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        • Carmen Electra: 'A Lot of Women Would Die to Look" Like Jessica Simpson
And the outpouring of support for Jessica Simpson continues!

"She's a gorgeous girl," Carmen Electra told PEOPLE Friday night at the 6th annual Leather & Laces Super Bowl Party in Tampa of her "good friend" Simpson. "A lot of women would die to look as good as she looks."

In fact, Electra believes much of the controversy surrounding Simpson, 28, and her curvier body can be chalked up to the outfit she was wearing the day she performed in Pembroke Pines, Fla.

"There's going to be moments where people don't necessarily like your look or what you're wearing, and that's okay," she says. "Next week, she'll rock some outfit that will blow everyone away."

Source: People.com
        • 1/30 Lexington, KY - fan review + more pics
"Last night was my first Jessica concert, and it was beyond amazing! I have been a fan of her's from 'Sweet Kisses'. Last night was life changing. Jessica stood on that stage with beauty and confidence. Dressed in jeans and a T- Shirt, Jessica looked so beautiful! She sang all of my favorite songs, and the set went by so quickly! Seeing her live has been a dream come true, and by the end of the set, I was overcome with emotions--happy to sad to hopeful. Katie, Jessica's back up singer, saw me, and gave me the set list, and was so sweet to take a picture with me. Seeing Jessica yesterday, made me an even bigger fan than before, and cannot wait to see her again, hopefully, soon!"

Thanks to: Courtney!

- Courtney has also sent me more pics she took so click on the thumbs in the post below to view the updated gallery - thank you so much Courtney!
        • 1/30 Lexington, KY - fan photos
I just got those AMAZING photos from the show in Lexington, KY last night taken by Courtney! I really love them, it's funny how some of those fan photos look more professional than the agency pics, haha

Thanks to: Courtney!
        • 1/29 Charlottesville, VA - video
Check out this cool video from the Charlottesville show - it's clips of "Still Beautiful" and "You're My Sunday" It's a bit shaky but still awesome!

Thanks to: Alex!
        • 1/30 Lexington, KY - fan pictures
Thanks to Tamara for finding them!
        • Jessica Simpson to Fans: Faith Gets Me Through Tough Times
Days after facing criticism for her controversial curves, Jessica Simpson told fans at a Lexington, Kentucky concert Friday night that she turns to her faith to get through hard times.

"Because of my faith, I believe that I can conquer the world and all its opinions and ideas and all of its judgments," the 28-year-old singer said before launching into her tune "Pray Out Loud."

Clad in tight jeans, a white shirt, black sweater and loose scarf, Simpson sang nine songs in her opening act for Rascal Flatts.

Nick Lachey defended his ex Friday for appearing to put on a few pounds.

"I wish her nothing but the best, and I hope she's happy - whatever size that comes in," he told Extra. "I can't believe it's this big of a story and people are making such a huge deal about it. I'm never ceased to be amazed by people's reactions to things."

Other celebs expressed similar sentiments.

"I think this is absolutely ridiculous. People are being so mean," Paula Abdul told Us. "People don't realize that it's damaging to one's psyche. For women, it's hard enough to be accepted for how you are."

Added Kim Kardashian: "She is not fat at all and I am actually offended that people are giving her such a hard time over this...I'm probably twice Jessica's size, so what do you guys think of me then?"

Source: UsMagazine.com

If you want to read what other celebrities had to say regarding this click here. I've been avoiding this subject on purpose because I think it's ridiculous and uncalled for.
        • (scans) Southern Gaming And Destinations, January 2009

Thanks to: Dron!
        • 1/30 Lexington, KY - fan videos
You're My Sunday
With You
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        • 1/29 Charlottesville, VA - hq pictures
        • 1/29 Charlottesville, VA - fan pictures
"Hey Joanna! I've been a huge fan of Jessica since back in the day when she released Sweet Kisses. I've also been a big fan of your website, you do an amazing job! I regularly check in on SweetKisses.net to get my Jessica news! I went to the concert last night in Virginia and Jessica was AMAZING! My boyfriend and I drove 4 hours from North Carolina to see her. I can't believe all the drama that is going on in the news over her weight! She looked ABSOLUTELY amazing! It is so sad that media is considering a woman of her size to be "fat" She is the perfect weight. Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone how amazing the show was and how great she did look! Her spirits seemed to be high and she really has a great confidence to her. Her stage presence is amazing. She really is just a down to earth southern girl, and it completely comes across on stage! I had great 6th row seats and I got some amazing pictures! She sounded just as she does on the record. I was excited because at one point in the show, when she walked over to my side of the stage, I started screaming " i love you jess" and waving, she looked right at me pointed at me, waved and said thank you! I think she appreciated seeing a true fan amongst all the Rascal Flatts fans! I hope to see her in concert again soon! Thanks again Joanna for the great website!"

Thanks to: Amanda!
        • 1/29 Charlottesville, VA - pictures
January 29, 2009: Jessica Simpson performs in Charlottesville, VA.
        • New candids
January 29, 2009: Jessica Simpson leaving her hotel in Charlottesville, VA.

Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net
        • Win & meet Jess tonight!

Source: wbul.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • (scans) Us Weekly & People, February 9 2009

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • Official website for "Private Valentine"

Click on the image to visit!

Thanks to: Mario!
        • The fan messages
The encouraging messages you guys sent for Jess - she got them yesterday before the show while she was in hair & makeup, her assistant Stephanie printed them out for her Thanks for supporting our girl!!!
        • New layout
I've changed the site's look - I hope you guys will like it, I think it's much better than the previous one
        • Jessica Simpson to Fans: "Stay Positive"
Jessica Simpson made no mention of her controversial new curves at a concert Thursday night in Virginia, but she thanked fans for standing by her. Clad in black leather pants, a hip-length black blazer and silver go-go heels, Simpson, 28, hit the stage promptly at 8:01 p.m. and performed a 40-minute set, opening with "These Boots" before introducing the tune, "Still Beautiful."

"This song is off my new record... and it's about finding the beauty in life, no matter what happens," she told the audience at the University of Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena, where she performed with Rascal Flatts. Simpson later added, "Always remember that someone out there has it worse than you."

Though she didn't mention beau Tony Romo by name, she alluded to him before belting out the ballad "You're My Sunday."

She said it was about "a very special man in my life" who "has definitely changed me."

Of her song "Remember That," she told the audience it inspired her "to get up on stage and tell women to get out of abusive relationships ... take value of yourself."

And prior to singing "Pray Out Loud," she told the audience, "I feel like in our world, we focus on so many things that are unimportant. And I really just wanted to say this."

Throughout the show, Simpson -- who struggled all night with her ear piece -- was upbeat.

She thanked fans as she's "been doing this crossover thing," referring to how she is jumping musical genres, from pop to country. "I want to thank my fans. You're the most wonderful, loyal fans in the world."

