04]
Us Weekly, June 28 2004 [02]

June 29th, 2004
TMBA Australian single tracklisting
From Thomas: "Hey, I got the TMBA Australian CD Tracklisting!

Jessica Simpson - Take My Breath Away
Format: 5" CD Single
Release Date: July 12th 2004

1. Take My Breath Away
2. With You (Acoustic Version)
3. Take My Breath Away (Eddie's Late Night Club Mix)
4. Take My Breath Away (Passengerz Hour Glass Mix)

Tourbook scans
Lisa sent me scans of the Reality Tour Tourbook - check them out! :D

She's a newlywed and proud of it
Jessica Simpson's summer tour is focused on music, but the thing that made her a superstar will definitely be represented. A giant television will be behind her as she sings, and outtakes from Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, the hit MTV reality show that has chronicled her marriage to singing hubby Nick Lachey, will play in the background. Previously unseen clips from their successful ABC variety special also will be shown, and a few lucky fans will get a chance to interview Simpson on stage. But the 23-year-old Simpson thinks that when the tour is over, the attention will again center on her music. She'll be singing her old favorites as well as new hits from her latest album, In This Skin, which is nearing 2 million copies sold. Read more.

June 28th, 2004
Win tickets!
Polaroid and 104 KRBE have got a SUITE contest for you! View the pictures of Jessica Simpson below and then fill out the form and submit a caption for each photo for your chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to sit in the Polaroid Luxury Suite in the Toyota Center to see Jessica perform live on July 14, 2004! View details! (thanks Mike!)

Gallery issues
Due to Wireimage/Filmmagic/Contour Photos request I have to take some pictures down, that's why 4 sections of the gallery are currently down. I have to go through them and remove all the images from the above mentioned agencies, I apolgise.

T-shirts, ice cream help keep ties with Cincinnati
"Oohhh, Nick and those Bearcats, I'll tell ya," Jessica Simpson says with knowing exasperation in her voice about her husband's first love in sports. On the debut of the second half of the second season of "The Newlyweds" last week viewers got to see diehard fan Nick Lachey, dressed in his University of Cincinnati Bearcat garb, slip into a funk as the team was eliminated from the NCAA basketball tourney. Read more.

CD:UK & TOTP caps
I added 2 new sets of captures: from Top Of The Pops and CD:UK from this month! Credit for them goes to Steve! Also a lot of you had problems downloading part 2 of the Newlyweds episode so I have uploaded it to a different server! :)

June 27th, 2004
Jessica Simpson To Release Double Single Overseas
PopDirt.com After hitting the U.K. top 10 with, 'With You,' Jessica Simpson will release another single in in the U.K. This time around, Jessica will release a double single for the songs, 'Take My Breath Away,' and 'Angels.' The singles will come out on August 16th and will come in two different types of singles. Read on for the complete tracklistings for both singles.

Jessica Simpson
'Take My Breath Away'/'Angels'

1.Take My Breath Away

Jessica Simpson
'Take My Breath Away'/'Angels'

2.Angels (Instrumental)
3.Take My Breath Away
4.Take My Breath Away (Instrumental)
Enhanced porition:
'Angels' video

June 26th, 2004
New animations
I added new animations of the Ice Breakers commercial, thanks to Criss.

Here's a Jessica clipping from a Polish tabloid Twoje Imperium. Thanks to Luki.

Rove Live interview mp3
I added an mp3 of the interview Jess did for Australian show Rove Live. I will try to add the video as well in a few days.

Jessica calendars
I haven't updated that section in forever so I added 6 brand new calendars for July! Thanks to Ewelina for them!

June 25th, 2004
The video codecs
I get a lot of e-mails/messages about problems with watching the Newlyweds episode I posted. If you only hear audio or get green screen your computer is probably missing a needed codec. On the videos page you will find the links to pages from which you can download the necessary codecs! I hope this helps :)

Rove Live interview caps
Jessica was interviewed on an Australian tv show called Rove Live on June 23, here are some captures!

Jessica's tour resumes tonight!
From Lisa: "My radio station just said they have received confirmation Jessica is in town and the show is on!" YAY! It's so great she is better!

Newlyweds video
I added part 1 of second episode of Newlyweds which aired last Wednesday. The other part is now up too! :)

Simpson on the tour path
If things had gone according to the marketers’ original plans, Jessica Simpson would now be just another drearily flirtatious pop product – the kind that numb us with their regimented dance moves, their Dollar-Menu musicianship, and their Bob-Guccione-meets-Teen-People mix of the virginal and the venereal. But some of Simpson’s personality leaked through along the way, and it altered the course of her career. Read more.

Ashlee Simpson Show captures
I added 149 captures of The Ashlee Simpson Show episode 2, check them out here. The TRL premiere of 'Angels' video has been postponed again, I don't know the new date though.

Newlyweds captures
I added 130 captures of Newlyweds 3 Episode 2, check them out here.

New DVD magazine with Jess
Prepare the cheese trays--E! the DVD brings the tops of Tinseltown to your home. With more than 70 minutes of stars, sizzle and sass, it's a video magazine that covers everything you love about E! In this edition, we've got our eyes on the bevy of blockbuster babes who rule Hollywood. Plus, follow Matt Damon's rise from Harvard student to bigwig, get the goods on Halle Berry's style sense, go on the set of Hilary Duff's new film and lots more! Pick it up today--only at Wal-Mart! Your DVD player will thank you. Source: here, thanks Kim!

