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July 31st, 2003
Jess in KIIS FM studio postponed
Jessica was meant to be in KIIS FM studio but that was postponed to Monday, thanks Vivian for the news.

US Weekly scans
I added new US Weekly scans, thanks to Lisa! :)

July 30th, 2003
Project TRL!
Ashlee and Emily (jessicaonline.org) are teaming up to bring you project trl! Jessica will stop by TRL and perform "The Sweetest Sin" on August 19th! The focus of this project is to get Jessica's video on TRL that next day, August 20th. Everyone needs to vote their butts off on August 19th. If we all work together and vote hard this one day, I think we can do it! So join today if your in! Click here to find out more!

Teen People Scans
I added new Teen People scans, thanks to Susan1218!

I added captures from Access Hollywood - Irresistible Release Party and Irresistible live @ CD:UK, thanks to Danielle.

July 29th, 2003
Gallery up!
Good news everyone, the gallery is finally up woohoo! :D It took me a few days, but the pictures are up (except for I think 3 galleries I couldn't find on my hard drive, it's a mess! lol). I can finally start adding new ones! I updated some and deleted some. I am also going to change the gallery around, but that will take some time again so for now just use it as it is :)

Jessica Simpson Stops By TRL
Jessica Simpson will stop by TRL and perform "The Sweetest Sin" on MTV's TRL on August 19th! Please check your local listings.

I changed HQ Of The Moment, hope you like it :) I'll be adding more of those and Mexico ones to the gallery.

July 28th, 2003
TRL pics
I added 19 pictures of Jessica and Ashlee on TRL, from July 2nd, 2003 :)

July 27th, 2003
SweetKisses.net is Site Of The Week at Oh-JLo.com! I got an amazing award from Roxana, thanks! :D

FanCentral updated
I added new members to FanCentral, we have passed 50 today! Congrats to Jessie for being our member #50, who is gonna be #100? Join today :D

Jessica puzzles
I added a new section to Download > Puzzles :) You can download some cool Jessica puzzle and solve it in your free time, have fun :) Also check again the Lovable poll I posted about 2 days ago - Jessica is at 96%! Woohoo! :D

New video
I added an ET clip about the "I Do" wedding book signing, thanks to Ratib :) The Gallery isn't fully up yet, still but I am uploading pics all the time. I also know that Lyrics are not working, I'll be fixing that too.

July 26th, 2003
Newlyweds Flipbook Pics from MTV.com
MTV set up a page dedicated to Jess and Nick's reality show called Newlyweds. You can visit it by clicking the banner under Appearances to your left. I added pictures from MTV's flipbooks :)

July 25th, 2003
Vote for Jess!
There is a poll on the Lovable Bras site about who is the best female singer. Jessica currently has 7 % of the votes. Mariah Carey has 27%. The Poll. Thanks Julie!

New caps
I added captures of ET clip about I Do book signing.

Download goodies
I added new wallpaper made by Jotka, new animated avatar from Alex and 2 animated JSMB sigs :)

July 24th, 2003
Simpson And Guarini To Perform During Miss Teen USA
LiveDaily.com reports Jessica Simpson will perform her single 'The Sweetest Sin' (from her forthcoming album 'In This Skin,' due Aug. 19) and 'American Idol' runner-up Justin Guarini will perform his single 'Sorry' during the Miss Teen USA 2003 competition. NBC will telecast the contest from Palm Springs, CA, on August 12th. [Source:PopDirt.com]

Jess to be on Good Morning America
"To whom it may concern: My name is Jeremy Bennington and I am the Audience Coordinator for ABC's "Good Morning America." As you probably know, or if not, I am here to inform you, Jessica Simpson will be giving a concert on our show on FRIDAY AUGUST 22nd, in Bryant Park. I am just trying to get the word out to as many fans that are in the New York City area about the appearance. People should know that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE and NO RESERVATIONS ARE NEEDED. The park is located at the corner of 42nd street and 6th avenue in New York City. Our show goes live at 7:00 am, so the earlier they arrive, the better their spot. If you folks have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Jeremy A. Bennington; Audience Coordinator; Good Morning America

E! News caps
I made caps of the Newlyweds news clip.

New layout
I decided to change layout since I was switching servers and had to edit all pages anyway. I hope you guys like it, I am pretty happy with the new look :) We have a new amazing host too! :) Thanks so much Adnan! The gallery isn't uploaded yet, but I am working on it. We have a new video - E! News Live Newlyweds clip, thanks to Ratib :D I have also made an mp3 of that clip if anyone wants to listen. Enjoy :)

July 23rd, 2003
Site news
I am sorry for not updating every day in the last couple of days. I got offered a great hosting so I will be moving the whole site again. It will probably take a few days, moving the gallery will take the most of time. It's for the best :)

Jessica Simpson Wardrobe Choice Trashed
A recent red dress worn by Jessica Simpson is getting trashed by Joan and Melissa Rivers. Joan says, "I think it's very nice of her to wear the local kindergarten's gluing project." Melissa adds, "Your hit may be Irresistible, Jessica, but this getup is ridiculous. Hubby Nick Lachey could consider it grounds for divorce." Check it out and vote for yourself here.

