January 31st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Movie Casting Call
If you've ever dreamed of being on the silver screen, your chance could be coming up. Lion's Gate Films is holding a casting call for a new movie, "Employee of the Month," starring Jessica Simpson. The film tells the story about a shopping superstore and the antics and love lives of its employees. The movie will be shot in Santa Fe, starting on Feb. 15. The film company needs extra softball players and jugglers, as well as children and adults of all races. To audition, go to the Nativo Hotel in Albuquerque on Saturday, Feb. 4, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Source: TheNewMexicoChannel.com
        • Jessica Simpson cosmetic line receives second law suit
It seems that Jessica Simpson’s decision to sponsor the Dessert Beauty range has been an ill-fated one. With the make-up line attracting a second law suit in the space of a year it seems that star cosmetics sponsorship does not always work wonders. This time a Los Angeles woman has issued the US singer and actress with a federal lawsuit claiming that Simpson and her business partners, have stolen the cosmetics brand that she patented back in 1989, according to a report in the New York Post. Mara Fox says that the brand name for her ‘Love Potion' line of beauty products was used by Simpson for her 2004 line of cosmetics ‘Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Love Potion'. Read more.
        • New drawing
by Vinod From Vinod: "First off, major props on the website. Sweetkisses.net is my homepage. I'm a huge Jessica Simpson fan, and I really appreciate having a website like yours to visit and keep me updated. I'm attaching a piece of art I did of Jessica in pencil, and I was wondering if you could include it in the Fan Art section. Thanks so much and keep up the great work. Later, Vinod from Long Island, New York."

- thanks so much Vinod! Click the thumbnail to enlarge the drawing
        • Jessica #12 at AskMen.com
Jessica Simpson was voted #12 on AskMen.com's Top 99 Women of 2006. The list was determined by the rankings of 2.5 million readers and by the staff. Congrats to Jess!
        • The Insider Video
The Insider, January 30 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 17,77 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
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        • ET Video
ET, January 30 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 12,51 mb
Capped by: Samantha - thanks so much!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
        • New captures
I added captures from ET and The Insider from yesterday, they both went behind the scenes of the new Pizza Hut commercial, videos are being uploaded
        • New pictures
January 28 2006: Benny Medina poses with Jessica Simpson at the Benny Medina Birthday Bash held at the GM Penthouse Suite in the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California (high quality).
January 30th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Serves Up Super Bowl Fun!
What's Jessica Simpson doing on Super Bowl Sunday? She's hanging with the Muppets in her fun, all-new Pizza Hut commercial, and ET has a sneak peek behind the scenes! Looking red-hot in a red mini dress, Jessica vamps up her "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" video from 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' turning it into "These Bites Were Made for Poppin.'" The commercial for Pizza Hut's new Cheesy Bites Pizza will run Sunday, Feb. 5 during the big Super Bowl game, and to add even more humor, a second ad will run with none other than Miss Piggy dressed exactly like Jessica and trying to emulate her! So what's this tasty new product? The new Cheesy Bites Pizza has yummy, pullable cheese-filled bites around the perimeter of a large pizza, giving customers poppable bites for an all-new finger-food favorite. Pizza Hut is also launching a national online sweepstakes, giving away an autographed pair of boots from the new Jessica Simpson line, the same style that Jessica wore on the set of the commercial. Fans can go online to pizzahut.com/cheesybites to enter the sweepstakes after the big game. Watch ET for more with Jessica!
        • Glamour Scans
I scanned the cover + article from German Glamour!
        • New Candids
January 28 2006: Jessica Simpson sending a kiss to close friend Ken at restaurant The Little Door in Hollywood where she had dinner with Nicole Richie and Eva Longoria ( added 10 more!).
January 29th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Older Candids
November 21 2004: Jessica Simpson in Baton Rouge (high quality).
        • Older Candids
January 30 2005: Jessica Simpson in Baton Rouge (high quality).

