July 30th, 2004


I'll be away for two days so there will be no updates till monday, sorry.


Avril Lavigne's A Big Fan Of Jessica Simpson

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Avril Lavigne gushes about Jessica Simpson but took shots at Britney Spears and Hilary Duff. "I like [Jessica]," Avril admitted. "I met her once. She was all shy, so sweet and pretty. I'm a total fan. If I wanted to look like anyone, I'd want to look like her." Read more.


The Reality Tour - Mountain View 27th July

I added high quality photos from concert in Mountain View. Thanks Roxana!



July 29th, 2004

New wallpaper

I added a new wallpaper. Thanks Erica!


Autobiography debuts at...
"Ashlee Simpson may be a record-industry rookie, but she has done something that big sister Jessica hasn't been able to do: release an album that debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart. That's what the newly minted MTV reality star did with her ''Autobiography,'' which sold 398,000 copies last week, according to SoundScan." AOL News (thanks Kristina)


July 28th, 2004

Video Music Awards - Performers

The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from Miami on Aug. 29, the first time in the ceremony's 20-year history that it will take place outside of New York or Los Angeles. As a nod to the new setting, one of the event's executive producers, Dave Sirulnick, tells Reuters that rather than arriving in stretch limos, stars will arrive on the red carpet in boats.Performers set to appear on the show include Usher, Kanye West, Jessica Simpson, Hoobastank, Yellowcard and Jet. (thanks Kristina)


Video Music Awards - Nominees

Jessica Simpson has 2 nods for Best Pop Video and Best Female Video for "With You." She is also currently in round one of the Viewer's Choice Award playoffs. You see full nominations here and you can vote for your Jess to be a Viewer's Choice Award nominee by going here. (thanks Kristina)


July 27th, 2004

New wallpaper

I added a new wallpaper made by me. I hope you like it :)


Mean Magazine Party

Ashlee Simpson at the Mean Magazine record release party for Ashlee Simpson held at the Concorde Club, Hollywood. Click the thumbnail to view them all.



Autobiography Signing (23.07)

Ashlee Simpson at her CD release signing held at Tower Records San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Click the thumbnail to view them all.


July 25th, 2004

Songstress Jessica Simpson gets real for Houston crowd

Staying true to yourself has become a selling point in today's pop music market. Many singers -- from J-Lo to Whitney Houston -- constantly talk about "keeping it real." The "reality," however, usually has more to do with clever lyrics than personal beliefs. Jessica Simpson has made a career out of being herself. During an uneven 75-minute set, Simpson showcased much of the spunky personality and goofy charm that has made her a pop-culture phenomenon. Read more.

Jessica Simpson's A Genius

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, "This is interesting. Jessica Simpson said in the paper today -- Jessica Simpson's mom, rather. Jessica's mom said she thinks Jessica may be a genius. [Laughter] She says Jessica once scored 160 on her IQ Test. Or maybe that was her SATs Yeah, maybe the SATs." PopDirt.com

July 24th, 2004
As I promised yesterday episode 6 of Newlyweds has been added to the video section - enjoy! I also have a little announcement to make: I'm going on vacation to Spain tomorrow and I will be back on August 5th! A friend of mine will look after the site by then so it will be updated. If you would want to submit any scans while I'm away please send them to Luki - thank you! I will be back on August 5th so then you will be able to send in stuff to my e-mail again. Talk to you when I get back :)

July 23rd, 2004
Ashlee captures
I added captures of the Ashlee Simpson Show, episodes 4 & 5, caps from episode 6 will be added shortly.

New pictures
I added pictures of Jessica backstage with fans at 93.3 Kob FM radio. Check them out here.
Also, to everyone who is waiting for another Newlyweds episode to be posted, my media host's server crashed and should be up tomorrow morning, so the episode will be posted then! I'm sorry for the delay.

Ashlee Simpson - Candie's Photoshoot
I added some previously posted pictures from Ashlee's photoshoot for Candie's, without the Abaca watermark across the face :) Click the thumbnail to view them all.

Jessica Simpson excited about Vancouver sushi, but says she doesn't eat fish
Seafood continues to mystify pop star Jessica Simpson, who plans to investigate Vancouver sushi when she's in town. "I'm not a fish person," she said, before listing sushi consumption as one of the things she is looking forward to during her day off in Canada's raw fish mecca. "Oh yeah, but I eat shellfish," explained Simpson, as she prepares for a show in Vancouver on Friday, one of her first Canadian dates in years and the only one on her current tour. Read more.