Nick Throws Birthday Bash For Jessica
People magazine reports that on July 11th, 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey hosted a 23rd-birthday bash for his wife Jessica Simpson at the Concorde in Los Angeles. Four hundred of the couple's friends, including Jessica Alba, Pink, Jessica Biel, Lance Bass of *NSYNC, Seth Green, and Taye Diggs, showed up at the soiree, which had a Mad Hatter's tea party theme. Playing cards dangled from the ceiling and rose-filled teapots decorated the tables. The highlight was the cake: a gigantic butter-cream-and-raspberry-filled concoction. "She had a smile on her face the whole night," one attendee remarked. [Source:PopDirt.com]

July 19th, 2003
Captures update
I added a lot of older captures, huge thanks to Danielle for sharing with us :) More coming!

Magazine scans update
I added a bunch of magazine scans that Lisa sent me, thanks so much! :D

In This Skin tracklist
Here's the official tracklisting of the album:

01. Sweetest Sin
02. With You
03. My Way Home
04. I Have Loved You
05. Forbidden Fruit
06. Everyday See You
07. Underneath
08. You Don't Have To Let Go
09. Loving You
10. In This Skin
11. Be

July 17th, 2003
FanCentral updated
I updated the FanCentral, thanks for joining everyone :)

July 16th, 2003
The Magazine scans
I added scans from Canadian mag The Magazine, thanks to Lisa :)

Jessica Forum
We have our own Jessica forum now, feel free to join and have fun! You can find it in Interact section.

New JSMB sigs!
I added some awesome JSMB siggys, thanks to Steph and Roxana :D

Nick Lachey appears on TRL
98 Degrees star Nick Lachey stopped by MTV's Total Request Live on Monday to talk with host Carson Daly about life as a newlywed with the twist of having cameras following them around, his new album and the status of 98 Degrees, and his new video 'Shut Up'. Read on for a rough transcript.

July 15th, 2003
Jessica celebrates first married birthday in style
Pop star Nick Lachey celebrated his new wife Jessica Simpson's 23rd birthday in style by freeing up his schedule and being her 24-hour companion.
Simpson feared she'd be parted from her husband for much of her birthday after she agreed to cut the tape on a new Levi's store in Santa Monica.
But Lachey was there when she woke up on her big day - and confessed he was her gift.
Simpson says, "It was my first birthday as a wife and Nick made it really special. We try to spend as much time together as possible."
And 98 Degrees singer Lachey had another gift planned - he bought her three diamond bracelets. [Source:WJJS]

My Love lyrics
I added lyrics to 'My Love', the song Jessica wrote for Nick :) Thanks to Vivian!

July 14th, 2003
New Ashlee pics
I added 16 new pics of Ashlee at The WB Network's 2003 All-Star Party.

Dreamchaser Tour HQs
I added 11 HQs from the Dreamchaser Tour! Thanks to Roxana :)

Jessica Simpson Sexes It Up For Nick Lachey
Jessica Simpson tells Blink 102.7's 'Party Diva' Gina de Franco that she's not adverse to stepping out in "a really mini-dress and a lace G-string" for new hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. "My favorite party fantasy is to sit way up on my husband's lap and tell him I am not wearing a bra." [Source:PopDirt.com]

Moby Blasts Nick And Jess For Newlywed Reality Show
Moby has weighed in on the upcoming MTV reality show featuring newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. He writes, "Jessica Simpson and her husband Nick from 98 Degrees are letting MTV document the first year of their marriage. That's either:

1. A selfless and altruistic act aimed at de-mystifying the cult of celebrity and giving millions of people the ability to witness a flourishing of love and respect within a matrimonial context. or
2. So profoundly stupid and wrongheaded that it boggles the imagination.

I mean, sure, let MTV in for a couple of hours, why not. But to invite a network to document something as fragile as a new marriage? If they want fame, they should make porn together, the end result would probably be less damaging to their marriage. Relationships and marriages are difficult enough without the pressures of a film crew documenting your every move. Eh, it's not my place to judge, but it just seems dangerous when the pursuit of fame takes precedence over just about everything else. Everything in it's right place, I guess. Moby." [Source:PopDirt.com]

July 13th, 2003
Kamil sent me 2 gorgeous wallpapers with Jessica - thanks so much! Go check them out :)

Video back online!
The Sweetest Sin music video is back online, so if you didn't manage to download it before you can do it now :) Huge thanks to Criss for hosting the video for us :D

July 12th, 2003
Nick and Jess were on Extra!
From babyblue30: "They were on last night at the opening of the Levi store. Nick said that for Jess's b-day he got her "a three diamond bracelet that I think she will love." It was really short and that's all that was said."

