August 31st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • MTV Video Music Awards pics
OK I managed to add some before I head to bed - more coming soon!
        • MTV Video Music Awards video
MTV Video Music Awards 2006 - Presenting
Format: avi (you need xvid codec to view this file!)
Size: 42,87 mb
Capped by: Joanna
Download | Rapidshare Link | Captures
        • MTV Video Music Awards caps
Here are some captures of Jessica presenting Best Dance Video award (Pussycat Dolls won!), video will come soon. The pictures will be added tomorrow morning as I can barely see now lol (almost 4AM here!)
        • John Mayer speaks
This was posted today at John Mayer's official blog:
"REALLY ENJOYING THIS SONG. (along with this image)"

- confusing! lol
        • New pictures
August 31, 2006: Singer Jessica Simpson holds the key to a car she won while visiting the Chrysler booth at the VMA Style Villa at the Bryant Park Hotel August 31, 2006 in New York City (high quality)(+35 added!).
        • Us Weekly scans
Thanks to Lisa
        • People scans
Thanks to Lisa
        • Glamour cover!
Jessica will grace the cover of Glamour magazine, October issue, check out the beautiful cover below! Thanks to Lisa!
        • Vote for Jessica!
In the poll!
        • Gallery updated
I added 37 more high quality pictures of Jessica's rollerskating party at The Roxy here (bottom).
        • VMAs tonight!
Don't forget Jessica is presenting at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards! On TRL she said she has picked her outfit already and that it is hot, tight and stretchy - I can't wait! I will be staying up all night to watch the VMAs as Red Carpet starts at midnight where I live and the show starts at 2 am (in Poland)
        • Video
E! News, August 30 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 5,53 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • Video
E! News, August 30 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 24,65 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • New 'People' cover
Simply gorjess!
        • Gallery updated
I added 63 more high quality pictures of Jessica arriving and leaving TRL, view them here.
Jessica Simpson has come clean about surgically enhancing her lips last year (05). The singer admits her suddenly-puffier pout wasn't natural and that she hated the results. Simpson says she artificially plumped her lips up last autumn (05) with the protein-based gel Restylane, which is reportedly safer than traditional collagen. Simpson tells the October (06) edition of Glamour magazine, "I had that Restylane stuff. It looked fake to me. I didn't like that. But... it went away in, like, four months. "My lips are back to what they were. Thank God!"
        • New candids
August 30, 2006: Jessica Simpson seen out in NYC partying with Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Steve O from Jackass. Jessica went from the "G Spa" club to the "Hog Pit" where she met up the guys. When Jessica left the G Spa club her eyes looked very red as if she had been crying (high quality).
August 30th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Hairdo
Here's another HairDo promo picture, click to enlarge!
        • New US Weekly cover
Click to enlarge I will have the scans as soon as possible, it's out this Friday.
        • Video
E! News, August 29 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 16,87 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • Hairdo behind the scenes pictures
Here are some cute pictures of Jessica and Ken behind the scenes of the HairDo promo shoot (thanks to Kacie for the heads up!).
        • Jessica's Lingerie Shopping Spree
Jessica Simpson - who just started dating singer John Mayer and is in New York for Thursday night's VMAs - made a quick trip to Linda's Lingerie Store (do you think she liked their motto: "Love Hurts, Your Bra Shouldn't"?) in SoHo yesterday afternoon. She browsed in the store for about a half hour with two girlfriends and a bodyguard before making her final selections - three pairs of ruffled Spoylt (a British "haute couture" lingerie company) boyshorts - or knickers as the Brits would say. The boyshorts retail for $85 each, and Jessica grabbed them in green Envy, pink Seduction, and a multi-colored print Innocence knicker. Guess she's leaving Victoria's Secret to little sis Ashlee, huh? Source: here, you can take a peek at these cute hipsters here.
        • Info on the handbag line
From Leslie: "I have been frequenting your site now for quite some time-you do an amazing job! I aboslutely love it! Anyway, just wanted to let you know, go the new Fall Shoe Book from Victoria's Secret and they have some of Jessica's handbags in them! I looked online, but they don't have them there yet, nor do they have the catalog online yet! They are absolutely gorgeous!!!"
        • New pictures
August 29, 2006: Jessica Simpson at the release party for her new record "A Public Affair" at the Roxy (high quality).
        • TRL video
MTV TRL, August 29 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 116 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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        • New pictures
August 29, 2006: Jessica Simpson arriving and departing from MTV TRL studios in New York City (high quality).