Fans appreciated Simpson's words.

"That was great!" gushed Melissa Minetola Letty, who was there with her husband, Stanton, both of Richmond. "I love Jessica Simpson," she told Us. "I think it's so sad that people say she's fat... she's really, really not. I haven't listened to a lot of her stuff, but that was pretty good."

Before leaving the stage, Simpson told fans, "Stay positive, pray out loud, give it up for my band ... I love you guys. Good night!"

Source: UsMagazine.com
        • Jessica Simpson to Fans: 'Thank You for Your Support'
In her first performance since the flap over her figure, Jessica Simpson strutted across a Virginia stage in skin-tight leather pants Thursday night and lamented the world's "completely pointless" focus.

"Thank you for your support," she told the crowd in Charlottesville at the end of her set. "Stay positive, and pray out loud! I love you guys, good night."

Simpson, 28, never specifically mentioned the news of her new curves or the vocal support from her sister Ashlee and Kim Kardashian. But in her performance opening for Rascal Flatts at the University of Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena, Simpson was no-nonsense and outspoken in her black pants, V-neck T-shirt and hip-length black jacket.

"Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder," she told the crowd. "So just appreciate."

She added: "I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless."

Fans overwhelmingly supported her.

"She's obviously comfortable with herself to wear those leather pants," says UVA freshman Laura Tiezzi.

"Good lord, give the woman a break, she looks great," adds Debbie Stollings, a 43-year-old kindergarten teacher in Charlottesville. "It's mean. She looks more curvy, more womanly. She looks healthy. If Tony Romo's happy, everybody else need to be too."

Source: People.com
        • Jessica Simpson likes her new image: country singer
It wasn't the sort of career move anyone saw coming. Jessica Simpson: pop pinup, reality show princess, tabloid celebrity and country singer? Truth to tell, Simpson didn't exactly see Nashville as part of her star journey, either. But believe the transformation. When Rascal Flatts returns to Rupp Arena on Friday, Simpson's latest entertainment guise will be as the opening act.

“I didn't set out or say to myself, ‘I'm going to make a country record,' or anything like that,” Simpson said in a recent phone interview. “There were just songwriters in Nashville I wanted to write music with. And what we did ended up being country. It's just more of who I am.

“I never looked at country as being too far removed from what I had been doing. But then I never really felt that, in the pop world, I owned everything I was doing. The music was a bit more scattered. I would have five or six producers on a record, which didn't help the consistency or the flow. For me to do a focused record, to really tell the story of the experiences I've been through in life, was important. Going to Nashville and writing with those writers helped me dig into a deeper side of myself.”

The country version of Simpson seems to be a solid sell. Her debut country album, Do You Know, hit No. 1 on the country charts and No. 4 on the pop charts upon its release last fall. A convincingly contemporary Nashville single called Come on Over has won considerable airplay.

But then Simpson, 28, is used to big numbers. The four pop albums that the native Texan has released in the past decade have all achieved gold or platinum status. The country conversion, it seems, was as much a cry for credibility as anything else. Her music has always been a hit, but it paled next to the profile that Simpson created offstage, beginning with the 2003 MTV reality series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica that chronicled the early days of her marriage, which eventually failed, to pop singer Nick Lachey. Since then, her celebrity romances have gained as much attention in the tabloids as her music has on the charts.

“I don't know if you ever get used to tabloids and people making up stories about you and writing about you when you're not really attached to it, like you would be if you were giving an interview,” she said. “You never get used to that. But there is a way to not allow that to be your focus. I really just have to detach myself from the world of gossip and preconceived ideas.

“They've been writing about me for a long time. And for some reason, people still want read it all. Sometimes it definitely gets frustrating. But that's why I write music: so people can get to know the real me.”

One of Simpson's first major public stabs at country nose-dived, however. At a December 2006 taping of the Kennedy Center Honors, Simpson performed as part of a tribute to lifelong idol Dolly Parton. But after botching the lyrics to 9 to 5, and then being dissatisfied with a second recorded attempt for the broadcast, Simpson withdrew from the event.

But the silver lining to such a public and professional humiliation was Parton herself, who befriended the singer, offered encouragement and penned the title tune for Do You Know.

“Dolly really helped me become secure about being onstage again and secure with who I am as an artist. She is obviously a mentor. She is an incredible songwriter, an incredible singer and an amazing woman. I mean, people don't know much of anything about her personal life. That's something I'm absolutely jealous of. I don't know how she did it. I've got to get some tips.”

Another member of country- music royalty, Kentucky native Loretta Lynn, also has stood up for Simpson. In the January issue of Marie Claire magazine, Lynn said, “People ought to give her a chance. She's got a great voice, she's beautiful — I don't know what else they want.”

Simpson said, “When people like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton believe in you and want to help people catch a glimpse of the talent God has given you … well, I just hope to be able to do that for somebody else someday.”

Not everyone in Nashville welcomes Simpson's country incarnation, however. In his Sept. 18 Nashville Skyline column, CMT editorial director Chet Flippo quoted an e-mail, which he did not credit, that was widely circulated to the city's music executives shortly after SoundScan figures confirmed Do You Know's No. 1 status.

The cryptic message: “Country has lost its soul. It's never been clearer that we're now a marketing system for failed pop acts.”

Simpson said, “Anybody that second-guesses me, any of the skeptics out there … they just present a fun challenge for me. I truly believe in myself. I didn't really have any fear going into this project. Whenever you feel like you have failed at something, you want to pick yourself back up and just try harder the next time. That's very empowering.”

Source: Kentucky.com
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        • Fan photo
Here's a photo of Jessica snapped by some lucky fan at the airport in Dallas yesterday.
        • Jessica Simpson’s Jewelry Statement
While everyone seems to be focusing on the high-waist jeans Jessica Simpson recently wore for a performance, I’m more interested in her big door-knocker, shoulder-sweeping earrings, a` la Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney’s spring 2009 collections. The hammered gold pair she wore are by Devon Leigh and retail for $475 (pictured top left). Here, some cute options for under $100 (top right: Rebecca Norman; bottom left: Lucky Brand; bottom right: Marciano) . What do you think of her statement-making look?

Source: fashion.elle.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • (watch) Interview at Chili Cookoff

Source: wkis.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • New candids
January 28, 2009: Jessica Simpson lands in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net
        • 1/25 Chili Cookoff videos

        • Jessica Simpson Fan Contest
There's only one Jessica Simpson, but you couldn't tell that at the Charleston Town Center.

Girls from all over the region got fixed up to look like the country singer in a contest to determine who Simpson’s biggest local fan was. A few of the girls even lip-synched some of Simpson’s hits.