More 'I Do' book scans
Lisa sent me some more scans from the book 'I Do', go check them out - thanks Lisa!! :D

Studio 104 KRBE Houston pics
I added some pics Jessica at Houston's radio station 104 KRBE. Thank you Mike! :)

New wedding wallpaper
I have just made a new wedding wallpaper and I must say I really like it lol :D I hope you do too :)

Levi's Store Unveiling Gallery updated
I added 12 more pics to the Los Angeles Levi's Unveiling gallery.

July 11th, 2003
I DO Book scans
I got some pictures from Jessica's book "I do - achieving your dream wedding" scanned! Huge thanks to Lisa [Jessfan4life] for scanning them for me, you rock!! :D Lisa also sent me some awesome magazine scans so expect them soon!

New HQs!
I added 2 hqs from the Levi's unveiling, thanks to Ratib :D

New pics!
I added 49 pictures of Jess, Nick & Ashlee from Los Angeles Levi's Store Unveiling - gorgeous!

MTV Movie Awards 2003 hqs
I added 7 more hqs from the MTV Movie Awards, thanks to Mike :)

Jess at Teen Choice Awards 2003!
Jessica will be appearing at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards that air on August 6th at 8 p.m. Eastern/ 7 p.m. Central on Fox. Thanks for the news Ashley!

July 10th, 2003 - Jessica's 23rd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Jessica!
Today is Jess' Bday :) She turns 23! I added one wallpaper from The Sweetest Sin made by Alex, thank you very much! I also have some HQ scans for you guys, as a little pressie :)
Happy Birthday Jessica Simpson

Making The Video caps
I added 45 caps of Making The Video The Sweetest Sin [under Music Videos].

Jessica on TRL - transcript
Jessica Simpson stopped by MTV's Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere her new video 'Sweetest Sin', talk about her new reality show with hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, and talked about growing up with her sister Ashlee Simpson, who was VJ'ing on the program as well. Read on for a rough transcript here.

A huge SORRY!
Ok I owe everyone, who e-mailed me at my sweetkisses.net e-mail address a huge apology. I just realised that my e-mail account wasn't configured properly, so I received all your e-mails just now! lol I am so sorry, I will get back to all of you asap! And hey, the site is up again, which is great! Unfortunately I took the video off, because it took all the bandwidth we have had. There were so many people downloading it, it's overwhelming :) I will try to upload it somewhere else for you guys but I can't promise. I'll do my best!

July 9th, 2003
Sweetest Sin wallpaper + buddy icons
I made a wallpaper and some buddy icons from the Sweetest Sin video, hope you guys like them.

Videography updated
I updated Videography section :)

The Sweetest Sin captures & video!
I added 78 hq captures of The Sweetest Sin video! OMG it's so gorgeous :D The video is posted on the Videos page, it's in SVCD format, so you need a codec to play it, or software like PowerDVD or WinDVD!

New pictures!
I added new pics of Jessica and Nick from MTV's Summer TCA press junket to promote their new reality show called "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" at the Renaissance Hotel on July 8, 2003 in Hollywood, California.

July 8th, 2003
The Sweetest Sin music video
The Making The Video of Jessica's and Nick's new videos just aired! Unfortunately I wasn't able to see them (as I live in Poland) but I heard that Jess' video is very sensual yet sexy! :) I hope I'll have the video soon.

93.3 FLZ Radio Station - MJ Morning Show pics
I added 7 pics of Jess at 93.3 FLZ Radio Station.

Lovable Bras & Smoking Ads
Lisa [Jessfan4life] scanned the new Jessica ads for us, thanks so much! Check the Gallery :)

Jess in People
From Jess98fanatic831: "there is a section about "WHAT IM READING THIS SUMMER" Here is what Jess says: "I was reading James Patterson's Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas on the plane and I was literally sobbing. My husband Nick was trying to comfort me. It was amazing!"

Jess and Nick on Access Hollywood
From Jess98fanatic831: "Well they were both on describing their new videos! Jessica says hers was filmed in a garden in LA. She said it is all about passion and romance and that she couldnt imagine anyone else but Nick to be in the video. Nick said that his video is a spoof of PUNK'D!"