June 23rd, 2004
Singer Jessica Simpson cancels show in New Hampshire
Singer Jessica Simpson has canceled another show because of a kidney infection.
Columbia Records spokeswoman Renee Pfeffer says Simpson has called off tonight's show in Manchester, New Hampshire. She had also canceled her show last night in Providence, Rhode Island.
Simpson has issued a statement saying she can't wait until the doctors say it's O-K for her to get back out there.
Simpson's next scheduled show is Friday in Detroit. She plans to make up the canceled shows. Associated Press

Manchester show tonight cancelled
Tonight's show in Manchester has been cancelled as well. I hope Jessica feels better very soon!

Simpson hospitalization cancels Providence concert
An exasperated Jen Noonan, 19, of Milton, Mass., and her mother, Lisa, get the word from arena security worker Scott Gagnon. The Jessica Simpson concert scheduled for last night at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, was postponed due to an illness that required the pop singer -- best known for her reality TV show on MTV -- to be treated at a Providence hospital.

"Every effort is being made" to reschedule the show, according to a statement from the Dunkin' Donuts Center. If it is rescheduled, tickets for last night's show would be honored.

According to Renee Pfefer, a publicist for Columbia Records, Simpson was stricken with a kidney infection and was taken yesterday to the undisclosed hospital. She left the hospital last evening, according to Pfefer, and it was uncertain whether she was planning to spend last night in Providence or move on to Manchester, N.H., where she is scheduled to perform tonight.

The crew and equipment were headed to Manchester as of last night, Pfefer said. "The stage was all set up" in Providence, she said. " . . . It's not as big a [production] as you would think, but . . . it requires hours of work" to take it apart and move it.

According to a statement issued by Pfefer's office, Simpson "plans to resume her tour" in Manchester tonight.

"I'm having the best time doing this tour," Simpson said in the statement, "and I'm so disappointed that I have to miss tonight's show. I appreciate everyone's get-well wishes and, as soon as my doctor says it's OK, I'll be back on stage, doing what I love. I hope to see my fans in Rhode Island soon."

Last night's show was to be the 13th on the nationwide 40-date Reality Tour, which started earlier this month and was to run through the end of July. projo.com

David Boughton Photoshoot
I added a high quality photoshoot by David Boughton to the gallery. I also added a section about Jessica & Nick's house!

From Jessica: "Hi! Im from Rhode Island and I had tickets to go see Jessica Simpson perform tonight at the Providence Dunkin Donuts center and the show was canceled due to an illness. She was "to sick to perform." She was rushed to a nearby hospital a local newstation said and has a kidney infection. Everyone here is pretty bummed! :( But, the show will be rescheduled. Just thought I was give info not sure how many people know much from Rhode Island."

Jessica Simpson cancels show in Providence because of kidney infection
Singer Jessica Simpson cancelled her Tuesday show in Providence because of a kidney infection, a spokeswoman at Columbia Records said. Simpson, 23, was under a doctor's care and planned to resume her tour in New Hampshire on Wednesday, said Renee Pfefer. Organizers hoped to reschedule the performance. Simpson, star of MTV's reality show Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, was scheduled to go on stage before a nearly sold-out audience. The appearance was part of a summer tour promoting her latest album, In This Skin. (AP)

June 22nd, 2004
New pics
Singer Jessica Simpson arrives with a tour bus and her girlfriends at a Rhode Island hotel. She is currently on tour, playing the Dunkin' Donuts Center tonight in Providence RI. The show tonight was reportedly postponed due to illness!
I joined a lot of Jessica related fanlistings!

Jessica Puzzle
I used to have this section a while ago but somehow took it down. Now it's back. Download and solve puzzle with Jessica Simpson! Two sets are already waiting for you here!

New sections
I added 2 sections under Jessica: Facts and Did You Know?. I'm gonna add more to them as I get the info! Hope you find it useful. I also updated quotes.

by Mike Ashlee wallpaper
I added a new wallpaper with Ashlee Simpson sent in by Mike - thanks a lot!!

Jessica Simpson Jams Radio City
Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed Jessica Simpson's concert at her Radio City Music Hall debut Friday (June 18). Aquilante writes, "Her singing was shrill in her upper register, but fine in the middle, particularly when she unhinged her lower jaw and opened her mouth wide. Although the I-can-eat-an-apple-whole look ain't a pretty sight, especially when she held a note for emphasis, you have to give her props for her pipes." But, he added, "Simpson has performance savvy that pleased the crowd and made the show a hit with them." Read more.

June 21st, 2004
More Radio City HQs
I added 15 more high quality pictures from Radio City Music Hall in NYC on June 18 - we now have 40.

New buddy icons!
I made 16 new buddy icons for AIM :) I also updated other Jessica sites section!

New scans
Here are some new scans I received from some lovely fans! :D
NW, June 28 2004 [01] (thanks Melinda!)
Now, June 23 2004 [03] (thanks Thomas!)
Cosmopolitan (Portugal), June 2004 [04] (thanks Maria!)
Star, June 21 2004 [03] (thanks Lisa!)
Us Weekly, June 21 2004 [06] (thanks Lisa!)