"What an inspiration to the girls, having girls dress up exactly like her, to look like her, to sing like her, to act like they're singing like her," event emcee Bill Shahan said.

Belle resident Chelsea Hill ended up winning the contest. She won front row tickets to see the real Jessica Simpson open up for Rascal Flatts in concert at the Charleston Civic Center on January 31.

Along with the tickets, Hill won a backstage pass, and she says she’s looking forward to meeting her idol.

“Hopefully she'll be like 'You really do look like me,' and maybe we can exchange phone numbers and hang out some time," Hill said.

Source: wsaz.com
        • (watch) 1/23 Winston-Salem - Fan videos
You're My Sunday
Remember That
        • (watch) 1/24 North Charleston - Fan videos
You're My Sunday - great video!!

Come On Over
        • Thanks!
Thanks for sending in your messages for Jess! Keep them coming I also wanted to let you know that all comments will now have to be approved by me before they get posted. Please be respectful and think before you post!
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        • Catherine Bach Sounds Off on Jessica Simpson Reports
In an exclusive statement to ET's Cheryl Woodcock, original Daisy Duke Catherine Bach speaks out about the recent media buzz surrounding Jessica Simpson's new look.

"I think it's a shame that Jessica has been viciously attacked for superficial reasons," Catherine says. "It sends a bad message to our young girls that in order to fit in, you have to be skinny and your outfits better make you look skinny, too. What I hope my daughters are learning from me is to respect themselves, honor their bodies, and show compassion and kindness towards others."

Recent photos of the singer made headlines for showing off a new, curvier look. Jessica played Daisy Duke in the 2005 film 'The Dukes of Hazzard' -- a role Catherine played in the popular late '70s/early '80s television series by the same name.

Source: ETOnline.com
        • Kim Kardashian: Jessica Simpson 'Looks Hot!'
Kim Kardashian is coming to Jessica Simpson's defense – one curvy girl to another – following a slew of reports ridiculing Simpson's fuller figure. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE Wednesday, Kardashian, 28, said, "Call me crazy, but when I saw the picture [of Simpson performing Jan. 25 in Pembroke Pines, Fla.], I was like, 'Oh my God, Jessica looks hot!' "

Kardashian, whose E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns in March, says she has no issues whatsoever with Simpson's outfit, which many critics slammed. "I actually love the outfit. I think she looks amazing. I love high-waisted jeans, I loved that belt, and her hair looked fabulous."

Adds Kardashian, who's attending the Super Bowl this weekend with football player beau Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, "I get that she does look curvier, but to me, there's nothing wrong it."

No stranger herself to barbs about her own curvy physique, Kardashian says, "It doesn't really bother me anymore. I love curves. Being super skinny just isn't attractive to me. When I saw that picture, I knew everyone was going to say something. And I thought, 'You know what? Leave Jessica alone!' She's fabulous, she's a really sweet girl, and I admire her for putting up with it."

That sentiment is echoed by Simpson's sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, who posted comments on her blog saying she is "completely disgusted" by headlines about her sister's weight.

Source: People.com
        • In the tabloids
I don't even know how to comment on this. It's beyond my vocabulary
        • Ashlee: Since when did a woman's weight become newsworthy...
"I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister's weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman's weight or figure as a headline on Fox News.

All women come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and just because you're a celebrity, there shouldn't be a different standard.

Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend?

I seriously doubt it.

How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size 2 figure?

Now can we focus on the things that really matter.


Source: AshleeSimpsonMusic.com
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        • Jessica Simpson Wows Fans Before Dashing to Tony Romo
Say this for Jessica Simpson – she doesn't hold back.

"I am so excited that I am going to see my boyfriend tonight!" the singer told a crowd of nearly 30,000 fans at Radio 99.9 Kiss Country's annual Chili Cookoff Sunday at C. B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, Fla., where she shared the bill with Alan Jackson and other country stars.

Smiling, happy and hopping around the stage, Simpson, 28, performed a medley of her pop hit songs ("Angels," "With You") during her hour-long show, as well as delivered new songs from Do You Know, her first country album released last fall.

Simpson's rendition of "You're My Sunday," from the country album, was dedicated to her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who was waiting for her in Dallas.

"My boyfriend is a football player, and he takes up my Sundays and now my Mondays," Simpson told the appreciative audience. "I am sooo happy!"

Posing with Fans

After the show, the songbird did a quick meet-and-greet for about 25 fans of all ages in a secret tent set up in the back of the park. As she entered the enclosure, she cracked, "My six inch heels are not working so well!"

But she sure was. Radiant, smiling and pouring on a warm charm to those who had won a contest to meet her, Simpson posed for photos with all the fans – even though she had to catch a 5:45 p.m. flight to Dallas to see Romo.

Source: People.com
        • New pictures
January 25, 2009: Singer Jessica Simpson performs live at the 99.9 Kiss Country 24th Annual Chili Cook Off at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Looking amazing!

Click here for HQs!
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        • 100 hottest blondes of AIM
01. Scarlett Johansson
02. Victoria Silvstedt
03. Anna Faris
04. Katherine Heigl
05. Heidi Klum
06. Jessica Simpson
07. Jenny McCarthy
08. Christina Aguilera
09. Carrie Underwood
10. Holly Madison

View all 100 Hottest Blondes of AIM here.

Source: dashboard.aim.com
        • Site Of The Moment
SKNET is Site Of The Moment at HilaryVault.com - thank you Paqui!
        • Just A Gal: Actress stops by for lunch, and you'd never know her from any other celebrity
When singer, actress and general celebrity Jessica Simpson talks about being "just like you" -- she means it. Simpson was in Winston-Salem yesterday to perform last night as an opening act at Joel Coliseum for Rascal Flatts, one of the top acts in country music. Simpson has enjoyed considerable success as a pop singer, a reality TV star and most recently, a country singer. So given her level of celebrity, it is almost a given that she would dine at one of Winston-Salem's tonier restaurants.

So Carol Mimmer, 60, a waitress at Cloverdale Kitchen in Cloverdale Shopping Center, figured that something was up when four beautiful women, escorted by a man with a Blackberry glued to his ear, entered the just-folks restaurant at 12:45 yesterday afternoon.

"The shortest one was obviously somebody," Wimmer said, adding that she is known as "the waitress with a sense of humor."

"She was wearing sunglass, with a sweatshirt with the hood up. I know that drill. So I kept looking at her, and it came to me -- it was Fergie."

For the uninitiated, Fergie is the popular singer for the Black-Eyed Peas, as well as a solo star of considerable popularity.

"I was sure it was her -- I was going to ask her to sing … this song for my grandson -- but when I got up on her, I realized who it was."

She did not order buffalo wings or tuna (Chicken of the Sea), each of which looms large in her fame. Instead, Simpson ordered fried chicken -- "She was evidently not worried about her figure," Wimmer said-- and was, most important, a big tipper. But Wimmer declined to say how much. She didn't have dessert, though Wimmer tried to persuade her.