- TRL videos are coming! I also have a ton of high quality pictures from the A Public Affair release party at the Roxy!
        • Jessica Simpson's New Man: John Mayer
Jessica Simpson is embarking on a not-so-public affair – with singer-songwriter John Mayer, PEOPLE has confirmed. "She's tiptoeing back into the dating world," a source tells PEOPLE. "It's the first stage. She's never been happier." Mayer, 28, began a co-headlining tour with Sheryl Crow on Aug. 24, and Simpson, 26, is expected to attend his concert in Jones Beach, N.Y., on Wednesday night. Simpson is currently in New York promoting her new album, A Public Affair, which was released Tuesday – although a bruised vocal cord has quashed any planned performances. Similarly, Mayer had to cancel his Hartford, Conn., appearance with Crow on Saturday due to laryngitis, the Associated Press reported. The two singers have known each other for several years and last year both attended Clive Davis's pre-Grammys party in Beverly Hills. Although Simpson has been linked to Jared Leto and her Employee of the Month costar and Teen Choice Awards cohost Dane Cook, Simpson has not officially dated anyone since her November 2005 separation from Nick Lachey.
August 29th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson to appear on TRL today
Jessica is still doing TRL today guys! Set your vcrs!
        • Jessica Simpson ordered to rest voice
Talk about bad timing. At the start of a media blitz to support her new album, "A Public Affair," Jessica Simpson is on vocal rest. "It is true that she has indeed lost her voice," Simpson's publicist, Rob Shuter, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "She's been ordered to rest. ... She can talk, she can croak out a few sentences. She sounds a little off, but, you know, she can't sing." Simpson, 26, fell ill Friday and has "a strain, a bruise on her vocal cord," Shuter told the AP. She canceled a planned appearance on CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman" this week but was to appear on MTV's "Total Request Live" on Tuesday afternoon to promote the album -- but not sing, Shuter said. Simpson hopes her condition improves by Friday, when she is scheduled to perform on NBC's "Today" show, he said. "She's trying," Shuter said. "Everybody is hoping and keeping their fingers crossed." Associated Press, thanks Anne!
        • Affair to remember (review)
August 29, 2006 --
Rating: 3 stars / 4 stars

On Jessica Simpson's first post-divorce CD - "A Public Affair" (Epic) - the busty blond beauty lays down an effervescent album that's rich in dance energy and pop power. Unlike her ex, Nick Lachey, whose recent CD was an exercise in wimpy, self-pitying mope, Miss Simpson has gotten over the pain of divorce - or at least she's keeping it mostly to herself. On "Swing With Me," Jessica goes retro, tapping Louis Jordan jump-jive swing - and in the next breath she gets suggestive and sweaty in the baby-got-back funk of "Push Your Tush." Rather than presenting a themed album like Madonna's dance record or Christina Aguilera and OutKast's dirty-'30s discs, Simpson chooses variety to showcase her voice. She covers the bases and even gets her hip-pop cranking in the raucous and musically aggressive "Fired Up" and "B.O.Y." And the girl-next-door ballad "Between You & I" could have been snatched from the Leslie Gore songbook. For those looking for the tracks of her tears, you have to read the liner notes where she thanks her sister Ashlee for crying with her and listening to Patty Griffin music "on repeat." Tie that to the last song called "Let Him Fly," written by Griffin, and poof, Lachey is gone. Simpson would have been wise to steer clear of this weeper - at least it's the last song on the disc and thus easy to skip. The biggest flaw of this record is in her vocal delivery. While it's certainly her own, it's been so often aped by pop newcomers, time has made her sound seem generic. Despite the lack of a clear-cut vocal trademark, she's dodged sounding cheesy with these upbeat and propulsive songs.
On "A Public Affair," Simpson sounds excited to be singing again. Dan Aquilante, (thx Richard!)
        • Footwear & Handbags full ad!
Here it is, both pages - so gorjess!

Credit: BabyGrl4u1!
        • Introducing Jessica's Corner!
Since Jessica is so great and keeps sending us fan messages often I thought they deserve a very special place on this website: that's why I decided to create a subpage only dedicated to her sweet thoughts! Click on the image below to enter Jessica's Corner, I wanna thank my dear friend Yaro for the lovely graphic

Comment in the guestbook!
        • A Public Affair Promos
Here are the promo pics from the booklet of 'A Public Affair, huge thanks to Beav58 for them!
        • New scans
Here's a new batch of scans, thanks to Lisa
• 06 x In Touch, August 21 2006
• 06 x Us Weekly, August 21 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, August 21 2006
• 06 x Star, August 21 2006
• 02 x Us Weekly, August 28 2006
• 03 x OK!, August 28 2006
• 02 x Us Weekly, September 4 2006
• 04 x In Touch, September 4 2006
• 04 x Life & Style, September 4 2006
• 01 x Circuit City Ad
• 21 x A Public Affair CD Scans (+10)
        • A Public Affair Bonus DVD scans
Thanks to Lisa!
        • Vote for Jessica
In this poll!
        • Special message from 'APA' digital booklet
Apparently the digital booklet from iTunes has this special message!

"Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for listening to my new record! I really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. I really took my time with this album and had a blast with the entire process. Each song was a new adventure and means so much to have you share it with me.
Thank you for all of your support!"

Click here for the full credits and Jessica's thank yous!
Jessica Simpson has been struck down with "throat trouble" as she prepares to launch her latest album. The pop star/actress has reportedly cancelled a series of promotional commitments after losing her voice in New York. American publication In Touch claims Simpson, 26, has been forced to cancel appearances on US TV shows and is currently seeking help from a voice coach. Simpson's problem is reportedly so severe she has been told to resist talking or risk ruining her voice permanently. A source tells the magazine that the singer has been using a note pad and pen to communicate with friends and colleagues.
        • The release of A Public Affair!
Today is the day we've all been waiting for - Jessica's new album "A Public Affair" is released! I hope everyone will get their copy as soon as possible! Also I have this really cute story from a fan, who wanted to buy her copy exactly at 12:01 AM, read it below!

From Ashley M. from Palm Coast, FL: "Okay so listen to this crazy story and everyyything I went through to buy this album exactly at 12:01 am today!!!!! So me and my boyfriend went to Walmart because I talked him into it because i REALLY wanted to buy Jess's new album tonight (I would never do this for another artist ever!!!! need I say more). Anyways, so we went to Walmart and it was not in stock yet .. so I literally had the workers look in EVERY SINGLE cd package (which was about 50 some boxes!) they went through every single one for me and it took like an hour and a half looking through boxes... just when I was about to lose hope; the man came in from the back and had it in his hand. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH WALMART MEN!!!! LOL!! if it was not for them I would have to wait a few more hours until I got it. I still havent' opened it yet tho because I just had to come on to sweet kisses and tell you my little expedition :) Oh yeah Walmart exclusive comes with "I belong to me" with that being said thanks to my loving patient boyfriend for actually waiting and the Walmart men.... I got my Jess cd!!! and to top it off some kid in the store said "Wow u must really be a fan now your gonna be all excited huh" And of course i said HECK Yes. lol I LOVE U JESSSSSS!!!"

- thanks Ashley for sharing that! I just thought it was really sweet Does anyone else have such story about getting the album? E-mail me!
August 28th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica lost her voice?
According to In Touch Weekly, Simpson has lost her voice. Jessica, whose new album - A Public Affair - comes out this Tuesday, has had to cancel appearances on Today, TRL and The Late Show with David Letterman. And, according to the mag, Simpson even flew into NYC a day early in order to see a voice specialist. After examining her, the doctor warned her that she wasn't allowed to talk, and that if she did she could risk ruining her voice for good.
A pal says Jessica feels fine physically, but is "down about the timing of her illness", and has been using a note pad and pen to communicate with friends and colleagues. Simpson's spokesman, confirms the news, telling In Touch, "She's on total vocal rest and some of her appearances have been delayed."

- AWW! Poor Jess Get better soon!
        • AMG Professional Review of "A Public Affair"
From canuck: "They gave it a pretty good rating! Her best rating to date.
Sweet Kisses - 3/5 stars
Irresistible - 2.5/5 stars
In This Skin - 2.5/5 stars
Rejoyce - 3/5 stars
A Public Affair - 3.5/5 stars.
This means, that "A Public Affair" IS her best album!!!"
        • VH1 News video
VH1 News, August 28 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 15,86 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Captures
        • Employee Of The Month OST info
Be sure to check out the official EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH SOUNDTRACK, which drops September 19th! It includes 2 totally new tracks, 'Surrender' by Camp Freddy and 'Cobrastyle' by the Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra. Other artists include Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses, The Cult, Jane's Addiction and STP. Each will have a free bonus video available exclusively through iTunes September 5th through September 18th. Lionsgate (thanks Thomas!)
        • Info
From Beth: "I've been "lurking" around your wonderful website for a while now. I saw that same picture of Jessica (the one from punkpopangel of Jess with the orange background) in the Circuit City ad from this Sunday's paper. It was on a television they were selling. I'm not sure if my ad is different from other areas, but I'm in the Washington, D.C. area, in case that helps. Do you think Circuit City did a photoshoot with her?? Thanks for keeping up such an amazing website!!"