I'm also adding more candids to the gallery which have been posted before.
• 08 x Bar, February 1 2005
• 04 x Barneys, April 3 2005 [HQ]
• 11 x Barneys, March 7 2005
• 11 x Barneys, August 6 2004 [HQ]
• 10 x Baseball Game, November 17 2004 [HQ]
        • These Bites Are Made For Poppin'
PizzaHut.com has the audio of Jessica singing the new commercial theme when you enter the site LOL! Thanks to Dee!
        • Vote for Jessica!
FHM 100 Sexiest Woman 2006 Vote is taking place at FHM.com - go vote for our girl Jess! Thanks to Olesya for the heads up!
        • Jess in German Glamour
Jessica graces the cover of Glamour magazine in Germany! I'll post scans as soon as possible.
        • Twilight Zone video
Twilight Zone - The Collection [incomplete]
Size: 130 mb
Format: mpg
Download: Megaupload Link
This video will only be available to download through megaupload because of its size, I hope it's ok! If it's temporarily unavailable just try again later.
        • New candids
January 28 2006: Jessica Simpson has her pants going down as she shops at Dari store on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles (added 44 more!).
January 28th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Scans
Thanks to Lisa for the scans
• 03 x Celebrity Living, January 23 2006
• 01 x OK!, January 23 2006
• 05 x In Touch, January 30 2006
• 05 x Star, January 30 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, January 30 2006
• 04 x Us Weekly, January 30 2006
• 01 x People, January 30 2006
• 04 x OK!, January 30 2006
        • Caption correction
Remember the pics of Jessica wearing a white shirt and the caption which said she was leaving Chateau Marmont? Well, she wasn't. She was leaving her stylist's house. I apologise for the mess up but I didn't know the correct one until today!
I have just received this message to pass to all of the fans - from Jess!!!

"hello friends, it's jess! i just wanted to let ya'll know that with everything we go through in life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, the right, the wrong, the think we don't belong, we all have to allow our hearts to remain open to create who we are. find that for yourself no matter what. take the advice from the wisdom of those we love. remember that bad company corrupts good character. and breathe to allow yourself the freedom to just be. getting to know yourself is so important. spend time alone with your thoughts for this creates a world of true serenity. do not be afraid. inner beauty, outward charm. greet everyone we meet with a smile (unless it is paparazzi.haha), a smile is contagious. i love you guys so much and appreciate the support through all the unfortunate pain of loss. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. carry on. soar. glide. fly. this is a wonderful life. love, jess"

- thank you Jessica! We love you!
        • Candids
January 21 2006: Popstar Jessica Simpson takes her pooch Daisy and a friend for a drive in Los Angeles, Ca (high quality)
        • TV Alert
From Lisa: "Monday on The Insider they will have behind the scenes footage and on the set of the Pizza Hut commerical. They showed clips of it tonight and it looks really cute. Jess came walking through the doors "You Ready Bites"? "STTTARTT POPPIN" and she starts throwing the cheesey bites..lol So check your local listings for times and channel. Here in Michigan it airs at 7pm EST on CBS."
        • New candids
January 26 2006: Jessica Simpson looks hot in winter white! The newly-single star is leaving West Hollywood restaurant Pace after dining with a friend. She wore a plunging neckline with an attached turtleneck and carried a beautiful studded white bag.
January 27th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
Jessica Simpson is starring in a sizzling new commercial for fast food chain Pizza Hut that will debut during the Super Bowl American football final broadcast next month (05FEB06). The advertisement sees Simpson send-up her sexy music video THESE BOOTS (ARE MADE FOR WALKIN'), changing the lyrics to, "These bites are made for poppin'," in reference to the Cheesy Bites featured in the commercial. The former Newlyweds star then tosses the snacks into customers' mouths - causing one young male admirer to faint. A Pizza Hut representative says, "We've enjoyed working with her in the past. Needless to say, she had the whole crew's attention (during the shoot)!" ContactMusic.com
        • New candid
January 21 2006: Singer Jessica Simpson takes her pooch Daisy and a friend for a drive in Los Angeles, USA.
