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        • Jessica Simpson: 'i Have Been In A Very, Very Abusive Relationship'
Jessica Simpson's upcoming country album, Do You Know, is a very personal project for the singer, who had a hand in writing the majority of the CD's songs. Simpson said there is nothing on the album that she has not experienced, including a song about an abusive relationship, called "Remember That." Simpson told us that, in fact, she has been the victim of abuse. "I didn't write the song, but when I heard it I automatically started crying because I have been in a very, very abusive relationship. It's important for me to let people that are in an abusive situation know that, 'I've stood there in your shoes.'"

The song is about as much as Simpson will say about that relationship. The singer said that she has no intention of sharing any details of her situation in the future. "No, I don't. I opened up about that with my family and my closest friends, but I think the fact that I'm taking the stand and actually singing about it is probably as far as I'll go in that. I'm not gonna go do Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters and like start breaking down or something (laughter)." .)

Do You Know will be released on September 9th.

The album's debut single, "Come On Over," continues its climb up the country charts.

        • (scans) People, September 8 2008

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        • Fan review: Fallsview Casino, August 28 2008
Let me just say AMAZING! I have been a die hard fan for many many years and have been waiting for this moment for as long as I can remember! I was so excited to see her perform I was actually shaking.LOL! When she first came on stage the crowd went insane! She is even more beautiful in person, honestly. I always knew that Jessica was an amazing singer and performer and to now know that she sounds exactly the same in person as she does on a record is reassuring. Her new album may just be her best one yet, and I am positive that it will hit #1 on the charts for a long time. She has definately grown as an artist and it showed! She was very intouch with her audience and the performance she gave was exactly what I was expecting plus more. When the concert ended I was very sad and was wanting more. After seeing her in person I have fell in love with her spirit all over again. Jessica Simpson is a great role model for people of all ages and I hope she will be around for a long time to come.

If a concert is coming to a town near you and is not sold out i recommend greatly that you get a ticket and go she is worth it!

- Jess K., Ontario
        • New video in 3 days?
That surely is interesting! Edit Oh they mean an interview video, not music video! Thanks Lisa!

        • New lyrics: Do You Know
Ok this was the hardest task, lol. Corrections very welcome!


Lying here beside you in the dark
I feel the steady rhythm of your heart
I feel your face against my shoulder breath upon my skin
Embers barely smoldered, I make love to you again

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        • New lyrics: Might As Well Be Making Love

If tomorrow you won't even remember
How it started who was right and who was wrong
If this fire will be burned down to an end
Before too long

If the morning's gonna turn it into history
Be a page of what we wish we never said
If you'll gonna wake up here with me
Here with me anyway
Here in this bed

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        • New lyrics: Man Enough

Are you man enough
Are you brave enough
Can you pick me up
When I fall down
When I loose my place
When I loose my faith
Can you find a way
To turn me back around

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        • Fancy doing great!
Shares of Parlux Fragrance rose 4 percent Tuesday, hitting a new year high, after an analyst upgraded the company's shares to "Buy" from "Hold," based on strong demand for a new Jessica Simpson perfume. Wedbush Morgan analyst Rommel Dionisio also raised his price target on the stock to $8 from $4.50. The analyst lifted his outlook for fiscal 2009 profit to 30 cents per share from 28 cents, and to 45 cents from 40 cents for fiscal 2010. Dionisio raised revenue forecasts for 2009 to $173 million from $167 million, and for 2010 to $191 million from $183 million.

"The launch earlier this month of the new Jessica Simpson fragrance has met with strong consumer response even before the start of the major marketing campaign," Dionisio told investors in a research note.

The analyst said several retailers reported that the Simpson perfume was one of their best-selling new fragrances and that many stores had sold out of its first shipment within a few days.

"Macy's indicated it expects Jessica Simpson to be a top ten fragrance this year and even intends to use Jessica Simpson as the fragrance spokesperson for its own holiday commercial, which could spur sales further during the key holiday season," he added.

The perfume's continued success could lead to expanded distribution of Parlux's Paris Hilton and Guess perfumes, such as in the Dillard's department store chain, Dionisio wrote. Shares rose 27 cents, or 4.1 percent, to $6.92 Tuesday. Earlier in the session, shares traded as high as $7.15, a new annual peak.

        • New lyrics: Still Beautiful
Thanks to Kimberly for help with this one!


I have always believed
God won’t give me
More than I can handle
But sometimes when it’s so hard
And I’m falling apart
I wonder if I can take this hurt
I’m going through
But I know no matter what I do

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        • New lyrics: Sipping On History
Thanks to Kimberly for help with this one! There's one line missing - ideas?


I could have been your June Carter Cash
Waltzed right along with you
All through this life with you
I could have been your light in the dark
The one that you’re reaching for
When you can’t take it anymore
We could have been
We could have been

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        • New lyrics: Still Don't Stop Me
Thanks to Kimberly for help with this one!


I’d like to tell myself
If you showed up tonight
I’d tell you to go to hell
And get on with my life
I’d just walk away without a fight
Without one tear falling from my eye
I’d like to think that’s what I would do
Yeah I know that’s what I should do

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        • Fallsview Casino, August 27 2008

• High quality
        • Jessica on Hard Knocks

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        • Complete Woman, Oct/Nov 2008
Jess graces the cover of Complete Woman magazine, October / November 2008 issue!

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        • Fan pictures: Fallsview Casino, August 27 2008
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        • New lyrics: You're My Sunday
Thanks to Mersiha for help with this one!


When you’re down
Don’t be afraid to pray out loud
Just close your eyes and let it out
Take all your fears and doubts
He’s listening right now
Don’t be afraid to pray out loud
Pray out loud

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        • New lyrics: You're My Sunday
Thanks to Mersiha for help with this one!


Don’t you love waking up
Don’t have to rush cause you ain’t got much to do
Lay in bed with the TV on
All day long if you wanted to

We spend so much time, worried about what’s coming up next
Can’t even find a little room, a little space, even catch a breath

When life is like a hurricane
Flying off the rails like a fast train
Everything around me so insane
You come and take it all away
You’re my Sunday

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        • New lyrics: When I Loved You Like That
I typed the lyrics to "When I Loved You Like That". More coming!


You lit me up just like a match
Then you burned me out just as fast
You flew me high just like a kite
Up in the air leaving me there alone in the sky

Why you gotta be so complicated
Give me the world and then take it back
When I loved you, when I loved you like that

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- I'm trying my best to be accurate but feel free to correct me if you think I've made any mistakes!
        • Fan review: Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls
Well first off, let me just say that I completely disagree with the review given by the Niagara Fallsview Casino & Resort. I found Jessica's first concert, on August 27, at the Avalon Ballroom in the Casino to be simply magnificent. About her intro's to each single? I felt as though it allowed us, the audience, who did pay $73.50 and up, to get intimate with Jessica and get an idea of where she got the inspiration to write each song. I for one, do not like artists who just go from one song immediately into's too robotic; you need to be personal with your fans, something Jessica was.

As for her opening song, "These Boots Were Made For Walking," I thought she did a fantastic job. She came out with a lot of energy. And afterwards, she noted how great it felt to be on stage again, which was clearly apparent.

From there, she went into a new song off her album. I'd be lying if I personally remembered the order of the songs, but let me just say this...WOW! Her music, both lyrically and vocally, amazed me. I have been a fan of Jessica for countless years, having seen her perform on various appearances on TV, and meeting her back in 2003 when she came to the Galleria Mall, however never once seeing her in concert. As devoted a fan that I am, I must admit I was a bit hesitant as to how the whole country thing would go over in it's entirety, but was willing to give her the chance she deserves. And bottom line, she completely and unbelievably surpassed my expectations. I was blown away! She can sing, no questions asked.

For example, back during "In This Skin," when she would be on various talk shows promoting with the track, "With You," I thought she did great; after last nights rendition of it, it was as if she couldn't sing during the promotion. The same goes with "Son Of A Preacher Man." She rocked it.

The title track off the new album, "Do You Know," due out September 9, is one that sticks out most clearly in my mind. Her vocals at the end of the song specifically, left me breathless. I knew she could sing, but I think her becoming a Country artist, has opened her up in so many ways. Country is where she belongs. Every track sang off the new album was amazing, again, lyrically and vocally. I just cannot stress how fantastic she sounded, and I'm glad I was able to attend. This concert has renewed my love for Jessica Simpson in ways I cannot describe.

Overall, Jessica seemed to have found her niche. Her persona appeared to be very composed, yet very relaxed; spiritually, physically, mentally, and all others, she seemed to be in sync. A comeback is in the near future for Ms. Simpson, and she proved herself as a force to be reckoned with...the Jessica Simpson is back!

-TJ (Buffalo, NY)
        • 'Do You Know' First listen!

        • Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo Is 'The Love of My Life'
Happier personally and professionally than she's been in a long time, Jessica Simpson tells PEOPLE that boyfriend Tony Romo is her "perfect guy."

"I just told him today, 'You're the love of my life,' " she confesses in the latest cover story. "I don't really ever say that to anybody."

Simpson, 28 (as is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Romo), also co-wrote a song for her man, "You're My Sunday" and, in a true modern-day sign of devotion, changed her cell phone number and e-mail address to cut off any potential communication from her exes.

"I don't want anybody that's been in my life [before] in my life anymore," she says. "I don't even want them to have any way of contacting me."

Romo hasn't done the same, but Simpson brushes it off. "I'm not a jealous girlfriend," she says – even though in a recent interview his ex, Carrie Underwood, claims she still hears from him.

As for her own onetime relationship with John Mayer – which began in 2006 and fizzled out last summer – Simpson survived its rockiness by doing some self-appraisal afterwards.

"I had to regain self-esteem and self-value," she says.

When it comes to relationships, Simpson says she gives over her heart fully and expects the same in return: "I just love, so I don't understand when people can't do exactly what I do."

For the complete story on Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo – including why she needs a secure man in her life and her hopes for kids and a family – pick up this week's PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

        • Vivica A. Fox about Jessica
August is turning out to be a really hot month for Vivica A. Fox. She’s the host of Glam God, a reality show in which wannabe stylists try to prove that they’re the best celebrity grooming.

You can also catch Vivica in a juicy role in Jessica Simpson’s new movie, Major Movie Star but there’s a catch—you’ll have to go to Russia, where it opens in September, followed by a big roll-out in Bulgaria. So far there are no plans for a release in the U.S., but watch for the DVD.

Q: You co-starred with Jessica Simpson in Major Movie Star. What was that like?

A: We shot in Shreveport, Louisiana and, child, it was 105 and 100% humidity and we were wearing combat boots and wool uniforms. Jessica plays a failing bubblegum movie star who ends up enlisting in the Army and I’m her drill sergeant from hell. I watched Officer and a Gentleman a few times to get ready. I got to torture Jessica and I’m telling you, I did make her suffer. But when they yelled 'cut,' we’d go off and talk about Louis Vuitton bags because she loves to shop.

Q: It looks like we may have to wait a while to see Jessica in action?

A: Those are business decisions, I guess. I know she’s been getting flack for her movies, but this one was perfectly suited to her. It was basically like a Goldie Hawn type of character. She’s such a sweet girl. And she did 95% of her own stunts. She got in this hideous muddy swamp water. I would’ve been like, 'Oh, no. Cut! Hell no, I’m not getting in that water.' But she did and I was proud of her.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • On The Insider Tonight
Here's what we're working on for "The Insider" on TV tonight! First up, Jessica Simpson's new interview! The devastation following her marriage breakup and, how she found love again with Tony Romo. Then, choosing heroin over family -- an all-new intervention. Plus, a celebrity assistant spills star secrets! For all these stories and more, watch "The Insider" on TV tonight!

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        • Jessica curse over?
Hard Knocks scooped us all. Jessica Simpson was in Texas Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys' 23-22 preseason victory against the Houston Texans on Friday. Not only did the Cowboys win, but Tony Romo had a solid if not spectacular outing, completing 12 of 16 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown. Sure, he had a horrible interception in the red zone, but you can't blame Jessica for that, can you? Bottom line is Simpson was in the house and nothing bad happened. Maybe the curse is over.

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        • Simpson smoothly segues into country
It’s been three years, thousands of tabloid stories, a few public humiliations, and a handful of busted love relationships since Jessica Simpson was last on the concert trail.

During that time, the teenybopper dance-pop Simpson specialized in has taken a beating, what with Britney melting down and artists like Amy Winehouse coming along to suggest that not all female pop singers need to be catering to a form of music the roots of which go no deeper than Madonna.

Also during that time, country and pop have become steadfast chums, and singers who might’ve gone the pop route in the past have headed straight for the twangy side of the tracks. Both Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift have sold millions of records via this model, and even grizzled rockers like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard have traded their hairspray for cowboy hats, to varying degrees.

Now it’s Simpson’s turn. On Wednesday, the singer and her stellar 10-piece band kicked off a two-night stand inside the Avalon Ballroom at the Niagara Fallsview Casino & Resort before a largely female crowd. Going into the show, one had to wonder if Simpson could pull of the switch to country convincingly. One also wondered if the crowd would warm to a set of songs from an album that hasn’t been released yet, and thus, would be mainly unfamiliar to them.