        • New info on MTV Special
Single, sexy, and with an all new sound, MTV cameras catch up with Jessica Simpson for the revealing half-hour special, "Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair." Taking charge of her life, and with renewed confidence, Jessica returns to the public spotlight to perform her new music, and along with that, sits down to answer the questions her fans are dying to ask. MTV's "Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair" premieres Monday, September 4th at 10:30pm ET/PT.
With Los Angeles as the backdrop, MTV cameras follow Jessica as she prepares for the anticipated debut of her new album, A Public Affair on August 29th. Whether facing the paparazzi while dining at Hollywood hot spot Koi with friends, or taking the stage for a surprise performance at The Factory nightclub, fans will get an exclusive inside look at Jessica's life and music. In addition, MTV is there when Jessica invites fans to her rehearsal space for a very intimate performance of songs from her new album, and an emotional Q&A, where Jessica finally gets to answer the questions poised directly by her fans. Throughout viewers will get a powerful insight into Jessica's life through her music as she performs tracks "I Belong To Me," "Let Him Fly," and her current hit single, "A Public Affair," along with much more. (thanks Lisa!)
        • New layout!
I have just put this new layout up, it features the beautiful pictures of Jessica from the Ruven Afanador photoshoot! I am still editing all the sections so bare with me, I hope you like this new look I just had to use those pics, I love them
        • Scans
• 07 x OK! [Australia], September 2006 (thanks to DaNN-i)
        • New ad
Here's another new ad for Jessica's line of handbags and footwear! Absolutely gorjess!

        • Another message from Jessica!
"Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewal of your mind,so that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."
        Romans 12:2

y'all are now invited to join me on my journey through this life. Please listen with an open me for me...
Sometimes we wake up one day and come to the realization that we are going nowhere staying,to get somewhere, we face change.we battle all of the pain that abides within the damn word CHANGE.we begin by searching through the mind maze...the "wilderness mentality",just to remain in captivity because the fight for freedom from our situation is too damn much.why does getting there hurt so bad?we continue to allow the disturbance of worldly expectations ripple like waves in our brain to occur. I constantly encourage myself to find the genuine need for understanding the search of fullfillment. I have yet to accumilate the exact way to outline the perfect essay on obtaining truth,but I have many notes.
Tonight I will share my first step towards purpose... Regain the territory the corrupt have stolen from you.
"I belong to me"
maybe we just stand up and stop surrendering to our own misery. it has been far too long since we've allowed ourselves to refute the arguement in our head.
once again...I'm rambling.
I'll write back soon!!!
Oh more passage from the truest love letter...

"For as he thinks in his heart,so is he..."
        Proverbs 23:7

August 27th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Pictures
August 2, 2005: Jessica Simpson leaving hotel in NYC (high quality). These were new to me
        • New picture had this beautiful picture on their website, does anyone have any idea what photoshoot this is from? Thanks to punkpopangel!
        • More lj icons
Thanks to Shelly!
        • Calabasas House
I added some nice shots of the house in Calabasas where Newlyweds were filmed, check them out below.
        • LJ Icons
Added 4 livejournal icons made by Luke.
        • Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo VMA Secrets
MTV's VMA's will hit on August 31 and many are hoping for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey fireworks or at least Jessica and Nick's new beautiful gal Vanessa Minnillo to bump into one another. But according to In Touch Weekly MTV is going to extraordinary lengths to keep the odd threesome separate. Read more.
        • New scans
Jessica graces the cover of UK magazine called Sugar, October 2006 issue, thanks to ILuvjessica for these
        • New candids
August 26, 2006: Jessica Simpson arrives at LAX with her puppy and a bodyguard, stealing the show from families awaiting the return of their children from the armed forces (high quality).
August 26th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • "I Belong To Me" release date
9/12 Mainstream
Akon f/Eminem "Smack That" (SRC/Universal Motown)
Beyonce "Ring The Alarm" (Sony Urban/Columbia)
Christina Aguilera "Hurt" (RCA)
Danity Kane "Show Stopper" (Bad Boy/Atlantic)
Jessica Simpson "I Belong To Me" (Epic)
New Found Glory "It's Not Your Fault" (SureTone/Geffen)
Ok Go "Here We Go Again" (Capitol)
Thanks enzoseb!
        • New pictures
August 25 & 26: Jessica Simpson at the Seminole Indian Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Florida. Pop Singer Jessica Simpson visited the Tampa Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a private listening party for her new CD "Public Affair" Jessica signed autographs and took pictures with hundreds of fans who waited outside of the ballroom inside of the casino. Inside the Ballroom where contest winners from 93.3 WFLZ Radio station they recieved autographed cds and hangout time with Simpson (high quality). Added +8!
        • Pictures
August 24, 2006: In these photos provided by XM Satellite Radio, Jessica Simpson visits the XM Satellite Radio studios in Washington, DC, on August 24, 2006, to promote her new album "A Public Affair, " to be released Aug. 29 (high quality). Thanks to Luke.
        • More support banners

