December 31st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • More videos
More performances of "I Wanna Love You Forever" have been added, please visit our Media Center to download them (you may have to refresh the page) Hope you enjoy all of them. Also, if you have any more performances of With You and I Wanna Love You Forever that I didn't upload please let me know, I believe we can put together a great multimedia resource!
        • Happy New Year!
I just wanted to wish you all Happy New Year! Hope you have great time tonight You will have a lot of downloading when you wake up in the 2007 Hope the videos I post bring smile to your faces. My goal is to create the biggest Multimedia Center for Jessica Simpson So far so good!
        • I Wanna Love You Forever @ Summer Music Mania 1999 (incomplete)
Format: mpg
Size: 34,45 mb (please e-mail me if you have this video in full!)
Capped by: -
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • I Wanna Love You Forever @ The View
Format: mpg
Size: 35,94 mb
Capped by: -
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • I Wanna Love You Forever @ Musica Si
Format: avi
Size: 33,09 mb
Capped by: -
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • New layout in Media Center
I have just put up a beautiful new layout in the Media Center - it was made by my dear friend Luke Check it out and I hope you like it as much as I do! Oh, and check out the gorgeous new layout Luke made for his Britney Spears fansite:!
        • I Wanna Love You Forever @ House Of Blues
Format: avi
Size: 11,18 mb
Capped by: -
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
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        • I Wanna Love You Forever @ Donnie & Marie
Format: asf
Size: 16,05 mb
Capped by: -
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
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        • I Wanna Love You Forever @ AMA 2001
Format: mpg
Size: 43,12 mb
Capped by: -
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Sweet Kisses Advance Promo [Japan]
I scanned the Japanese advance promo of "Sweet Kisses", I love it, it has a beautiful cover.
        • Jessica to host New Years Eve Party in NYC
Jessica Simpson takes some winter clothes with her on a private plane to New York City where she will host a New Years Eve party.
December 30th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • With You @ MTV VMA
Format: mpg
Size: 22,58 mb
Capped by: Malibu!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Videos
As I am almost done with uploading all of the "With You" performances I have collected so far I would like to ask you which performances (of which song) should I upload next? You can e-mail me with your suggestions or sign the guestbook, thanks And also let me know if you have any other performances of "With You" that I'm missing (the VMA one is uploading).
I guess I'll start from the beginning with "I Wanna Love You Forever" performances
        • With You @ Good Morning America 2005
Format: wmv
Size: 6,41 mb
Capped by: -!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • With You @ Wayne Brady Show
Format: mpg
Size: 31,2 mb
Capped by: -!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • With You @ Dillard's
Format: wmv
Size: 15,51 mb
Capped by: -!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
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        • With You @ KJ103 Presents
Format: wmv
Size: 16,89 mb
Capped by: -!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
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        • Sweet Kisses Advance Promo cd
I added scans of "Sweet Kisses" Advance Promo CD, check out the tracklist: it includes "I Can, I Will" and "You Don't Know What Love Is". Thanks to Ben for the back cover scan.
        • With You @ Good Morning America, August 22 2003
Format: mpg
Size: 16,17 mb
Capped by: -!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Jessica and Nick Settle Up on Money
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have finally come to an agreement on who gets what in their three-and-a-half year marriage. TMZ has obtained documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, revealing that Simpson and Lachey both signed a "written stipulation" on their financial dispute. The couple was officially divorced last June, however, they were unable at the time to reach an agreement on dividing assets. TMZ first reported that Jessica and Nick earned a total of $36 million during their marriage. Since there was no prenup, under California's community property laws, each should have walked away with $18 million. Sources told TMZ that Jessica offered Nick a scant $1.5 million, which he rejected. Sources say under the terms of the settlement, Nick will get "significantly" more than $1.5, but far less than $18 million. Nick agreed to the settlement in order to avoid an ugly court battle. According to legal papers, Simpson and Lachey each filed financial declarations but agreed never to disclose the financial assets of the other.
        • Simpson Leaves Valet Stiff
Jessica Simpson had no dough when it came time to pay a valet last night. After a night of partying at Hyde with hairstylist Ken Paves and former assistant CaCee Cobb, Simpson and her penniless gang didn't have the cash needed to pay the valet. As cameras flashed away, one of Jess' friends asked a bystander, actor Desmond Harrington, if he had some dinero -- he didn't. Jessica was seen giggling away in the backseat when, as a last resort, they told the hostess at the door about their situation. The hostess said, "I'll take care of it."
        • New candids
December 29, 2006: Burbank, CA, Jessica Simpson packs up and goes on what looks like a long vacation. Simpson boarded a private jet at Burbank airport with the help of a airport attendant and her driver. She has a couple of bags as large and it looks like they are as heavy as her (high quality).