January 26th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
January 25 2006: Sexy blonde Jessica Simpson shows some legs as she leaves the Ivy restaurant in West Hollywood.
        • New candids
January 22 2006: Jessica Simpson shopping at Barneys New York store in Beverly Hills.
        • New candids
January 25 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving HER STYLIST'S HOUSE (not Chateau Marmont like the caption said!).
January 25th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
January 24 2006: Jessica Simpson out at night shows she got her curves back after breaking up with husband Nick Lachey. Jewel is with her
Comedian George Lopez has gone public with his apology to Jessica Simpson after poking fun at her marriage split at the People's Choice Awards earlier this month (JAN06). The Latino funnyman sent Simpson flowers after learning how hurt she was by his comments and now he's speaking out about his remarks, which featured a joke about the pop star's estranged husband, Nick Lachey, being employed as a seat-filler at the awards show. He says, "I did send her flowers and it's very uncomedic to send flowers. "I didn't realise it (People's Choice Awards) was her first time out after all that (split) and I felt a little bit like I may have ambushed her." ContactMusic.com
January 24th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • LJ Icons
I added a bunch of new Live Journal Icons / Avatars!
        • New candids
January 22 2006: Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, Calif. Ashlee was accompanied by her date and Jessica by her hairdresser (high quality).
        • More Koi pictures
I added more pics of Jessica from her recent visit to Koi restaurant on January 20, view them here.
        • Jessica Simpson Signed NEW $35 million contract
Jessica Simpson used to be second best to pop rivals Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. But now, she's making their combined salaries. The reality TV beauty and singer has signed an astounding $35 million deal to remain with Columbia Records, the label she's been with since 1998. Simpson's megabucks contract makes her the youngest artist ever to have such an earning.

"Jessica Simpson is one of the most consistent, hard-working artists we have on our roster," a spokesman for the label tells the Hollywood Reporter. "She really has earned this deal. But this wasn't an exchange of money for guaranteed anything."

Under terms of the deal, Simpson, will get $8 million up front. In return, she'll fulfill her commitment to release four new albums and one greatest-hits compilation.

"I am so excited with this new deal and I'm looking forward to finishing my upcoming album," Simpson said in a statement. "Columbia has been my home since the beginning of my career. I am happy to be continuing the relationship and I look forward to working on new things with my extended family."

Since her smash 1999 self-titled debut, the pop princess has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, winning multiple music awards and turning out hits like "With You" and "Irresistable." Her last album, 2003's In This Skin, handed Simpson her biggest selling album ever.
January 23rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Outtakes
I added some more outtakes from the Mark Liddell's photoshoot for Teen People, thanks to Luki!
        • New candids
January 21 2006: Jessica Simpson seems lonely as she leaves the restaurant Il Sole in West Hollywood.
        • Pizza Hut Commercial Update
From Lisa: "They were talking about it on the radio here today, and it is "rumored" that Jessica and Miss Piggy will be singing "These Bites Are Made For Popping" LMAO"
January 22nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Video
And another older video - Jess and Nick presenting at the Billboard Music Awards 2003.

Billboard Music Awards 2003 - Presenting with Nick
Format: rm
Size: 9,95 mb
Capped by: Mike
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
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        • Video
Here's an older video of Jessica singing the National Anthem at NBA All Star Game in 2001 - it's a rare and exclusive video, hope you enjoy it!

National Anthem @ NBA AllStar Game 2001
Format: mpg
Size: 18,89 mb
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
        • New Pizza Hut Promo
In an undated handout photo from Pizza Hut, singer/actress Jessica Simpson carries a pizza with Cheesy Bites. Super Bowl ads are on the way. This year, even more than in recent years, advertisers are doing more to leverage the impact of a splashy ad on the Super Bowl by fashioning online campaigns and promotions in hopes of keeping up interest in the ads. Click the thumbnail for a high quality pic!