'Sex' wanes thanks to 'Newlyweds'
"Sex and the City" lost some steam in its second night on TBS thanks to the Season 3 premiere of MTV's "Newlyweds." "Sex" dropped more than 1 million total viewers Wednesday at 10 p.m. from the 4 million who tuned in to its Tuesday premiere. Meanwhile, "Newlyweds" drew 3.1 million, followed by the series premiere of "Ashlee," which grabbed 2.6 million. HollywoodReporter.com

It's Jessica's show, but it's all about Nick
Jessica Simpson may have named her current road show "The Reality Tour," but the concert she delivered at Radio City Friday promoted the most popular young-girl fantasy of all time. Throughout the concert, Simpson underscored the notion that, with enough plotting, patience and virtue, you too can grow up to marry Prince Charming. Read more.

Orlando concert pictures
I added 7 pictures from the Orlando show on June 11. View them here.

Charlotte concert HQs
I found 2 high quality pictures from the Charlotte show on June 15, view them here.

Bristow, VA pictures
Missy sent me her pictures from Bristow, VA concert on June 19! Thanks! :D View them by clicking the thumb.

UK radio clip
From Thomas: "I have a live recorded UK radio cast from yesterday, Jess entered at #7! Top ten for the first time since 2000!" Thanks to Thomas we can now hear it! Download the clip in the Audio section :D

June 20th, 2004
Radio City HQs
I added high quality pictures from the Radio City Music Hall show. Click here.

More Lifebeat pics
I added more pictures of Jess and Nick from the Lifebeat event on June 14! I also added 2 new wallpapers, thanks to Becky :) I have more to add still! Thanks so much to everyone who contribute news, wallpapers and pics and other stuff to the site, your help is much appreciated! :D

June 19th, 2004
Radio City Music Hall concert pictures
I added pictures of Jessica performing in Radio City Music Hall, New York City on June 18 2004.

New HQs
Jessica Simpson attends the PM Lounge in New York City on June 18, 2004.

June 18th, 2004
Connecticut show review!
From Jess: "Here is my review from Jessica's Concert At Mohegan Sun in Connecticut last night she SOLD out the arena of 10,000 People!!! It was AWESOME!" Read the whole review here - it's awesome! Thanks Jess!

New avatars
I made some new avatars with Jessica, they can also be used as MSN Icons I think (I never used an icon on MSN so I am not sure how this works), they are 100x100 so they should fit!

Jess on CD:UK
From Thomas (our UK insider hehe): "SONY UK Has just revealed to UK newsletter subscribers that Jessica will perform on CD:UK this Saturday, this will be her first appearance on the show since July 2001! Same disclaimer as the Top Of The Pops performance, it may not be live in studio; it is probably a pre-recorded performance or a live feed. Jess is singing 'With You', between 11:30am and 12:30pm, on CD:UK (ITV 1) this Saturday 19th June! All UK'rs Tune in!!!" Thanks Thomas! Will anyone be able to make caps / video of that? Anyone hace Top Of The Pops vid?
Oh and about TRL, MTV.com says June 24 but watch today just in case!!

Maxim Hot 100 caps
I added captures from Maxim Hot 100 of 2004! Jessica is #1 :D

With You UK cover art scans
Thomas scanned the covers of UK "With You" singles, both CD1 and CD2! Thanks Thomas! View the scans here.

A little note
Since Jessica is on TRL today to premiere 'Angels' part 1 of the Newlyweds episode will be taken down to make space for today's videos. Please download it asap because I am not sure if I will be uploading it again, I might tho. But download it now if you can.

The Ashlee Simpson Show captures
I added 163 captures from the Ashlee Simpson show which aired 2 days ago! Click the thumbnail to view them :)

Jessica Simpson: I'm Ditzy, Not Dumb
Jessica Simpson insisted to The New York Daily News that she's ditzy, not dumb. "Dumb is just completely out of it, not knowing anything that is going on," Simpson explained. "I don't really know what dumb is because I am not dumb. I'm ditzy, like, I am the kind of girl that is just, like, out of it. I don't pay attention to what is going on." Read more.

June 17th, 2004
JC Chasez on tour with Jess!
JC Chasez has been added as opening act to Jessica's Reality Tour starting June 25 in Detroit!

Newlyweds video
I added the first Newlyweds episode from 3rd season which aired last night!. Please download it asap cuz it won't be online for too long!

What the shrinks think?
Simpson and Nick Lachey may be sailing through some rough marital waters, but marriage counselors say they should be able to weather the storm because Lachey is so devoted to his wife. "You can tell that Nick really loves her," says Sharyn Wolf, an Upper East Side therapist. "She acts like such a child she would annoy a lot of people, but he finds her naivete endearing." Read more.

Jessica Simpson Refutes Marriage Trouble After Pal Moves In
According to a posting at Jessica Simpson's official forum, the singer insisted in a radio interview that having her best friend move in hasn't caused tension in her marriage to 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey. Sweetest Sin1026 writes, "Okay well y'all can STOP worrying abut Nick & Jessica and having Cacee move in with them! Jessica is going to be in my state tomorrow and she was on my radio station today and they asked her about Cacee Cobb moving in. Jessica said it was only for a short time and that they ALL had a blast. She said Nick and Cacee are best friends as are Cacee and Jessica. The DJ was like did that not go over well because rumors are saying it didn't but Jessica said they all had a blast and it was like 'Three's Company'." Read more.