Jessica Simpson gladly leaves home for a reality check on tour
Compared with the daily grind and intrusive cameras of her hit MTV show with husband Nick Lachey, being on a concert tour feels refreshingly normal for Jessica Simpson.
"I love being out on tour because every day is a different day, but it's also more relaxed and you're not running around like crazy," said the blonde, 24-year-old star of MTV reality show "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica."
"You hang out during the day, you do a meet-and-greet with fans, you warm up for the show and then you do the show. So that's kind of what my days are like. It's actually pretty normal." Read more.

Newlyweds Episode 6 captures
I added captures of this week's episode of Newlyweds.

July 22nd, 2004
Blast From The Past
I added 60 high quality pictures of Jessica signing CDs in Walmart NJ on March 5!

Rick Dees Discusses Jessica Simpson
Rick Dees has a couple clips about Jessica Simpson from his Weekly Top 40 countdown show, including facts about the singer, past 'Angel' songs on the countdown, and how Jessica creates her ponytail. Check them out at Rick.com.

New scans!
I got some more scans for you!
Us Weekly, July 26 2004 [07] (thanks Lisa!)
Star, July 26 2004 [03] (thanks Lisa!)
TV Week, July 17 2004 [03] (thanks Rhiannon!)

July 21st, 2004
New Ashlee pictures
Since I get requests for pics of Ashlee here are some newest ones.
Autobiography Release Party, July 20 2004, Nov 2004 [61]
MTV TRL, July 20 2004, Nov 2004 [08]

Cleo scans
Jessica is on the cover of Australian Cleo magazine, August 2004 issue! Thanks to April for the scans! :) Thanks also to Marianne and Melinda, who sent in the same scans!

More scans
Lisa sent me some more scans! :D
Celebrity Hairstyles, Nov 2004 [01]
InTouch, July 26 2004 [05]

New wallpaper
I added a new wallpaper, thanks to Mike!

Ashlee Simpson Considers Christmas Duet With Jessica
Ashlee Simpson took part in a Q&A with MSN visitors and was asked if she would consider doing a duet with her sister Jessica Simpson. "We've thought about it and it might be a possibility in the future but won't be either one of our styles of music, maybe a mix," Ashlee said. "We've talked about doing a Christmas song together." Read the entire transcript here.

July 20th, 2004
Angels animations
I added 6 big animations from Angels video, thanks to Kelly!

TMBA debuts in Australia!
Take My Breath Away debuted at #15 on Australian charts! Go Jessica!

July 19th, 2004
Jessica's 23 Bday pics
I added 11 high quality pictures from Jessica's 23rd birthday party!

Jessica Simpson says MTV's 'Newlyweds' to end after three seasons
Claiming that they aren't newlyweds anymore, pop couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey say they are pulling the plug on their popular Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica MTV reality series with the conclusion of the program's current third season.
"Done!" Simpson told US Weekly magazine during an interview. "We're not newlyweds anymore. We've had our share of the cameras. We're at a point where we'll want everything for ourselves and our family." Read more.

I re-opened Award Shows & Appearances sections of the gallery.

Jessica Simpson: Days of Our Lives Star Cheated on Me with LeAnn Rimes!
Reality show star and singer Jessica Simpson revealed on a recent episode of Newlyweds that an actor on Days of Our Lives cheated on her when she was 18. That actor is believed to be Jensen Ackles, who played Eric on the soap opera. He said he loved Simpson while dating country-pop singer LeAnn Rimes, according to an Ireland paper. Ackles and Simpson both hail from Texas. Rimes had a cameo on Days of Our Lives in 1998, playing Madison. Ackles left Days in 2000 and is shooting a movie called Devour, scheduled for release next year. Andpop.com

July 18th, 2004
Blast From The Past
Here's another batch of older high quality pictures! Those are absolutely gorgeous! September 9, 2003 - Beverly Hills, CA Jessica Simpson. Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Preparing to attend ceremony for Giorgio Armani who is to receive the first Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award.

Jessica Simpson's "Reality Tour" stops at the SBC Center
She has a hit MTV show, a happy marriage and she'll soon be on the big screen as Daisy Duke, but on top of all that she's also a chart topping singer. Jessica Simpson brought her "Reality Tour" to the SBC Center Friday night. It was the latest stop on her North American summer tour to promote her third album "In this Skin," which has gone double platinum. The 24-year old Texan stopped in the Alamo City in her first-ever concert tour and young fans couldn't get enough of her. Read more.