        • Music Videos Captures
I replaced screen captures of I Wanna Love You Forever, Where You Are, I Think I'm In Love With You and Irresistible with sharper ones made from the DVD. They are much clearer! Good screen caps are always nice to have because they are perfect for graphics etc so I hope you can make nice graphics with those!
January 21st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Pictures
• 40 x People's Choice Awards, January 10 2006
• 05 x Espy Awards, July 10 2002 [HQ]
• 71 x Levi's Store Unveiling, Santa Monica, July 10 2003 [HQ]
• 520 x Dream Chaser DVD Captures
        • New Candids
January 20 2006: Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee Simpson have dinner at Koi.
        • Candids
January 14 2006: Jessica Simpson joins her sister Ashlee at the Buffalo Club (high quality).
January 20th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Forum
New user registrations are not being accepted until further notice due to some troublesome members who keep coming back. I apologise for the inconvenience.
        • New scans
Thanks to Lisa!
• 04 x Celebrity Living, January 16 2006
• 03 x OK!, January 16 2006
• 03 x Star, January 16 2006
• 07 x In Touch, January 23 2006
• 02 x Star, January 23 2006
• 03 x Us Weekly, January 23 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, January 23 2006
        • UK News
From Thomas: "The Dukes Of Hazzard UK DVD has opened at #2 on Official UK Top 40 DVD Chart!"
        • Pizza Hut Plans Pre-Game Push
Jessica Simpson and the Muppets will appear in Super Bowl pre-game commercials for Pizza Hut as part of a $50 million campaign for a new product called Cheesy Bites Pizza, the client said. Created by Pizza Hut lead agency BBDO in New York, the work will begin running this Sunday. The campaign includes a promotional offer of a one-topping pizza with 28 cheese-filled, bite-size pieces replacing the traditional crust for $11.99, the company said. Read more.
        • Candids
January 12 2006: Jessica Simpson out for dinner at "Orso" in Beverly Hills (high quality).
        • Candids
January 16 2006: Jessica Simpson at the Mexicali restaurant.
January 17th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • LJ ICONS
I added 10 new livejournal icons / avatars made by Marta! Thanks!
Singer Jessica Simpson has received a bouquet of flowers from comedian George Lopez as an apology for embarrassing her at the People's Choice Awards last week (10JAN06). The Latino comic was criticised for poking fun at Simpson's marriage split with Nick Lachey at the event, when he said, "The producers wanted to apologise to Nick Lachey, who could not be here because they didn't need any more seat-fillers," before presenting an award. TV cameras fixed on sullen Simpson as she squirmed in her seat between her parents. Her manager/father Joe has since blasted the comic for his insensitivity. But now all is well - Lopez sent Simpson a huge bouquet of flowers on Friday (13JAN06) to apologise for his remarks, according to the singer's father. ContactMusic.com
Actress Kate Beckinsale and her Underworld director husband Len Wiseman are big fans of Jessica Simpson's Dessert fragrance range. The kinky couple love nothing better than to wear the pop star's lickable scent, which conjures up the smell of sweet treats. Beckinsale says, "He will literally come at me with a spoon and a fork when I wear it. It smells like cake batter. "(He's) like 'Oh, yummy! Brownie flavour...' I keep the Jessica Simpson perfume by the bed." ContactMusic.com
January 15th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
January 13 2006: Jessica Simpson looks tired as she goes recording in West Los Angeles.
January 14th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
January 13 2006: Jessica Simpson with red lips at a Golden Globes party looks like a beaute fatale.
January 13th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
January 12 2006: Jessica Simpson dressed Bardot style grocery shopping at night in Beverly Hills.
        • New scans
Thanks to my dear Lisa for those scans!