Newlyweds captures
I added 195 captures from yesterdays episode of Newlyweds seazon 3! I'm gonna try to put the episode online somehow. I'll let you guys know!

June 16th, 2004
Our radio insider, Robbie, found out today that "Angels" will be the last single from In This Skin and Jessica will be releasing a Christmas album in the fall!

Love Me Tender video
I added Love Me Tender to Videos - it was requested a lot so hope you guys enjoy it :)

New pics!
I added 5 high quality pictures and 10 regular of Jessica performing at Lifebeat Event on June 14.

Jessica Simpson's Road Show Rolls On
Jessica Simpson gave 'Extra' an all-access pass to her behind the scenes of her nationwide tour. "Hopefully you won't see me fall on my face or forget the words to my song," Simpson in Orlando, six days into her new concert tour. But Simpson admitted she's even more excited about her upcoming 24th birthday: "I just hope [Nick Lachey] gets to be there. That's my birthday wish, is I'll get to be with my husband." Read more and watch a video clip here.

New wallpapers
Becky & Luke sent me some awesome new wallpapers! Be sure to check them out as they are great! Thanks so much guys!
by Luke by Luke by Becky

June 15th, 2004
Jessica Simpson plays it straight and serious
In concert, Jessica Simpson doesn't act as ditzy as she does on MTV, and that's a shame. Instead, the dazzling beauty with the diva-worthy voice earnestly tried to "get to know" the audience that sampled her "Reality Tour" on Friday at the TD Waterhouse Centre. Unfortunately, the silly one-liners that have made Simpson a media star du jour don't lend themselves to much introspection. Read more.

Concert Review: Jessica Simpson
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Hollywood Reporter) - While Jessica Simpson's ditzy reality turn on MTV has quickly moved her from C-list pop singer to household name -- it also has put her in a bit of a jam as she embarks on her first major concert tour. She's now too famous to work her way up effectively in small venues -- but she also is far too green for the 20,000 seat amphitheaters she has been hastily thrust into this summer. Read more.

June 14th, 2004
Jessica cover
Jessica was on the cover of Polish magazine with crosswords, I scanned it!

Simpson's talent shines through packaging
Jessica Simpson is perhaps the closest thing we have to a living, breathing Barbie doll. Emphatically blonde and curvy in a provocative but oddly safe way, the perky singer and reality show princess, like Mattel's stalwart vinyl fashion plate, is the larger-than-life stand-in for her young fans' pastel-perfect grown-up dreams. Read more.

Marriage came in 2 minutes for Jessica Simpson!
It took Jessica Simpson, just two minutes to decide that she wanted to marry husband Nick Lachey. According to Teen Hollywood, in an interview to Britain's B magazine, the singer said that after spending two minutes talking to Nick, she was convinced that they would end up as husband and wife. Read more.

Girlfriend scans
Rhiannon sent me scans from Australian Girlfriend magazine, June 2004 issue! Click here to view them :)

Watch Jessica Simpson Perform 'With You'
Jessica Simpson performed her new single 'With You' on BBC's 'Top Of The Pops' on Friday (June 11) in London. Watch a brief clip from the performance here.

From bjmad2: "I went to the West Palm Beach Concert and OMG! Jessica sang so awesome! She's the best. Many asked her questions and things. She was so beautiful. I wrote up in a posterboard "We love you, Jessica! Can I have a hug?" and at the beginning of the show she stopped, read it and she smiled and waved. That was one of the BEST moments in my whole life! I stood through the whole thing. She gave the most magnificent performance, her high notes were up and she didn't tremble at all. She really made us remember her Reality Tour with great positiveness. :)"

June 13th, 2004
by Becky Reality Tour wallpaper
I'm sure you're gonna love it! Becky sent me an amazing Reality Tour wallpaper - check it out! Thanks Becky!! :D It's on my desktop already!

Orlando concert review
From Ashley: "My name is Ashley and i'm from Palm Coast, Fl and I just gotta say, I went to the Orlando concert June 11 (Friday) and it was AWESOME! Jess sang amazing, she did not mess up one time, her voice was absolutely beautiful, it sent chills down my spine! Of course she had her questions/answers and some of the questions that were asked were "What do you like to do when your not with your husband (Nick)", "Who would you like to sing/perform with".. (lol thats all I can remember right now) but her answers were so cute... the first answer was "I like to spend Nicks money, I have money of my own but i like to make him mad... No im just playing but I like to Shop... Shop... Shop" lol I thought that was so cute and then the answer to her next question was ; " I already had a chance to perform with Jewel that was amazing, and I would like to perform with Mariah Carey, I met her last week actually, and the best thing about being famous is that you can meet your idol or the person that you really look up to! but its scary sometimes because you do not know if that person will roll their eyes and completely blow you off" ... the answer was great, now its not in those exact words (because I would not be able to remember all of that) but it is along those lines. The answer that she had to that second question was great because it gave her fans a sense of closeness with her... with that answer I feel that she is a very very sweet and beautiful person who is very understanding... I must say this is an experience of a life time! I must admit I wish I could go to the concert all over again, it was absolutely breath taking! My boyfriend is not a fan of her BUT after seeing her he even said "She sung her butt off, I would not mind going to another one of her concerts" which is great to get a complement after him!! lol Here are some pics that I took, they are not that great but I tried!" Thanks Ashley! :)

West Palm Beach concert pics
I added pictures of Jessica live in West Palm Beach! Click here to view.