As it turns out, going country wasn’t much of a leap for Simpson. She still sings quite well, and she still sticks to what are essentially pop music tropes. Contemporary country ain’t exactly Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn or Hank Williams, anyway. It’s pretty much top 40 with a pedal steel guitar and the occasional banjo lick.

Happily, Simpson, while not even pretending to be bringing anything fresh and new to the party, seems quite comfortable in this rather glitzy idiom. In fact, the countrified arrangements and the stellar, sparse playing offered by her band gave the singer plenty of room to shine.

As if acknowledging the fact that her country credibility might be an issue, Simpson prefaced her performance with a taped introduction from legend Willie Nelson, who basically vouched for Simpson and urged those in attendance to give her a chance. That wasn’t going to be a problem.

Wearing a rather modest dress that looked a bit like something a ’50s country femme might’ve donned, Simpson took the stage with a bootscootin’ boogie take on the Nancy Sinatra nugget, “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” and the crowd greeted her with squeals of delight. There was an odd breakdown in the song’s midsection, in which Simpson offered what sounded like a super-white rap, one that can only be described as “hick-hop.” This was to be the only off-topic venture of the evening, though.

“Do You Know,” Simpson’s debut as a country artist, hits stores Sept. 9, and she played most of it on Wednesday, beginning with the upbeat, power-pop flavored “Still Beautiful,” and hitting the evening’s peak with the dramatic, virtuosic title tune, written for Simpson by her idol, Dolly Parton.

“You’re My Sunday,” a song written for Simpson’s current beau, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, was a straight-up ballad punctuated by Simpson’s clear and powerful long tones at the tune’s coda. “Sleeping on History” found Simpson engaging in the standard country “tear in my beer” tune, as a moaning pedal steel figure hovered above melodramatic, weepy lyrics and the band’s sturdy country-waltz rhythm.

A smartly placed cover of Shania Twain’s sassy rocker “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” picked up the pace again, and the band seemed grateful for the opportunity to indulge in some (controlled and brief) shredding.

Throughout the show, Simpson sang quite well, and her ability to nail the high notes with conviction and emotional investment was duly noted by the crowd. Her future as a country singer looks quite promising.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • A New World
Nashville newcomer Jessica Simpson talks about her new hit, her man . . . and the story of her life!

Jessica Simpson recently spent some time talking with County Weekly about some topics near and dear to her heart. Here’s some of what she had to say during that exclusive interview. For more, check out the Aug. 25 issue of Country Weekly.

CW: What was the motivation behind [“Come On Over”]?

JS: The motivation behind the song was just about . . . Rachel was missing her man and I was missing mine so it was kind of like we were talking about wanting them to be with you right then and there, right now.

CW: I have to ask you, who was that guy walking toward you at the end of the video?

JS: I honestly don’t remember. Tony would be mad if I remembered his name. (laughter)

CW: Who did you want it to be?

JS: Tony, absolutely.

CW: I know you’re a Texas girl, but your first musical success was as a pop star. What made you decide to do a country album?

JS: I wanted to make a country album about 3 years ago. I didn’t tell the label I wanted it to be country. I basically talked with my A&R of the project and she said the best song writers are in Nashville so let’s go to Nashville and write because I wanted to start writing. So I went out to Nashville and the songs I started to write were a little bit more country, and we were trying to convince the label and the label said: ‘Absolutely not, we signed you as a pop artist, you can not be singing this music.’ I was really upset because I liked the music that I was writing so I went in and made another album and another pop record—I made two more pop records—and so by the time this record was going to start, I had had the movies and the Jessica Simpson collection and there’s other ways for me to be creative, and I think I was saying that (I’d sing at) a local bar, just as long as I was singing—you know like a local club or something—and I just basically told the label if I can’t go write a record in Nashville and sing country, then I’m not making another album. And they said: ‘Go ahead,’ and here I am. I’m glad I stood up for myself!

CW: You seem to be going through the elation of a brand new relationship. Are there any songs on your new album “Do You Know” that explores that “feeling on top of the world” emotion that one experiences with a new love in their life besides “Come On Over?”

JS: Oh, yeah, definitely. I’ve been with Tony the whole time that I made this record so the one that I wrote for him is one of my favorites called “You’re My Sunday.” I co-wrote that with Hillary Lindsay and Luke Rhett (?...not sure of his name) My Sundays are all about Tony. He’s everything that Sunday represents too: just relaxing and resting.

CW: On the other side of that coin, everyone goes through break-ups.

JS: I have break-up songs on there. I think through writing the album, I went through a lot of emotions. It was definitely a healing process for me, and it was that moment that I put all those emotions into a melody, into a lyric and all these things that I wish I would have said, or could have said or could have done or did too much of . . . I definitely wrote about. I think a lot of women are going to love a song (on the album) called “When I Loved You Like That.” A lot of girls are going to be like: Yeah! (laughter) . . . In your face! (laughter)

CW: If you were to write a country song about your life, what would the title be?

JS: Dolly said something so cute the other day. She had a quote about me because she wrote the title song of my new album called “Do You Know” which is just an unbelievable spiritually romantic song. She’s such a prolific song writer. She said this quote—she was giving me compliments, which to get compliments from Dolly Parton is like beyond words for me, but then at the end she said: “It’s like the blonde leading the blonde.” (laughter) That’s the perfect song title. It’s kind of like I’m trying to follow in the footsteps of Dolly. I just love how she’s creative in so many different ways, and she just truly inspires me in everything that she does. I mean with the Jessica Simpson collection, I try so much to be so involved with that and there’s so many different ways to be creative, and I think Dolly definitely embraces that. I hope one day I can have my own amusement park. (laughter)

CW: Here comes the crystal ball question. If you had a crystal ball, would you want to look into the future to see what your life will be like in 10 years or do you just want to wing it—take the good with the bad and roll with the punches?

JS: I’d take the good with the bad and roll with the punches. I don’t want to see what my life is going to be because that would affect the decisions . . . it could affect decisions that I make and I want to be the person that I would be in that crystal ball and not do anything that would affect it.

CW: Tell me about your new fragrance.

JS: It’s called Fancy.

CW: How did that come about?

JS: I’ve always wanted to do a fragrance. I’ve endorsed a fragrance before called Dessert, but now to actually have my own is really great because I got to be involved with the entire process of smelling things and what reminded me of home—a lot of that—and then certain flowers like Gardenia and apricot and a little bit of vanilla and some almonds. It’s a really, really nice scent. You can get in an elevator and you won’t offend anybody. (laughter) If anything, you’ll get a compliment.

        • Jessica Simpson Gets Sexy and Sassy With Dolly Parton
'Do You Know' is the title of Jessica Simpson's highly-anticipated country debut, and its title track just may be the sexiest song on the album.

"I feel your face against my shoulder, breath upon my skin / Embers barely smoldered, I make love to you again," the pop turned country star sings in the first verse. And believe it or not, those lyrics were written by none other than Dolly Parton, who also provides background vocals on the song. Simpson tells The Boot it was a recording session full of laughter.

"After she sang her part on the song, she looked into my dad's video camera and said, 'Well, Jessica sang her butt off. I sang my butt off. So now we're two blondes with no asses!" Simpson told us, laughing.

Simpson also gushed that Parton is "the most humble person" she's ever met and that the icon was a big influence in her decision to crossover to country. The Boot will have more of our exclusive interview with Jessica Simpson next week.

August 27th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica: Tony Romo the New Love of My Life
Jessica Simpson gets a cover story in the upcoming People dedicated to how in love the reinvented country star is at the moment. In fact, she’s so in love right now, she doesn’t journal in black notebooks anymore—she uses pink and white ones.

The interview was like any other chronicling her love life, because that's all this girl seems to be about. Divorcing Nick Lachey was sad times, dating John Mayer was weird and Tony Romo is currently perfect.

About this perfect man, she has this to declare: “I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’ ” Oof, last time she said that about someone, it ended one of MTV's greatest reality shows.

But hey, she goes on to say her e-mail address and phone number have been changed to avoid any contact with the dreaded exes, so maybe we should just forget about them, too.

See, we really just want Jess to be happy—because when she’s happy, we’re happy. When she’s sad, we journal in black notebooks along with her, and when she wears a corset under her cowboy shirt at state fairs, we definitely do that, too.

And best of luck to you, Tony! Now that she's confessed in the article to picking out your clothes, you're gonna need it.

        • Simpson: 'I've Had Secret Lovers'
Is good-girl Jessica Simpson hiding some past beau skeletons in her closet? That's true, according to the pop-princess-turned-country-gal, who told People magazine that her new country album, "Do You Know," contains lyrics about a mystery man from her past. There are "guys that people don't know that I've been in love with," Simpson reveals. "I've had secret lovers." Jess has enjoyed a number of high-profile romances, including ex-hubby Nick Lachey, singer John Mayer and current flame, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo.

        • See Jessica perform on GMA!
"Come On Over" to NYC with Jessica Simpson! Jessica Simpson has a new country album, "Do You Know" out September 9th and we're sending 2 lucky winners to New York City to hear Jessica debut the music live on Good Morning America!

Source: KIX 106 Country Club
        • More pics from California Fair

        • Tony Romo's dad: 'Jessica Simpson is a wonderful person'
NBC 5 full-time sports anchor/part-time society reporter Newy Scruggs traveled to Burlington, Wisc., to see what Ramiro Romo thought of his son's celebrity girlfriend.

"Jessica Simpson is a wonderful person," Mr. Romo said. He elaborated, but you can check out the video if you really care that much. Tony Romo talked vaguely about being in a "good situation" when asked about his dad's Jessica approval. He eluded a question about marriage being a possibility.

The interviews will be shown as part of NBC 5's Cowboys preview that will air at 7 p.m. Friday. I believe that program, which has been sensationally titled "Tampa Bay or Bust," will include some football talk.

        • Jessica Simpson Pays Her Dues at California Concert
Jessica Simpson received a warm welcome on Monday night (Aug. 25) at the California State Fair in Sacramento, playing her first headlining set in three years and focusing almost entirely on her upcoming country album.

Was it worth going to? Yes, for her fans and skeptics alike. If nothing else, the 80-minute concert gave her a chance to preview her new album, which has a lot more depth than the first single, "Come On Over," would indicate. So far, she's received ringing endorsements from Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, even if contemporary country fans haven't quite yet decided for themselves.

Wearing a flannel plaid shirt over a white bustier blouse, she kicked things off with a sassy version of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," strolling from one side of the stage to the other, pushing back her blonde hair about 50 times. Then she sang a song about loving yourself ("Still Beautiful") and finding peace in a romantic relationship ("You Are My Sunday"). However, not everybody is so smitten with her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. When she chirped, "Go Cowboys!," she got booed. I should emphasize, though, that's the only time she got booed all night.

"Tonight, I'll be singing a lot about a heart that's been ... (long pause) broken to pieces," she declared before her fourth song. "And putting those pieces back together so I can be a good girlfriend to someone else." The song was called "Sipping on History," and its first line is, "I could have been your June Carter Cash." But she called upon the catalog of another female country star, Shania Twain, for a cover of "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" -- which she had to start over. After getting a lyrical refresher from the audience, she sailed through it the second time. At the end of the song, she determined, "It's OK to start over!"

Simpson told the audience that one of her favorite songs is "Strong Enough" by Sheryl Crow. Then, in another monologue to the audience, she lamented the fact that she is so hard to date.

"If you want to date me, you have to be OK with camera flashes," she said. "You have to be OK with people telling you that you're dating a dumb butt. You have to allow me to pass gas under the sheets." People cheered, and she dedicated the song, "Man Enough," to "anyone who thinks they're man enough for me -- and I spend too much money, too!"

The song itself has a sturdy pulse under its melody, and with a pumped-up bass line, this one's ready to be a dance remix. Surprisingly, the song that Parton wrote for her, "Do You Know," also has potential for a pop crossover. Somehow it delicately treads the line between being sensual and just a little bit dirty. The melody is all Dolly, but Simpson sells it, wailing like a diva at the end. It's also the title track to Simpson's upcoming album which is due Sept. 9.

And that brings us to the intermission, where Simpson stepped off stage for five minutes to drink some "throat tea." The band introduced itself with a few instrumental solos, and then suddenly, the pop star Jessica Simpson showed up! I can see how people who only know her pop hit, "With You" (with the lyric, "Nothin' but a T-shirt on, I've never felt so beautiful"), would beg her to stay away from country music.

However, Simpson is not afraid to show her vulnerable side. Many younger female artists today appear more determined to exact revenge on their ex, while Simpson seems more content to wallow in her misery (musically speaking) and to take the time to heal.

She spent a long time introducing her second country single, "Remember This." (Ironically, she couldn't remember if it really was the second single, but she said she thought it was.) This is the song that has the tabloids in an uproar. Was she abused? Who abused her?

"I realized how much value I had lost when I was in a certain relationship and how much self-confidence I lost," she said. Although Simpson said the abusers will always come back and apologize, she advises that you "put on your sneakers, take your heart and run away as fast as you can. It's hard to do, but God will bless you if you do."

Essentially that's the message of the song -- sharing her experience about leaving an abusive relationship and encouraging abused people to get out. It's composed by her co-writers on "Come On Over," and Simpson said she wept the first time she heard it. She nearly broke down in the performance, too, with tears welling up in her eyes. At the end, she merely said, "That's a hard song to sing up here."

