February 20th, 2005 |
Jessica & Ashlee's Grandparents' Home on eBay
The house is located in Waco, Texas and it's up for sale! Check it out here.


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New scans
You can download the new episode of Newlyweds at Nick-Lachey.net! I have some new scans for you, thanks to Lisa :D
Life & Style, March 7, 2005 [08]
InTouch Weekly, February 28, 2005 [05]
QuizFest, March/April 2005 [03]
J-14, March 2005 [04]
Popstar, March 2005 [04]

February 19th, 2005 |
New candids
Jessica Simpson has lunch with mystery man, February 18 2005.

February 18th, 2005 |
Since I haven't posted Newlyweds this week (at least yet) I decided to put the rest of the Nick & Jessica Family Christmas. It's the part that hasn't been posted yet, hope you enjoy it. I'm also gonna add 'Take My Breath Away' live @ Ellen so stay tuned for that :)

Nick & Jessica's Family Christmas
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New pictures!
Behind the scenes with Jessica Simpson as she shoots the new print. February 10 2005.
How cute are these?! :D

'In This Skin' to be re-released on dual disc
From Thomas: "Sony USA are re-releasing Jessica's latest album 'In This Skin' on dual disc, which a new double sided disc with unique features either side. Here's the info:

CN 93471
Release date: March 22
In This Skin

- Expanded version of triple-Platinum album, which includes "Take My Breath Away," "Angels," and original and acoustic versions of #1 song "With You"

- Entire album in 5.1 Surround Sound and enhanced LPCM Stereo
- Nick and Jessica's Wedding footage and "Newlyweds" scenes
- Exclusive recording studio footage
- Music videos for "Take My Breath Away" and "Angels"

Simpson faces legal battle over fitness video
Pop diva Jessica Simpson is facing a legal battle with a fitness company after disagreements over the singer's workout in an exercise video.

"The Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica" reality TV star had last year signed a multi-million dollar contract with the SpeedFit company to star in their fitness video, reported the Internet Media Database.

After seeking help from trainer Michael Alexander to get into shape for her hotpants-wearing role of Daisy Duke in the film adaptation of "The Dukes Of Hazzard", Simpson reportedly wanted Alexander's work-out to be incorporated into the fitness video.

But SpeedFit's producers told Simpson that Alexander's style didn't fit their idea of fitness and are now considering a lawsuit.

Simpson's business manager says, "We've been trying to make this work. We thought Mike would increase the marketability of the exercise program."
Source: NewKerala.com

February 17th, 2005 |
Marie Claire Photoshoot
Here are 2 high quality pictures from Marie Claire photoshoot by MR PHOTO - I told you I was gonna update more hehe :) Please don't ask about Newlyweds, I'm as clueless as you are :( If I find the episode I'll let you know right away - for now I don't have it. Enjoy the pics :)

New pictures
Jessica Simpson Debuts Clothing Line at MAGIC, February 15 2005.

I added new avatars.

Jessica rehearsing before the American Music Awards 2004 :)

Simpson 'Inspired' To Sing Country And Western
Jessica Simpson has been inspired by her big screen debut to embark on a country and western career. Jessica wants to team up with her 'Dukes Of Hazzard' co-star Willie Nelson, who plays Uncle Jesse to her Daisy Duke, for the movie's soundtrack and sees herself as the next Shania Twain, reports MTV. Simpson, 24, says, "I've been really inspired to write some country stuff. "It would be a lot of fun to step into the Shania Twain type of direction, just for the movie, just for fun. "And I'm crossing my fingers to do something with Willie."
Source: yahoo.com

Dispute delays 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson's fitness video
A dispute about a personal trainer has jeopardized an exercise video actress/singer and "Newlyweds" star Jessica Simpson was to make for fitness company SpeedFIT. Simpson wanted trainer Michael Alexander, the person who got her into shape to play Daisy Duke for her film debut in "The Dukes of Hazard," to help her get ready for the exercise video, InTouch reported. However, SpeedFIT nixed Alexander, saying his workout style did not fit their image. Read more

Bad news - the site I used to get new episodes from closed down, I've been searching for another one but can't seem to find one :( If anyone knows where I can find new episodes please e-mail me, thanks.

New pictures
Jessica Simpson toasts her line of lotions and potions, Dessert, at a Las Vegas party to promote the products. February 16, 2005.

February 16th, 2005 |
Jess in Las Vegas
There are some new candids of Jessica in Las Vegas at Filmmagic and WireImage!

I have a great wallpaper for you, made by Mike - thanks! :D

Dec 11 2004 EXCLUSIVE Jessica Simpson out shopping with her girlfriends has a quick visit at a tanning salon.