• 04 x Celebrity Living, January 2 2006
• 02 x People, January 9 2006
• 06 x Star, January 9 2006
• 06 x In Touch, January 9 2006
• 07 x Life & Style, January 9 2006
• 10 x Us Weekly, January 9 2006
• 06 x In Touch, January 16 2006
• 01 x Us Weekly, January 16 2006
• 02 x Life & Style, January 16 2006
• 04 x Fun Club [Poland], January 2006 (thanks to Michal)
January 12th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
I added regular size pics of Jess leaving the "Sushi Roku" yesterday.
        • Extra videos
Extra, January 11 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 4,75 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
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        • Extra videos
Extra, January 11 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 17,88 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
        • Video downloads
Since I've received a lot of e-mails saying you are having problems downloading videos: you have to right click the 'download' link and 'save target as' in order to save the video to your hard drive and that's it! Hope that helped! I have 2 Extra videos coming! Thanks so much to Samantha!
        • New candids
January 11 2006: Jessica Simpson leaves "Sushi Roku" by the back door with a girlfriend. Simpson looks like she may have a black eye which she did her best to hide under a black hat (high quality).
January 11th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • The Insider Video
Here's a video from yesterday's The Insider, they showed Jess rehearsing before the People's Choice performance! Thanks again to Samantha!
The Insider, January 10 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 4,40 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
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        • HQ candids
I added 10 high quality candids of Jess in Los Angeles on January 8 2006, thanks to Criss
        • Accepting Award Video
Jessica won Favorite Song From A Movie Award for Boots! I love how she thanked us fans the most!
Accepting Award @ People's Choice Awards
Format: mpg
Size: 15,86 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
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        • Audience Video
In The Audience @ People's Choice Awards
Format: mpg
Size: 11,43 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
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        • Jessica Presenting Award Video
Presenting Award @ People's Choice Awards
Format: mpg
Size: 21,27 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
Jessica Simpson put on a brave face and a sexy saloon girl's outfit to open the 32nd People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night (10JAN06). The singer/actress strutted her stuff in red cowboy boys and a saucy red corset as she performed her 2005 hit These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. It was Simpson's first public performance since filing for divorce from her husband Nick Lachey last month (DEC05). ContactMusic.com
        • People's Choice Awards videos!
Thanks to the wonderful Samantha I am able to provide you with videos from last night's People's Choice Awards! I got all videos with Jessica, thanks so much Samantha! Here's Boots to get you started!

These Boots ... @ People's Choice Awards
Format: mpg
Size: 33,35 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
        • Candids
January 8 2006: Newly single Jessica Simpson visits a couple of Los Angeles recording studios for some rehearsals. The dressed down actress was accompanied by her close friend, CaCee Cobb. Thanks to Emily!
        • People's Choice Awards Pictures
I added high quality pictures of Jessica at the People's Choice Awards last night! I'm gonna post the video too! *updated*
Jessica Simpson faced a last-minute panic at last night's (10JAN06) 32nd annual People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles - she couldn't find the right boots. The pop star opened the show with her Dukes Of Hazzard hit These Boots Are Made For Walking, but she almost had to hit the stage barefoot. Speaking yesterday afternoon (10JAN06) at the dress rehearsal, Simpson's stylist Jessica Paster revealed, "We're having trouble with the boots; we just can't find the right boots." But the problem was solved before the singer took to the stage for the raunchy opening performance. ContactMusic.com
January 10th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Nick & Jessica's House: Sold!
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have sold their Calabasas, CA home. The 5-bedroom, 6,500 square-foot Mediterranean-style house, featured in the couple's MTV reality series "Newlyweds," was listed at $3.75 million and was sold for an undisclosed amount to "Malcolm in the Middle" actor Justin Berfield, who has been a long-time family friend of the Simpsons. Berfield also has his 1930's Spanish style, Studio City, CA, house up for sale -- which included former past celeb owners such as George Clooney and Jaime Pressly. Nick and Jessica announced their separation in November, with Jessica filing for divorce on December 16. She has since purchased her own $3 million home in Beverly Hills. et.yahoo.com, thanks Lisa!