New scans!
I got a whole batch of scans again from Jess and Lisa for you guys! I'm gonna add them now.
M Magazine, July 2004 [07]
M Magazine, June 2004 [06]
J-14, July 2004 [07]
Us Weekly, June 14 2004 [04]
InTouch Weekly, June 21 2004 [04]
Teen People, Summer 2004 [07]
Twist, July 2004 [04]

'Angels' review from Billboard!
Robbie Williams and Capitol Records worked like Vikings to propel his stellar "Angels" to star status in the United States, but tragically, it never made it higher than the 50s in 1999. Leave it to the irrepressible Jessica Simpson to give the anthemic ballad its due. Following her successful remake of "Take My Breath Away," the multimedia starlet again wrings out every dramatic note to exhaustion--and yet there's a sincerity and vulnerability present that give the song real feeling; it's as if she hung hubby Nick Lachey's picture close to the mic and sang with otherworldly inspiration. This is perhaps Simpson's best performance ever, demonstrating her growth as an artist and, we hope, putting to rest those critics who tag her perfect set of pipes void of feeling. Simpson sings with heart and soul, which should serve as charitable consolation to Williams. Score another surefire hit, and deservedly so. Billboard.com

Fan review
From Ariel: "Yesterday Jessica played at the TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando! She was absolutely amazing!!! The opener for the act was Ryan Cabrera and boy he sure hit it off with the crowd. He was a real cutie and performed at least 5 songs. He was really good. Jessica showed a lot of clips and cute scenes from newlyweds and some exclusives from the upcoming one on Wednesday. All her songs were sang with so much power and emotion she had me and my friend on the edge of our seats!! It was the best concert I've been to yet! I can't wait till she comes back! She answered some questions from VIP people. She had like nine on each side of the stage. It was really good though, all her performances were good!! We were hoping to see Nick but we saw him in some clips. The TV show with her being Jessica Sampson clips were shown and they were soooo cute and funny! Although I can surely see why they didn't make it. It was overdoing the ditz thing to much. The concert was awesome! It should have sold out!"

June 12th, 2004
Jessica pics from New Orleans!
Here are some from Kidd Live website.

Alabama concert review/pics!
From Kate: "Okay, June 5 was the best day of my life! The day before the Jessica concert, I recieved a phone call from someone at Jessica's fan club...they wanted me to go onstage during the concert! (Which meant I got to be onstage throughout Jessica's whole performance.) And, just a few hours before we were to leave for the performance, I got another phone call. It was a lady who worked as Jessica Simpson's ticketing advisor, or something. Anyways, I'm glad she called because she upgraded me from the gold package in Jessica's fan club, to the meet and greet! So, when we got to the venue there was a huge red truck blasting out music. Everything from Jessica to Ashlee and everything in between. It was awesome. I met Jessica...and she was THE nicest person EVER! She was so sweet. She wasn't supposed to sign anything, but this tour program they provided us with, but she saw two promotional pictures and asked, "Do you want me to sign those too?" And I was like, "Sure!" She signed a lot of things for her fans, which I thought was really sweet. Anyways the concert was amazing. Jessica came by where me and almost 9 other fans were standing on the stage. (About 9 were on the other side, too.) They played many clips from "Newlyweds," "The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour," and a clip from her show, "Jessica Sampson," which didn't get picked up. I was so dissapointed that it didn't get picked up when I saw the clip. It looked SO funny!! You'll have to see it to believe it. She sang everything from "I Think I'm In Love," to "Angels." She only performed one song from "Irresistible," though. I was kinda dissapointed, since I wished that she'd sing, "A Little Bit." But oh well, at least she came! lol. After the show, there was TONS of traffic. Some rude people even banged on other fans' cars! I don't know why, but it was pretty rough. But, if you are going to this concert, I guarantee you will have a great time! Also, here are some pictures from the concert (they were resized since they were pretty big) and a few things, which I received as souvenirs. Thanks!"

Jessica Simpson Puts Her Best Face Forward on Her Summer Concert Tour
Best-selling skin care system Proactiv Solution today announced its presenting sponsorship of one of today's hottest pop stars, Jessica Simpson, on her summer "Reality Tour." Sure to be one of this summer's top tickets, the 41-date nationwide concert tour is scheduled to kick off June 4 in New Orleans and conclude in Paso Robles, Calif. on August 1. Read more.