Then she turned spiritual by singing "Pray Out Loud," inspired by advice her dad gave her as a little girl. She followed that with "Son of a Preacher Man." And finally, a big question: "How many of you out there have ever dated a butthead? Well, so have I!" Then she started talking about leaving abusive relationships again and how she thinks that the still-unnamed fellow didn't even realize he was controlling her. She reminded the audience, "They always come back. Just don't pick up the phone."

I'd say maybe 2,000 people were watching the show, which was free with fair admission but $40 if you wanted seats in the first 22 rows. No big deal -- every aspiring country star has to play the fairs and festivals to build a solid fan base. Before closing with "Come On Over" and telling everybody how she had to pee so bad, she insisted that she loves it when fans come up to her, calling her "Jess" and saying they're just like her. That last quality alone will help her find her way in country music.

        • Pre-order 'Do you know'
Jessica's new album "Do You Know" is now available for pre-ordering on iTunes!
        • New People cover
Thanks to Lisa!
August 26th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Natasha Bedingfield blogs about Jessica
Natasha Bedingfield has taken her blog on MySpace to talk about upcoming or new albums that she's feeling lately. In this excerpt she says: "Jessica Simpson - I'm not joking, look out for this one. I heard some of her new album and I was blown away. Country music is what Jess should have been doing all along. When she sings these songs you feel them."

        • New Candids
August 25, 2008: Jessica Simpson at LAX Airport.
        • Candids
More candids from LAX (August 24) have been added here (thanks GossipGirls) and here (thanks
        • New pictures
August 25, 2008: Jessica Simpson performing at the California State Exposition & State Fair, Sacramento, CA (hq).
        • Jessica Simpson Goes on Over to CMA
Jessica Simpson continues to follow in Carrie Underwood's footsteps. Proving that she's really serious about this country thing, the 28-year-old Texan joined the Country Music Association last week, E! News has learned.

"She was very sweet and seemed happy to join the organization," a Simpson source said. "Being a member makes you part of the industry. It’s great for networking. “

Along with SAG-style privileges, such as special-rate health insurance, her membership makes her a voting member of the CMA, meaning she could have a say in upcoming CMA Award nominations.

The flirtatious "Come on Over," her first twangtastic single for Columbia Nashville, peaked at No. 18 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart after debuting at No. 41, despite a whole bunch of radio play. The tune itself received a pretty warm "Howdy!" from critics, but a better test of Simpson's down-home staying power will be the performance of her sixth studio album, Do You Know, which is due out Sept. 9. Dolly Parton duets on the title track, ensuring some street cred right off the bat.

The CMA's roster boasts more than 6,000 artists, songwriters, recording execs, producers, radio personalities and other prominent country figures. That lineup includes Underwood, a CMA member, winner of four CMA Awards and the ex-girlfriend of current Simpson flame Tony Romo.

"It's definitely media-driven," Simpson told country-music website last week, referring to Underwood's recent comments to Allure about still getting calls from Romo. "People are just trying to make a story out of nothing. I respect her and hopefully she respects me. We've just dated the same guy—that's it!"

"I don't understand why she would say that," Simpson added. "I respect Carrie, and I would never say anything like that."

As far as Underwood's musical success is concerned, however, Simpson had nothing but respect for the 25-year-old hit machine.

"I think it's impressive how many No. 1s Carrie Underwood has," the country newcomer said graciously. "Her choice in songs is really great, and she has an incredible voice. As far as new people, she has one of the strongest voices out there."

August 25th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (watch) Jess on CMT

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
        • New candids
August 24, 2008: Jessica Simpson spotted at LAX Airport with her dog Daisy.

- Sorry for not updating - birthday weekend...
August 22nd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica on Letterman!
Jessica will be the musical guest on Late Show with David Letterman on September 11th (CBS)! Thanks Alec!
        • (watch) America United Commercial
For over 60 years, America's top entertainers have rallied behind our brave men and women in uniform, to show their support and to help raise morale. From Bob Hope to Marilyn Monroe -- celebrities have consistently gone the distance to demonstrate their appreciation. Now the tradition continues for a new generation of talent -- and for a new generation of Americans ...

On Sept 7th 2008, USAA Presents, "America United: In Support of Our Troops," a 2-hour special saluting those men and women who keep our nation safe ... and their families who sacrifice so much for all of us.

This event features popular music, celebrity cameos, tributes to troops, and nostalgic walks down 'memory lane.' Tune in to enjoy appearances and performances by Jessica Simpson, Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson, Toby Keith, DL Hughley, Pam Anderson, ZZ Top, Clint Black, Carlos Mencia and many more as they take the stage around the country and at military bases worldwide.

From one American to another, we take this opportunity to simply say, "Thank You!" As well, we are here to issue a "call to action" ... giving our nation the opportunity to collectively thank those who serve us all.

Thanks to: Daniela!
        • (watch) New Proactiv commercial
        • About those 'new' candids...
You might have seen photos of Jessica poolside in Miami on some blogs and websites, wearing a cowboy hat and black bikini. They say the pics were taken on August 21 2008 but they are really from September 2, 2004. Guess the photographers are trying to make some more money off the pics but that's not the right way to do that!

Don't let them fool you, I hope mags won't fall for that More from this set here.
        • Simpson leaves pop, heartaches behind in going to Nashville
From discovering the origins of Buffalo wings to her split with Nick Lachey to her current relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, singer Jessica Simpson has had her share of ups and downs in recent years. Yet she's smart enough to have taken those highs and lows to Nashville's Music Row, crossed genres from pop to country and created Do You Know, an album whose material Simpson says has come from those realities.

"I don't think I could've made this album at 21," Simpson, now 28, says. "I really needed to experience failure and being let down and being heartbroken and finding a way to persevere and to heal. This album is a complete reflection of my heart and who I am and what I've experienced in the last three years.

"I finally feel like I can stand on two feet without being knocked down no matter what scrutiny comes along or whether people love it or hate it. It doesn't matter because I really got to know myself through the making of this album."

Simpson, performing two shows at Fallsview Casino Aug. 27-28, says Do You Know, in stores Sept. 9, creatively didn't take very long to make. Perhaps the only hurdles came from going back through her past.

"It's the experiences that suck," she says. "You really have to revisit those relationships to take something out of them and put them into music. That was the hardest part, the therapeutic side of the writing sessions. There would be nights after I was writing when I would come home (in Nashville) and lay in the bed and just weep and cry because I was so exhausted from having to think about some other guy for the whole night. Some of the men I've dated have been completely exhausting."

She could be talkng about John Mayer or Dane Cook or Adam Levine or ex-hubby Lachey.

As for the album, Do You Know is one that would grow on many country crossover listeners. Although the opening Come On Over is getting radio play, songs such as Might As Well Be Making Love and Still Beautiful may surprise some folks.

Simpson is eager to talk about two tunes for two different reasons, the first being the closing title track featuring Dolly Parton.

"Dolly wrote the perfect song and the lyrics are breathtaking," she says. "Just being able to sing on a song with my idol, there's no better opportunity. There's nothing I'm more proud of that I've done musically than Do You Know. At the end of the song I just get to sing my heart out and have that emotional moment with my voice."

Simpson says Parton also is the little voice in her ear when it comes to heeding advice.

"She is a sweetheart and she tells me not to care what everybody says about it, just follow my heart and remain true to myself and true to my talent," she says.

"She just reminds me to be human and not get caught up in what the media has to say about things. If anybody knows it's definitely Dolly."

The other song Simpson speaks of is You're My Sunday, a "happy love song" about Romo and one bound to make Fox Sports football commentator Terry Bradshaw gag. (Bradshaw ripped Romo at the end of the 2007 NFL season for going on a Mexico vacation with Simpson during a bye week for the Cowboys.)

"Tony is just so strong and he's definitely my rock," Simpson says. "I feel like through all the storms and the hurricanes when life feels like it's moving faster than you can, in the midst of all that craziness you can be so relaxed in love. I don't have to prove anything (to Tony), I don't have to be anybody else. I don't have to be what he wants me to be. He likes me just the way I am."

And when he's not studying the playbook, Romo is also trying his hand at singing, albeit to an audience of one.

"He sings You're My Sunday at the top of his lungs and the ending to Do You Know, the last 38 seconds -- or minute and 12 seconds," Simpson says laughing. "It's just so funny because he'll always want to listen to that part over and over and over again and try to hold the note for as long as I can."

Simpson, who'll play the Grand Ole Opry on Sept. 6, is enjoying her shows supporting Do You Know and feels like she's making a connection to fans with her songs, not gimmicks.

"It's nice to do country music live because I can just go out there in jeans and a T-shirt and I don't have to do any wardrobe changes or feel the need to be harnessed in and fly across the audience."

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica Simpson & Emily West
Tune in for this week's Top 20 when both Jessica Simpson and Emily West drop by the studios to help Suzanne Alexander count down the videos you voted for! Sure, music execs, record sales and radio determine a lot of countdowns, but this countdown is decided by GAC viewers like you! Pick the Top 20 Country Countdown each week when you vote for your faves at GAC's Top 20 features those videos and counts them down.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Candid
Jessica spotted at The Stage on Broadway in Nashville, not sure what day this was taken but I think around August 20th.

        • Jessica on CMT today!
Don't miss this week's Top 20 Countdown as host Lance Smith chats with Jessica Simpson. See what this pop star turned country singer has to say about her upcoming album, Do You Know, and much more.

August 21st, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson Clears Rumors of Feud With Carrie Underwood
Jessica Simpson often cites legends like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton as her musical heroes. But who among the newer country artists really impresses her these days? The Boot got a rather surprising answer when we posed that question to the pop turned country star.

'I think it's impressive how many No. 1s Carrie Underwood has,' Simpson told us, with a nervous laugh. 'Her choice in songs is really great, and she has an incredible voice. As far as new people, she has one of the strongest voices out there.'

So what about this supposed rivalry between the two songbirds?

'It's definitely media-driven. People are just trying to make a story out of nothing,' Simpson insists. 'I respect her and hopefully she respects me. We've just dated the same guy -- that's it!'

That guy is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who was briefly linked to Underwood last year. Romo is now in a serious relationship with Simpson. But Underwood recently told Allure magazine that he still calls her.

'I don't understand why she would say that,' Simpson recently told a San Francisco radio station. 'I respect Carrie, and I would never say anything like that.'

With all the time she's spending in Nashville these days, Simpson and Underwood are bound to run into each other. So would Simpson walk up to her media-deemed nemesis and give her a hug?

'Um ... I would definitely stop and say, 'Hi,'' Simpson answered The Boot.

Simpson is hoping to take the spotlight away from the tabloid nonsense and focus it back on the music with her new country CD, 'Do You Know,' which is due September 9. The Boot talked to her about her favorite songs on the album, including the very sexy title track, written by Dolly Parton. We'll have more on our exclusive interview with Jessica Simpson next week.

        • Jessica Simpson Inspired by a Redheaded Stranger
He was once her acting mentor, now Willie Nelson is playing musical mentor to Jessica Simpson. Simpson says the Redheaded Stranger had a big influence on her decision to move from pop to country.

'You can't not sit in front of Willie and just be in complete awe,' Simpson tells Dial-Global. 'Every time I would sit with him, he would play Patsy Cline and Waylon Jennings, just some really great music. And he would pick up the guitar and we would sing 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken,' and it just felt like my voice was at home.'

Simpson co-starred with Nelson in the 2005 'Dukes of Hazzard' movie. She says she looked to the living legend for acting advice.

'I was trying to memorize my lines and he was just like, 'Try to think of it as a melody. Think of it like a song, that's how I memorize all my lines in movies.'' Simpson says of Nelson. 'I took his advice and when you put a melody to it, it's pretty amazing, because it does become a song.'

Simpson's first country album, titled 'Do You Know,' is due in stores September.

        • Thank you!
I wanna say thank you to everyone who took their time to wish me Happy Birthday in the comments, on Jessica Forum, on facebook and myspace - thanks so much! A special thanks to the lovely girls from Portugal who sent me this pretty graphic!

Thanks to: Veruska, Ritovskyta and Sandra @ Jessica Simpson Portugal!

Thank you all for making my day so great
        • Enter to Win a Trip to Nashville to See Jessica Simpson Make Her Opry Debut!
Jessica Simpson will be making her Opry debut on September 6, alongside Loretta Lynn, Roy Clark, and Patty Loveless. Visit each day now through August 31 for your chance to enter to win a VIP trip to Music City, including:

* Hotel accommodations at the incredible Gaylord Opryland Resort, including a daily breakfast buffet for two at the Water's Edge Marketplace
* VIP tickets to the Grand Ole Opry for Jessica's debut
* A souvenir program and gift from the Opry
* Meet & Greet with Jessica backstage at the Opry
* Autographed copy of Jessica's Do You Know CD
* VIP seats for the General Jackson Showboat dinner cruise
* VIP passes to FUSE, a Vegas-style nightclub at the Gaylord Opryland Resort
* A ride on a Delta River Flatboat inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort
* And airfare to Nashville on Southwest Airlines!

Jessica's album Do You Know, featuring the hit single "Come On Over," will hit store shelves on September 9.