Angels - Dance Mix
From Robbie: "As you may or may not have noticed, "Angels" isn't performing as well as "With You" or "Take My Breath Away" on the U.S. pop charts. Most pop stations are playing but aren't playing it as much as the other songs because it's a ballad and it's summer, which is traditionally a time for more upbeat music. In an effort to get the song to chart higher, Columbia Records has shipped a dance mix to CHR/Pop stations in order to increase spins. It's worked on my station. Every time we play "Angels" now, we play this version."
Thanks for sharing Robbie! Download the remix here.

July 16th, 2004
I added this week's episode to videos.

July 15th, 2004
Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey may start family
Pop star couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey want to go from "Newlyweds" to "Parenthood." The married stars of the MTV reality series "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" tell Us Weekly magazine they plan to start a family in the not-too-distant future.

"I don't think it will be in six months or a year, but after that, Nick's getting old," the 24-year-old Simpson told the magazine.
The 30-year-old Lachey told Us at a Big Brothers Big Sisters event in New York City: "We'd love to have our own children, but we have a heart for kids, and we'd love to adopt." The couple are considering adopting a teenage child from an underdeveloped country. As a teen, Simpson and her family regularly visited an orphanage in Mexico.

However, cameras likely won't be invited into family life. The couple say this may be the last season for their MTV show. "Done!" insists Simpson. "We're not newlyweds anymore. We've had our share of the cameras. We're at a point where we'll want everything for ourselves and our family." Associated Press

Blast From The Past
Performer Jessica Simpson attends The PlayStation 2 Hotel party in honor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Tuesday, May 21, 2002, in Los Angeles.

Newlyweds Episode 5 captures
This has got to be the cutest episode of season 3 so far! I made some screencaps and the videos are coming tonight or tomorrow :)

Jessica Simpson Has NOT Been Cast in X-Men 3
We've been getting e-mails about the latest Jessica Simpson rumor about every 10 minutes, so we thought we'd get the official word from 20th Century Fox. And guess what, a big surprise here, it's NOT true! 20th Century Fox tells Superhero Hype! that there isn't even a script yet for the third film and that NO ONE has been cast yet. Whole story.

From Shellie: "Jessica is nominated for pre-nominations for Viewer's Choice at this year's 2004 Video Music Awards. I'm sure all of us would love to see her on the list for Viewer's Choice and to actually see her win at this year's awards. Let it be known to all of Jessica's Fans." Thanks!

UK News
September 27th - it's the release date for 'Take My Breath Away' in the UK! Jessica's official UK website also states, that 'In This Skin' already sold over 3 milion copies worldwide, go Jess!! Thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

July 14th, 2004
Jessica Simpson Joins The X-men
Singing beauty Jessica Simpson has landed a role in the third X-Men movie, just weeks after bagging a part in The Dukes Of Hazzard. The Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica singer has proved to be a huge hit with producers and will play a mutant superhero called Dazzler alongside Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. A source says, "Jessica sent an audition tape and producers were impressed. "They will possibly give her a small role in X-Men 3 as a lounge-singer to introduce the character of Dazzler." TeenHollywood.com

July 13th, 2004
Lisa sent me a bunch of scans again, check them out :) Thanks girl!
Star, July 12 2004 [02]
Us Weekly, July 12 2004 [07]
Us Weekly, July 19 2004 [02]
InTouch, July 19 2004 [03]
Twist, August 2004 [09]
Teen People, August 2004 [09]
J14, August 2004 [07]
Hits, March 12 2004 [02]

July 12th, 2004
Angels on TRL!
'Angels' debuted on TRL today at #9! YAY! Everyone go vote for 'Angels' on TRL :)

Newlyweds part 2
I'm sorry for a delay with this part, it's up now. I had to take the Angels mpg down due to lack of media space, it will be reposted.

New puppy info!
For everyone who is interested in Jessica's puppy, I have created a section with information! Check it out (as well as pics!) here :) Thanks to Lisa for help.

Vanity Fair scans!
Lisa sent me scans from August issue of Vanity Fair!

July 11th, 2004
Jess got a puppy for her birthday!
Nick surprised Jessica with a cute little puppy on her July 10 concert! Check out the pictures posted on the Jessica's Official Message Board.

by Becky Another Angels wallpaper
Becky sent me her Angels wallpaper, thanks Becky!!