        • New candids
August 25, 2006: Jessica Simpson is all smiles as she leaves a radio station in Philadelphia, PA. Jessica arrived with her dog Daisy and greeted awaiting fans. Also pictured is Jessica leaving Philadelphia Airport (high quality).
August 25th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Makes Brief Philly Appearance
People pulling to work Friday in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., may have spotted a young woman who looked like singer-actress Jessica Simpson. That's because the real Simpson made a brief, low-key radio appearance at Q102 FM to promote her new CD, "A Public Affair." Simpson was on the Chris Booker radio show to discuss the national release on Tuesday of her CD. Simpson then briefly said "hi" to some gathered fans as she left Philadelphia. Watch video.
        • New message from Jessica!
"Hey Y'all... I'm needing to share some random emotions, a bit all over the place but focused in my own way...laying in my hammock for some R & R listening to some Hank Williams (his music makes me smile) and journaling my day away...

I am so thankful for this moment to settle my head and collect an array of memories dancin' round for attention. When we have the patience to do our emotional homework the discoveries are endless. Trust yourself and enjoy the partnership.

These past two weeks have been filled with moments that I am sure will become long lasting memories...reliving the stage, encountering insecurites but realizing I am still the girl that sings the " T-shirt song", vulnerable, acknowledging purpose, lucid dreaming, owning my destiny, focusing on the beauty face to face with fans...traveling, and traveling, AND more traveling!

Living each moment knowing I have your love and support to guide me through.

I love y'all!


- love you Jess, thanks for the message
        • New pictures
From Danielle: "I am a HUGE fan of not only Jessica Simpson, but of your website, i look at it EVERY day.... I actually won a contest to meet Jessica Simpson last night - we got to go roller skating with her!! It was really fun, and she is absolutely GORGEOUS and so nice!!!"
        • q102 Philly interview
Thanks to punkpopangel for the file! If you get an error message just try again later!
• q102 Philly Interview, August 25 2006 35,37 mb (right click & save target as)
        • Video
E! News, August 22 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 9,70 mb
Capped by: Fai!
Download | Captures
        • New pictures
August 25, 2006: Jessica Simpson at q102 Philly studios (thanks to punkpopangel).
        • 'A Public Affair' artwork scans
Thanks to Krystie I am able to show you scans of 'A Public Affair' artwork, the CD is already out in Australia I think! Thank you Krystie
        • Jessica Simpson 'A Public Affair' Listening Party
AOL Music is hosting an online listening party for Jessica Simpson's new album 'A Public Affair', released Tuesday (August 29). Listen to the album in full here.
        • Support
Here are some banners promoting "A Public Affair", you can use them on message boards, blogs, websites - anywhere you want! Show your support! I will try and make more!
        • In stores Tuesday
Dream Theater, “Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live with the Octavarian Orchestra”
Bob Dylan, “Modern Times”
Hatebreed, “Supremacy”
The Roots, “Game Theory”
Jessica Simpson, “A Public Affair”
Pete Yorn, “Nightcrawler”