View regular pics here.
        • New candids
December 29, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving nightclub (high quality).
December 29th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • With You @ Early Show, August 11 2004
Format: mpg
Size: 25,66 mb
Capped by: MV4U!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Video
From x17online: Jessica Simpson (with Jessica Pastor, Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb), Jack Osbourne and John Cho (Harold from Harold & Kumar) were partying over at Hyde while Andy Dick (looking fairly well-behaved as he waited for a friend) and Celebrity Duets' Alfonso Ribeiro were over at Area. It's nice to see that A-Listers like Jessica are still in town, but it seems like the rest of Hollywood has flown the coop for New Year's! Click here for the video.
        • Scans
I scanned Japanese edition of Sweet Kisses album; it contains a bonus track "Did You Ever Love Somebody" and a booklet with lyrics in English and Japanese!
        • Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Split Assets
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have resolved the splitting of their assets, according to legal documents obtained by PEOPLE. It officially brings their divorce to a complete close; the couple were legally free to marry others last June. Details of their settlement are undisclosed. Read more.
        • Jessica takes the entourage shopping
From x17online: "Jessica was back to looking gorgeous (nice work, Jessica P.!) when she stepped out for a little after-Christmas shopping. Jessica, hairstylist Ken Paves and her wardrobe stylist Jessica Pastor hit up Maxfield's on Melrose before going over to Antquarius on Beverly. Click here to watch video.
        • With You @ Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve
Format: mpg
Size: 25,66 mb
Capped by: GDmac!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Scans
Here are scans from Us Weekly, December 18th issue - thanks Dron!
        • Candids
More pics from Social and Koi can be seen below!

Click here and here!
        • Pictures
ASPEN, USA: The Simpson family all got together to spend Christmas here, in a log cabin they rented to enjoy their holidays. Surrounded by the snowcapped mountains, the log cabin is a cozy getaway for the Southern family.
December 28th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • A Public Affair - Japan
I scanned also the Japanese edition of A Public Affair: it has 2 bonus remixes of A Public Affair (see scans for full tracklist). I have 8 copies of different A Public Affair albums
        • New candids
December 27, 2006: Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson at Koi (sushi restaurant) with hairdresser and "Extension Junkie" Ken Paves. Jessica is being driven by Ken in his new Bentley.

Check out more pics at!
        • Jessica Simpson: I’d never have anything done to my face
Jessica Simpson revealed she wouldn’t be indecisive to get cosmetic surgery when the aging process takes its toll on her body. “If my boobs ended up hanging round my waist, then I’d definitely get them pulled up!”, Jessica told More magazine. But after bodged lip-work earlier this year, the actress/singer/designer added: “I’d never have anything done to my face. I like it the way it is.” She also admitted that like everyone, her self-esteem still has off-days: “I’m proud of my figure, but if I’m having an off day I’ll just throw on a trenchcoat and heels and go out [like that].”
        • Showcase In The Netherlands Audio
I added the audio of the mini concert in the Netherlands, you can download it below
Showcase In The Netherlands Audio
format: mp3
quality: 192 kbps
size: 27,45 mb
length: 19:59
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link
        • A Public Affair - Taiwan
I scanned the Taiwanese edition of A Public Affair, front + back cover because I keep it sealed (the inside isn't probably any different anyway).
        • Jessica Simpson Items in Online Charity Auction
We wanted to let you know that a shirt and guitar signed by Jessica Simpson are currently up for auction at along with other celebrity items. Proceeds benefit children's charities. Please bid and pass along the information. The auction ends December 30.
Thank you!
Clothes Off Our Back"
Bid on Jessica Simpson Signed T- Shirt here and on Jessica Simpson Autographed Guitar here.
December 27th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Showcase in the Netherlands
I hope you enjoy this mini concert from the Netherlands!

Format: mpg
Size: 199 mb
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
List of songs:
01. I Never
02. I Think I'm In Love With You
03. I Wanna Love You Forever
04. A Little Bit
05. Irresistible.

        • Scans
Jessica graces the cover of Glamour magazine in Germany - thanks to Vicky for sending in the scans
        • Poll
Who wins your vote for hottest bachelorette of 2006? Go to to vote for Jessica. Thanks Laura!
        • Scans
I added scans from Polish To & Owo magazine, December 27 issue.
        • Stephanie Netherton's In: Celebrity spotting becomes new pastime for locals
Shreveport has been starstruck since Hollywood crept into our small town. Just about everyone has a celebrity-spotting story to share. In most conversations with my friends, stories are swapped about someone seeing Luke Wilson eating at Superior Grill or Jessica Simpson shopping at Express. We're dazzled and can you blame us? Instead of just going out for a night on the town, there is the anticipation of what could possibly happen and who you may see. Read more.
        • Nelson and Miller Have Ambition
Willie Nelson and Larry Miller have joined the cast of Blonde Ambition, Nu Image/Millennium Films' loose remake of the 1988 film Working Girl, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jessica Simpson is starring, with Scott Marshall directing. The story follows a young woman (Simpson) who becomes the unwitting pawn of two ruthless business executives in their bid to usurp and replace the head of an international conglomerate. Nelson is playing Simpson's grandfather, and Miller is the CEO. The casting reunites country legend Nelson with Simpson, with whom he worked on her feature debut, The Dukes of Hazzard. Miller, meanwhile, worked with Marshall on Keeping Up With the Steins. Also cast in the film are Luke Wilson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Andy Dick and Penelope Ann Miller. The script was written by Matt Flanagan, Dave McHugh, Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin. The movie is shooting in New York and Shreveport, La. Sony Entertainment will release the film theatrically.
        • Access Hollywood's Top Stars Of The Year
Access Hollywood, currently in its 11th season, has named its "Top Newsmakers of 2006," with Tom Cruise coming in as number one male newsmaker and Angelina Jolie the number one female newsmaker. The lists of top male and female celebrities, television shows and films will be revealed on Access Hollywood throughout the week of December 25, 2006.
Access Hollywood's Top Newsmakers of 2006 were calculated according to the number of stories the program dedicated to each celebrity, television show and film over the course of the year. "From nuptials and new babies to dancing, singing, and some sad splits, 2006 was a whirlwind year," said Access Hollywood executive producer Rob Silverstein. I'm sure there will be much more to come from all these stars and top shows in 2007."
Below are the men, women, television shows and films that made the cut, and the number of stories dedicated to them in 2006. Last year, top honors were given to pop star Michael Jackson with 77 stories, but this year Cruise took the top spot raising the bar to 94 stories (45 more stories than were dedicated to him in 2005). Cruise's new bride and newcomer to the lists, Katie Holmes was also a major newsmaker this year coming in at number two of the top women of 2006. Other newcomers to the lists include Brad Pitt, "Dancing With the Stars," Lindsay Lohan and Madonna, while Cruise, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson made the list once again.