Jessica Simpson confession
Jessica Simpson has confessed she - not husband Nick Lachey - wanted to break her pre-marital sex ban. The stunning singer, who famously lost her virginity on her wedding night, has admitted former boyband star Nick had to "fend her off" when she got too amorous, because he knew she would regret it.

Jessica revealed to Britain's Sunday Times Style magazine: "Nick was for real. He completely respected me for it, and the closer we got, it was often him having to fend me off. It was hard, but he knew I'd hate myself - and him - in the morning." Read more.

July 10th, 2004 - Jessica's 24 Birthday!!
Happy Brithday Jessica Simpson!
Today it's Jessica's 24th Birthday! Happy Birthday Jessica, we love you!!

Jessica Simpson Is A Genius, Says Her Mother
Jessica Simpson's mother has told Vanity Fair magazine her daughter is a genius whose IQ is in the 160s. Tina Simpson is so proud of singer Jessica - famed for making a series of ditzy comments on reality MTV show Newlyweds: Nick + Jessica - that she told the American publication about her incredible intelligence. Vanity Fair's west coast editor Krista Smith says, "The genius IQ is from Tina Simpson." "I do think the ditziness is played up a bit on MTV. I think it's edited in a very clever way." TeenHollywood.com

Jessica Vamps It Up for 'Vanity Fair'
You never know what that sexy, silly JESSICA SIMPSON will do next! Here on ET, we're with the blonde bombshell as she braves the Malibu, CA, chill for a wild Vanity Fair photo shoot in high heels -- and a leopard on a leash!

Inside the pages of the August issue, on stands July 13, the "Newlyweds" star opens up about her brief split with husband NICK LACHEY before their storybook marriage -- and reveals she dated another guy, a choreographer, who broke her heart!

"He made me feel that I was at the top of the world, and ended up making me feel that I was at the bottom," says Jessica of her brief fling. "I came running back so quickly to Nick, and I can't believe he waited." Read more.

by Mike Angels wallpaper
Mike sent me a new wallpaper he made from Angels video - it's lovely, thanks so much Mike :)

What Are You Jessica Simpson, A Rock Star?
Jessica Simpson stopped by Elements boutique in Chicago the other day. Not recognizing her immediately, a salesperson asked the 'Newlyweds' star where she was from. When Simpson said, "L.A.," the clerk quipped, "What are you? A rock star?" Jessica responded, "Actually ... sort of ... I'm Jessica Simpson!" The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the singer purchased a Message Connextion bracelet as a birthday gift for a girlfriend. PopDirt.com

July 9th, 2004
Angels mpg
I added regular mpg of 'Angels' for those who couldn't watch the one posted before - hope you will enjoy this one :)

Angels buddy icons
Aaron sent me 64 buddy icons from the Angels video! Thanks Aaron :) I also added some made by me, hope you like them!
Since some of you have problems with the Angels SVCD I posted (requires a m2v codec for WMP or PowerDVD/WinDVD) I'm gonna upload a regular mpg in a few minutes!

SweetKisses.net's Fanlisting!
Wow, I just found out that Aaron made a fanlisting for SweetKisses.net! It's so awesome :D Thanks so much Aaron!! Guys, please join if you like this site, here is the url: SK Fanlisting. :))

Angels captures
I added 165 captures of Angels video! Check them out here!

Jessica Simpson Performs 'Angels' On 'Pepsi Smash'
A 30-second video snippet of Jessica Simpson performing her remake of the Robbie Williams hit 'Angels' on the WB's prime-time live music series, 'Pepsi Smash', has been posted online. The show airs July 15th at 8 PM ET/PT. Watch the clip at Buzztone.com.

Blender scan
I added a scan from August issue of Blender, thanks Lisa!

Jess in Vanity Fair preview
Here are some captures of Jessica's new Vanity Fair photoshoot!! Wow!

Newlyweds part 1
I added part 1 of 4th episode of Newlyweds and also captures to the video section! Part 2 will be posted later today :)

'Angels' video!
I have just posted Angels music video on the videos page! Thanks so much to Katie for capping and hosting it for us! :D The video is BEAUTIFUL, check for yourself :D I'm gonna add caps and Newlyweds episode 4 later cuz I'm in a hurry right now!

July 8th, 2004
The concert in Providence cancelled as well
From Holly: "I got this from dunkindonutscenter.com

Jessica Simpson "In This Skin" Concert
Due to scheduling conflicts the Jessica Simpson date at the Dunkin Donuts Center could not be rescheduled and has therefore been cancelled. Tickets for this show will be refunded at point of purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience."