        • Newlyweds recaps
I added the Newlyweds recaps for the Final Season along with the episode downloads provided by Jessica Morris, click here to check them out. I have also moved the videos with expired links to the Video Archive, they do have working megaupload links so you can still download them. Let me know if you find any expired links so I can fix them.
Jessica Simpson's estranged husband Nick Lachey is narrowing down his search for a new woman after splitting from the singer last year (NOV05) - he wants a Jessica Alba look-a-like who has bedded 10 guys or less. The former 98 Degrees star is on the hunt for his next great love, even though he admits "Jessica is the hottest woman I've ever seen". But speaking to Elle magazine, Lachey reveals he desires a sexy Latina lover. He says, "Jessica Alba's beautiful. So is Eva Mendes." He also has fixed ideas about his next woman's sexual history: "I'm all for 10 (sexual partners) and under, but, of course, as you get older, that number becomes less realistic." Lachey also expects his new lady to understand his love of sports - unlike Simpson - and appreciate his musical career. He adds, "I hope that she'll at least respect my music. If she didn't like it, I could live with that." ContactMusic.com
January 9th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Matthew Rolston Photoshoot HQ
I added 2 high quality photos taken by Matthew Rolston.
        • Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston Spark Tabloid Battle
Are they or aren’t they? Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston were rumored to be phone pals, or at least text pals as reportedly Jen was giving Jess an assist as she prepared for her divorce from Nick Lachey. Then again Jen is rumored to be phone pals with just about everyone. But not so fast, Jen denies it and that means Jen and Jess have sparked a tabloid 'smackdown.' Read more.
January 8th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • OK! Photoshoot Outtakes
I added some OK! Photoshoot high quality pics, the set includes some outtakes! Thanks to Luki!

I also added captures of Newlyweds Final Season Bonus Feature "Behind The Scenes".
        • Jessica Simpson Sells Better than Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Simpson donated her famous purple dress she wore to VH1 awards this year, and it was sold instantly for more than any dress Jennifer Lopez auctioned. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and other stars donated their dresses for the massive 7th on Sale eBay auction of designer clothing ended earlier this month. Jessica Simpson donated the Donna Karan Collection gown she wore at the annual VH1 "Divas" concert in Las Vegas. Even though Jennifer Lopez was a favorite with more bids, Jessica Simpson's dress actually sold for more than anything Lopez had worn. It attracted 32 bids and went for more than $4,400. The best-known gown - the revealing jungle-print Versace that Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards - was a bargain at just over $3,200.
The celebrity dresses and 6,000 other garments were put up for auction starting in November as part of the effort to raise money for HIV/AIDS charities. The event was sponsored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. More than 167 million buyers participated, according to the Kaplow Public Relations firm, which handled promotion. Exact totals were not available at press time. Toronto Fashion Monitor
        • Jessica Simpson Most Photographed Female Celebrity In US Weekly
Jessica Simpson is one popular young woman as she tops the list of celebrities who have had their photo appear the most in US Weekly from Aug. 1, 2005, to Jan. 2, 2006, according to Pop Sugar. Read more.
January 7th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Nick & Jess' house for sale
Check out the listing, it looks awesome, wish I could live there! Proceed. Thanks to Cherry.
        • New candids
January 5 2006: Jessica Simpson out for the first time at restaurant Toast after long Christmas break far from the attention. The single star looks happy and eating well.