        • Kid Rock, Jessica Simpson & Michael Jordan among those seen in the city!
Kid Rock, Jessica Simpson and her friend/assistant CaCee hit the honky-tonks Monday night. The group was spotted at The Stage on Broadway mingling with some members of the band Hinder.

Steph spies say they were all very cordial to the crowd and even took a few pics. Sources tell me Jessica and Kid Rock met through Hank Williams Jr’s daughters. After the honky-tonk the group headed to John Rich’s place The Spot, where I am told they partied until 3 in the morning.

        • Jessica to perform Sept 13th
Jessica Simpson — now a country singer, we’re told — will perform after the Diamondbacks’ Sept. 13 game with the Reds (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica: Tony Isn't Calling Carrie
Despite Carrie Underwood's claims that Simpson's boy Tony Romo is calling her, Simpson insists it's not true. Well someone isn't telling the truth! In the September issue of Allure Carrie Underwood tells the mag that her ex boyfriend Tony Romo still calls her--even though he's dating Jessica Simpson.

"The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer," Underwood says.

But Simpson insists that isn't true.

"I looked at his call log," she said Wednesday in an interview with a Nashville radio station. "Tony and I both laughed at that. We got a chuckle out of it."

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • YOU WERE SPOTTED . . .
Jessica Simpson and her beau, Tony Romo, canoodling over dinner at The Palm on Sunday night.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • New interview

Did you hear Jessica Simpson on air with us this morning? She talked about everything from her new country CD that hits stores on September 9th, her relationship with Tony Romo, to her "feud" with Carrie Underwood. We recorded video of the entire visit so click the links below to launch the video. When you watch keep an eye out for her dog Daisy. & Intern Adam
        • JS Fall 2008 Collection ads
So beautiful
        • Jessica's Romantic Ringtone!
With schedules as busy as theirs, Jessica Simpson and her quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo can't be together all the time. So we hear that Jess, 28, keeps beau Tony, also 28, close by having the Dallas Cowboys’ theme song on her phone! Very cute -- but that doesn't stop her buddies giving her a hard time for being so slushy!

“Jess’s girlfriend was teasing her because it kept ringing with her boyfriend’s team’s tune,” a witness at Chicago’s Rockit Bar & Grill tells OK!. “It was funny.”

        • It's my birthday!
Today is my 28th birthday - let's celebrate! Woohoo lol
August 20th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • First Look: Jessica Simpson's Stampede Ad
Jessica Simpson is sure determined to prove she's a real country girl -- and now she's got the cold beer to go with it! In her new ad for Stampede Light Plus, the Texas-born Simpson is in full cowgirl uniform, complete with cowgirl hat and bales of hay, looking quite ready for a roll in it. Jessica says in the copy that she "likes a cold beer once in a while," and ever the entrepreneur, she holds 15% share in the brand. Yee haw!

        • Picture
Here's another photo from the Wayne Maser photoshoot, probably one of the promos for the new album!

Thanks to: Dron!
        • New interview!

Were you listening this morning when Jessica Simpson stopped by? She was just as sweet as can be. Jessica brough with her a copy of her CD, Do You Know, that will be in stores on September 9th. If you missed any part of the visit this morning you can now WATCH the entire thing below. Click on the links to launch the video player.

Source: (thank you Quincy!!!)
        • Jessica Simpson to be the face of Dallas' Stampede beer
Singer, actress and North Texas native Jessica Simpson will soon be marketing beer, according to an announcement expected today from a local brewing company. Ms. Simpson will serve as a spokeswoman and appear in ads in stores for Stampede Light Plus, which is made by Dallas' Stampede Brewing Co. But she won't be just another pretty face: Ms. Simpson is taking a 15 percent stake in the brewer. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

"She's the face of the brand now," said Lawrence Schwartz, Stampede's president and chief executive, who says sales have more than doubled in the past year.

Stampede's marketing is focused on its vitamin content, which it describes as "functional additives."

"As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to diversify my portfolio with good ideas and good people," Ms. Simpson said in a statement. "Yes, I work out and take care of myself, but I also like a cold beer once in a while."

        • Full song: Remember That
You can listen to FULL version of "Remember That" at Jessica's Official MySpace!
August 19th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New scans

05 x Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, October 2008 (thanks to Ruben!)
01 x FHM [Russia], June 2008 (thanks to Dron!)
        • Happy Birthday 'In This Skin'!
Can you believe it's been 5 years?! I can't! Haha! Happy Birthday to Jessica's bestselling album to date - "In This Skin"! That's until "Do You Know" comes out
        • Jessica Simpson: Nearly Naked!
Wrapped in a satin sheet, Jessica Simpson gets nearly naked for her Fancy new fragrance -- and ET has a sneak peek behind the scenes of her new ad!

"With Fancy, I wanted to create a pretty fragrance, one that I could be just as comfortable wearing on the red carpet or every day with my favorite jeans," Jessica says. "This is a special fragrance -- personal, whimsical, playful and romantic. To me, Fancy is just that: Fancy."

The fragrance, which Jessica created with perfumer Alexis Dadier of Mane Paris, is fresh, flirtatious, floral and the color of blush champagne, a soft pink.

Fancy comes in a variety of sizes: A 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ($59.00) and a 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ($49.00), as well as a 5.0 oz Body Lotion ($30.00) and will be in stores this August.

        • Jessica Simpson song gets feature treatment
Jessica Simpson's Top 20 hit single, Come On Over, will be the featured track in all of ABC's on-air promotion spots running in advance of the television special CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock airing Sept. 8. Filmed in Nashville, the special will be hosted by Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler and Julianne Hough. Featured performers include Trace Adkins, Rodney Atkins, Bucky Covington, Billy Ray Cyrus, Faith Hill, Hough, Alan Jackson, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Pickler, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, Swift, Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson and Dwight Yoakam.

ABC's promotional spots begin airing August 18. This year marked Simpson's first CMA Music Festival experience during which she signed for fans and came out to watch the nightly concerts, which makes being a part of this ABC promotion even more special for the Texas native. "I've gone back to my roots and come on over to country music," comments Simpson. "I just couldn't be more thrilled for Come On Over to be a part of this amazing night of country music."

Simpson has been on the road playing select fairs/festivals and visiting radio in support of her country debut, "Do You Know," out Sept. 9 on Epic/Columbia Nashville.

August 17th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New lyrics: Remember That
I typed the lyrics to "Remember That" so you can sing along!

Remember how he told you you were stupid
How he couldn't even look at you anymore
Remember how he told you you were crazy
How he got out of the car and slammed the door

He said you can't do anything right
Why you gotta make me so mad
Just get out of my sight
Remember that...

When it's 3AM and he's at your door
And he wants you back and he's begging for forgiveness
Remember that
When your phone keeps ringing all night long
And that same old weakness gets so strong
That you're helpless
Remember that

Click here for more!
        • (watch) Remember That @ Indiana State Fair
        • Simpson belts it out for fans
Thousands of screaming fans welcomed Jessica Simpson to Monterey County Fairgrounds on Friday night. More than 2,000 people patiently waited for hours to see Simpson perform her pop sensation songs and also waited eagerly to hear her voice to the melody of a new genre.

"It feels really good being myself again," she told the audience about her new-found love for country music. "Thank you for giving me another chance (to sing country)."

She opened the show with the song, "These Boots are Made for Walking" as the audience kept warm from the cool, crisp breeze by jumping.

"I love you guys," she told the audience over and over again. "It feels really good to be on stage again. Thanks for coming tonight."

Simpson drew a mostly young crowd. Cassie Leake, 12, was one of them. But for Leake, this was more then an opportunity to see one of her favorite singers. It was her first concert. Leake came from Salinas with her grandparents, Lois and Curk Hall, to see Simpson and made the concert into a family outing.

"We feel comfortable bringing her here," said Lois Hall, who wore a white T-shirt with a picture of Jessica Simpson, just like her 12-year-old granddaughter. "She doesn't dress like the other girls. She is a role model and it's great that they are bringing big names to Monterey."

But the new country singer was not the only performer that drew a big crowd to the fairgrounds. Central Coast Talent winner Xolie Morra and the Strange Kind drew more than 75 of their supporters. Many of them went to the show not to see Simpson perform but to support the Central Coast talent winners.

"We are here supporting them," said Gerrie Camillone of Salinas. "It is important to showcase local talent."

Camillone sat with a group of supporters wearing black with white letters supporting the band. After a 15-minute performance, Morra walked around the fairgrounds hugging and thanking her supporters.

"This is a great opportunity to meet people in the industry," said Morra, 23, of Campbell, who won the contest earlier this month. "Once you know one person it opens doors."

        • Monterey County Fair Pics
August 15, 2008: Jessica Simpson performs at the Monterey County Fair.

Thanks to: Tamara!

- Any fan reviews/photos/videos? Please send them in if you went to the concert
        • Wayne Maser Photoshoot
Here's an older photoshoot for the Jessica Simpson Collection, pictures taken by Wayne Maser - beautiful

Thanks to: Crayen!
        • Cup to cheer Jessica Simpson in Australia
WORD is that Jessica Simpson's vibrant presence will light up the Emirates Austrian-themed marquee at Melbourne Cup this year. The hot blonde is rumoured to be visiting Australia in November on a promotional tour for her debut country album, Do You Know.

        • (watch) Jessica talks about Tony

August 15th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson Is Ready for the Country
Editor's note: Jessica Simpson talks more about her life and career in the new episode of CMT Insider debuting Saturday (Aug. 16) at 1:30 p.m. ET/PT.

"Everybody has a preconceived notion of who Jessica Simpson is. They just do."

If anyone understands this particular concept, it's Jessica Simpson, herself, and that was just one of the observations she made during a recent interview with CMT Insider. She understands fully that pop music, movies and TV made her an A-list celebrity, but her long-term career commitment is in the more subdued world of country music. She's already performing her style of country at fairs and festivals, and her first country album, Do You Know, will be released Sept. 9 by Columbia Nashville.

Even though most people insist they don't believe everything they read, Simpson acknowledges that the public is still buying copies of tabloids and celebrity magazines.

"So it's still in the back of your mind," she told CMT Insider prior to a concert at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. "You still know the story of what you read."

She's hoping her album will help dispel many of the myths and misconceptions.

"I think that my music is going to finally allow people to really examine my heart and see what I've been through, and I think that people will relate to it," she said. "Making my transition into country music was not about selling records or making money or using country fans to go buy tickets -- or anything like that. It wasn't about that at all. It was really just about going to Nashville and writing with some of my favorite writers and singing about heartbreak and about my story and then about perseverance.

"I think country music is really about that lyric. ... The pop music that I was doing, the lyrics would just be lost in the beat of the song. I think country music really allows the song to actually be a song and be a moment in a story."

In July, Simpson performed her first country concert at Country Thunder USA, a festival in Wisconsin. Based upon a story that ran in a small newspaper, the Internet went wild with headlines claiming the fans booed her. Reports from others who witnessed the show revealed that the newspaper account was greatly exaggerated, to say the very least.

Simpson says she didn't detect any negativity whatsoever from the crowd. In fact, she and her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, celebrated her performance.

"I walked off the stage so proud," she said. "My boyfriend picked me up and twirled me around. His whole family was there. My whole family was there, and everybody was just ecstatic. I felt like I sang my butt off, and I couldn't be happier."

She adds, "I never once heard anybody boo. And if they did, I think that by the end, they understood that I was up there for a reason and that my purpose is to get up here and sing my butt off and that I do have a calling and I do have a talent. People just haven't seen it in a long time."

Simpson says she's fortunate to have met Romo.

"Tony is an amazing -- amazing -- guy and an amazing boyfriend, and I'm very blessed to be a part of his life and have him be a part of my life," she said. "He's really just allowed me to feel comfortable again and just be really confident in who I am."

Their time together is concentrated on the simple things of life.

"Tony and I definitely do what normal couples would do," she said. "What you would probably never expect us to do, we do it. We go to movies. We see everything that comes out. He loves to go to this place called the Movie Grill and get pizza and nachos. ... But I love that simplicity ... how we can just be ourselves with each other."

        • 'Come On Over' still #3 on CMT
From Lisa: "Today on CMT's Top 20 Video Countdown Jessica's "Come on Over" was #3. Also, Lance the host said that she is next weeks studio guest and will co-host with him :)"

Is anyone able to record it for SKNET, please?
        • (watch) Jessica sings Happy Birthday
Jessica Simpson sings Happy Birthday with Ken, Corey, and Eddie on 95.7 The Wolf San Francisco.
        • Jessica Simpson Closes Down Mr. Chow

While she dined at Mr. Chow with her girlfriends and hairdresser Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson's driver tried to fool the photogs. Jess & Co. arrived at the Bev Hills eatery around 9:30 p.m. Monday night and stayed past closing, until 12:30 a.m. In the meantime, her driver circled the block 25 times, parking at the front and back, in an attempt to throw off the paparazzi. Obviously, by the looks of the frenzy in the clip, he failed miserably.


Speaking of that, I've added 27 more high quality pics from Mr Chow!
        • Romo Calls BS -- Underwood's a Phoney
Tony Romo calls plays. He doesn't call Carrie Underwood. Sources close to the Cowboys QB tell TMZ Tony "is not calling Carrie" -- despite a recent interview she gave implying that she's ducking Romo's calls. In fact, Tony's been spending all sorts of "quality time" with on-again-off-again-back-on-again girlfriend Jessica Simpson -- we even got the proof when they left dinner together in Malibu over the weekend.