New scans
Star, February 21, 2005 [05] (thanks MelanieJo!)
InTouch, February 21, 2005 [07] (thanks Lisa!)
Us Weekly, February 21, 2005 [05] (thanks Lisa!)
Life & Style, February 21, 2005 [02] (thanks Lisa!)
People, February 21, 2005 [02] (thanks Lisa!)
Glamour en Espanol, February 2005 [07] (thanks Lisa!)
Total Film, March 2005 [02] (thanks Gary!)
OK, January 2005 [06] (thanks Lisa M!)

February 15th, 2005 |
Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson plan 'Hazzard' duet
Jessica Simpson says she'll pair up with Willie Nelson for a duet. It'll be for the soundtrack of the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie, in which she stars along with Nelson. As for what they'll sing, Simpson tells Rolling Stone magazine they're still deciding. She says they have a couple of songs they like.
Source: AZCentral.com

Nick and Jessica get romantic in the supermarket parking lot over Valentine's Day weekend. Jessica Simpson was grocery shopping when Nick Lachey stopped on his way home from the studio to give his wife a kiss. Jessica, with her new shorter hair 'do and an uncharacteristicly casual embroidered shirt, paused for a moment with her husband just a day before the lover's holiday. February 13, 2005. (I love her new Louis Vuitton bag with cherries!)

Jessica Simpson at the airport in Miami, January 6 2005 [HQ].

February 14th, 2005 |
From Thomas: "Just thought I'd let you know the RIAA has certified Jessica's live concert DVD 'Reality Tour Live' Platinum for sales of over 100,000 copies! The award was certified on January 14th!"

Poser alert
OK it's getting really annoying when people come on here and claim they are Jessica Simpson. I'm sure that people who post in the comments section know what I'm reffering to. The person who posts as Jessica IS NOT JESSICA! Unless she is in Illinois, and we know she isn't. I even got an e-mail from her claiming she was Jessica and e-mailing me from 'her friend's address'. Please do not do this, I can check who the e-mails are from and who posts the comments and I seriously doubt that's Jessica since she doesn't even post at her official site! Also the person posted under a different name, I won't reveal it but it's my last warning, stop posing or be banned. Thank you.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :) I have some more pictures for you, thanks to Angie!

Jessica Simpson leaves hotel in New York City. February 10 2005.

JESSICA SIMPSON AND NICK LACHEY leaving nightclub in the wee hours. They seemed very happy. February 7 2005.

EXCLUSIVE Jessica Simpson, Nick and Willie Nelson enjoy an evening of partying and hanging out on Willie Nelson's tour bus. January 29 2005.

February 13th, 2005 |
Jessica & Nick out and about in Louisiana, January 2005.

Jessica, Nick, Tina, Cacee leaving Mr Chow restaurant, February 8 2005 [HQ]

Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville leave a bar, February 1 2005.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey attend Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party, February 12 2005. [HQ]

Musician Jessica Simpson poses at the Will.i.am Music Group's Tsunami Benefit Concert at the Avalon Hollywood on February 11, 2005 in Hollywood California.

Jessica Simpson returns to her midtown Manhattan hotel. February 10 2005.

Jessica Simpson leaves a photo studio in downtown Manhattan, New York, USA with husband Nick Lachey. February 9 2005.

February 11th, 2005 |
ReJoyce news
Rejoyce has been certified GOLD by the RIAA on January 14th, 2005! Congrats Jess! Thanks Lisa for the news :)

Newlyweds video
Videos are being reuploaded due to some error during previous transfer.

Newlyweds, Season 4 Episode 3
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While uploading the Newlyweds episode I'm updating some sections, here's what I updated:
Other Jessica Sites
Affiliates - Nick-Lachey.net
4 new Winamp Skins
New section - Her Assistant

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson seen outside their midtown hotel in Manhattan, New York, February 8 2005.

Ashlee Show captures

Vote for Jessica
Jessica is nominated for TRL's First Lady for the TRL awards. Vote for her here! We can make her win!

Newlyweds captures
I added captures from the 3rd episode of Newlyweds. It was all about Daisy - so cute! :) Also I would like to say that I will have my final 2 exams next week and then I will be updating a lot more as I will have much more time! :)

February 10th, 2005 |
New pictures
I added high quality pictures of Jess & Nick at the press conference to promote Dessert Treats yesterday.

Fashion Apparel Brand by Jessica Simpson to Debut at MAGIC
Pop princess/female icon/style diva Jessica Simpson and Andrew Kirpalani, CEO of JS Brand Management, announce the creation of Jessica's lifestyle brand to be unveiled next week at the fashion industry's trade show, MAGIC. Simpson's widespread influence on pop culture, fashion and trends will continue to grow as she enters into the fashion arena.