        • Nick & Jessica's House for Sale
The multi-million-dollar Calabasas, Calif., home that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson made famous during the filming of their MTV hit Newlyweds is up for sale, PEOPLE has learned. The five-bedroom, 6,500 square-foot Mediterranean-style house, which includes an infinity pool, a screening room and a music studio, is being listed by Kay Cole of Sotheby's International for $3.75 million, a source close to Lachey says. After the couple announced their split in November, Lachey, 32, remained at the house while Simpson, 25, moved into her parents' L.A. home. Simpson, who filed for divorce on Dec. 16 after three years of marriage, has since moved into a new $3 million Beverly Hills home, which she purchased last month. "She's happy to have a house that's hers," a source close to the pop star told PEOPLE last month. "This is the first time she's making her own decisions." People.com
January 6th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
ABC's smash reality series "Dancing with the Stars" launched its second season last night with a new roster of stars and professional dancers, who took to the floor after a month of practice -- and our Kevin Frazier was behind the scenes for all the backstage action! There cheering his brother Drew on was Nick Lachey, who, although wouldn't talk on camera about his recent break-up with Jessica Simpson, did tell Kevin backstage that he was doing well and just wanted to support his brother. But Drew Lachey did tell say how Nick has been doing since the split. "[He's doing] as good as anyone in his situation can do," he says. "He's a strong individual, strong-willed, but anyone going through that will feel the effects." And Drew says Nick hasn't given him any dancing advice. "It's not his forte," Drew told Kevin. "But we're close so he's going to support me and I'm going to support him in his endeavors." ET Online
        • TONIGHT ON ET
Nick Lachey's top secret visit to "Dancing With The Stars"! We tell you what his brother said about his split with Jessica.
        • Scans
Jessica graces the cover of Cosmopolitan, February 2006 issue in Australia, thanks to Danni for the scans
        • Pics
Disney Special Promo Pictures (high quality) + Larry Marano Photoshoot 2001 (high quality).
        • Candids
July 22 2005: Jessica Simpson returning to hotel in New York City (high quality).
        • WinAmp Skins
I added 20 new WinAmp Skins made for us by Ana - thanks!!
        • Jessica Simpson kicks off People's Choice Awards
Former Newlywed Jessica Simpson will kick off the 32nd annual People's Choice Awards with a special performance. "Jessica's true vocal talent, unlimited energy and undeniable charisma will truly be a great addition to this year's show," executive producer Carol Donovan said in a statement Thursday. The People's Choice Awards will be broadcast live Jan. 10 on CBS from the Shrine Auditorium. Simpson's publicist, Rob Shuter, confirmed her appearance but wouldn't elaborate. The 25-year-old singer-actress is nominated for favorite song in a movie for her saucy version of These Boots Are Made for Walkin' from The Dukes of Hazzard. Last month she filed for divorce from former boy band star Nick Lachey, 32. The photogenic pair starred in their own MTV reality show, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. USA Today
        • Gallery updates
For the last 3 days I've been uploading pics to the new gallery, here's a list of what I've added so far, all of those have been posted at SK before but it doesn't hurt to look again
• 17 x Billboard Music Awards 2003 [HQ]
• 89 x Latin Grammy Awards, September 1 2004 [HQ]
• 15 x American Music Awards 2003 Afterparty [HQ]
• 10 x American Red Cross Christmas TV, October 25 2000
• 97 x Dessert Launch in Sephora, October 4 2004 [HQ]
• 87 x Operation Smile's Gala, September 22 2004 [HQ]
• 09 x Rehearsing for Christmas in Rockefeller Center, November 30 2004 [HQ]
• 14 x TRL Studios in New York City, November 30 2004 [HQ]
• 05 x Airport, December 23 2004 [HQ]
• 08 x Airport, December 28 2004
• 04 x Beverly Hills, August 12 2004 [HQ]
• 04 x Cafe Med, March 10 2005 [HQ]
• 05 x Cipriani Restaurant in New York City, November 29 2004 [HQ]
• 08 x New York City, April 24 2004 [HQ]
• 97 x Allure's Play Safe Concert, Central Park, May 22 2004
• 179 x Allure's Play Safe Concert, Central Park, May 22 2004 [HQ]
• 12 x Bridgewater, New Jersey, October 2 2004 [HQ]
• 23 x Wango Tango, May 15 2004 [HQ]
• 54 x Zootopia 2004 [HQ]

We already have over 25.000 pics in the new gallery and many many more on the way!