"She was nice, especially so," Wimmer said. "But I was surprised at how short she is. And everybody left her alone, although a couple of tables in the back called me back to ask who she was."

Johnny Cortesis, one of the owners of the restaurant, asked if he could have his picture taken with Simpson. "When she said yes, I got so nervous that my heart was pounding like I was working out," Cortesis said, grinning. "But she was nice as could be. She just didn't want to take the picture out in the middle of the restaurant."

For those who want to park their caboose in the same seat that Simpson perched upon -- she sat at the second table in the middle row, the chair on the far right, facing the TV.

"I was sorry that we didn't have CMT (Country Music Television) on, so we could have watched her watching herself," Cortesis said, laughing. Cortesis said that the brush with celebrity was exciting, and he was pleased that everybody kept their cool. Neither the customers nor the staff bothered her.

"One of our busboys picked up the chicken bone on her plate and said, ‘I'm going to keep this and sell it on eBay.' I told him to put it in the garbage and behave himself.

"But it probably wouldn't have been a bad idea."

Source: journalnow.com
        • 1/22 Greenville - Fan videos
Thanks to tasigs1991 @ jessicaforum.com for sharing those! Jessica sounded amazing!
You're My Sunday
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
With You
Remember That
Angels part 1
Angels part 2
Pray Out Loud
Do You Know
January 23rd, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Rascal Flatts, Jessica Simpson Tour Swings Through South Carolina
Over the last few years, Rascal Flatts have proven to be consistent ticket-sellers in country music, and you would have had to look pretty far up in the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, S.C., to find any empty rows on Thursday night (Jan. 22). The South Carolina show was their third tour stop so far in 2009. The support act on this final leg of the Bob That Head tour is Jessica Simpson, who got the crowd's attention immediately with a rather revealing wardrobe choice.

[...] Earlier in the night, Simpson belted it out for about 35 minutes, and surprisingly, she didn't idly chat for nearly as long as the guys in Rascal Flatts. The ladies around me were singing along with "Come on Over" and "With You," but the guys were distracted for some reason (or maybe two). I'm pleased to report that Simpson has gained confidence since the last time I saw her perform. She's also promoting a new single, "Pray Out Loud." And if anybody likes it loud, it's Rascal Flatts' fans.

Source: CMT.com
        • 1/22 Greenville, SC - Photo
January 22, 2009: Jessica Simpson during her show in Greenville, SC.

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • New pictures
January 22, 2009: Jessica Simpson stopped by the WSSL Studios to chat a while and meet the Loyal Listeners of Whistleland before the Rascal Flatts Show.

Source: wsslfm.com
        • Country girl
Jessica Simpson is the happiest she’s ever been. With her latest album, "Do You Know," debuting in September at No. 1 on the Billboard Country charts, her quarterback boyfriend, Tony Romo, cheering her on and tour dates opening for Rascal Flatts, Simpson’s fluffy pop-star past is so last year’s tabloid cover.

“My new album is definitely a true reflection of who I am,” Simpson says. “I feel like each song on this album represents a different part of my life and the personal experiences I’ve had.” While she built a career belting out pop hits such as “With You” and “Take My Breath Away,” the native Texan was anxious to return to her country roots.

“I really haven’t felt any sort of struggle transitioning from pop to country,” the 28-year-old singer says. “The only struggle really is just starting over again, but that’s sort of a refreshing, satisfying struggle. I’m able to take that self-discovery of everything I used to be and mix it with the woman that I am now.”

While most young entertainers fill their shows with elaborate dance sequences, dry ice and pyrotechnics, Simpson is keeping it real with just a microphone and her backup band.

“There’s no fancy choreography in my new show. I won’t be doing choreography anymore. You don’t want to see me dance,” she says with a laugh. “It’s not really one of my specialties. That was more of a pop thing that I felt was the only way to be entertaining. But then, you go back and realize, ‘Wait a minute—I was signed because I’m a singer. Let’s just keep it at that.’ ”

Simpson describes her new show as stripped-down and organic. “It’s just about me getting up there and people hopefully getting to know me a little bit better,” she says. “I find that country music fans have a certain respect for the heart of the music, which is nice. It’s not really about the person’s personal life.”

Simpson has been a constant fixture in the media since 2003, when her reality show, "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," debuted on MTV. The prying lenses of the paparazzi seemingly have documented her every move.

“I think that whenever you get a boyfriend, all of a sudden you’re married or you’re pregnant. It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s like, ‘Can’t I just date a guy without having to be pregnant or married?’ ” Simpson says. “The dating is not enough. They already have to take you to the next level.”

Simpson giggles when imagining the media making up rumors involving her dog, Daisy, which she takes everywhere.

“My good luck charm is definitely my daughter Daisy, my dog. She goes everywhere with me,” Simpson says. “But there’s probably been rumors that I’ve given birth to her because with the press, that’s how the rumors go these days. The tabloids are pretty ridiculous—whatever sells a magazine, I guess.”

Despite the media attention, Simpson is optimistic about 2009. “I’m very content and happy in my life. I really don’t know that my smile has ever been this sincere,” she says. “So I think I just want to keep working hard and keep on keeping on with the life I have now. I’m very proud of it.” She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her heroes Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn and make music for the rest of her life.

“When you meet people like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Loretta, they’re so humble. It’s so nice to meet people that you’ve looked up to for so long and they love what they do and they’re still out touring, doing what they did when they were 20,” Simpson says. “I’m definitely a working kind of gal. I’d be really bored if I wasn’t—unless I’m working on raising kids. Then, we’ll see, because I really want to be a great mom and be there for my kids.”

While plans to start a family or a solo tour remain on the horizon, Simpson is looking forward to performing Jan. 25 at the 24th annual Kiss Country Chili Cookoff.

“I’m not sure how long my show will be at the Kiss Chili Cookoff, but hopefully I’ll be able to mingle around and eat all the chili,” Simpson says with a giggle. “I’m a huge chili fan. I need to be part of the cookoff because I can cook some mean chili.”

Source: southflorida.metromix.com (thanks Barbara!)
        • A Jessica for all seasons
The multifacted Jessica Simpson will open for Rascal Flatts at Joel Colisem on Friday. We take a look at her blonde ambition and smart moves.

All things being fair, it's important to remember the long-standing axiom about Jessica Simpson, now a countrypolitan singer, as she heads to Winston-Salem to open a show for country sensations Rascal Flatts on Friday. Read more.

Source: journalnow.com (thanks Barbara!)
        • Jessica Simpson finds success with country audiences
Despite her best intentions, negativity seems to follow Jessica Simpson.