TOP 10 WOMEN OF 2006
1. Angelina Jolie - 79 stories (#10 in 2005- 30 Stories)
2. Katie Holmes - 75 stories
3. Britney Spears - 68 stories (#3 in 2005- 51 Stories)
4. Lindsay Lohan - 60 stories
5. Madonna - 48 stories
6. Jessica Simpson - 47 stories (#5 in 2005- 46 Stories)
7. Eva Longoria - 46 stories
8. Jennifer Aniston - 45 stories
9. Nicole Kidman - 39 stories
10. Teri Hatcher - 38 stories
Access Hollywood
        • New candids
December 26, 2006: Jessica Simpson in Aspen (+01).
        • New candids
December 26, 2006: Jessica and Ashlee Simpson go grocery shopping in Colorado with their entourage.

Got bigger ones? Please e-mail me!
December 26th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Blast From The Past
Jessica at Millenium Fashion Show in Times Square, 1999 (high quality).

Click here for regular size.
        • New message from Jess!

"happy holidays to all of my fans. i am spending much needed family time in the colorado rockies. i send y'all my genuine huge smile hoping it makes its way to brighten your christmas day...very dorky rhyme, but hey what can i say...i am a dork. daisy doesn't enjoy the role of santa in this picture, but the idea was just too cute to resist. i love all of y'all with my whole heart and my hope is for each and every one of your christmas wishes to come true.
thank you for always inspiring me to be better in everything that i do.
xo jess"

- Thank you Jess for your sweet message and the adorable picture, we love you!
December 25th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Candids
October 27, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving her downtown hotel in the rain and heading out to dinner with friends at Bond Street in New York City.
        • Scans
I added scans from More magazine, thanks to Cheryl

December 23rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, great health for you and your families, joy and peace! Have a wonderful celebration and thank you for visiting the site
December 22nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • A Public Affair to be released in the UK!
From Thomas: "She's back! The fabulous Jessica Simpson nicks the spotlight on 5th February with the release of her party anthem of a single 'A Public Affair'. The single is taken from Jessica's new album of the same name which is released on 12th February."
        • Blast From The Past
December 14, 2000: Jessica Simpson at Jingle Ball, Madison Square Garden (high quality).
        • Blast From The Past
November 28, 2001: Singer Jessica Simpson at the 69th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in New York City (high quality).
Jessica Simpson's father and manager Joe has fired troubled Prison Break star Lane Garrison from his daughter's latest movie project. Garrison was a troubled youth in Texas when he moved in with his family's minister - Joe Simpson. Even though he is still close to the Simpson family, Joe had to let him go from the film because he was set to play a character who was continually drunk. Simpson is currently filming Blonde Ambition with Luke Wilson in Shreveport, Louisiana. Garrison was involved in a car crash earlier this month that killed Vahagn Setian, 17, and injured two other passengers. Alcohol is though to have been a factor in the crash. This is the latest trouble that Garrison has faced. Just one week after the crash, someone stole his identity and wiped out his entire bank account.
December 21st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
Jessica Simpson has asked producers to pull her portion of a tribute to Dolly Parton at the Kennedy Center Honors out of the upcoming televised show. Simpson drew unwanted attention earlier this month (DEC06) when she flubbed the words to Parton's song 9 TO 5 during a taping and grew flustered and fled the stage. Producers gave her a second chance to sing the song, but after she saw a tape, she requested that the second attempt be pulled from the show, which airs on 26 December (06) on US network CBS. Simpson's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger says, "She really wasn't happy with her performance and she did want it to be perfect for Dolly, who she idolises." Besides Parton, the Washington DC tribute honours Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Zubin Mehta, Smokey Robinson and Steven Spielberg. The show's producer, George Stevens Jr adds, "We appreciate the time and energy Ms Simpson put into this event and respect the high standards she has for herself and that of the Kennedy Center honors."
- I was really excited and couldn't wait to see the performance I miss Jessica live.
        • New Elle Photoshoot!
From hot_in_the_city_2_night: "I occasionally get invited to do surveys on magazines, I was asked about some Jessica Simpson pictures, and I voted which one should be on the cover."
        • 2006 Official Dukes Of Hazzard Calendar
I scanned the 2006 Dukes Of Hazzard calendar.