For those of you who don't know what this is all about: Carrie Underwood said this about Tony in her Allure interview:

"The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer."
        • Jessica beyond the tabloids
Simpson wishes people knew her instead of the caricature.

Here are some things you might know about Jessica Simpson:

She's dating Tony Romo. She used to date John Mayer. Before that, she dated and married Nick Lachey. Her acting gigs have been inconsistent in quality. She had bad skin until she discovered Proactiv. And of course, she once thought that Chicken of the Sea meant actual chicken.

This is all very important information, but Jessica Simpson, who is playing the Monterey County Fair on Friday, said she would be a lot happier if people just stopped paying attention to the tabloid storyline.

"It does hurt a lot of times," she said. "People have this perception of who Jessica Simpson is before I even give them a record. They don't know what they're going to hear but they have their opinion on it because of who they think I am.

"To constantly feel like you have to defend yourself is a horrible place to be," Simpson said. "You just kind of let your life defend itself on its own. Just kind of roll with the punches."

Rolling with the punches lately has meant a genre switch. Simpson is leaving pop music behind, and next month is releasing an album of country music called "Do You Know." She says that the new album "will really show people who I am. For the first time in a long time people are actually going to get my heart again."

Simpson said she doesn't think people would be able to connect with another collection of pop songs.

"With the pop music it was more about, OK, I go to this side of the stage on this verse, and I go to the other side of the stage and do this little dance over here when I sing the word try," she said. "It was very choreographed. Being on stage with my country record, I never know what's going to happen. It's more like a storyteller type of situation. It's all about making friends with your audience and relating."

Country music has allowed Simpson to open up.

"Everything that I wrote about (on the new album) was an experience that I've gone through," she said. "For me, country music is a better way to be honest. In pop music I just really don't feel like I have a place. There was always something missing. I never felt like a pop record truly showed people where I was in my life."

Simpson said her previous albums were always "trying to catch up with a trend.

"I never found a way to create one," she said. "It was more me trying to do what everybody else was doing because that was what was selling. I mean, I love to sing and I'm proud of all my albums, but the place that I'm in now with country music, it just fits who I am. It's not contrived and it's not trendy. It's just about telling a story."

Simpson said that the move to country would have come sooner but her label was resistant in the beginning.

"With album No. 3," Simpson said, "I went to write in Nashville because of the songwriters (that worked there). With all the material I was turning in, the label said, 'you can't record that, it's too country.' I was told by the label that they signed me to be a pop star and that's what I had to do. Obviously I didn't want to lose my record deal."

But Simpson has since realized that she has enough income from movies, clothing lines and endorsements that she doesn't need to compromise when it comes to her music.

"Even if it's at a local bar, I don't care," she said. "Just as long as I'm singing. I am lucky enough to have the choice to do what I want to do. So I went to the label and said, 'if you don't let me write my record in Nashville and see what I come up with, then I'm not making another record.'"

The tactic worked.

Simpson's country album is about to come out and she couldn't be happier.

"It's been a wonderful experience for me to have an idea and see it through," she said, "to come out with something that I'm really, really proud of. And now I never want to go back to pop music. This is my place."

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Simpsons Pray Jess' Gets as Big as Dolly's

        • (scan) People: I'm as happy as I could possibly imagine
Here's a scan from August 25 issue of People magazine!

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • (scans) Joy [Bulgaria], October 2007

Thanks to: Dron!
        • Jessica Simpson Collection - Fall 2008 promos
Here are the new promotional images for the Jessica Simpson Collection - Fall 2008! Now there's also outerwear available so be sure to check it out at!
        • Another Interview
Cornbread calls her "America's Princess." And now she's making a move to country music. In this interview with Cornbread, Jessica Simpson says she always been country and regrets not "coming over" sooner. Jessica openly dished about everything - her relationship with Nick Lachey, whether or not she will do another reality TV series, her famous dad, sister Ashlee and her boyfriend Tony Romo.
Click here to listen!

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • (download) 95.7 The Wolf Interview

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

LMFAO This interview is too funny! You gotta download it, lol.
August 14th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Fancy
From Leah: "I just bought Fancy by Jessica Simpson today at Macys. If you spend 59.00 on Fancy products you get a cute little pink clutch bag Jessica Simpson. I love the smell. <33 Good luck Jessica Simpson!!"

Thanks to: Leah!
        • New interview
There's a new Jessica interview up on - thanks to Tamara!
        • New songs clips!
Head over to Jessica's official MySpace page to listen to clips of 'Remember That', 'Do You Know' and 'Pray Out Loud'! Thanks to Allie for the heads up!
Do You Know (clip)
Pray Out Loud (clip)
Remember That (clip)
- I am amazed! I love the new songs!! I can't even decide which one is my fave!
Mark your calendars and tune in to Opry Live on GAC at 7 p.m. ET on September 6. Jessica will be there making her Opry debut along with the legendary Loretta Lynn, Roy Clark, and Patty Loveless. Planning to be in Nashville? Come see the show that made country music famous in person. You can order tickets online at or call 1-800-SEE-OPRY. Plus, as a special fan of Jessica, you can take advantage of a $3 off discount! Just mention code WEBFAN when ordering your tickets.

August 13th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica's Fancy gets its website
For now there's a 'coming soon' sign but it should launch soon, check it out!
        • (watch) Jess & Tony at Nobu
Here's a paparazzi video of Jess and Tony leaving Nobu on August 10.

        • Candids
July 25, 2008: Jessica Simpson sighting in New York City (+09)(hq).
        • Jessica Simpson to play State Fair
The Chevrolet Main Stage lineup at the State Fair of Texas gained some star power with the addition of newly minted country star Jessica Simpson for Oct. 17. Other acts include A.B. Quintanilla and Kumbia King All Starz, Oct. 19; Lady Antebellum, Sept. 26; Bell Biv DeVoe, Oct. 4 before the Grambling-Prairie View football classic; and Disney stars Demi Lovato, Sept. 28, and Jordan Pruitt, Oct. 13. Concerts are free with admission to the fair.

        • Style Her Famous - Jessica Simpson
Here's an episode of Style Her Famous dedicated to Jessica's style. I've recorded it from a Polish tv channel today and it has a Polish lector but it's not dubbed so you can still hear the original language. Feel free to download it if you like! They make over a girl to be more feminine and the style they chose for her is Jessica Simpson's style. Ken Paves does her hair and Mary Phillips does her makeup! See the result yourself

Download: here | Sendspace
        • (view) Tammy meets Jessica @ Country Thunder
Tammy also shared with us her video from meeting Jess backstage at the Country Thunder Thanks!!
        • (view) 'Come On Over' @ Country Thunder USA
Tammy shared her video of Jess performing on Country Thunder USA - thanks Tammy!
August 12th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (view) Jessica backstage at Indiana State Fair
Here's a new video of Jessica backstage at the Indiana State Fair talking about country music and her reaction when she found out her music video debuted on #3 on CMT

        • New candids
August 11, 2008: Jessica Simpson leaves Mr Chow with friends.
        • New candids
August 10, 2008: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo had a good laugh at Nobu in Malibu when a photographer lost his sandal trying to get a picture of the couple (hq).
        • New candids
August 11, 2008: A leggy Jessica Simpson leaves Mr Chow with her pal, celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. Jessica looked back to her Daisy Duke best in her tiny denim hotpants! The pair enjoyed a a 5-hour-long dinner together before leaving the restaurant to be greeted by a hoard of paparazzi (hq).
August 11th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
August 10, 2008: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo had a good laugh at Nobu in Malibu when a photographer lost his sandal trying to get a picture of the couple.

        • 'Come On Over' to premiere on MTV TRL on Wednesday!
From Alec: "I don't know why MTV would have Jessica's video up for voting before giving it a world premiere on TRL. But I guess they have changed their mind. TRL is giving Jessica's "Come On Over" video a spin Wednesday August 13th! I am happy! Just because she has gone country shouldn't limit her video play on certain networks... after-all MTV is her home!"

- Thanks for the heads up Alec! So everyone (in the US) should watch TRL on Wednesday and then REQUEST to get the video on the countdown!
        • Fan review - Indiana State Fair
From Katie: "Hello! Just wanted to send in my review of the Indiana State Fair concert in Indianapolis last Thursday. As soon as I heard Jess was coming to Indy, I had to buy tickets! When we arrived to the fair around 3pm, we heard Jess singing, so we walked over to the grandstand to hear her. She was doing sound check and was singing a few lines from Remember That. We ended up walking to the side of the stage inside the track and we could actually see her on stage! She was so tiny and cute. Then, she got in a white van and drove out of the gates right past us! She waved to some girls out her window and drove off. For the concert, my sister and I had great seats: first row granstand right behind the sound booth. The opening act (Casey Jamerson) was really upbeat. As we were waiting for Jessica, there were several sightings of Joe, Tina, and her assistant. Closer to the time, Joe walked from backstage to the sound booth (right in front of us!), where he stayed for the entire concert. When Jess came out, she was adorable, energetic, and very sweet. I actually hadn't seen her perform live since the Dream Chaser tour, so I was completely in awe of her! I couldn't get over how tiny she was because her voice is so moving and powerful. Needless to say, she opened with These Boots, and proceeded with many songs from her new album. Every single song was heartfelt and genuine and I have no doubt her album will be a hit. I must say that hearing her on stage nearly moved me to tears; considering all that she has been through, how relatable her music is, and how talented she is. She prefaced each song with a small explanation of its inspiration and what it meant to her. Overall, her concert was completely natural and I felt like she is truly sharing a piece of her heart with the audience. Of course, she looked gorgeous, and her band sounded amazing too. I can't wait for the release of her album and hopefully she will launch a full fledged tour this fall. Oh, I forgot to mention they were selling the "With All My Heart" bracelets, so my sister bought one, and inside was a sample of her new perfume "Fancy." We also got "Come On Over" t-shirts. My sis is now a converted fan! :) I love Jess and can't wait to see her perfrom again soon!"

Source: Thanks Katie for sharing!
August 10th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (listen) KJ-97 San Antonio Country Station Interview
Click here to hear Randy talk with Jessica about her new country CD and what you read about her in the tabloids!
        • Fan review - Indiana State Fair
From Kathryn: "This past weekend I was lucky enough to see Jessica perform at the Indiana State Fair! I had seen on Sweetkisses that she would be be perfoming at the fair so I had to convince my boyfriend to take me. We live in Chicago and I decided we would make a 3 hour trip of going to the fair so we could see Jessica and then we could stay another night to see Carrie Underwood. Well, my boyfriend agreed and he actually could finally see why I am such a huge fan of Jessica. We had 3rd row seats to the right of the stage and she was absolutely amazing. Jessica was funny and goofy on stage, but she also brought me to tears by sharing her past hardships in different relationships. She is so genuine and her career in country is sure to be a HUGE sucess. What I wanted to say in regards to the Carrie Underwood performance in comparison to Jessica is that I strongly believe after seeing both perform live, Jessica is going to pass up all female country singers. Carrie only spoke to the audience once and it was so much less personable. It felt like Carrie was just going through the motions while Jessica was trying to make a connection to the audience. Carrie has a beautiful voice, but when Jessica sang I felt goosebumps on top of goosebumps. I am so excited for 9/9 when her CD is out in stores. Jessica is back and better than ever!!!! Love, Kathryn."

Source: Thanks to Kathryn for sharing!
        • Fan opinion: Fancy
From Lauren: "Hey!! Just wanted to tell you that I got Jessica Simpson's Fancy today at Macy's. They told me I was the 1st person to buy it at that store. I think it smells GREAT! They also gave me a free Jessica Simpson clutch thats cute and a perfume for my purse. They had a bunch of advertisements in the store. She looked beautiful of course!!!"
        • Introducing:!
Here's a project I've been working on lately: a Jessica Simpson fansite in POLISH, lol. As you probably know I'm from Poland and I've been wanting to launch a Polish fansite for Jess for a while now for all those Polish fans who don't know English that well... but love Jess! So if you're from Poland please check out It's pretty much a translation of SK with shared gallery/media section/forum - there's no need for uploading everything twice, right? It's just a temporary version for now, I'm getting to know Wordpress and learning new things that will hopefully allow me to make SKNET even better!

Chcialabym serdecznie zaprosic wszystkich fanow Jess z Polski do odwiedzenia mojej nowej strony w jezyku polskim
        • Fan photos
Here are 90+ great pictures from the Indiana State Fair taken by Veronica - thank you!
        • (watch) 'You're My Sunday' @ Indiana State Fair!
Huge thanks to Veronica again for sharing the video
August 9th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • 'Come On Over' moves up one spot on CMT!!!
GUYS! Jessica's "Come On Over" is #2 on CMT's video chart this week! Keep voting and lets get Jessica to #1 next week! Click HERE to vote for 'Come On Over'!!! Get your friends to vote too! We can do this!
        • SKNET on Facebook
I've set up a Facebook page for - check it out and you can 'become a fan' if you like
        • (watch) 'When I Loved You Like That' @ Indiana State Fair!
WOW WOW WOW! Finally we get to hear a new song "When I Loved You Like That" (well us who didn't get to go to any shows yet!)!