She drew snickers when she famously thought Chicken of the Sea was actually chicken instead of tuna and supposedly thought Buffalo wings came from, well, Buffalos.

Nevermind the fact that commercials and reality TV, including "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," don't always accurately represent reality.

Later, following a rather public divorce from Nick Lachey, she was blamed for distracting boyfriend and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo when he botched a hold for a game-winning field goal that ended the Dallas Cowboys season in 2006. And after the Cowboys' 2007 loss to the New York Giants, many fans nicknamed her "Yoko Romo."

Naturally, the 28-year-old raised the eyebrows of many when she made the transition to country music.

"I don't know what your perception is of Jessica Simpson or what tabloid you buy," she told a crowd that booed her at the annual Country Thunder Festival in Wisconsin, "but I just want you to know that I'm just a girl from Texas; I'm just like you. I'm doing what I love and dating a boy."

In spite of any misgivings critics or music industry insiders might have initially had in regard to Simpson's intentions, her country project, "Do You Know," has been largely accepted by country music fans. Her first single, "Come on Over" set a new record by debuting at No. 41 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. It was the highest-debuting first chart entry for a solo artist. She then earned her first No. 1 album in September when "Do You Know" debuted at the top of Billboard's "Top Country Albums" chart.

"I took the long way around to get back to where I came from," said Simpson, who co-wrote eight of the songs on the album, including her latest single, "Remember That," and the title track, a duet featuring Dolly Parton.

The notion of going back to "her Texas roots," as her father Joe told People magazine, has, by and large, been a successful transition and her reinvention as a country music performer has been much more widely accepted than first believed.

Simpson has recently embarked on a month-long tour opening for Rascal Flatts. The tour makes its way to the Lowcountry on Saturday for a performance at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Source: charleston.net (thanks Tamara!)
It's not been uncommon to see country divas like Faith Hill and Shania Twain testing the pop waters. In 2008, though, the trend reversed itself. Jewel and Hootie and the Blowfish's Darius Rucker were among the established pop stars who headed to Nashville last year. Yet, it was Jessica Simpson, in the prime of her pop celebrity, who made it an all-out movement.

In June, Simpson released her latest album, "Do You Know," which reached No. 1 on Billboard's country charts. Next Thursday, she will visit Charlottesville's John Paul Jones Arena on tour with Rascal Flatts to promote the album.

Simpson, 28, who first rose to fame on the Christian music circuit, has become a master of reinventing herself--from her reality television series to her turn as Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie version of "The Dukes of Hazzard." While some may wonder if the latest move is just another phase, Simpson considers it an honest return to her rural roots. And as her recent phone interview with Weekender revealed, there's much more to the blond bombshell than meets the eye. The edited transcript follows:

On the upcoming tour with Rascal Flatts, you're billed as a "special guest." Was that an adjustment for you, not to have the top billing?

The only adjustment that I've really had to make is I'm not up there for as long as I would normally be up there for, so I've had to cut back my set list from an hour and a half to 40 minutes. It's really exciting for me to be in this new world of country music. Rascal Flatts have been extremely supportive of my career, and they're giving me a chance to really revive this record and make people listen to it past being a celebrity and wanting to know about my love life or my personal life--they're really giving me a chance to get out there and let my talent shine through, and I appreciate that so much.

Are pretty much all the songs on your set songs from the "Do You Know" album? Are you doing any of your previous stuff?

I'm definitely not going to neglect the fact that I have had a pop career, so I will sing the familiar tunes that people know. But the main focus is the country side of who I am--and trust me, the stuff that I'm doing with the pop, it won't come across as very pop. I have a steel guitar and a fiddle--all kinds of this stuff, banjos.

When did the idea first jell with you to do a country album, and did playing Daisy Duke have any influence on that decision?

I think playing Daisy Duke definitely encouraged the country in me--I got to let my country accent come back, like I wasn't ashamed of it at all. Growing up in Texas, I grew up loving Willie Nelson [who played "Uncle Jesse" in the 2005 movie], and getting to spend time with him, and he would always have his guitar everywhere--that was just refreshing to be around such a legend. We would sing together lots, and we did "[These]Boots Are Made for Walking" together and a video together. So, that was definitely a part of the transition, but I wanted to do a country record on my third album--this is my sixth album--so on my third album, I definitely wanted to do a country record, but the label wasn't really about it at the time. I went out to Nashville to write, and the label just said it was too country. So it was kind of what I was trying to convince them to do, but I didn't really get to do that till this record.

What other factors went into your decision to make a country album.

I grew up listening to country music. If you look at my iPod, I have a ton of country music, and every song that I had with, you know, every boyfriend growing up was always a George Strait or Garth Brooks song. I definitely think that growing up in Texas and being surrounded by the South--my aunt and uncle live on a farm; I'm always out there as much as I possibly can. I'm pretty much in Texas now, as well, so it's nice to go back to my roots and feel settled.

Do you think this is a permanent switch to country music for you?

I don't really see myself not doing country. I've really enjoyed the atmosphere and the way that people embrace the lyrics and the music--it's not really about someone's personal life; it's about the music, and that's really refreshing for me. I don't feel like I constantly have to have hit after hit after hit--it's about giving people an album that they can listen to all the way through. All the music is very consistent. I think that with all my pop records, it was a bit scattered--I would have something a little bit more R&B, and then a little bit like guitar-driven pop. It was just kind of all over the place, and it never was really focused. But I believe that, as a country artist, I'm a lot more focused in my creativity.

Source: fredericksburg.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • AskMen.com's Most Desirable Woman of 2009
[...] The list included perennial favorites like Beyonce at No. 50 and Jessica Simpson at 70 but also some newcomers such as Australian actress Isla Fisher (31) and singer Katy Perry (38).

Source: uk.reuters.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • (watch) 1/18 Des Moines - With You
        • (scans) Cosmopolitan [India], January 2009

Thanks to: Dron!
January 21st, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • 1/17 Kansas City - fan pictures
I've received some amazing photos from the Kansas City show taken by Katie!

Thanks to: Katie!
January 19th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • 1/18 Des Moines pictures
January 18, 2009: Jessica Simpson performs in Des Moines.

Source: desmoines.metromix.com (thanks Tamara!)

Watch a video of Tony leaving Los Angeles on January 18.
        • 1/17 Kansas City - Fan picture
"I got to go to the meet and greet at the Rascal Flatts concert in Kansas City! Jessica looked beautiful! This was the first time I ever saw Jessica in concert... she was amazing! The meet and greet was before the concert... she gave out signed photos and they took a picture of us with her! She was so sweet... but I was in total shock still that I could barely say my name!"

Thanks to: Holly!
January 18th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Tony candids
January 17, 2009: Tony Romo is seen leaving Los Angeles, obviously without Jessica because Jessica went on tour the day before!