        • 2000 Official Sweet Kisses Trading Cards / Stickers
I scanned the set of Jessica Simpson Official Trading Cards / Stickers from 2000

Aren't they beautiful?
        • ‘Star’ makes stars of annoying celebrities
The stars whom The Flip Side loves to hate have been recognized by a hallmark of journalism — Star magazine. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Richie all made it onto Star’s "50 Most Annoying People of 2006" list, to be published in the upcoming issue. Spears comes in at No. 1, thanks to her "dubious child-care techniques" and recent blitz of pantyless photos. Tom Cruise, surprisingly, languishes at No. 5. Aniston, meanwhile, is blasted: "Sorry, Jen. The public support from your emotional trauma is all used up. So forgive us for not shedding a tear when you continually look so glum." The Columbus Dispatch
        • Penelope Ann Miller colors "Blonde Ambition"
Penelope Ann Miller has joined Jessica Simpson in the cast of "Blonde Ambition," a loose remake of the 1988 film "Working Girl." Also cast in the film are Luke Wilson, Andy Dick, Rachael Leigh Cook and Jamie Kennedy. Scott Marshall ("Keeping Up with the Steins") is directing. Miller is playing the conniving boss of Simpson's character, who is making her way through the corporate world. In the film, the roles were played, respectively, by Sigourney Weaver and Melanie Griffith. Sony Pictures is in talks to distribute the film, though whether it gets a theatrical release or goes straight to DVD has yet to be determined. Miller, who received a Golden Globe nomination for playing Al Pacino's girlfriend in "Carlito's Way," returns to theaters on January 19 in the slapstick comedy "Funny Money," and again on February 2 in the psychological thriller "The Messengers." Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
Actress/singer Jessica Simpson gets intimate with her dates over the telephone, in a bid to protect her boyfriends from the paparazzi. Simpson was divorced from husband of four years Nick Lachey in June (06) after months of speculation surrounding the state of their relationship. And the Dukes Of Hazzard beauty has learning from past mistakes by keeping her new love interests behind closed doors. She says, "Men must realise if they want to date me they have to do everything over the phone!"
December 20th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Scans
Here's some more scans from dron - thank you
• 04 x Kino Park [Russia], October 2006
• 04 x Time Out [Russia], October 23 2006
• 01 x OK! [Russia], December 7 2006
• 01 x Hello [Russia], November 21 2006
• 01 x Us Weekly [Russia], November 13 2006
• 02 x Us Weekly [Russia], November 27 2006
December 19th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New affiliates
I added some new affiliates
Nelly Furtado Simple Plan Britney Spears Carrie Underwood Drew Barrymore Hayden Panettiere Amanda Bynes Lindsay Lohan Hilary Duff Angelina Jolie