OMG I am so excited! A good friend of mine (and a GREAT helper too!) - Lisa - met Jessica 2 days ago in Chicago! Lisa asked Jessica if she knew an awesome fansite for her and Jess goes: "the pink one?" LOL! She said she knew and loved the site! YAY! It's so awesome :D Thanks Lisa!
Oh and in case you wanna know when the Newlyweds episode will be posted, probably tonight or tomorrow, I'm a bit delayed with everything since I'm getting ready for my vacation :)

'Angels' video set pics
JessicaSimpson.com posted some pictures from 'Angels' video set! Check them out below!

Show in Manchester cancelled
From Cristina: "Posted on Verizon Wireless Arena: Manchester, NH

Jessica Simpson CANCELLED
Due to scheduling conflicts the Jessica Simpson date at the Verizon Wireless Arena could not be rescheduled and has been cancelled. Tickets purchased on-line or via phone through Ticketmaster will automatically be refunded. If you purchased tickets at the Verizon Wireless Arena Box Office or a Ticketmaster outlet you must return to the point of purchase for a refund. Regular Box Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. Please call (603) 644-5000 for more information."

July 7th, 2004
Ashlee Simpson Has Nothing To Be Sorry For
MTV News caught up with Ashlee Simpson for a Q&A and asked about her next single, 'Shadow,' which is about her sister Jessica Simpson. "It's about my sister and it's about finding my identity and finding who I am as a person and what it is that I'm gonna be and all that kind of stuff," she said. "There was a while where I felt I was so sorry for everything and I was just like, 'Oh my God, I'm so sorry!' And basically, it's like I'm stepping up and saying I have nothing to be sorry for, you know what I mean? It's about coming into my own." Read more.

Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Bond Girl?
Pop babe and Newlyweds star Jessica Simpson could become a sexy Bond girl. The cute blonde has reportedly been approached to play the love interest of Pierce Brosnan in his last appearance as 007, reported CRIENGLISH.com. Reports say Simpson was considered as a possible replacement for Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Simpson, 23, who has become hot property since appearing with husband Nick Lachey in the MTV reality series Newlyweds, is performing around the US on her Reality Tour. Also on the prestigious Bond girl wishlist is fellow pop sensation, Britney Spears, although it seems unlikely the Toxic singer will land the part. Xinhuanet.com

July 6th, 2004
Camden show HQs
I added 18 high quality pictures from the show in Camden on July 4!

July 5th, 2004
Simpson Boosts Village's Economy
Pop beauty Jessica Simpson has become the unlikely spark for an economic boom in a small Argentine village. The Irresistible singer has been seen out and about in colourful wraps in recent months - both onscreen and onstage - and now fans are clamouring to buy replicas, much to the delight of residents in Florencio Varela, just outside of Buenos Aires. Local designer Cecilia De Bucourt says of the crocheted hand dyed knits, which run for around $200 apiece, "I can't keep up with demand." Read more.

July 4th, 2004
Photoshoot pictures
Happy 4th of July everyone! Here are some photoshoots of Jessica you might have not seen yet!

July 3rd, 2004
Pepsi Smash Commercial audio
From Robbie: "Here's an mp3 of a commercial Pepsi is running on U.S. radio to promote it's televised summer concert series, Pepsi Smash. Jessica is featured in this one to promote her upcoming appearance on July 15th. Enjoy!" Thanks again Robbie! We do have the best insiders! :D

More UK single news
Robbie, our radio insider, had this to say about Jessica releasing 'Angels' overseas: "With all this info about Jessica singles in the U.K. coming out, it'll definitely be something interesting to watch. In a conversation I had with Columbia Records's Nation Director Of Top 40 Promotions, we discussed Jessica releasing "Angel" overseas and he said he felt they most likely would not release "Angels" overseas. The reasoning is because it could be a bit of a gamble because of the HUGE Robbie Williams fan base. He has very hardcore fans in Europe who are likely to feel that Jessica butchered the song and it's success is questionable overseas." Thanks for keeping us updated Robbie :)

New scans
I got some more new scans!
Star, July 5 2004 [08] (thanks Lisa!)
S-Girl, July/August 2004 [04] (thanks Lisa!)
NW, July 5 2004 [02] (thanks Melinda!)