Source: x17Online.com
        • 1/17 Kansas City - Fan review
"January 17th, 2009, was one of the best nights of my life! For Christmas I had gotten the tickets to go see Jessica. Rascal Flatts was the main act, so Jessica's setlist was only 40 mins. As we came into the Sprint Center (we were an hour and half early) I could hear 'You're My Sunday', I'm guessing that she was doing a sound check or something, but it sounded great :] That got me even more pumped up! I got a Jessica t-shirt and a cowgirl hat that says Rascal Flatts on it... But you can barely see that. So, before Jessica walked out you could hear the sound of boots walking. She came out and she was wearing a cute little black dress. She looked gorgeous! She danced around, a lot! At the end of the show she took off her shoes, I guess so she could dance around more. After 'These Boots were made for Walkin' ' she took a drink and said how she was so excited to be on the same stage as Rascal Flatts. She said she had talked to them after her sound check and said they were all really nice. Then she went on to sing 'Still Beautiful'.

Then after that, she took another drink. Then she said "the next song I'm gonna sing is called 'You're my Sunday' it's about this amazing guy who used to consume all my Sundays, now he just consumes pretty much every day of my life." She looked so happy when she was saying that and she sang it beautifully :] Then after that song she took another drink then said this next song ya'll might know if you supported me before the switch to country. She was like it's 'With You' then she said "go ahead and sing along if ya know it. Just add a country swang with it". She sounded great singing that too :]

Then she said "this next song is about abuse, it doesn't matter if you're getting hurt physically or emotionally, take your heart and run, you don't deserve that kind of treatment". She showed so much emotion singing 'Remember That', like she always does. My mom commented about how you can tell she's angry and hurt when she sings that song. At the end, her voice did kind of quiver, my mom thought she looked like she was crying, but I couldn't really tell if she was. Then she went on to sing 'Angels'. Oh my gosh, she sounded so good :] I was so happy she sang that song. Her voice is so strong!

After that, she talked about how hard times are right now, and then about how the next song 'Pray Out Loud' is her 3rd single and that it just came out today! ... Then she talked about Tony again before Come On Over. She never mentioned his name, but she did talk about him. She told the crowd, thanks to you guys for requesting this song, I'm on tour with Rascal Flatts right now! So then she sang 'Come On Over'. After that, she talked about working with Dolly, and she said how she screwed up the '9 to 5' lyrics and she said Dolly must of liked that because she wanted to record a song with me. Then she sang 'Do You Know'. She finished it beautifully! She sounded amazing!

Then she said are you guys ready for Rascal Flatts?! I was thinking, no! I wanna hear more of you! That is the main reason I went, to see Jess. Then she said thanks to everyone. It was cute because she said ya'll are going to have such an amazing time, then she was like have fun! Then she had to bend over to get her shoes and she was like cya! She also had commented about how she wished that she sold that many seats. The place was full! Rascal Flatts commented about how good Jessica is and they also said God gave Jessica so much beauty. They were like God said "bam Jessica is going to be beautiful, bam, bam". It was funny. I went for Jessica, but Rascal Flatts was enjoyable too. This was the first real concert I had ever been to and I'm so happy it was Jessica! Everyone in the audience also seemed to enjoy her :] Also, she messed with her ear piece alot, and she touched her hair alot."

Thanks to: Natalie!
        • 1/17 Kansas City review
Jessica Simpson: She opened the show with a set that included "Remember That," the single off the country album she released last year. She has a big voice that carried itself across the arena, but her 40-minute set was pleasant at best. An act like hers seems better suited for smaller rooms.

Source: Kansas City Star (thanks to Barbara!)
        • 1/17 Kansas City - fan videos
Thanks to Natalie for sharing!!

Still Beautiful
You're My Sunday
With You
Remember That
Angels #2
Pray Out Loud
Come On Over
Come On Over #2
Do You Know
        • 1/17 Kansas City review
"I had the best time ever!!!! I'll write a review once I get all the pics. She did sound super good though and looked gorgeous! Her set was 40 mins... I wish it would of been longer!

She sang in this order:
These boots were made for walkin'
Still beautiful
You're my Sunday
With You
Remember That
Pray Out Loud - That single just came out yesterday!!
Come On Over
Do You Know - She held out a very long note at the end! Sounded great :]

Everyone seemed to like her. The girl next to me was singing along to her songs too!"

Thanks to: Natalie!
        • 1/17 Kansas City review tidbit
"I thought black was supposed to be slimming," a man seated next to me hissed as opening act Jessica Simpson strutted across the stage in a tiny black dress.

Whatever. I thought she was gorgeous. And she can sing. Simpson's obvious charms, however, are poorly suited to an arena setting. She could be a spectacular cabaret singer in the tradition of Peggy Lee and Marilyn Monroe. I'd happily pay top dollar to see her perform in a small club. Rascal Flatts? Not so much.

Source: therestandstheglass.blogspot.com (thanks to Barbara!)
        • 'Remember That' on UK radio
"Hey. I read your site everyday and I think sweetkisses is fantastic. I wasn't sure if you were aware but Remember That was released to UK radio on Friday (16th Jan). I was absolutely shocked when I heard it and turned the radio up :D. The DJ said it would be released in February. Thanks for a great website!"

Thanks to: Nicole!
        • 'Pray Out Loud' is the 3rd single!
I've just received the news from Jessica's management: "Pray Out Loud" will be the 3rd single off "Do You Know"! The video has been partially shot in Los Angeles last week! I am so excited and absolutely can't wait to see it as I love "Pray Out Loud"!
        • Meet the band
Here's the new section dedicated to Jessica's band - click here to see it! Not much there yet but hopefully I will be able to add more information there soon!
        • Jessica Forum news
I've created a new subforum at JessicaForum.com for all reviews, pics and media from the Rascal Flatts tour! Check it out! And make sure to post or submit your review/photos if you went to the Kansas City show yesterday.
        • New scans
Even more Cosmopolitan editions worldwide have put Jessica on the cover! Check out cover features from Georgia and Portugal below, both February 2009 issues!

Thanks to: Gary; Dron!

Is anyone able to submit the complete feature scans from Georgia?
January 17th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
January 16, 2009: Jessica Simpson departing from Burbank Airport on her way to Kansas City (hq).

Thanks to: Paqui!
        • New appearance
Taste of Collin County set for February 23rd in Downtown McKinney.

Turns out the info was a FAKE, sorry you guys!
        • Source: Engagement for Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo "On the Way"
Could Jessica Simpson be a newlywed again?

"An engagement is on the way," a source says in the new issue of Us Weekly. Simpson and her football beau, Tony Romo, are "getting there -- and they will announce it when it happens."

(Romo already seems like part of the family. He went out to dinner with Simpson's parents, and then golfing with her dad, Joe, the next day.)