        • Blends
I added 2 new blends made by Esmeralda
        • Scans
I added Era DVD [Russia], October 2006 scans - thanks again to dron
        • Scans
Here are scans from Your Leisure [Russia], October 2006 - thanks to dron!
        • Scans
I added scans from the Russian Mini magazine, thanks to dron - they are bigger and complete
        • Al TV
Format: mpg
Size: 63,16 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
December 18th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Minden scenes of ‘Blonde Ambition’ wrapped up
The “Blonde Ambition” crew was in Minden Wednesday and Thursday to film several scenes for the Jessica Simpson movie. Filming wrapped Thursday night. Scenes were filmed inside Quade Studio featuring Simpson and Willie Nelson. Assistant location manager Jim Small and location manager Ed Lipscomb were among production people choosing Minden. Read more.
December 17th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Fan encounter
From Coleen: "After going to the first Positive Thinkers League at The Holistic Self Care Center (12 Murphy Drive, Nashua, NH- 603-883-1490) I created a vision book where I put a collage together to continue to create my life. I created a page dedicated to "hang out with" Jessica Simpson and about 2 weeks later I was on a fully paid trip to Los Angeles to hang out with Jessica! I had gone to her web site and there was this link to apply to be in a ProActiv commercial with her. I did it and they called me about an hour later to ask me questions about why I loved Jessica Simpson and continued the process of getting me to Los Angeles to film the commercial. I believe The Holistic Self Care Center had a lot to do with this incredible miracle. At the first meeting they showed the popular movie, The Secret, which is a documentary about creating your life with your thoughts and energy. I had heard a lot about this movie since I am a Hypnotist and Reiki practitioner (Colleen Asselin- 978-835-2935); this movie is big in my field. At many of my Hypnosis meetings (run by The National Guild of Hypnotists) local hypnotists talked up the movie. So I was excited to finally get to see it. It was about everything I had been studying, using and teaching. I just decided to take it a step further by creating the vision book and by making it clear to the universe I wanted something that would make it clear to me that this stuff definitely works. So I asked myself if I could have anything in the world that would really make me happy- what would it be? Meeting Jessica Simpson was the obvious one for me. Was it possible? I believed in it's possibility. She really gets out there and meets her fans. But I wanted more than to just meet her. It was clear in my intent that I wanted to hang out with her. Possible? I believ ed; Why not? I now feel very certain that this experience was created or drawn to me by the power of my thoughts and energy. I've always created my life, but now I know- the possibilities are endless. After the Positive Thinkers Club meeting had ended the owner, Barb Tremlett said to us "now November 28th is the next meeting, bring a friend and create something in your life that you can tell us about". Most of us said we'd only be doing that if it comes true. I was excited to present my experience and picture to everyone. However, to my surprise, I wasn't the only one who had amazing experiences using this positive thinking. There were lots and lots of wonderful stories of creating abundance in their lives. Stories of business opportunities and thousands of dollars being brought their way and more. The next meeting is December 26 at the Holistic Self Care Center in Nashua, call for seating. The attendance of the meeting doubled last time because word spread of how much this works :)"
- Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!
        • Magazine
I added 2 pictures from the Russian Mini magazine, December 2006 issue, thanks to Mira.
        • Fan Wallpapers
I added 3 Christmas wallpapers made by Vicki!
        • Another Jessica quiz
Check it out here, thanks to BARBiiE DOLLiiSH for sending me the link I got 20/20
        • Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
From Aaron: "Joanna, I was listening to an online christmas station today and Jessica Simpson's version of 'Rockin' around the christmas tree' came on. It said the album was unknown so I went searching. I found the album on FYE. It's the second Rosie O' Donnell Christmas CD. Jessica is the first track on the CD, singing with Rosie. I thought readers might be interested in buying the CD. I know I am! :)"
        • TV Alert
From Jennifer Paige: "Hey Joanna, just thought you would like to know that Weird Al did an interview with Jessica on Al TV. It came on this weekend but it's coming back on Monday December 18 at 3:00. It would be great if you could find it and put it on the site."
- thanks for the heads up Jennifer!
        • Now Offers Jessica Simpson's HairDo Line, a leading online retailer of women's wigs and hair extensions, has expanded its extensive catalog to include the HairDo line of products from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. This exciting new line of products offers women the ability to easily make dramatic changes to the length and style of their hair. With their affordable prices and ease of use, these clip-on hair pieces are perfect for temporary changes to a person's look. Available styles include 100 percent human hair as well as the highest quality synthetic fibers and range from 10 to 23 inches in length. Each style is available in a wide variety of colors that anyone will surely find a match to. also offers its exclusive "My Colors" feature to ensure that customers find the best match.
" has always offered the latest and greatest hair fashions available," said SJ Moore of WigShop, "the addition of the HairDo line from Jessica Simpson was an obvious choice to offer our customers." To view the full line of HairDo and other fine products, please visit Jessica Simpson Clip-in Extensions at
        • Silent Night @ Rockefeller Center
Format: mpg
Size: 23,66 mb
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Jessica was on top fourty songs of 2006 VH1
From punkpopangel: "She was talking about "Sexy back". She said that that song just makes you want to get up and dance. I didn't only say the last 5 songs so i don't know if her song was on the countdown or not. Or if she talked about more songs. She was wearing this outfit so she must have said that a while ago. Jessica Simpson public affair was #40. If you want to see it each show is two hours:
Dec 17 9:00 and 11:00 AM est
Dec 18 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM est
Dec 19 9:00 AM -11:00 AM Est
Dec 21 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM est
Dec 22 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM est."
December 16th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Willa Ford talks about Britney, Jessica in the new Maxim
"I'd have gone crazy like everybody else. Look at Britney. Look at Jessica. No offense, but a lot of the girls who look like me and continue to put records out are doing horribly. I't s like, "Ok, we're really famous, but are we happy?" What you'll find with most of those girls when you talk to them is that they don't know who they are. That's the difference. I knew who I was. They couldn't mold me."
Maxim, January 2007
        • DIRECTV Pulls Jessica Simpson HD Ads
DIRECTV has agreed to pull a commercial starring Jessica Simpson that said the satcaster offered the best High-Definition TV picture on the market. The decision was made after cable operator Time Warner sued the satcaster, saying it made a false claim regarding the picture quality. Read more.
        • New icons
Thanks to Olitunia for those Christmas icons

View more!
December 15th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Candids
November 22, 2006: Jessica Simpson flies to Texas for Thanksgiving.
December 14th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Direct TV Commercial
Format: mpg
Size: 5,01 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
        • Christmas wallpaper
I added a beautiful wallpaper made by Natasha
        • New icons
I added 15 new icons by Captivatiingly

View more!
        • New icons
I added 30 new icons by Neslin7

View more!
        • How Well Do You Know Jessica Simpson?
Take the quiz to find out! Thanks LeT-hiM-FlY for the link.
        • Jessica denies the latest rumors
I just got an e-mail from Jessica's assistant and Jessica denied the rumors that she has problems with the lines and she is NOT doing a duet with John Mayer! Thanks for clearing it up Jess Love ya
December 13th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
Jessica Simpson is helping to further reports she's romancing John Mayer by planning to record a film duet with the blues singer/songwriter. Simpson and Mayer have repeatedly shot down reports they're dating but were recently photographed dining out together, and now the pop star wants to get Mayer in the studio. She has reportedly asked Mayer to record a duet with her for the soundtrack of her new film, Blonde Ambition, according to American magazine Life & Style.

- Turned out to be not true!
December 12th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson having trouble with lines
Singer and actress Jessica Simpson seems to be having trouble with lines lately, with the latest incident taking place on the set of "Blonde Ambition." Simpson recently had trouble remembering the lyrics to "9 to 5" at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington and now she is having a hard time with her lines on the set of "Blonde Ambition," reported. Star magazine reported that the films director had to order a mike hidden in the actress's ear so that she could be fed her lines during the seventh take of one scene. "Everyone was embarrassed for her," said a source. "But she laughed it off, saying, 'I'm sorry, everyone. I'm sorry.'" The source told that co-star Luke Wilson "patted her on the back and told her it would be OK." UPI

- Turned out to be not true!
December 11th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Employee Of The Month DVD info
Good news! "Employee Of The Month" will be released on DVD on January 16th! You can pre-order it now on! Some info about the Widescreen edition:
Region 1
Keep Case
Widescreen - (unspecified)
Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 - English
DTS HD Audio - English
Closed Captioned - English
Subtitles - English, Spanish - optional
Additional Release Material:
Bonus Footage - Alternate Opening
Audio Commentary - Dane Cook - Star, Greg Coolidge - Director
Featurette - 1. At Work With Lon
Interactive Features:
Interactive Menus
        • New scans!
Thanks to Lisa
• 07 x Twist, January 2007
• 03 x In Touch, December 18 2006
• 05 x Life & Style, December 18 2006

        • Jessica on being blonde
Here's another clip from my old tape

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        • Write to Jessica!
If you would like to send Jessica a letter now you can! Here's an address for the set of "Blonde Ambition", you have to hurry up because it is only valid through January 7! Thanks to Josh33D for the heads up!