From FadeToBlack028: "I went to Jessica Simpson's concert on June 8, 2004 ofcourse I had to beg my mom to take me but she pulled through and got us some amazing seats. First of the concert it was ryan cabrera and he said he moved in with the simpsons and ofcourse that got me going....Then when he left I sat there with my mom for atleast 20 minutes and then I saw lights go off and there she was on the screen getting ready to come out and there she was standing on this tall stairs and when she first came out everything was shaking I actually felt like I was going to fall down. It was everything I had dreamed of. And I had wrote a letter to Jessica and ofcourse I didn't know how I was going to give it to her but my mom found someone sweet standing to go into the vip room and she said she would I just wish she gave it to her."

June 9th, 2004
Jess in Dutch mag!
I added a scan from Dutch magazine called Celebrity, thanks to Marlieke! I also added some new bookmarks with Jessica.

Jessica Simpson is 'ditzy but not dumb'
"I am smart." Jessica Simpson, pop-singing sensation/reality show starlet/famous newlywed/pitchwoman for everything, is on the phone to discuss her weekend concert, her MTV show, her husband, Nick Lachey, and her plans for multi-media dominance. But there's a question hanging in the air, one that's impossible to ask politely, but which must be addressed: Is the 23-year-old singer anything like her tuna-flummoxed, buffalo-wing-confused, shopping-obsessed reality show persona? Because at least in conversation, she certainly doesn't seem... you know.... Read more.

Jessica Simpson Appeals To Broad Demographic
Ahead of her tour kick off in New Orleans, Jessica Simpson did a Q&A with Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune. With Simpson selling 50,000 copies or so a week of 'In This Skin', Rose wondered who is buying the disc. "I don't know," Simpson said. "At my shows lately there's been a range from 10-year-olds to 55-year-olds. And now I've got 65-year-olds coming up to me on the street and telling me they love watching my show "Newlyweds" because it reminds them of when they were young." Read more. PopDirt.com

New buttons
I made some new 'Link Me' buttons which you can use for linking this site! :) Hope you like them!

Jess to be on UK Top Of The Pops!
From Thomas: "Hey Ashlee, I've just received the Top Of The Pops UK Show line up for this week, the line up lists Jessica Simpson performing 'With You', the show will be recorded on Thursday and aired on BBC 1, Friday at 7:30pm. Don't assume this is an actual performance as Jessica hasn't been the UK since 2001, however it may be a special feature, a pre-recorded performance or a video airing. Tune in! A reminder: 'With You' is released on 2-track CD single and Enhanced Maxi-single in the UK next Monday!!!" Thanks for the heads up Thomas!

Newlyweds Stars Make It Onto Body List
Reality TV's Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have been honoured for their fit bodies in a new TV poll. Simpson has topped the latest VH1 Rock Bodies poll, while her pop star husband also makes it onto the top 10 list. Read more.

June 8th, 2004
Pelham, AL concert pictures
From Robbie "Here are some of my pics from the 06/05/04 show at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Pelham, AL." Thanks for sharing with us Robbie! :D

More scans
German & even Polish magazines start to mention Jessica YAY! Check out the scans below!
Bravo (Germany), June 2 2004 [01]
Twoje Imperium (Poland), May 31 2004 [01]
Yam (Germany), May 18 2004 [02]

Cosmopolitan Australia scans
Jessica is also on the cover of Australian Cosmo! I got the scans for you guys, thanks to April :)

Cosmopolitan Germany scans
Jessica is on the cover of this months Cosmopolitan in Germany, check out scans below.

June 6th, 2004
Buddy Icons
I added 4 new Reality Tour buddy icons :)

New fancentral
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I added Take My Breath Away live @ Summer Music Mania to videos.

Birmingham Show review & interview!
Robbie, a friend of mine, who works for ClearChannel went to the Birmingham show yesterday and got to interview Jessica! Here's the story!

Q. The tour kicked off last night in New Orleans, how'd that go?
A. It went pretty good. It was the first night and we have a few kinks to work out. I'm still working on my staging and remembering when I'm supposed to go where. Also, I had trouble getting my jacket off last night so I kept twirling it around my head like I was at a rodeo.

Q. Some of our listeners are gonna be heading to your show in Nashville on Tuesday night, what can they expect from The Jessica Simpson Reality Tour?
A. They can expect me and the music. There's no big production or pyro or anything like that. There's gonna be a question and answer session so that people can really get to know more about me and, basically, they're just gonna get me. That's why we called it the reality tour.

Q. You just shot the video for your new single, "Angels." Can you tell us a little bit about it and about that song?
A. The song was originally done by Robbie Williams, who's just a brillant...amazing artist and performer. I really believe in angels and the power they have, so it's a really powerful song for me to perform. I feel a real connection to it and I hope the audience does too. The video is beautiful, it was directed by a fashion photograher, Matthew Rolston, who's known for his beautiful videos.

Q. Your birthday is coming up next month. Have you got a big shindig planned?
A. I'm actually gonna be doing a show in Dallas - my hometown - that night, but, yeah, we might try to throw a little something together.

Q. You think you could convince Nick to climb out of your cake dressed like a Pussycat Doll?
A. *laughs* Nick? In lingerie? I think I'd run off stage.

Q. The third season of The Newlyweds starts in a couple of weeks, what can we expect?
A. Honestly, I don't know. The last four months of my life, haha. I don't know what they've edited together.

Q. Are the rumors I'm hearing true...is the end near?
A. Yes, yes it is. You'll see these 10 upcoming episodes and then 10 more and that will be it. We won't exactly be newlyweds anymore.