Thanks to Veronica!

- Don't know about you but I got chill bumps!!!
        • (listen) New interview
There's a new interview with Jessica up at 100.3 KILT Houston - click to listen! Thanks Tamara for the info I will add it to the media center later!
        • (scans) Country Weekly, August 25 2008
Nashvile newcomer Jessica Simpson talks about giving up pop for country - and how she really feels about Carrie Underwood.

Source: Thanks to Connie for scanning it for us
        • 'Come On Over' debuts on GAC
Jessica's video debuted at #16 on the GAC TV Top 20 Video Countdown. Not as high as on CMT but we can still help it climb by voting! Click HERE to vote! Thanks to Alec for the heads up!
        • Jessica Simpson gets a little bit country
Jessica Simpson has been a gospel prodigy, a Britney wannabe, a reality-TV ditz and a sexpot movie star, but she's never been a country singer. Until now. Next month she releases her country debut, "Do You Know?," and she'll be performing her third country show ever at 6:30 p.m. Friday at the Monterey County Fair. Simpson, 28, certainly isn't alone right now in crossing over from pop to country — Jewel, Kid Rock and Darius "Hootie" Rucker are all currently on the country charts. But unlike a lot of her peers, the Baptist preacher's daughter actually grew up listening to the stuff.

"Country was a huge part of what I listened to," says the Texas native. "All of my boyfriends growing up, all of our songs were from Garth Brooks, or Clint Black, or Clay Walker "..."

After performing on the gospel circuit as a "tween" and teen, Simpson crossed over to the pop charts in 1999 with "I Wanna Love You Forever." But she didn't become a household name until she married Nick Lachey, a member of the boy band 98 Degrees. Their union was chronicled on a popular MTV reality show called "Newlyweds," and Simpson's ditzy TV demeanor made her the most famous "dumb blond" in the country. The show ended in 2005, and the marriage soon after.

Simpson credits the influence of two country music legends with steering her back toward the music of her Texas youth. One was Willie Nelson, who played Uncle Jesse to Simpson's Daisy Duke in the 2005 big-screen adaptation of "The Dukes of Hazzard."

"He would play me old Patsy Cline stuff and Johnny Cash, and I just really started to understand the storytelling of country music," she says.

But first would come one more pop album — 2006's "A Public Affair" — followed later that year by one of Simpson's most public embarrassments. The singer had been selected to perform "9 to 5" as part of a tribute to Dolly Parton at that year's Kennedy Center Honors gala. An uncomfortable-looking Simpson stumbled over the lyrics and apologized to Parton midsong before slinking offstage, and the performance was cut from the televised show.

"I was just at a place in my life when I should not have been on stage," Simpson says. "To mess up in front of the president and Steven Spielberg and Dolly Parton and all these people, it's pretty much one of my all-time lows.''

"I had told my dad, 'I never want to sing again. Don't even try to encourage me to sing again. It's just not what I'm supposed to be doing.' Dolly caught wind of it, and she told me that I have one of her favorite voices out there, and that if I didn't keep singing, that it would just be a shame, and if I ever needed her help at all to give her a call."

So when Simpson began work on her country project, she took Parton at her word, and the Country Hall of Famer not only contributed the song that became the album's title track, she also offered to sing on it.

"I'm like, 'Are you kidding? That would be like a dream come true,'"‰" Simpson says. "It's amazing how things can come full circle, like your lowest of lows can end up making something your highest of high."

For the time being, one dream — that of being a big-screen star — is on hold as she focuses on her country career.

Since her eye-popping turn as Daisy Duke — of which Charlotte Observer critic Lawrence Toppman wryly noted, "There's nothing wrong with Simpson's performance that a head transplant wouldn't cure" — Simpson's film career has gone from bad ("Employee of the Month") to worse ("Blonde Ambition," which grossed — this is not a typo — $1,190 in its opening weekend).

Of the recently completed "Major Movie Star" — like the last two, produced by manager-dad Joe Simpson — Jessica defensively says, "It will not be going straight to DVD," though anyone viewing the trailer online will have difficulty believing that.

Despite that one glitch in her career, Simpson says, "I'm in such a great place in my life." Part of that, perhaps, is due to her well-publicized romance with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Simpson's publicist forbade any questions about her personal life, but Simpson opened up when the conversation turned to a song from her new album, "You're My Sunday."

"You think about a Sunday, it's just a day to relax and lay around and feel comfortable, and Tony is all that for me," she says. "He really slowed my life down when he came into my life. He encouraged me to just breathe and relax and live."

Simpson's country career is off to a good start with the single, "Come on Over," which just cracked the country Top 20 in Billboard. But in the Bay Area, it's getting a decidedly mixed response, with KBWF Program Director Scott Mahalick reporting "great, great phone calls" on it and KRTY General Manager Nate Deaton saying his listeners "aren't taking to it very much."

Simpson apparently got a similar mixed reaction at her live debut in front of a country crowd last month at Wisconsin's Country Thunder Festival. The Kenosha News said she was greeted "with a mixture of boos and cheers," but Simpson says it was "an amazing performance."

"I never heard a boo," Simpson says, "and if there were people that booed me, then they just won't be buying the record, and that is what it is. But I was happy to be up there and make people smile with the music."

        • Fan review - Indiana State Fair
From Cathy: "Jessica’s concert was great last night in Indianapolis! My husband went with me, not a Jessica fan like I am but he was surprised at how much fun it was and how much he liked the music. Jessica sang several songs from her new album, Come on Over, Remember That, Pray Out Loud, You’re My Sunday (she said she wrote for Tony), Still Don’t Stop Me, When I Loved You Like That, Man Enough & Do You Know. They were all great, but I really felt her heart in Still Don’t Stop Me; a song she said she wrote to get over a past hurt. I can not wait for September 9th when I can buy her new CD. Jessica’s assistant, Stephanie, came out during Casey Jamerson’s opening act and took a picture of the audience, maybe for Jessica’s scrapbook? Papa Joe practically caused a riot when he came out to look at the crowd during the set change. I caught the expression on his face you could tell he had no idea that was going to happen and he was trying to figure out how to back out of the situation without hurting anyone’s feelings. Before Jessica took the stage Joe wanted to walk from backstage to center audience where the sound and light boards were stationed behind a caged area. About four State Troopers had to escort him through the crowd. Also, one of Jessica’s backup singers made on-lookers do a double take as from a distance she kind of looks like Jessica. Jessica paused between songs and told stories about how she chose each song on her album that she sang, really felt like she was trying to connect to the audience. I think performing at a small venue was very conducive to connecting to the audience, no flashy lights, no big production, just Jess on a stage talking to her fans. While on stage she promoted the sale of her “With All My Heart Bracelet” that was being sold at a merchandise table. The bracelet is a replica of an original bracelet giving to Jessica by a US Marine made from parachute chord. 100% of the profits go to The Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund. Of course, I bought a bracelet which also came with a free sample of her new fragrance, Fancy. I really liked the fragrance very light and clean smelling. Both the bracelet and the fragrance can be purchased on her website Enjoy the pictures."

- Thanks for sharing your review and pictures with us Cathy!
        • (scans) Elle, September 2008
Scans from Elle magazine have been added to the gallery!

Thanks to Tamara!
August 8th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson Rocks Indiana State Fair
Other than the Indy 500, Indianapolis doesn’t get a ton of high-profile events. But last night, Jessica Simpson treated around 4000 fans to an evening of selections from her new country career. The “Come On Over” cutie sported a denim button-up shirt with a pair of short white shorts and brown leather cowboy boots as she took the stage at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand as part of the Indiana State Fair. Also in attendance was Jess’ father Joe Simpson, who employed the help of seven state troopers to escort him around the crowd before and during the concert. Between cuts from her new album “Do You Know” (slated to hit stores in September), Simpson chatted candidly about her boyfriend Tony Romo as well as her crazy tabloid life.

        • Pictures
I've added high quality photos from the Indiana State Fair.

- Please keep the fan pics / reviews coming
        • Fan review - Indiana State Fair
From jessnnickluv @ Edge Of Eternity: "So I just got back to the hotel from Jessica's concert that was in Indianapolis tonight. Let me just say she was amazing!! She sounded and looked amazing. She sang songs mainly from her new album saying it was like a listening party, then she sang 'These Boots', 'With You", on History, Son of a Preacher Man, On the road again, and everything off her new album except 'still beautiful' and 'might as well be making love'. She didn't mention Nick at all but did introduce all of the songs and what they are about and what they meant to her.

When she introuduced "Remember When" she talked about how if your in a relationship that is abusive mentally, emotionally, or physically you deserve better and that you should run even if you think your world will stop if you do. That's the only one that she sang that I took to probably be about Nick it talks about they could have kids and just like having a future together. With Remember That she was talking about someone cheating and lying, there was even a line like the proof is on your neck.

Before Do you know she talked about messing up at the White House and at the Dolly Parton thing and how Dolly is so sweet and came and told her if there was anything she needed just to ask and really supported and inspired her to be herself after the incident. She said that Dolly wrote Do you know for her. She actually messed up the lyrics twice, once she started laughing and said oops and then kept singing the second time she started over again and she said that the word she messed up on was crazy and that she was just thinking to herself I must be crazy for sharing everything that I am.

She was very open in the introductions to the songs talking about men cheating and lying and breaking her heart. She said that most of the album is about heart break and moving forward except "Your My Sunday" which she wrote for Tony she also said he's a good kisser and throws a football pretty good. She said he came along at the right moment about a year ago. She said the three years while she hasn't been onstage was about healing and she was just going through a lot of heartbreak where she built up walls around her because she felt like she couldn't trust people. She said that all changed the first time she was at one of the producers on "Do you know?" house's writing she decided that in order to put the past behind her and move on emotionally she had to get everything out in the open.

It seems that this album is really close to her heart she was tearing up and just kinda doing little breaths after songs and saying things like "that's a hard one to get through". She's definitely doesn't seem like the same person that I got to meet alomst five years ago, she just seems a little jaded I guess everything in the last couple of years has really taken it's toll on her.

I really recommend to anyone that can get out to any of her shows to it was defintely a new side of Jess, she never ceases to amaze me. Through listening to her songs tonight I respect her even and have become even bigger of a fan for her, if that's even possible. Her lyrics really touched me and the emotion that she put into them was lol i can't stop saying amazing.

Like an hour before the show she was onstage getting her makeup done and everyone was snapping pics I went to the other end and when she was walking towards me I sceamed Jessica and she turned and waved at me and I told her we drove six hous from Milwaukee to see her and she was like awww wow thanks for coming, she is so sweet. Also before the show everyone starting flocking towards the side of the stage so I thought Jess was over there so me and my mom ran over there but it was just Joe. He had all these people flocked around him taking pics with him and signing autographs before he was escorted somewhere with like 8 cops. All in all it was a great night."
        • Fan review - Indiana State Fair
From Kayla: "So today me and my friend Simone went to the Indiana State Fair at 10:30. We stood behind the grandstand ALL day waiting to see Jess. So we sort of made a security guy as a friend cause he though we were nuts for being there like 9 hours before the show. So we stood and stood in the burning heat for Jess. So we see two white vans so we got all excited but it was her band. So the van leaves and comes back a couple hours later and we freak out cause we see miss Simpson.

So we run over to the barricade as close as we could to her like 30 feet away? And she gets out and we see her, and it was only me and Simone there besides security. So we screamed Jessica like 5 times cause she was just standing there. And one of her people pointed to his ears like she had her iPod in.

So we were sort of disappointed. So 30 minutes later she walked out from the room underneath the stage where they get ready. And she goes onstage and we yelled Jessica again and she just waved. She did a very long soundcheck and we saw Tina with Daisy so we yelled Tina and she waved.

So she's onstage for awhile and our security guard friend told Stephanie that we had been there FOREVER and just wanted a 2 second picture with her. So Jess wraps up the soundcheck and we see her going to the van and we didn't yell cause she got in so quick. But we saw Joe standing there next to her so we yelled Joe!!! And he waved and we were like waving come over and he was like well stop at the exit.

So the back of the grandstand is where people also park so all these people are going to their cars and heard Jess singing so they followed us cause security was pointing to us. So we go to the exit and get SO excited athen her van keeps going and she just waved..again!

And we were so upset cause we waited for 4 hours so far and we had honestly stood in the same spot for that long. So they pulled out and we stood there haha and the security gave me and Simone a autographed picture that Stephanie told her about how we waited and came far, cause we were vacationing in north Carolina but came back to see her.

So she left. But we got autographs. So we rode a few rides then went back to our spot, and she came back like 2 hours later. So she got out And there were four more people waiting with us and we yelled Jessica but yeah she waved lol

Then around 6:30 Joe pulls up in a limo and us like now 10 yell Joe come here and he said he'd me back but um never did. We saw Jess being interviewed onstage so when she was done we All yelled again haha and she waved and walked off the stage another way. Then one of her friends or a interviewer walked by and we were like what's she like??? And he said sweetest thing ever and totally like you wouldn't expect her to be, down to earth.

And be said well wait around till 8 and she'll come over, he said she was being interviewed by CMT and People mag. We waited and nothing.