"Blonde Ambition"
Line Productions
6901 West 70th Street
Shreveport, LA 71108
Jessica Simpson's manager father Joe Simpson has slammed reports he offered US magazines product placements in the singer's latest movie in exchange for money. Reports suggested former Baptist preacher Joe contacted weekly publications such as In Touch and OK!, offering them the chance for the magazines to appear in Jessica's forthcoming film Blonde Ambition. A source tells the New York Daily News, "One scene calls for her character to be reading a celebrity tabloid. Joe Simpson has been calling around the weeklies, saying for $10,000, he'll put a copy of their magazine in her hands. Cheque to be made out directly to Joe." However, the Simpsons' spokeswoman says, "There is no truth to the story. Joe is a producer on the movie, but there is a product- placement company (involved) and there is no money deal."
        • A cute video clip
I found this little clip on one of my old VHS tapes - it's from a Bravo TV special about Britney Spears and they showed Jessica saying "Hi Bravo TV, I'm Jessica Simpson" when they talked about Britney's rivals. It's a short but cute (and old!) clip, I ripped it myself so please if you are gonna re-post it anywhere credit this site

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December 10th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Rockin Around The Christmas Tree @ Rosie
Format: wmv
Size: 6,40 mb
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        • White Christmas @ Red Cross
Format: wmv
Size: 9,36 mb
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{{ Watch it on YouTube }}
December 9th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Time Warner Sues DIRECTV Over HDTV Commercial
In a new DIRECTV commercial for its HDTV service, Jessica Simpson posing as her Dukes of Hazzard character Daisy Duke looks into the camera and says: "You're not going to get the best picture out of some fancy big-screen TV without DIRECTV. It's broadcast in 1080i. I totally don't know what that means but I want it." Well, Time Warner knows what 1080i means and it says DIRECTV is not always delivering it. The cable operator has sued the satcaster, saying its claim about having "the best picture" is false. Read more.
December 8th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
Country great Dolly Parton has more than forgiven Jessica Simpson for forgetting the lines to her 9 TO 5 anthem during a Kennedy Center Honors tribute at the weekend - she has invited the pop star to her home. The gracious Jolene singer politely applauded and smiled as Simpson apologised for botching her song but admits she's glad it wasn't her up on stage on Sunday night (03DEC06). She says, "It is an intimidating experience... Jessica is so great that one day they will probably honour her. If I were fortunate to be asked to perform for her I would probably forget my wig. "She can come over to my house and we will sing it together any time."
        • New scans
Jessica is featured on the cover of December 2006 issue of Glamour Latinoamerica - thanks to enzoseb for the scans

        • Dolly Parton to Jessica Simpson: No Hard Feelings
Dolly Parton has no hard feelings toward Jessica Simpson, who flubbed the lines to the country singer's song "9 to 5" during the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday. "Jessica is so talented that I'm sure that someday they will be paying tribute to her and I would be honored to perform for her," Parton said in a statement Thursday. "But I'll probably be so nervous that I'll forget my wig!" On Sunday, Simpson was paying tribute to Parton by singing her famous song before a packed audience, which included President Bush and the First Lady, when she botched the lines and then fled the stage in tears. "Dolly you make me so nervous. I can't even sing the words right," Simpson said at the time. Later, Simpson's rep, Cindi Berger, said the singer was "overcome with emotion" during her performance. "She wanted the song to be perfect and she was upset with herself when it wasn't," Berger told USA Today. Simpson re-taped her rendition of "9 to 5" for the televised version of the Kennedy Center Honors.
December 7th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Joe Simpson Offers Jessica as Mag Rack for $10K
Joe Simpson says for a cool $10,000 his daughter Jessica will read YOUR magazine! Well-placed sources tell TMZ that ever-opportunistic Joe has called at least two weekly celebrity rags to offer them the "opportunity" to feature Jessica reading their mag in a scene in the upcoming film "Blonde Ambition." We're told that he has asked them to write a check for $10,000 for the privilege of placement -- and to make that check payable to Joe Simpson. Our sources say that Joe has "guaranteed" that he will personally see to it that the magazine will be where it's supposed to be when cameras roll. So far, according to sources, no one has taken Simpson up on his offer. Well, this tale may be returned for insufficient funds. A rep for the Simpsons says that there is "no truth whatsoever" to this story. While the rep confirms that there was product placement staff working on the film, she says there is "absolutely no truth" in any request for payment directly to Joe.
        • Jessica's Mom Steamed Over "9 to 5" Flub
Jessica Simpson's mother gave Jess a verbal smackdown after her "embarrassing" rendition of "9 to 5" in front of Dolly Parton and President Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors last weekend, telling her that she should get out of the business if she doesn't want to put in the work. Sources tell TMZ that Tina Simpson was furious with Jess after she flubbed lyrics, stood statue-still on stage while trying to hold her dress up, and then awkwardly hurried off with a few mumbled words to Parton. Tina told her daughter that the performance was "embarrassing" and "unprofessional," and mom was further incensed because Jessica had missed a dress rehearsal and hadn't adequately learned lyrics to the song -- which necessitated cue cards at the front of the stage. Jessica can be clearly seen reading from the cards during her performance. Curiously, Jessica's dad, Joe, wasn't undone by the snafu, according to Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin. Joe didn't feel there was any need to reshoot the performance, calling it "cute," but show producers, reports Malkin, begged Joe to have Jess do it again, without anyone in the audience. "We almost cut her out of the [CBS] show," says a source. Jessica's reps have blamed the mishap on nerves.
        • More Christmas icons!
Thanks to Natasha Gotta love the Christmas season!
        • Who is the hottest female star under 30 this year?
Of course Jessica Simpson! Go vote for her now HERE!
        • Christmas icons
Thanks to Esmeralda