Source: UsWeekly.com
        • Romantic Rumblings
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo keep denying the rumors, but the smart money says they will be engaged by Valentine's Day, if not sooner.

Source: suntimes.com
        • (scan) Us Weekly, January 26 2009

Thanks to: Tamara!
January 16th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
January 14, 2009: Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo lunching at Casa Vega in Los Angeles (hq).
        • New candids
January 14, 2009: Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo lunching at Casa Vega in Los Angeles.

Source: x17Online.com
        • (watch) Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo At Casa Vega
January 14, 2009: Long time lovers Jessica Simpson and footballer Tony Romo exit their lunch at Casa Vega on Wednesday. They vehemently deny being engaged despite all the time they have been together.

Source: x17video.com
        • (scans) Cosmopolitan [Mexico], January 2009
Yet another Cosmopolitan cover feature with Jess!

Thanks to: Dron!
January 14th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
January 13, 2009: Jessica & Tony leaving La Loggia in Los Angeles after dining with Jessica's parents (hq).
        • Jessica, Ashlee & Tony Dine With Simpson 'Rents, But Where's Pete?

Despite the fact that Pete Wentz has overshared about his sex life with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz in recent interviews, he's still on in-laws Joe and Tina Simpson's good sides.

"Never!" Tina said outside La Loggia restaurant, when paps asked if they were mad about Pete's loose lips. "We love him!"

Still, Pete didn't attend the dinner party, while Ashlee, Jessica (who hid behind a pillow on her way out) and Tony Romo all did. And it sounds like Tony may have hooked the whole fam up with Super Bowl tickets. When asked where he'll be watching the game, Joe says he'll be there for it.

Guess that's one perk of your daughter dating an NFL player. Then again, Pete's band, Fall Out Boy, is performing at the NFL Pepsi Smash concert in Tampa on Super Bowl weekend. Maybe he can get Joe some tickets?

Source: EOnline.com
        • (watch) Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson Grab A Bite
Tony Romo and his girlfriend Jessica Simpson was seen leaving La Loggia restaurant in Studio City on Tuesday, January 13th.

Source: x17Video.com
        • (watch) Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson Hide Behind a Cushion

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson take cover behind a cushion as the paparazzi filmed them leaving La Loggia after they'd had dinner with Jessica's parents. Seeing an NFL player hiding behind a cushion is pretty odd, and what exactly is a cushion doing in there anyway?

Joe Simpson is a lot more open to the paparazzi and thinks it's funny when the paparazzi suggest he should throw a ball with Tony rather than play golf.

Source: Hollywood.tv
        • (scans) Seven Days [Australia], December 22-28 2004
        • New candids
January 13, 2009: Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo try to hide from the cameras while out for a family meal at La Loggia in Los Angeles, California.

Source: WENN.com
        • Tony Romo may pop the question
Anyone who watched “Newlyweds” knows that that a happy relationship with Jessica Simpson means a good relationship with her father Joe. Simpson’s boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, is doing well in the category, perhaps well enough that he’ll pop the question soon.

Us Weekly reports that Romo and Simpson, who began dating in November 2007, dined with Joe and mom Tina Jan. 7 at their Encino home. The next day, Romo and Joe hit L.A.’s Studio City Golf Course.

“Tony is better than Joe, but they were laughing a lot,” Us reports.

Later that day, Romo played tennis with Simpson family friend (and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s ex) Ryan Cabrera, and that night he cuddled with his girlfriend at Bar Delux (her sister was there, too!). With Romo finally so tight with the entire family, could an engagement be far behind?

“They are getting there,” says a source, adding that Romo will ask Joe for permission. “They will announce it when it happens. They will want everyone to know!”

Source: msnbc.msn.com (thanks Tamara!)
January 13th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • This week with Dolly
Jessica Simpson’s “Do You Know,” featuring Dolly on the title song, rose seven to No. 34 country in its 15th week and re-enters the Canadian top 50 country albums at No. 36.

Source: seymourherald.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • (scans) Sunday Pulse, July 31 2005
        • (scans) The Ticket [UK], August 26 2005
I've scanned an older newspaper with Jessica from the UK. Check out the scans below, more to come! They take long to scan and edit because the newspapers are oversized and I have to scan halves of pages and then join them haha! But more to come
January 12th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • 'Fancy' continues to sell well!
[...] Domestic department store sales during the nine months ended December 31, 2008 includes approximately $14.9 million in sales of the new Jessica Simpson fragrance, Fancy, which launched during August 2008. [...] However, on the international front, recessionary economic conditions and the volatile U.S. dollar led to a significant decrease in our international sales. On a positive note, shipments and sell-through of the new Jessica Simpson line, Fancy, and the new Paris Hilton Fairy Dust fragrance have strengthened our position in the U.S. department stores.

Source: tradingmarkets.com (thanks Tamara!)
        • Couples Watch: Jessica & Tony
• A super social Jessica Simpson, enjoying a night out – and makeout session – at L.A.'s Bar Deluxe with beau Tony Romo. The two were spotted cuddling together on the couch late into the evening, and they laughed as they gazed into each other's eyes before their big PDA session. Before her beau arrived, Simpson was focused on her female friends, including CaCee Cobb, who was at the club with boyfriend Donald Faison, and sister Ashlee. The pop star danced a lot – grinding to tunes like Britney Spears's "Circus" – while her younger sister (who re-dyed her hair red) sipped a sugar free Red Bull and kept everybody company.

Source: People.com
        • (watch) 'Private Valentine' movie trailer
January 11th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Some tour info
I've got some inside info about Jessica's tour with Rascall Flatts: Jessica's set is about 40 minutes long and it includes some older songs making their way back to the set! Jessica and her band have been working hard preparing for the tour! I'm also working on new site subsection dedicated to Jessica's great band!
        • Photoshoots update
I've added bigger & untagged pictures from 2 Cliff Watts' photoshoots: Seventeen 2005 and Cosmopolitan 2008!

Thanks to: Alex!
        • Pre-order 'Private Valentine'!
Jessica's new movie "Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous" (aka Major Movie Star) is now up for pre-ordering at Amazon.com! Support Jessica and pre-order the movie today!!

Thanks to: Alec!
        • New gallery look
Thanks to my dear friend Stephen we have a great new gallery look! Thanks to much!! Hope you love it as much as I do!
January 10th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • (scan) Us Weekly, January 19 2009

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • New Tony candids
January 9, 2009: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo goes to lunch with a friend at Sunset Plaza, Los Angeles, California. Before anyone asks: Jess was probably in rehearsal for her tour *updated +12!*

Source: WENN.com; x17Online.com
        • (scans) Cowboys Family Cookbook
Check out the Tony & Jessica's pages from the 'Cowboys Family Cookbook'! To order your copy visit HappyHillFarm.org.