"I do" the wedding book
From Jessfan4life: "For those of you who have ordered your books off Jessicasimpsonbook.com Around may 28th or shortly thereafter, be checking for it it arrive soon. I ordered mine on May 26th and it arrived today. Wow, it is an Amazing book, Pictures and ALL. Kinda Makes you feel like you were there at the wedding.Shows pictures of the bridal party, Family and friends. The dvd has the instlye wedding special on it a a complete photo gallery from the night before the wedding, throught the wedding ceremony to the reception. The book shows a few pics of Jess and Nick on their honey moon.... VERY CUTE They were walking on the beach. for those of you who haven't gotten/ordered the book yet, it is totally worth it :)))))"

Jessica to be on Pop lids in August
From jessluvsnick: Record companies' latest attempt to reach music consumers is coming soon to a theater near you. The promotion got underway last week with the Convex Group shipping over four million enhanced mini-CDs by newcomer Rachel Farris to Regal, Edwards and United Theaters nationwide, with an additional 800,000 earmarked for Universal Theme Parks in Los Angeles and Orlando. The discs -- known as LidRock -- are affixed to soft drink lids, with a hole for the straw. Each includes a pair of songs from Farris' debut album Soak, as well as live and interview footage. In addition, the participating theaters are showing a three-minute montage of Farris before movie previews.

Bill Edwards, head of Big3 Records (Farris' label), jumped at the chance to break the newcomer in this unconventional manner. "The appeal is getting the music in the hands of the people we'd like to hear it," says Edwards. "It's hard dealing with radio, because you're going against a lot of other people who are trying to get songs played. This is four million people she's getting heard by. If it's free, why wouldn't you listen to it?"

Among the first people to get a lid was Farris herself. "I went to the theater as soon as I knew they were out," she says. "I went straight to the counter and said, 'Excuse me, dude, can I have one of those lids?"

Although enamored with the possibility of the promotion, Big3 is still playing traditional channels -- she is receiving radio play and has a video submitted to MTV.

The LidRock promotion clears one hurdle by getting music in the hands of potential buyers, but it remains to be seen how a free mini-disc on top of a Coke will translate to album sales. "At the end of the day, Rachel has to come away with fans," says Edwards, who declined to state how much the LidRock promotion cost. "But traditional marketing isn't working. Album sales have been reduced twenty to thirty percent over the last ten years. Companies are putting out more product and selling less of it. This is a way of getting to the front of line instead of sitting at the back."

Which sounds pretty good to Farris. "If your record is good, then you're OK," she says, "because hopefully true fans will want to hear the rest of your music, and it's not like we're giving away the whole album."

A new set of lids is set to debut in Regal Theaters on August 3rd, with content from Play, Mandy Moore, Celine Dion and Jessica Simpson, while a promotion with Pepsi and Sbarro restaurants is already underway with Boomkat, Lifehouse, Cooler Kids and 40 Foot Echo.

Newlyweds premiere date changed
From thomas.uk: "The Newlyweds will premiere on MTV on August 19th at 10:30pm. The show was originaly expected to air on August 4th."

July 7th, 2003
I scanned some magazine stuff! L.E.I. Ad and article from Smash Hits and TOTP Magazine, really cute :D

Dreamchaser DVD caps
Added another part of Dreamchaser DVD caps, from the making of A Little Bit and the studio and of course the tour! I also added caps of Jess singing National Anthem at NBA All Star Game in 2001 :)

Pictures update
I added a bunch of galleries, over 280 pictures! Still a lot more to come.

Nick, Jess, Kelly, Thalia & Celine On TV This Week
Pop acts hitting the television airwaves this week include Thalia, who stops by the MTV Beach House on TRL today; 'American Idol' champ Kelly Clarkson, who appears on the Caroline Rhea Show on Wednesday; Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, who both appear on TRL on Wednesday to premiere their new videos; Celine Dion, who appears on Live with Regis and Kelly on Friday; and Rachel Farris, who appears on the Wayne Brady Show on Friday. [Source:PopDirt.com]

The Sweetest Sin Billboard review
Jessica's new single got a good review from Billboard! You can read it here :)

Jessica interview
There's an interview with Jess on this site, check it out.

July 4th, 2003
MTV Bash HQs
I added 4 awesome HQs from MTV Bash, thanks to Ratib :)

More pics!
I added a few galleries again :) Some scans, hqs and regular pictures, check them out.
FanCentral updated
I added everyone who joined the Fancentral - thanks a lot! We need more fans :D

July 3rd, 2003
Old pics
I added some older pics to the gallery. I have to finally upload my whole gallery but it's a lot of work heh.. Anyway check back :)

July 2nd, 2003
As you can see on the left side I added a button to promote my Jessica FanCentral hehe So please join if you love Jess! I have a few people to add so if you joined please be patient, I'll add you very soon :) Thanks Ratib for the help!

July 1st, 2003
Gallery updated
I added some pictures from the Charlies Angels - Full Throttle Premiere. What a "picture day" today ;)

I added pictures from Italian Photoshoot and 4 more pictures from Lovable Bras event.

TV Direkt scans
I scanned TV Direkt cover and article, the pics are really beautiful :)

Interview captures
I added 10 captures of Jessica talking about her new album!

Irresistible caps
I added hq captures of Irresistible music video.

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