So we go to the track and Joe is like behind a fence and me and my 3 friends all yelled Joe and he came over, noone recognized him so we took pics and we were like were the ones who've been outside all day and you got us autographs, thanks. He said no problem and thanks for supporting Jess so we walked away and around 100 girls come running and taking pics of Joe and screaming haha

We had fifth row seats and Jess comes on looking SOOOO pretty and happy :]

She sang all new songs except 'With You' which when everyone sang she got so excited and said she loved hearing people sing along. And she lastly sang 'Come On Over' which everyone knew. I know she sang like 8 new songs and a couple covers like 'Son of a preacherman' and that one song about whose bed have your boots been under. So fun. And her new songs are beyond amazing. She was in almost tears for a few of her songs as was me and everyone else Espcially her song about abuse and still [or stay?] beautiful and a another. She talked a lot and said how she missed being onstage and she talked about how her Sunday song is about Tony :]]]] and about how a guy she dates needs to not care about her farting under the covers and paparazzi, then she said paparazzi was probably worse than farting hahaha

We waited after the concert but had a feeling she would just wave and leave and there were a lot of people waiting and how earlier she said she couldn't stop for pics cause she was too hot so yeah we just left after 20 minutes.

I have a few of her full songs like the abuse song, I forget the name sorry I'm just so tired and sunburnt like no other.

And I won't be home till like Monday to upload them and show you guys, same with pics. But it was in all a good day :] Sorry it's SOOOOOOO long it was just exciting."

- Thanks for sharing Kayla!
        • Caught in the Act!
• Jessica Simpson, making a pit stop in Chicago for lunch before heading to the Indiana State Fair for a scheduled performance. The newly minted country singer ate at the Windy City's Rockit Bar & Grill with two pals – and spent a good deal of time e-mailing on her BlackBerry. While in Chicago, the singer checked into The James, a boutique hotel, where she, her pooch Daisy and an assistant checked into the swanky penthouse. The ladies treated themselves to luxe room service.

        • (download) US 99.5 Interview, August 6 2008
format: mp3
quality: 128 kbps
size: 15.23 mb | 11.92 mb | 2.76 mb
Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Sendspace: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Megaupload: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
        • New pictures
August 7, 2008: Jessica Simpson performs at Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.
        • Jessica Simpson goes country at State Fair
Jessica Simpson's stab at Nashville success is nothing new, and it's easy to dismiss.

Way back in 1994, for instance, Alan Jackson mocked the idea of falling stars turning to twang in the lyrics of his song "Gone Country."

Simpson, the 28-year-old co-star of bygone MTV reality series "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," certainly qualifies as a singer in need of a hit.

She performed Thursday at the Indiana State Fair, appearing as a headlining act for the first time in three years. (In July, Simpson reportedly was heckled when opening a show for B-list country act Sara Evans in Wisconsin.)

It was a low-pressure setting at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand, where an estimated audience of 4,000 gathered. In 2004, Simpson attracted a crowd of 6,000 for a vapid pop show at Verizon Wireless Music Center.

Back then, the Texas native was famous for little more than being famous. In the smartest move she's made to date, Simpson is mining her celebrity to make an artistic statement.

Against the odds, her upcoming country album, "Do You Know," appears to be an intriguing document of blood, sweat and tears that are spent beneath the surface of a tabloid lifestyle.

Simpson performed a wealth of material from the recording, which is scheduled for release in September. Standout selections included the title track, which Dolly Parton kindly wrote for Simpson in the wake of a punch-line moment -- the time the younger star botched the lyrics of "9 to 5" at a Kennedy Center Awards show.

Simpson's current single, "Come On Over," boasts country authenticity thanks to weepy steel guitar.

She talked plenty about current love interest Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback who played his college ball across the state line at Eastern Illinois University.

Engaging covers such as Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" and John Michael Montgomery's "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" broke up the onslaught of new material.

Even with Simpson's surprisingly impressive showing, the night featured one bizarre byproduct of her pop life: Seven state troopers escorted her father, ex-Baptist preacher Joe Simpson, when he walked amid members of the audience.

        • (scans) Joy [Czech Republic], June 2008

- By the way the gallery has been moved to a better, faster server so I hope it works even better for everyone now
        • Vote for 'Come On Over' on TRL!
Click on the image to vote for 'Come On Over' on MTV TRL!
        • 'Come On Over' is #1 on Yahoo Country Videos Chart!
YAY! Congrats Jess!
        • Fan Photos - Indiana State Fair
Kayla sent me these pics of Jessica from the fair in Indianapolis yesterday - thanks!!

- If you were there and took pics or have a review please share
August 7th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson’s Windy City Whirlwind! EXCLUSIVE Photos!

Country crooner Jessica Simpson spent the day in Chicago yesterday doing radio interviews with US 99.5 to promote her new album and The Boots Girls have all the scoop!

“I just did 22 interviews in a row,” Simpson told eyewitnesses outside the studio. “I’m exhausted and sick of hearing myself talk!”

It wasn’t all work and no play though. After refueling with a quick bite to eat Simpson headed to Rush Street to exercise her favorite pastime, shopping! Jessica hit up Jake and Barney’s with her dog Daisy and assistant in tow.

After her shopping spree Simpson chatted with fans and cops outside the store. “It’s frustrating because it was my big country debut and all people are focusing is something that didn’t happen,” Simpson explained of her Country Thunder performance. “I go into these interviews and people ask me about getting booed and I tell them I didn’t get booed. If they would’ve booed me I would’ve yelled at them.” You tell ‘em Jess!

While The Boots Girls talked with Simpson we couldn’t help but be distracted by her boobs that are made for stalking! “Oh they’re real,” a Chicago cop assured us. “I got a quick elbow shot in and they’re not fake!” LOL…this cop totally “copped” a feel!

After taking pictures with fans Simpson headed to Indiana for a concert she has tonight by road tripping in a car.

        • (watch) 99.5 Country Station Interview in Chicago

        • (scans) People, August 18 2008

Thanks to Tamara!
August 6th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Pre-order 'Do You Know'
Do You Know, the highly anticipated new country album from Jessica Simpson featuring the smash hit "Come On Over" Order today & receive an Instant MP3 Download of "Come On Over".

Digital MP3 Album
* Digital Album Featuring 11 New Songs
* High Quality (320kbps) MP3s
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* Instant MP3 Download of "Come On Over"

OUR PRICE: $16.98

Click HERE to pre-order the album now!!! (unfortunately for us who live outside the US we are not able to pre-order the album - boo! )

You can also pre-order the album on!
'Do You Know' Deluxe Edition with DVD | 'Do You Know' Standard Edition
        • 'Do You Know' tracklist!
* 01. Come On Over
* 02. Remember That
* 03. Pray Out Loud
* 04. You're My Sunday
* 05. Sipping On History
* 06. Still Beautiful
* 07. Still Don't Stop Me
* 08. When I Loved You Like That
* 09. Might As Well Be Making Love
* 10. Man Enough
* 11. Do You Know With Dolly Parton
        • (listen) 99.5 America's Country Station Chicago Interview
…the beautiful and talented country singer joined Ray in the studio this morning to talk about all that our listeners had to ask. She shared her memories of Country Thunder, her interest in Football, what life is like for her dog Daisy, and her fear of being strip searched at the airport. Her new CD is out 9/9 and is called Do You Know. Check out her podcast at We even got a call from Bears kicker Robbie Gould saying he would trade a day in his life for her life.

- Jessica mentions the birthday wishes page we've made for her in part 2
        • I'm Rooting for Jessica Simpson!
Jessica Simpson is a big star. Whether you like that fact or not is up to you. She is a beautiful, young woman, we all know that. She has been in the tabloids for years, and she is one of the most recognized young stars in Hollywood....or now maybe Nashville.

I'm just going to say it up front. I don't care who Jess has been married to, or who she dates. I don't care about Tony Romo or the Dallas Cowboys either. I DO think it's deplorable that Cowboy fans boo her at Texas Stadium. I more than likely will not buy the zit medicine she hocks on late night TV as well. I did think she was extremely funny on the Pizza Hut spots a few years ago, and I have not been to any of her movies. Hopefully that experiment is over.

BUT.....I will embrace her in Nashville and root for her in today's country music scene. Jessica is a star, with real star power. Doesn't she just look country too? I think so. So after all this time she's finally come to Nashville. One question. What took so long? She with her country roots, her looks, her voice, she was a Nashville natural the whole time. Seems like good advice finally showed up.

I have been playing country music on the radio for 26 years. I've seen a ton come and go. I have also never been thrilled with those who come to Nashville only to leave us, or try to leave us for greener pastures or bigger pay days. They just blow us off and run for the Pop/Rock scene thinking of huge stardom. You know who they have been. Many...we don't have to mention any names here. Most of the time, THAT plan fails and when it does, they try to reconnect with Nashville and country fans. But y'all are way too smart for that. Many times the door never really opens again.

Jessica's new song Come On Over, is a real stunner to me. When I heard this country project was in the works, I was skeptical. But the song is COUNTRY! It's short, tight, concise, has some great country licks in it, some great steel guitar riffs too. Plus she sings the daylights out of it, and it just fits her like a glove. The album comes out next month, and to be honest, I'm looking forward to hearing it. With all that she is, she should've come to Nashville long ago.

We all do our best work when we become comfortable with who we are as people. Sometimes it takes a while to find out who we really are as young adults. And when we do, it feels so good to find your niche. When I started in country radio in 1982, at WOBL in Oberlin, Ohio, I had no knowledge of the music. My first job or two was rock.- n- roll. But it fit me fine, and I've done nothing except country since, and had good success. I am hoping for the same for her. She is a star, and if the music is good she will be great for Nashville. Jessica sounds comfortable with her new life and song, away from Hollywood and in Nashville.

For some reason I feel differently about her than virtually every other tabloid star. I don't have much empathy for the rest of that bunch. When I see her, I have always seen someone other than who she was. I always saw someone seemingly uncomfortable in her own skin. -Sad. Maybe it was because I knew the look. I too, in my 20's had to find my own way through a few mine fields. Sound familiar? Thought so. I always felt Jessica was a fish out of water. She just needed a new pond to swim in.

I feel bad for anyone, man or woman who gets booed by 80.000 at a football game for being who they are, plus the rumors, the real dirt they try to dig up or just flat out invent in Hollywood. I'm not saying she's an angel or that mistakes haven't been made, but being in your 20's is a tough job sometimes, and I haven't forgotten that either.

I'm rooting for Jessica Simpson! It's not often that a real star comes to OUR neck of the entertainment woods, Nashville, and settles in. Trust me Jess this is your niche. I think you could really make a go of it if you stay true to the music. We've made many stars and watched them fly away, it's good to have one come home to roost.

        • New OK! Cover
JESSICA SIMPSON: Abused by her ex

In her new country single, Jessica Simpson sings about a past emotionally abusively relationship. Now sources are revealing the song is about her ex-husband, Nick Lachey. OK! reveals when the relationship took a turn for the worse, and why Jessica waited until now to express her pain.
        • Jessica Spoofed In New Disaster Movie
From football23 & GeminiDolly: "They showed the clip on ET tonight. The movie has Vanessa Minnillo, Kim Karashian, Carmen Electra. It's a girl looking like Jessica singing into a microphone she goes "Is this singing stick on?" and she's wearing a pink #9."
        • Caught in the act
• Mom-to-be Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, shopping for jeans with her mother, Tina, and sister Jessica. The singer popped into M. Fredric Malibu, a boutique, where she picked up Level 99 white jeans. She also loaded up on a cardigan and camisole, among other items. Also in the store that day: Jaime Pressly, who stopped into the boutique's Studio City location and grabbed some Level 99 shorts.

        • About Fancy
From Helen: "First let me say I'm a huge fan of your site and that you do an amazing job maintaining the site and keeping it current. I just got my new Glamour magazine and it FINALLY has an add for Fancy with a sample swatch. It smells WONDERFUL. It reminds a lot of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - another of my favorite perfumes. Can't wait to buy Fancy! Thanks again for your dedication to the site. "

- Thank you Helen for sharing that
August 5th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Blog from Jess!
"Hey y'all!
Wow! I just wanted to thank y'all for voting for my video! I can't believe it debuted at #3 on CMT! Your love and devotion is making my dreams come true!
The birthday gift I received from y'all was truly the best gift I could ever imagine receiving. Each and every letter, story, verse, poem, and prayer gives me strength to keep livin' my purpose!

Ps-if the summer heat is makin you sweat and stink, my perfume "Fancy" is in Macy's stores today!!"
August 4th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson Talks About Men, Happiness and Why She's Going Country
Jessica Simpson began her career in 1999 with her hit single "I Wanna Love You Forever." Since then, she's been married and divorced in the public eye, starred in a handful of movies, been the butt of jokes and is now moving in another direction both in life and musically.

Simpson has had the ebs and flows in the music business. Due to her reality series showcasing her relationship with Nick Lachey, she had a slight advantage to single releases. Her most recent effort A Public Affair didn't take as well as hoped. However, that album was originally supposed to be the one coming out now, her country effort Do You Know? which is set to be released on September 9, 2008.

"It's something I've always wanted to do, a country record," says the 28 year old singer/actress.

"I love country music. I'm from Texas, I grew up listening to a lot of that music," she continues.