- make sure you pick up your copy of "A Public Affair" on Tuesday! Or pre-order it now!
        • Dane Cook on Jessica
"That's the thing that not a lot of people realise about J.Sim (Jessica Simpson). She knows how to bring the ha-ha!" Dane Cook on his Employee Of The Month co-star Jessica Simpson's great sense of humor.
        • New pictures
August 23, 2006: Jessica Simpson sat down in the Corona Studio 104 for a very special interview with Roula & Ryan.
August 24th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • News
Jessica was just on 104.1 KRBE radio in Houston! I hope they put the interview on their website as I didn't get to listen from the very beginning.
        • Video
The Insider, August 21 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 23,03 mb
Capped by: Anita!
Download | Captures
        • Video
Access Hollywood, August 21 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 19,45 mb
Capped by: Anita!
Download | Captures
        • Want to be featured at
Jessica will be performing on MTV's TRL Tuesday August 29th to celebrate the release of her new CD A Public Affair which comes out the same day! This is your chance to let her know how much you love her, and possibly get on TV, and maybe even get featured on this website! All you have to do is make a Jessica Simpson sign depicting why you love her! Bring your sign down to 1515 Broadway -- right outside the MTV TRL studios in New York City -- at 3PM, right before the TRL taping. We'll be out there looking for you and your sign and taking photos.... A photo of you with your sign just might end up on!
        • Video
Watch a video interview with Jessica at in their First Ladies Feature.
        • More KDWB pictures
I added more pics of Jessica being interviewed at KDWB studios to this gallery. I also updated the calendar on the side with a ton of new appearances!!
        • Braff Laughs Off Simpson Rumors
Zach Braff has laughed off reports he has turned to Jessica Simpson to help mend his broken heart following his split with Mandy Moore. He tells entertainment website, "Totally made up. I've met her a couple times, she's a sweet girl, but I think I saw her two months ago at a bar in the Hamptons (New York) and that was it. "A relationship is hard; doing it in the public eye is something that's very new to me. I was a waiter five years ago and when I was a waiter nobody was telling lies about me in the tabloids. But it's par for the course."
August 23rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Kidd Kraddick interview
Thanks to punkpopangel for the file! If you get an error message just try again later!
• Kidd Kraddick In The Morning Interview 60 mb (right click & save target as)

- Jessica confirmed that the next single is "I Belong To Me" but as far as I understood the song is not on every album.
- Jessica said that GorJess line is second line of her and Ken's hair extensions line, HairDo is the first one. So it wasn't just a name change.
        • Teen Choice Awards video
I have joined all those Jessica hosting parts into one file, enjoy!
Teen Choice Awards 2006 Coverage
Format: avi (you need xvid codec to view this file!)
Size: 76,61 mb
        • New pictures
Jessica stopped by the Kid Kraddick radio show, I'm guessing today but if the date for these is different let me know.
        • TCA captures
Here's over 140 captures from the TCAs.
        • TCA Videos soon!
Keep checking back for videos of Jessica hosting Teen Choice Awards along with Dane Cook! She did a great job
        • Fan pictures
From Jennifer: "There was a private party tonight for a DJ on kiss fm and Jess was there! she was super sweet! here are some pics, i have more but they are on a friends cam so i will send them when i get them!"

- thanks Jennifer!
        • KDWB interview
Download Jessica's KDWB interview below!
• KDWB Interview 13.61 mb (right click & save target as)
        • Jessica to be on TRL again
Jessica will be on TRL on August 29 to premiere her new album. Mark your calendars! (thanks Lisa and Kristin for the info). She will also perform "A Public Affair".
        • New pictures
August 22, 2006: Jessica Simpson in KDWB studios.

August 21, 2006: Jessica Simpson in Kiss 106.1 studios.
        • Jessica's Kiss 106.1 interview
I added an mp3 of Jessica's interview from Kiss 106.1 from August 21st, huge thanks to Robert for the file It's a really cute interview so if you missed it or couldn't listen online now you can hear it!
• Kiss 106.1 Interview 36.74 mb (right click & save target as)
August 22nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson hair do™ clip-in extensions
World Premiere on – August 30th. We proudly introduce the NEW hair do™ Clip in Extensions from Jessica Simpson and Ken Pavιs. These virtually undetectable hair extensions allow you to change length, color and thickness in a matter of minutes. From clip–in synthetic straight or wavy to 100% fine human hair extensions, share Jessica's hair secrets to get beautiful, trouble-free hair. Be the first to own Jessica Simpson's 5 NEW styles!
        • Jessica Simpson Gets A Surfboard
Jessica Simpson took the Teen People Award for Choice Movie Breakout Female at the recent Teen Choice 2006 Award Show. Congrats Jess!!
August 21st, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Jess' interview in an hour
Tune in to listen to Jessica live on Kiss 1061, her interview starts in about an hour!!

The interview just finished, it was really cute! Jessica talked a lot about the Teen Choice Awards last night and how she embarrassed herself in front of Johnny Depp LOL (she said "omg my stomach just dropped" lol). She said she will be working on an untitled yet project (kind of a remake of Working Girl) and that it's a romantic comedy which she will start shooting in November. They played "A Public Affair" and clips of "The Lover In Me" (Jess said it's one of her fave songs on the record), "Fired up" and "Push Your Tush". At the end they played "I Belong To Me". That's pretty much the most important things (I made notes LOL)
        • New pictures
I added over 100 high quality pictures of Jessica arriving at Teen Choice Awards yesterday, I loved the dress
        • New candids
August 20, 2006: Jessica Simpson and Wilmer Valderrama hanging out at club Hyde saturday night, here on the parking lot behind the club. Wilmer took Jessica back to her car after spending the entrire time with her inside the club. Wilmer used to date Jessica's sister Ashlee (high quality), thanks to Radekk!