Thanks to: Tamara!
January 9th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • (watch) Jessica at Bar Deluxe

Source: Hollywood.tv
        • (watch) Jessica at Bar Deluxe

While Tony Romo bonded with Joe Simpson on the links yesterday, Jessica Simpson partied at Bar Delux. The singer exited the club with BFF Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison to a paparazzi stampede. Shutterbugs seemed more eager to get a shot of the blond bombshell than Paris and Nicky Hilton, who were also at the hot spot.

Source: EOnline.com
        • (watch) Tony & Joe playing golf

Source: Hollywood.tv; FadedYouthBlog.com; x17video.com
        • New candids
January 8, 2009: Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo hits the golf course with girlfriend Jessica Simpson's father, Joe Simpson, at the Weddington Gold & Tennis Club in Studio City. Perhaps this is good bonding time for father and potentially future son-in-law?

Source: bauergriffinonline.com
        • New candids
January 8, 2009: Jessica Simpson leaving Deluxe Club in Hollywood at 3AM. Hope you've had fun Jess!

Source: x17Online.com; popsugar.com

- Apparently there was some big celebrity party at the venue that night, some other celebs included: Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian, Christina Milian, Nicky Hilton, Donald Faison and Jessica's BFF CaCee Cobb!
January 8th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
January 6, 2009: Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo arrive to Los Angeles International Airport. Her pup Daisy travels in style by riding in a Gucci bag (hq).

Source: bauergriffinonline.com
January 6th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Photoshoots update

05 x Mark Royce Photoshoot for Us Weekly
02 x Glamour Photoshoot 1999
        • Caught in the Act!
• She rushed to his side after a recent injury – and Jessica Simpson continued to sit by beau Tony Romo during a dinner date in Miami Beach. The two dined at Prime 112, where the high-profile couple got a lot of attention. "People were interested to see how Tony was doing," a source at the restaurant tells us. "[They] were wishing him well."

Source: People.com
January 5th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson Appears in "Wives of Cowboys" Family Cookbook
She's not engaged to Tony Romo (yet), but Jessica Simpson is officially a part of the Dallas Cowboys family. She appears in the 2008 Cowboys Family Cookbook, presented by "the wives of the Dallas Cowboys" ($25, www.happyhillfarm.org).

On page 127, Simpson (who is not photographed) and Romo share their favorite family recipes for a "banana breakfast fruit smoothies" and "no-fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes" (scroll down to read). The two also show off their funny sides in the book's biographical section, with Simpson listing her occupation as "hairdresser" and Romo stating that he's a "fence builder."

Romo -- who lists "U2, Coldplay and AC/DC" as among the artists on his iPod (sorry, Jess!) -- also reveals that his favorite good is "chicken enchiladas."

His life philosophy? "Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around!"

Banana Breakfast Fruit Smoothie

1 banana, peeled, cut into chunks, and frozen
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups orange juice
1 cup ice
2 scoops vanilla ice cream

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend, until smooth.

No-Fat Broccoli and Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 bag Broccoli-Wokly-fresh broccoli florets (about 4 cups)
12 ounces (1 pint) cherry tomatoes, stems removed
3/4 cup chicken broth
1/8 teaspoon each salt and coarsely-ground black pepper

Wash broccoli and tomatoes under running water. Cut broccoli into 3/4-inch pieces. Bring broth to a boil, in a 12-inch skillet, over high heat. Add broccoli, salt, and pepper; cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Push broccoli to edges of skillet, and add tomatoes to center.

Source: UsMagazine.com
        • FanArt
I've added new graphics made by Olitunia
        • (scans) Cosmopolitan [Taiwan], January 2009

Thanks to : Henry!
January 4th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
December 2, 2009: Jessica & Tony arrive in Dallas (hq).

Source: splashnewsonline.celebuzz.com; Tamara
January 3rd, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
Following a holiday getaway to Miami, Jessica Simpson arrived at Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport with her injured boyfriend Tony Romo on Friday afternoon (January 2). The two smiled as they made their way through the terminal, with Tony saying that his “Do You Know” singing girlfriend is “being a good doctor to him” while sporting an “Almost Handsome” t-shirt. Finally making it out of the exit, Jess and Tony loaded into an awaiting SUV, with the Cowboys quarterback covering his face while Miss Simpson hammed it up for paparazzi alongside her pet pooch Daisy. The cute couple were returning home from spending New Year’s in southern Florida, attending Jessica’s sister Ashlee’s husband Pete Wentz’s art exhibit during the course of their stay.

Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net

- These make our first candids for 2009!
        • New scans
I've added scans from In Touch, January 12 issue!

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • Ruven Afanador Photoshoot for Marie Claire [adds]
The one with Daisy is so cute
        • Candids
December 8, 2008: Jessica Simpson at LAX Airport.
        • Win lunch with Jessica Simpson

Click here to enter!

Source: wsslfm.com (thanks Tamara!)
January 2nd, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Pictures
December 9, 2008: Singers Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson attend the gallery opening of 'Without You I'm Just Me' held at Gallery 1988 in West Hollywood, California (hq).
        • Macy's, Costa Mesa, December 13 2008 [HQ] +85
I've added 85 more high quality pics of Jessica's Fancy launch at Macy's in Costa Mesa on December 13th.
        • Jessica Simpson On CMT
Sat, Jan. 03, 01:30 PM EST
CMT Insider - January 3, 2009
What better way to ring in the New Year than with a humorous look back at 2008? Tune in to CMT Insider as host Katie Cook presents the year in a nutshell, with help from comedians including Raphie May, Cledus T. Judd, Killer Beaz, Etta Mae and Matthew Lumpkin. You won't want to miss country music's biggest news stories and a recap of why 2008 was memorable. From births, to concert mishaps, tour cancellations, love gone wrong and more, country music saw its fair share of events in 2008. Tune in for a spoof of headline stories from Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Dolly Parton and more of your favorites. Check out all these stories and much more on this week's edition of CMT Insider.

Featured Artists: Kenny Chesney, Miley Cyrus, Faith Hill, Kid Rock, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Jimmy Wayne.

Source: CMT.com
        • Candids
December 9, 2008: Jessica Simpson arrives at Maestro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills (hq).
        • In Touch cover
The cover of In Touch has featured Jess & Tony, check it out below.

Thanks to: Tamara!
January 1st, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Photo
Here's a photo of Jess from JessicaSimpsonCollection.com - so pretty!

Thanks to: Dron!
        • Welcome!
Happy New Year everyone!!! I thought it would be a good idea to kick off the New Year 2009 with a new layout! Hope you guys will like it, I've been working on it today to surprise you Info & credits are here. Also the comments are back, please do not abuse this feature as it's really easy for me to take them down again... I'm full of hope for this year so yay! Enjoy
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