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        • Gallery update
I added more high quality pictures from the Kennedy Center Honors gala, thanks to Rachel!
        • Info
From bridgettlynn: "I was watching the Fab Life of Celebrity Mini Moguls last night on VH1 and Jess was the first one on the list..this is the break down:
-HairDo sold 20,000 units on its debut on HSN for sells of $2mil (the best in Home Shopping Network history) and estimated sales of $270mil in 2007. Ken and Cacee demonstrated how to use the extensions on VH1
-So far Desert Beauty has sold $100mil worth of product
-She sold the rights to her name for $8.5mil
-She has a new contract w/ ProActiv for $7.5mil
Total earnings for 2006 is $14mil.
I just thought that it was interesting that all of her other projects are doing so well. This did not include her handbags, shoes (which are sold through Victoria Secrets and other outlets) and movies."
        • CD scans
I added new cd scans to the gallery: I Wanna Love You Forever Spain Promo, I Wanna Love You Forever Advance US Promo, Rejoyce Canadian Promo and In This Skin UK Promo Final Master. Thanks to Ben for the first 3!
        • Bid 2 Beat AIDS is back for 2006
Bid 2 Beat AIDS is under way again for this year after last year's effort raised $75,000. The project involves several celebrities, such as Tenacious D, the movie cast of Rent, the Beastie Boys, Tori Amos, and several more donating items to be auctioned on eBay. Media sponsors include gay blog Queerty, HX magazine, Borders Books, MTV, and Yahoo! Music. Bidders can choose from an array of celebrity items such as Jessica Simpson's signed roller skate, a Beastie Boy's skateboard, a chance to meet Joan Rivers, and various autographed memorabilia. Auctions will close between December 11 and 13. Cash donations are also accepted by LIFEbeat, the coordinating nonprofit group behind Bid 2 Beat AIDS. (The Advocate)
December 6th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Hello, Folly!
Jessica's "Dolly folly" creates a search buzz after her mini-meltdown during a tribute to Dolly Parton. Sunday night, luminaries of stage and screen gathered to bestow the annual Kennedy Center Honors on the lucky few. Steven Spielberg, Smokey Robinson, and Dolly Parton, among others, accepted awards. The audience applauded. Searches rose. It was the picture of black-tie politesse. [...] Searches for "jessica simpson dolly parton," "jessica simpson kennedy center," "jessica simpson news," "jessica simpson runs off stage," and (our favorite) "jessica simpson meltdown" roared upwards. Yahoo! Buzz (thanks sexified)

- I have only posted parts of this because the article was just plain rude. The whole "thing" was not half of a big deal but media blew it out of proportion. You can download the videos below to see for yourself Rock on Jess!! Thanks to LeT-hiM-FlY for the pic.
        • More new scans
Once again thanks to the lovely Lisa
• 01 x In Touch, November 27 2006
• 05 x Life & Style, November 27 2006
• 01 x OK!, November 27 2006
• 01 x Life & Style, December 4 2006
• 03 x Star, December 4 2006
• 02 x In Touch, December 4 2006
• 03 x Us Weekly, December 4 2006
• 02 x OK!, December 4 2006 (new pic!)
• 02 x In Touch, December 11 2006 (new pic!)
• 01 x Life & Style, December 11 2006
• 02 x Star, December 11 2006
• 01 x Us Weekly, December 11 2006 (new pic!)
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December 3, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC (fixed link).
        • Pictures
Added 4 more pictures of Jessica and her parents at the reception at Kennedy Center Honors.
        • New scans!
Thanks to Lisa
• 02 x OK!, November 13 2006
• 02 x OK!, November 20 2006
• 06 x In Touch, November 20 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, November 20 2006
• 01 x Star, November 20 2006
• 01 x Star, November 27 2006
• 01 x Us Weekly, November 27 2006
December 5th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
Jessica Simpson has reached out to Prison Break actor Lane Garrison, who once lived with the pop star and her family when he was a troubled teen. Garrison was driving his Land Rover with three teenager passengers on Saturday night (02DEC06) when he struck a tree, killing a 17-year-old male passenger. The Dallas native grew up in a bad family environment and repeatedly found himself in trouble with the law. He left his Texas home as a teenager and moved in with his family minister, Joe Simpson. Lane has said in the past that he is grateful for Simpson's help getting his life back on track. Jessica released a statement through her publicist Cindi Berger on Monday (O4DEC06), standing by her family friend, saying, "We love Lane very much and our thoughts and prayers are with him now." Police say Lane could ultimately face felony charges, but until the investigation has been completed, no charges will be filed.
        • Simpson: Can I have a do-over?
Jessica Simpson re-taped her rendition of Dolly Parton's hit 9 to 5 late Sunday night, after her live performance at the Kennedy Center Honors was botched. Simpson was "overcome with emotion" while performing for her idol, says her rep Cindi Berger. "She wanted the song to be perfect and she was upset with herself when it wasn't." Read more.
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Britney Spears has been named the most searched name on internet search engine Yahoo! in 2006 - the fifth time she's topped the annual list in the last six years. Female celebrities feature heavily in Yahoo!'s top ten - Shakira takes third spot, beating out competition from Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton, who place fourth and fifth respectively. American wrestling TV network WWE is the second most searched for item on Yahoo!. Yahoo! spokesperson Cathi Early says, "Why she keeps ranking top... is beyond me." The tragic death of Steve Irwin in September (06) was the most searched for new item.