Q. I have a quote here from you...it's from 2001, "I want my fans to feel like they're my friends. I tell them what's going on. I talk to them. I want to be approachable. I don't want to come across as some intimidating star or celebrity. For me, that's not what it's about. It's about my fans." Is that something that's still important to you....*interrupts*
A. Yes! Definitely. That's still very important to me today even though more people know who I am. My fans want to know about me and I want them to know about me. That's the inspiration behind the Q&A session in the show.

Q. I saw you on Ryan Seacrest recently and I discovered you and I share a secret talent.
A. The toes.
Q. When and how did you discover you could pick things up with your toes?
A. Y'know, I really don't know when it happened. If I'm walking along and something's on the floor, I just pick it up. *laughs*

Q. Okay, I've got some hot seat questions for you. You ready?
A. I'm ready.
Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?
A. Maroon 5.
Q. What's the last movie you saw?
A. *after at least a minute of struggling to remember* Pass.
Q. What is Jessica Simpson's favorite Jessica Simpson song?
A. Probably 'With You' just because of everything it's done for me lately.
Q. Who's the last artist you saw in concert?
A. Beyoncé.
Q. Buffalo wings or buffalo chicken pizza?
A. I don't eat buffalo, remember?
Q. Use this time to squash or start a rumor about yourself.
A. Start or squast a rumor, huh? Start or squash...let's squash those boob job rumors. Just because a woman's well endowed doesn't mean she's had a boob job.

Q. Okay...last question. You've sold millions of albums, had two #1 singles, this is your 4th tour, you're a best selling author, you've got The Newlyweds, endorsement deals, your own line of body fragrances, and you're in talks to make the leap to the big screen. C'mon...what's left for Jessica Simpson to do?
A. The big screen, baby!!! Actually, I'm just gonna keep on being me and doing my thing and hope that everyone enjoys it and stays along for the ride.

Fantastic!!! It's definitely entertaining. The time between songs is brief because they keep you entertained with vignettes from "The Newlyweds" or from "The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour."

"I Think I'm In Love With You"
"Forbidden Fruit"
"I Have Loved You"
"She Works Hard For The Money"
"Take My Breath Away"
"You Don't Have To Let Go"
*after this point, I don't remember the correct order, haha*
"My Way Home"
"Loving You"
"Sweetest Sin" (but it's a funky, midtempo type remix)
"Everyday See You"
*this part is correct*
"I Wanna Love You Forever"
fake exit
"With You"

The show is very simple. It's Jessica, a band, and her backup singers...that's it. She does some booty shaking and stuff but it's all about her and the music. She's gorgeous and there's only 4 costume changes. Her mother helped design all of her costumes. There was one part in the show where she started to put her coat on and everyone was yelling, "No!" She goes, "Why are you yelling no? It's a cute jacket. It's Roberto Cavalli. That's a designer." The Q & A session is cool because 20 people are chosen to go and stand along the sides of the staircase on stage and they get to ask the questions. She interacts well with the audience and gets them involved often. Oh, one more thing...during the fake exit, they show a clip from "Jessica"....the ABC pilot that wasn't picked up. I can definitely say that I'm glad it didn't get picked up. She was a little too over the top and the schtick would have worn thin quickly.

I don't know if I was overly emotional or not but she moved me to tears more than I've ever been moved to tears at a concert. "I Have Loved You" she dedicates to the troops; "You Don't Have To Let Go" has footage of her and her dad on the monitor; and "I Wanna Love You Forever"...wow, simply her voice and the emotion she put into that song. I had, like, a religious experience. I just cried. I couldn't help it. I had a blast but am about to pass out."
Thanks so much Robbie for the coverage!! YOU ROCK :D

June 5th, 2004
Jessica Simpson nominated for six Teen Choice Awards!
Jessica is nominated for the 2004 Teen Choice Awards! You can vote for her in the following URL: TeenPeople.com/teenchoice. More Teen Choice Award categories are going to be added over the Summer like Movie and Song of the Summer! And don't forget to watch and see who wins the Teen Choice Awards August 11, 2004, 8pm/7c on FOX! Below are all the categories in which Jessica is nominated!
* Music: Female Artist
* Music: Album
* TV Personality
* TV Show: Reality/Variety
* Misc: Female Hottie
* Choice Love Song - TMBA

Also, Ashlee Simpson is nominated in the category "Choice Fresh Face"! Thanks Eugenia :)

Birmingham show tonight - info
From Robbie: "This concert is going to be a HUGE party. 103.7 The Q, the station sponsoring the show, is going to have carnival games outside the venue, a Nick & Jessica look-a-like contest, a buffalo wing eating contest, and a Show Your Q contest. Those participating in the Show Your Q contest have to cover themselves in as much station stuff as possible. Ten Show Your Q winners will be able to sit on stage during the show. We're also taking 20 lucky listeners backstage to hang with Jessica for a buffalo wings & tuna fish party.

There was a feature on Jessica and the tour in the Birmingham paper yesterday. It says that a question and answer session will be a part of each show on the tour, and it also says that Nick will be at tonight's show. One thing no one knows for sure, though, is if The Newlyweds cameras will be present. As you know, last week Jessica said she was excited to be touring because the cameras would not be following her. The paper, however, reported that they will be there.