        • For the record
Nick Lachey may have lost Jessica Simpson, but he still thinks she's the sexiest woman he's ever laid eyes on. The former "Newlywed" told Elle magazine that he's learned a few things from his failed marriage, including not to buy clothes in a size too big for your better half ("They don't take kindly to that") and to "throw in the towel right off the bat" when arguing, since "women argue in ways that aren't rational to men." He's still kind of surprised his marriage ended so soon, but attributes the relationship changing to "the exposure," and thinks the couple's most romantic moment was only made possible because it took place before all the cameras came into their lives, when they were sitting on a beach in Hawaii watching fireworks going off. He said his biggest weakness was being too open. "I'm typically an overly sensitive person, I lay my heart out there too often," he said. "I've never been shy about crying. Sometimes we're so scared of our emotions that we rob ourselves." That doesn't make him a total softie, he stressed — he's all for dirty talk ("I haven't even realized my full dirty talk potential") and kinky behavior in the bedroom, like walking around in his girl's shoes ("It was sort of a kinky thing we liked to get into"). ... Meanwhile, Simpson is slated to open Tuesday's 32nd annual People's Choice Awards with a live performance. The singer is nominated in the Favorite Song From a Movie category for her cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'." The show will be hosted by late-night talker Craig Ferguson. MTV.com
January 5th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Wins Sexiest Eyed Award
Jessica Simpson nabbed the cleavage award in 2005 according to the tabloid ‘In Touch Weekly. Now the buxom star has nabbed another award according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The paper reports that Jess was voted pop music's sexiest-eyed star, according to a Rohto V. Sexiest Eyes Survey. Read more.
        • ET Breaking News
From Lisa: "Jessica will be appearing and opening the People's Choice Awards next Tuesday. They are labeling it as her "bounce" back in public."
January 4th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • ET Tonight
The naked truth about Lindsay Lohan's reported eating disorder intervention; Tom Selleck still sexy at 60! The actor talks about rumors of a "Magnum P.I. comeback; and breaking Jessica Simpson news!

- I wonder what it's about!
        • LJ Icons
I made 5 new livejournal icons / avatars.
January 3rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New OK! scans
Thanks to Ewe for the scans!
        • Nick & Jessica's Tour Of Duty Videos
They can be downloaded in the JessicaForum.com - thanks to Danielle
        • AOL's Top 100 Music Videos
Jessica's music video "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" is #2 at AOL's Top 100 Videos of 2005! It's the second most watched video at AOL. Check out the full list here.
        • Jessica Simpson Leads Celebrity Searches In December - Celebopedia
Celebopedia ( http://www.celebopedia.com ), the Internet's leading celebrity encyclopedia, announced today the 25 most searched for celebrities for the month of December 2005. The numbers reflect the amount of interest their entries in the celebrity encyclopedia earned in the month (last month's ranking in parenthesis).
1. Jessica Simpson (2)
2. Rachel McAdams (10)
3. Beyonce (7)
4. Trish Stratus (-)
5. Rachel Bilson (-)
6. Adriana Lima (-)
7. Will Smith (9)
8. Angelina Jolie (3)
9. Carrie Underwood (12)
10. Maria Sharapova (11)
View the complete list here.
January 2nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Newlyweds DVD Scans
I scanned the DVD boxes of the Newlyweds' Final Season, in my opinion the prettiest of all 3 Click the thumb to view the scans.
I also added captures of another Dukes Of Hazzard DVD Bonus Feature: The Hazards Of Dukes, view them here.
        • Pictures
April 29, 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada. Jessica Simpson at the Nobu dinner during Peter Morton's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 10th Anniversary Celebration in Sin City (high quality).
        • Family Christmas
Not the best thing to start New Year with a sickness, I really apologise for not updating much lately, I can't seem to get rid of that cold! I uploaded the last part of Family Christmas. It's mpg this time, download it in the video section.
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