Kirpalani notes, "Jessica Simpson is admired for her glamorous, girl next door representation of American ethics. Talented and beautiful, she is a role model for women of all ages and lifestyles. Designing her own line of clothing is an ideal outlet to manifest her creativity and make a mark on the fashion world. It is an honor for us to work hand-in-hand with such an amazing young woman."

Sweet Kisses, the JS Collection and Princy (Jessica's beloved nickname from family and friends) will be available at retail Fall '05, targeting female fans from tweens to early thirty-somethings. A multi-tiered approach with varying levels of price points, ensure that the collections offer something for every one of Simpson's fans. The collections will include a line of sportswear, denim, watches, lingerie, handbags, as well as other lifestyle elements.

Jessica is excited about this new venture. "I have always been able to express my creativity in the entertainment industry. Now with the launch of my own brand I will be able to share my love of fashion and my lifestyle with my fans, and women across America. I am loving this new part of my life."

She will promote her new collections at MAGIC, meeting with buyers and retailers at the Jessica Simpson Brand booth. Jessica will attend an exclusive, invitation-only cocktail party during the MAGIC show for the press and top retail management. Source: JS Brand Management

Simpson and Lachey shoot down infidelity reports
Pop hunk Nick Lachey has hit back at accusations he's been cheating on his wife Jessica Simpson. This week reports emerged the former 98 Degrees heart-throb ordered his bodyguard to talk to a mystery blonde on his behalf after she caught his attention at the ESPN Magazine's post-Superbowl party on Sunday in Florida. It has also been reported that Lachey dined out with his ex girlfriend Jordana Jarjura on January 15 - whom he dated briefly in 2001 when he and Simpson split for several months - but the pop couple insists everything is healthy in their relationship. And Simpson, who acknowledges that her beau did join his ex for an "innocent" meal, she tells US Weekly: "We are committed to our relationship… There are always people who want you to fail… But we can handle anything that comes along.
"I've always been judged from a young age. I just can't take anything head on." And while Lachey's representative dubs stories about his alleged cheating "entirely false", his ex-girlfriend Jarjura has also spoken to the publication about their recent outing. She says: "We are just friends. (We) have a lot of the same friends. There are lessons to be learned. Now Nick and I will tell each other about something like this ahead of time." Source: Irish Examiner

February 7th, 2005 |
New pictures
Jessica Simpson looks upset as she wraps up her new movie "Dukes of Hazzard" in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. February 5, 2005.

February 6th, 2005 |
Jessica and Ashlee for Tsunami victims
TEEN PEOPLE and Ashlee Simpson have teamed up to auction off some incredibly cool items from your favorite stars to benefit UNICEF! Ashlee, who's TEEN PEOPLE's March cover girl, hit up her famous friends for donations, and they came through with must-have stuff! Check it out!


Ashlee Simpson: four tickets to her next concert with VIP passes to meet Ashlee, the autographed foosball table right from her rec room, and her Punk Royal pants and green Marc Jacobs boots from The Ashlee Simpson Show

Jessica Simpson: her autographed "plata-ma-pus" t-shirt from the "With You" video, her autographed pink bustier from her Dessert ads, her size 7.5 Louis Vuitton Murakami shoes and a package of Dessert goodies

February 5th, 2005 |
Dolly, March 2005 [08] (thanks Joyce!)
InTouch, February 7 2005 [06] (thanks Lisa!)
Us Weekly, February 7 2005 [01] (thanks Lisa!)

February 4th, 2005 |
New pictures
Jessica Simpson wearing a big green sweater in the rain in Baton Rouge, LA, where the star is finishing her movie "The Dukes of Hazzard". Jess is without husband Nick Lachey. February 1, 2005.

Ashlee Show caps

Newlyweds video

Newlyweds, Season 4 Episode 2 (part 1)
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Newlyweds, Season 4 Episode 2 (part 2)
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February 3rd, 2005 |
New candids
Caption included in the gallery :)
I won't be able to upload Newlyweds tonight :( I will tomorrow - promise!

Newlyweds caps
The videos will be posted later tonight!

Those tabloids just won't quit!!
Us Weekly, February 14 2005 [06] (thanks Monique!)
Life & Style, February 14 2005 [07] (thanks Monique!)
InTouch Weekly, February 14 2005 [07] (thanks Monique!)

I moved the January news to the archive. Also I will be taking down the Newlyweds episode tonight in order to put the next one up :) So make sure you downloaded it before it's gone!

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