You may want to post on the site that the hosts of the syndicated morning show, Ace & TJ, will be interviewing Jessica in Birmingham and it will be played back on the show. It will most likely air on Monday but maybe Tuesday. Also, could you - perhaps - post that anyone going to the show at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Birmingham tonight should come early for all the fun and games? Anyway, just wanted to update you!" (thanks so much for the info!)

June 4th, 2004
Ford Theatre HQs
I added 4 high quality pictures of Jessica performing at Ford Theatre.

Indianapolis 500 video & caps
I added a video and captures of Jessica singing Star Spangled Banner at Indianapolis 500 on May 30!

Proactiv Commercial
I added Jessica's Proactiv commercial to Videos - it seems like it's missing a few seconds but that's all I got at the moment, hope you like it :)

A chat with Jessica Simpson
If you watch TV, listen to the radio or read magazines, you know who she is: America's wholesome pop princess. Curvy, goofy, sexy and prim, Jessica Simpson is the perfect calendar girl for these times of uncertain moral clarity. And the woman's got pipes. If you heard her sing the national anthem before the Sugar Bowl and weren't moved (even before LSU won) then, my friend, that's just un-American. Read more.

June 3rd, 2004
Proactiv Commercial caps
I added captures of Jessica's Proactiv commercial and updated the calendar!

Jessica Simpson is tired of being a 'Newlywed'!
Jessica Simpson is eagerly waiting to tour America as she desperately needs a break from filming of 'Newlyweds:Nick and Jessica'. The singer is looking forward to spend some private time with husband Nick Lachey's on her 'Reality Tour' in her homeland, without the cameras following them every where.
"I cannot wait to go on tour and not have cameras follow every single move that I make. It gets hard. It would get hard for anybody, because you always know that somebody's watching you," Jessica was quoted by Teen Hollywood as saying. (ANI)

More appearances!
Show: Good Morning America
Episode: 08/06/2004
Network: ABC
Date: Friday - August 06, 2004
Time: 07:00 am - 09:00 am ET

Featured Artists
Jessica Simpson

About: 08/06/2004
2004 Summer Concert Series performance by Jessica Simpson.

Also, she will be on Entertainment Tonight (today) it's about hot celebs and how they keep their bodies looking so buff..lol (thanks Lisa!)

June 2nd, 2004
New appearances!
Jessica will appear on TRL on June 18 to premiere 'Angels' and also she'll be on American Celebration at Ford's Theatre on July 4! To check exact time go to Rock On TV.

Jessica Simpson Sues Producer-Promoter
Singer Jessica Simpson has filed a breach of contract lawsuit claiming that a New Jersey producer-promoter owes her $140,000. Simpson's lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, says she agreed to perform for an hour on Oct. 23, 2003, at the Grand Prix of Puerto Rico. She also agreed to wear a T-shirt imprinted with the logo "MOTOROCK," an auto racing company, while filming a music video. A contract specifying Simpson's obligations for the appearance in San Juan was signed by her agents --her father Joe Simpson and Wilhelmina Artist Management -- and Mike Zaccaro as president of the event promoter, 4 Dog Productions. Zaccaro's company agreed to pay the 23-year-old singer in two installments before the performance, $14,000 by Oct. 8, and $126,000 by Oct. 22. But on Oct. 10, court papers say, 4 Dog canceled the performance and has not paid Simpson anything. Simpson's lawsuit, which had been filed in federal court in April before being transferred to state court, asks for $140,000 plus interest and legal fees. Neither Zaccaro nor his company could be reached for comment.
Associated Press

Jess & Nick to host VMAs?
MTV is gearing up for the 21st annual Video Music Awards, taking place in Miami, Florida. MTV has approached Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for hosting duties, however Britney Spears is also being considered for the job. Details Magazine

June 1st, 2004
'Jessica' Magazine scans
I added the rest of scans from the 'Jessica' magazine, huge thanks to Jess for taking her time to scan all the pages for us! Click here to view them!

Jessica Simpson's Tour Focuses on Music
Jessica Simpson's summer tour is focused on music, but the thing that made her a superstar will definitely be represented. A giant television will be behind her as she sings, and outtakes from "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica," the hit MTV reality show that has chronicled her marriage to singing hubby Nick Lachey, will play in the background. Previously unseen clips from their successful ABC variety special will also be shown, and a few lucky fans will get a chance to interview Simpson on stage. Read more.

Jessica Simpson's LASIK Doctor's License Revoked
The San Diego Union Tribune reports the California state agency that disciplines doctors has voted to revoke the license of prominent San Diego and Los Angeles eye surgeon Dr. Glenn Kawesch, who helped clear Jessica Simpson's vision with LASIK surgery on April 26th, and in return the star agreed to endorse his treatment, citing his guilty plea to federal tax evasion charges as a crime of moral turpitude. In a 34-page ruling, the Medical Board of California said Kawesch's plea and other evidence of dishonesty are sufficient to punish him to protect the health and welfare of patients. Simpson had earlier said, "It's like being healed by God! I was legally blind, I couldn't see without contacts or glasses. I couldn't see my hand in front of me. I couldn't see the big 'E' on the (eye test) screens." Read more.

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