August 20th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • One more TCA Portrait
        • Upcoming Jessica interview

- yay, I'm turning 26 on August 21st which is tomorrow
        • Newlyweds
I added Episode 4 of Season 1 to the temp media page! Go download it now Episode 5 is being uploaded, should take another 2 hours so check back if you need to download that one.
        • Promo in Times Square
From Maider: "I've never sent you an email before but I've been visiting your site for quite a few years now. I love your site, in my opinion, it's the best one devoted to Jessica Simpson. Anyway, the reason why I'm sending you this email is because I went to New York recently and they had this huge poster of her in Times Square. I took a picture of it and thought I'd email it to you. I hope you like it."

- thanks Maider! Click the thumbnail to enlarge picture
        • Happy Birthday Jessica Special
I uploaded the "Happy Birthday Jessica" special, download it at our Temporary Media page!
August 19th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Variety Hour & SNL
The full videos of "Nick & Jessica Variety Hour" and SNL has been added to the Temporary Media page! It took me whole day today to upload these so I really hope you will enjoy them
        • Dane Cook coy about Jessica Simpson
So many Jessicas, so little time. "I wish Jessica Tandy was still alive," cracks Dane Cook on the set of Good Luck, Chuck which he is currently shooting with Jessica Alba. Other Jessicas in the life of the white-hot comedian? Jessica Biel (with whom he acted opposite in the independent film London) and, perhaps most pertinently, Jessica Simpson, with whom Cook stars in the forthcoming comedy Employee of the Month and with whom, more impressively, he has been romantically linked to. Cook deflects the speculation about his love life, chalking the rumours up to timing -- Employee was filmed during the period in which Simpson was very publicly divorcing Nick Lachey. "Anyone who walked outside the (set) with her was dating her. To the grips, we'd be like 'Walk out with Jessica -- you'll be in the paper with her.' " Read more.
        • Canadian fans: ROLL BOUNCE WITH JESSICA!
91.5 THE BEAT wants to send you to an exclusive Jessica Simpson Roller Skating Party in T.O.! Just listen to Rob Daniels in the evening for your chance to win a copy of her new CD 'A Public Affair', plus qualify for a chance to roller skate with Jessica on September 5th at a PRIVATE skating party! Grand Prize to be announced on Friday August 25th with Rob Daniels. Website.

HOT 103 presents Ace and Chrissy's Great Big Cross Canada Late Summer Sound Trek. For Part One we're sending you and a friend to Toronto to spend the day with Jessica Simpson. You'll start your day aboard a private bus with Jessica. You'll head to MuchMusic with here for an appearance, grab something to eat, and then end your day with a private rollerskating party. You and a friend will spend the entire day with the pop star and HOT 103 will foot the bill. Winners will receive:
- 2 night hotel accomodations
- return airfare for 2 to Toronto
- 2 all access passes for Jessica Simpson fan day in Toronto
- a copy of Jessica's new CD "A Public Affair"
Listen to HOT 103 for the Sounder and you could be headed to Toronto. Remember this is just Part 1 on Ace and Chrissy's Great Big Cross Canada Late Summer Sound Trek. Stay tuned to find out where the next stop is. Website. Thanks to simple-girl.
        • New candids
August 17, 2006: Jessica Simpson sports new, big hoops and shades while she, pal CaCee Cobb and a couple of others lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Los Feliz, USA (high quality).

August 18th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Introducing Media Center
I decided to make a special subpage for all multimedia files, to organise them better and make looking for certain files easier. Check out the new multimedia center! New files will be added as often as possible to make it as complete as it can be Hope you like it! If you find any broken links let me know (I know about Newlyweds!).
        • Music Videos
I have uploaded all music videos to our media server so they are no longer at megaupload They are all available to download in the videography section, hope this is a good change! This server should be more reliable than the free one as the links won't expire.
        • Scans
Thanks to Ben for these Daily Telegraph scans
        • New candids!
August 16, 2006: Jessica Simpson going to Orso (high quality). Thanks to Fai!
August 17th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New appearance
From Sonia: "This information is for Canadian fans; I was just watching Muchmusic's MuchOnDemand and they just revealed that Jessica will be stopping by the show on September 5th!"
Pop star Nick Lachey is so keen to move on after his painful split from ex-wife Jessica Simpson he's selling off mementos from the couple's three-year marriage on auction website eBay. Sources claim Lachey is planning a big cyber sale of pictures and keepsakes that he has collected from the TV shows and specials recorded when he and his former wife were married. The ex-98 DEGREES singer will hand over the proceeds from the sale of the items to an educational charity. A friend says, "Nick is going to hold on to the really sentimental stuff. There are a few things he can't bare to part with."
        • Jessica to perform on Letterman
Show: The Late Show With David Letterman
Episode: 2006/08/30
Network: (CBS) CBS Television
Date: Wednesday - August 30, 2006
Time: 11:35/10:35c PM
Duration: 1:00
About: Actress Julianne Moore; musical guest Jessica Simpson.