Jessica in Polish magazine again
Jessica is on the cover of this week's Super TV magazine in Poland! Check out the scans below.

July 2nd, 2004
UK single news
From Thomas: "I have just recieved some information from a very reliable source concerning Jessica's next single in the UK. Sweet Kisses reported earlier this week that Jessica Simpson was set to release a double A-side in the UK, 'Take My Breath Away' & 'Angels'... however since no further information has come forward to further and confirm this... GOOD NEWS: I can confirm whether a single or a doulbe A-Side, 'Take My Breath Away' will be/will be on of Jessica's NEXT UK SINGLES! YAY!! However, 'Angels' may be the second A-side, or more oddly, so may 'Sweetest Sin'... Yes, the first flop single from the original In This Skin which was released Stateside a year ago this month." Read more. Thanks Thomas!

By the way: the video for 'Angels' will premiere on MTV TRL on July 8!

'Not The Way It Should Be' - unreleased song clip!
Thanks to Anna we now have a clip of Jessica's unreleased song called "Not The Way It Should Be'! It's from the Irresistible era and was put on a CD she purchased on Ebay, called 'Jessica Simpson - Album 2 revised compilation'. The song sounds AMAZING! Download it now in the Audio section - huge thanks to Anna :D

Jessica's CD:UK performance video
Steve posted Jessica's CD:UK performance in mpg format at his site, click here to visit and download video! Thanks Steve :)

Lachey Gets Bewitched for 'Charmed' Arc
In his first major acting commitment, pop singer-turned-reality TV star Nick Lachey will join the cast of the WB Network's veteran witchcraft drama "Charmed" for six episodes next season. Lachey will play a guy hired as a ghost writer for witch Phoebe Halliwell's (Alyssa Milano) advice column when she goes on a sabbatical and ends up romantically involved with her. Read more.

People Photoshoot
I added pictures from Jessica's photoshoot for People magazine, view them here.

Why Jessica Simpson's A Success
What makes 'Newlyweds' star and chart-topping singer Jessica Simpson so successful? "Jessica is successful because she's herself; she has nothing to hide," Simpson's mother Tina tells Star magazine. "Jessica connects with people because everyone sees a bit of themselves in her." Jessica agreed, adding "What's given me success is that I'm such an open person... I just always want to be who I am." PopDirt.com

Transcript of Australian Jessica interview
From GirlInOz: "Jessica was on an Australian morning program called Sunrise this morning. Here is the transcript I wrote out for anyone who cares to read it... Read it here!

July 1st, 2004
Ashlee captures
I added captures of Ashlee Simpson Show episode 3 here. Part 2 of Newlyweds is now up!

Newlyweds video
Part 1 of yesterdays episode is now up in the video section! Part 2 will be uploaded shortly :D

Ryan Cabrera Owes A Lot To Simpson Family
Ryan Cabrera close relationship with the entire Simpson family has only continued to grow over the past year. He's dated Ashlee Simpson on and off, toured with Jessica Simpson, and is managed by Joe Simpson. In an interview with frontrowfanz.com, he becomes serious and genuinely sincere as he talked about the family and their support. "They have all helped me in ways I never could have imagined." But, Ryan stopped to laugh and recalls an embarrassing moment he had with the family, mentioning that even he makes mistakes. "Just recently, I was backing out of the driveway and suddenly I hear this crash," he revealed. "I look back only to realize I had hit Jessica Simpson's brand new Mercedes Benz. I considered just driving away, but then her car alarm went off and the whole family came running." He felt terrible and admitted he was almost in tears. But to his relief, Jessica didn't make a big deal about the wreck and said she didn't like the car anyway. Read more.

250 invited guests will join Nick, Jessica
Cincinnati's rolling out the red carpet this week for Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson - literally. The pop singers and stars of MTV's Newlyweds, now in Lachey's hometown for a stop on Simpson's Reality Tour, will attend a private party at Club Clau in Over-the-Rhine tonight. Sometime between 9 and 10 p.m., they're scheduled to walk a red carpet to the club's front door, through which only those who received invitations will be allowed to pass. Read more.

Indianapolis concert pictures
Mary sent me some of her pictures from the Indianapolis show on June 27! Thanks Mary! Click the thumbnail to view them :)

Newlyweds captures
I added 157 captures from yesterday's episode of Newlyweds, the videos will be posted later today. Click here to view captures.

Ashlee's Candies Photoshoot
Here are pics from Ashlee's photoshoot for Candies - she's so pretty! :)

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