With the release of her single "Come On Over," which she penned, perception of what this new "country" Jessica might sound like has been biased. Reviews of the song state its strength for her vocals, others say Jessica should stop singing altogether. The song made history being the first debut single by a solo artist to debut on the country chart. Not too bad for a poptart gone country.

"I don't like to keep up on everything the media says because they're always going to try to pull you down. I don't want to be someone who has to always sing just pop music."

Jessica is just one of few testing out those waters and picking up the twang. Songwriter Jewel has had pleasant acceptance into the country world. Michelle Branch, who started out a pop singer, moved to a country duo band The Wreckers. Branch is currently working on a solo project on the lines of a more country feel.

"Music is powerful. Think about it: You probably listen to a lot of different artists. You may have favorites that you will like most anything they sing. It's a chance to try something new and start a new chapter in my musical career," says Simpson about her switch to country music.

"I like it because you can tell better stories. You can tell it like it is and really sing. In pop music right now you have a lot of beats and not a lot of big voices really taking over. In country music you can feel free to let go and just belt!" she laughs.

Do You Know? will feature all but three songs written by Simpson. One of country's greatest will also appear on the record to give the singer a push. Dolly Parton is featured on the track "Do You Know."

"I love writing. It's a freeing exercise. I always sing about life experiences that I've had in some way or another. There's one track called 'Remember That' that is about abuse. I've been saying 'take your heart and run' when it happens," she says. "And Dolly wrote the title track and it's a pleasure to be able to sing with her. She's a legend and an inspiration."

So how will the media react to Simpson turning into a country gal? After singing a song at the CMA Music Festival, she asked the crowd if she should sing one or two more songs. The crowd was delighted and shouted for two, to really hear if Jessica could pull it off. However, at a recent event, Simpson was booed after her performance.

"I've learned to do things the way you want. Not everyone is going to like you even if I weren't a singer."

It sounds as if Simpson has found herself. And part of that finding is the trust behind her relationship with Tony Romo.

"I feel like we have really connected. He really appreciates me and understands and is always giving me positive criticism on everything."

Of course, aside talking about Romo and Lachey, everyone wants to know details of her relationship with songwriter John Mayer as well, who is now dating Jennifer Aniston.

"He's a great guy. He really taught me to believe in myself."

Not only does Simpson have a country record coming out, she has decided to expand her clothing line to include some country styles as well. Simpson will play the lead role in the movie "Major Movie Star" and will play a part in "The Witness," due out next year.

        • Hard Knocks tease
Just had a quick chat with HBO Sports boss Ross Greenburg. This guy is very excited about the debut show on Wednesday night of Hard Knocks, which expects to be the best season yet of the series. He gave me a few show teasers including a behind-the-scenes look at the Terry Glenn release. He said they caught up with Glenn when things unfolded. Also, don't expect any Jessica Simpson.

"Not yet," Greenburg said. "She hasn't shown up."

He said she has not been at the Residence Inn complex in Oxnard and they are not seeking her out for footage. He says they won't shoot Jessica unless she comes to practice or the facility.

The NFL Films crew is pouring through 600 hours of video for the one-hour show. No watching party is planned here for the players but HBO is in every room.

Source: (thanks browneyesgirl!)
        • (scans) Country Weekly

Thanks to Tammy!

I've also added 4 more sizes of the latest wallpaper made by Douglas - you can get them here - thanks Douglas!
        • Dolly Parton talks about Jessica
You wrote songs for the new Jessica Simpson album. What was that like?
I wrote the title song, which is called "Do You Know?" and I sang a duet with her. I think her album is fantastic.

She's getting a lot of flak for crossing over from pop to country ...
Oh, she gets a lot of flak if she wakes up in the morning, and I don't understand that. She's a very sweet, down-to-earth country girl – very much like myself. I'm compassionate toward her, and I think it's very unfair they give her such a bum rap. I think she sings her ass off, and I tried to sing my ass off with her.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Camuto Inks Jessica Simpson Licensing Pacts
In another extension of the Jessica Simpson name, the Camuto Group has signed two more licensing agreements for the Jessica Simpson Collection, adding scarves, hats and hosiery.

Collection XIIX Ltd. will design, manufacture and distribute a complete line of scarves, wraps and hats. The scarves and wraps will feature floral prints and vintage Americana designs, and the hats will include straw cowboy styles and oversize sun pieces. Launching for spring, the collections will be distributed at major department and specialty stores nationwide.

“Great scarves and wraps are an instant way to add extra dynamic that can jazz up or soften an outfit,” said Drew Pizzo, owner of Collection XIIX. “We see tremendous opportunity to bring the glamour and style of Jessica Simpson into department and specialty stores.”

In addition, Leg Apparel will hold the Jessica Simpson hosiery collection that will be introduced this fall in select department and specialty stores. The full range of products include an assortment of tights and sheer hosiery accented with lace, argyles and pointelle patterns.

“With the addition of these new accessory licenses, the Jessica Simpson Collection is one step closer to becoming a complete lifestyle brand,” said Bob Galvin, president of the Camuto Group, which holds Simpson’s master license.

Last month, the Camuto Group made a multiyear agreement with G-III Apparel Group Ltd. to license a line of contemporary dresses under the Jessica Simpson label. The first collection is set for a soft launch at retail for spring, with a fuller range of product hitting stores in fall 2009.

These new lines are expected to complement the brand’s product mix, which includes footwear, swimwear, handbags, eyewear, outerwear and jewelry. The company also is preparing for the fall launch of its first fragrance, Fancy Jessica Simpson, with Parlux Fragrances Inc. This is in addition to Simpson’s other beauty deals, including a clip-in hair extension line with Ken Pavés called Hair U Wear, and a bath and body care line named Dessert.

Chief executive officer Vince Camuto has said he is on his way to growing Simpson’s businesses into a billion-dollar franchise.

        • Jessica Simpson’s "Remember That" Controversy
The tabloids are bursting this week with controversy over Jessica Simpson's comments in a recent Elle Magazine cover story in which she discusses the song "Remember That", written by myself and Rachel Proctor. The song reaches out to women who are experiencing abuse from the perspective of someone who has lived through it, and in the interview Jessica admits that she herself has experienced abuse in the past.

Online message boards are overflowing with discussion about who may have abused Jessica, and why she has chosen not to come out and identify the culprit. Knowing the level of sensationalist media around her private life, I completely understand and respect her decision not to name names. If she wanted to, Jessica would have every right to identify the person, but that is beside the point. The truth is, it doesn't matter who is responsible for abusing her. What does matter is that it can happen to anyone…and that it isn't usually obvious to the outside world when it's happening.

I have to say that this is something I have strong feelings about. Having lived through an abusive relationship myself, I was faced with the decision about whether to speak up about the experience or not. Rachel and I chose to write a song about it, and in doing so to share our experience with the public. The down side is that somebody might get hurt by it - suspicions and aspersions cast towards anyone, regardless of whether they're right or wrong, are a sad side effect. But the upside is that when you think about the sheer number of women who could be HELPED by hearing that song, I believe the good outweighs the bad a thousand times over.

When Jessica talked to Rachel and I about how deeply she identified with this song, we knew it had found the right home, but we were actually quite amazed that she was going to record it. We always knew that it would have to be recorded by an artist who could identify with the lyrics of the song – lyrics that say "I've stood there in your shoes" – but we didn't know if anyone would ever have the guts to publicly stand up and take ownership of having personally experienced abuse. It would be a whole lot easier for an artist to sing a song about abuse written story-style, in the third person. That could climb up the chart just as fast as this song could, but it could never change someone's life as effectively as a song sung directly TO an abused woman BY an abused woman could. So the fact that Jessica was willing to record this song and to face the controversy it brings is both a testament to her strength and a measure of her dedication to helping other women through what she's experienced.

Living through something like that…it's the darkest, most painful territory of the human spirit. It leaves you with a deep compassion for others who are going through it, and a burning desire to somehow help them find their way to the light again. For Jessica's sake, for Rachel's and for mine, I hope that this song is a ray of light for someone when they need it most.

        • Simpson stars with Romo in football show
Pop star Jessica Simpson is set to join her boyfriend Tony Romo on the football field. She has signed on to star alongside him in a new sports show.

Simpson was criticized for supporting the Dallas Cowboys quarterback from the stands last year when her attendance coincided with a losing streak. But the negative press hasn't put her off agreeing to appear in an episode of Hard Knocks, a series that shows fans the inner-workings of football camps.

And HBO network boss Ross Greenburg insists the focus of the program will remain the same, despite its celebrity line-up.

He says, "I'm telling you, we are going to attack this Hard Knocks the same way we have attacked all of the other Hard Knocks. We're not going to make this an E! half-hour entertainment show on Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson."

Simpson's episode is set to air on Wednesday.


- Weird how they advertise the episode already as I can confirm that Jessica has not shot anything for "Hard Knocks" and she hasn't been around any of their cameras at all as of today! Just so you guys know
August 3rd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (scans) Life & Style, August 11 2008

Thanks to Tamara!
        • New wallpaper
Thanks to Douglas!
        • New affiliates
Sophia Bush Katherine Heigl Vanessa Hudgens

If you've applied and I haven't added you or gotten back to you then you should probably e-mail me again - please put 'Affiliates' in the e-mail subject.
August 2nd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • 'Come on over' debutes on CMT countdown
From Alec: "OMG I was watching the CMT top 20 countdown today to see if Jessica's video would debute on the countdown and did she... all the way at #3!!! Due to all the votes!"

Check out the Top 20 here! Thanks for voting you guys! And keep on voting! Let's get our girl to #1!!!

August 1st, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New scans
I've added scans from OK! magazine, August 11 issue.

Thanks to Tamara!
        • New fan wallpaper
Here's a new wallpaper made by Douglas - it comes in 4 sizes! Thanks Douglas for sharing it!
        • Jessica Simpson Hits Oxnard
Yep, Dallas native Jessica Simpson is now in Oxnard. She is Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s girlfriend. I can tell you Romo’s family likes her very much. His dad Ramiro told me in an interview, “He made a good choice.” I also spoke with other Romo family members in Wisconsin and they all said Simpson was a nice person and they liked her very much. I’ll keep my eye out to see if she makes it out to practice which starts in 8 minutes.

Source: (thanks to Tamara!)

- Not sure she is in Oxnard right now, because the photos the blogger reffered to were from July 29.
        • 102.5 KNIX Interview, July 25 2008
format: mp3
quality: 160 kbps
size: 5.09 mb
Download | Sendspace | Megaupload
        • 'Do You Know' HQ cover
I've added the 'Do You Know' album cover in high quality
        • Dallas Cowboys training camp: Practice #9
Full pads today in cool weather for the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo’s squeeze Jessica Simpson made an appearance at camp.

Source: (thanks to Tamara!)
        • Carter Smith Photoshoot for Elle 2008
Those pics are simply stunning! They could have picked a better cover photo or at least not photoshop it this much!
        • GOIN' COUNTRY (Elle article)
Jessica Simpson had to overcome a tabloid-worthy divorce, swirling rumors about her controlling father, and a string of boyfriends she couldn't be herself with. But now, with a new album on the way, a quarterback who loves her, and talk of, yes, marriage, America's sweetheart is back...and on the verge of something very big.

By Will Blythe
Photographed by Carter Smith
Styled by Joe Zee

A month shy of 28, Jessica Simpson settles into a chair and cries, “I’m so old!” She says this with the happy despair that only a young woman experimenting with the idea of age, not the reality, can muster. She’s just sailed into the New York City showroom for the Jessica Simpson Collection on a sweltering summer afternoon, flanked by her mom, Tina, and a bevy of tanned, middle-aged Texans, who have immediately fanned across the room, picking up Jessica’s shoes and bags, oohing and ahhing as they roam: “These are cute!”

“The paparazzi were chasing us down Seventh Avenue,” Jessica says, looking no worse for the pursuit. “They asked me if I was modeling lingerie. I said, ‘No!’ Where do they get that?” Could it be the tiny white shorts she is sporting as she strides indomitably atop chunky-heeled sandals? She takes her ease at a glass-topped table in the spotless precincts of the showroom, which is suddenly as empty and cool as Antarctica (an Antarctica with lots of shoes) now that Tina and her friends have disappeared, leaving Jessica alone with me to moan about her age.

Her friend CaCee Cobb says that Jessica is always complaining about how old she is these days, which gets on her nerves now that CaCee has turned 30. “I just tell her, ‘Yeah, whatever,’” CaCee says. On the other hand, it’s possible that the two and a half dark years that Jessica has suffered through since she broke up with her former husband, Nick Lachey, have made her feel ancient before her time. Or at least not a day under 28.

Up until she was about 25 or so, life couldn’t have been going better for Jessica. The pop singer and “reality” star (reality—what a concept!) was sharing her life, giving it to her fans. She made music, too, but in this case, all she really had to do to be famous was live. Newlyweds, the MTV series chronicling her marriage to Nick, made her look guileless and cute and pretty damned goofy. America loved her for it, and she loved America back. “Jessica, I’m just like you,” countless girls told her. And they were, she thought, except for one little thing: They didn’t do everything in public. But for a long time, during her honeymoon—not with Nick; the one with the fans—that tiny difference didn’t matter. Continue reading.

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