Top 10 Celebrity Searches
1 Britney Spears
2 Shakira
3 Jessica Simpson
4 Paris Hilton
5 Beyonce Knowles
6 Chris Brown
7 Pamela Anderson
8 Lindsay Lohan
9 Jessica Alba
10 Mariah Carey
        • Captures
I added captures of "O Holy Night" music video, thanks to jessicacn for the video
        • Captures
I added captures of "Let It Snow" music video, thanks to jessicacn for the video
        • Jessica's performance to be featured
Jessica re-recorded her "Nine To Five" performance at Kennedy Central Honors after the audience left and it will be featured in the show when it airs December 26 on CBS
        • Jessica's Designed Uggs up for Auction
From I*LOVE*JESS: "It's that time of year again. The Ugg Australia Auction...Celebrities design a pair of Uggs and put the up for auction for charity. Jessica has done another pair this year..."Description: Jessica Simpson, a friend of the UGG Australia brand, decorated her Imperial Blue boots with vibrant butterfly wings, one on each boot."
Click the thumbnail to enlarge.
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Here's some new pretty icons made by Underneath - thanks

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        • New candids
December 4, 2006: Jessica Simpson arrives admist heavy security including two police officers. Shreveport, Louisiana.
        • New candids
December 1, 2006: Actress Jessica Simpson films a scene from her latest film "Blonde Ambition" with co-star Luke Wilson. Simpson was wrapped up in a winter coat and gloves.

E-mail me if you have bigger ones please!
        • Inside Edition, December 4 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 25,23 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • NBC6 News, December 4 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 3,94 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • ET, December 4 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 3,76 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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December 4th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Breaks Down During Kennedy Performance
While Steven Spielberg, Dolly Parton and Smokey Robinson were among the stars honored during the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday, it was Jessica Simpson who made headlines with an emotionally shaky performance. Jessica had come out to perform "Nine To Five" as a tribute to Parton, but she abruptly finished the song, uttering the words "so nervous" at the end. She quickly exited to the stage to no applause. Later as all the singers in the Parton tribute returned to the stage, Jessica could be seen in tears. No word yet on whether her performance will be edited out of the show, which will air on CBS later this month. Access Hollywood
- aww poor Jess
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        • Hottest 30 Stars Under 30
From C-Ray: "Nice site about Jessica. I have something that might interest you: NBC 10 in Philly is running a contest called Hottest 30 Stars Under 30. There will be a male and female winner, and just take a guess at whose's in the lead so far? (Hint she's mentioned a lot on your site!) However, last time I checked she has a SLIM margin. I'm giving you the link so you can post it on your site so other can vote for her! Here's the link. Hope this helps!"
- Thanks C-Ray!
        • Scans
Here are scans from German In Touch, November 23 issue!

Thanks to Nan!
        • Stars honored at John F. Kennedy Center
[...] Others who strolled the East Wing colonnade for the reception included singer-actress Jessica Simpson, singers Vince Gill and Kenny Rogers and movie producer George Lucas. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the Rhode Island Democrat, walked in with actress Fran Drescher. Simpson later had an uncomfortable moment singing "Nine to Five" as part of the tribute to Parton, finishing the song abruptly with the words "so nervous" and quickly exiting, to no applause. She was in tears when she and the other singers in the tribute came back out. Whole article.
        • New pictures
Here's some HQ pics from the Kennedy Center Honors, thanks to Winnter!
        • New pictures
Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Here are new pics of Jessica at Kennedy Center Honors, taken on December 2nd. This gala will air on December 26 on CBS!

Also check out the pictures of Jessica on set of Blonde Ambition here.
December 1st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Movie extra makes quick buck with Jessica's gum
A piece of gum chewed by Jessica Simpson is being auctioned off on eBay. The blonde actress discarded the candy as she was preparing to shoot a kissing scene with her co-star Dane Cook in their movie Employee of the Month. Jessica, 26, gave the gum to an extra on set who rather than throw it away has decided to make a quick buck. The seller, known only as 'acypress', claims the successful winner will be able to "clone" the sexy star from the DNA on the gum. Read more.
        • Winter Wonderland @ Osbournes Christmas 2003
Format: mpg
Size: 21 mb
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