- thanks to Daniela for the info!
Jessica Simpson has reportedly fired her agent Brandt Joel after he was involved in a furious row with her father Joe. Simpson was represented by Joel, who works for high-powered Hollywood agency CAA, for several years and is now being represented by Rick Nicita, also of CAA. A source tells American publication Us Weekly, "Brandt got into a huge fight with Joe Simpson. "Joe is constantly trying to butt in and he doesn't know what the hell he is doing. Jessica took her father's side and fired him."
        • JEssica to appear at VMAs!
The awards show will air live from New York's Radio City Music Hall on Aug. 31 (8 p.m.), with Jack Black as host. The show will include appearances by Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Chris Brown, Fall Out Boy, Rihanna, Jared Leto, Busta Rhymes, Shaun White, Ne-Yo, Missy Elliott, Lil Jon and Nick Lachey, MTV announced Wednesday.
August 16th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Temporary media page
Thanks for the requests submitted so far! I will try and upload as much as possible! To enter the temporary media page click the link below, I will be adding direct links to files there!

        • Videos requests?
Do you have any video requests, performances you'd like me to post? I was offered free multimedia hosting for 2 weeks and I can upload any amount of multimedia for free for you guys so I would like to know which files you would like to be added! I am now uploading the making of "A Public Affair" in m2v format. Let me know if you would like any specific files, thanks! You can either e-mail me or request in the guestbook.
        • New candids
August 14, 2006: Jessica Simpson filming MTV Special.
August 15th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • APA Photoshoot
Here's another promo picture for "A Public Affair", thanks to Josh!
        • New candids
August 14, 2006: Jessica Simpson, her hairstylist Ken Paves and friends arrived at Koi restaurant in Los Angeles, California, while being filmed by MTV. MTV is planning to air a special about her in September; it has something to do with the launch of her new CD "A Public Affair" and release party.
Click here for hqs, thanks to Fai!
        • Video
Extra, August 14 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 3,43 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Captures
        • Video
Access Hollywood, August 14 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 5,94 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | YouTube Link | Captures
August 14th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candid
After performing at The Factory in West Hollywood, Jessica Simpson winds down her night at Hollywood hot spot Hyde on Saturday, where she got a hand in clubbing from BFF Ken Paves's longtime beau Freddy Geiger. Pic., pic via

- I love the shoes she has on! I think they're from her shoe line
        • New candids
August 11, 2006: With her dog, Daisy, cradled in her arms and Ken Paves trailing behind her, Jessica Simpson walks out of the 'Factory' gym and club in West Hollywood after spending a couple of hours there.
        • Blast From The Past
Once again here's some older pictures of our girl Jess, this time from Irresistible CD signing back in 2001 (high quality)

2001: Jessica Simpson promoting "Irresistible" in Mexico (high quality).
        • Featured Site
SKNET is Featured Site at, thanks!! View the award I got below
        • Scans
Jessica is featured in Bravissimo magazine in Venezuela! Check out the scans below, thanks to enzo!
        • JEss on youtube
YouTube has some videos from Jessica's performance at the Factory, including Amazing Grace! Check them out below:
• Amazing Grace
• B.O.Y.
• You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
        • Jessica mentions SKNET in an interview!
Wow! I have just received this e-mail from saying: "Jessica Simpson was on a radio show (Open House Party. It's in Iowa) this evening and at the end of the interview the DJ asked her if she wanted to mention anything else and she said something like "Yeah! Check out my fansite,! They rock. They sent me awesome birthday presents and it's just something my fans put together for me. I visit it like everyday to see how I look, haha!" something like that. Anyways, just thought I would let you know."

- How awesome is that?! Thanks Jess! Does anyone have an audio? I'd love to hear it!
August 13th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Scans
Jessica graces the cover of Australian magazine New Woman, September 2006 issue, check out the scans below, thanks to Krystie

Jessica is also featured on the cover of Australian Cosmopolitan, September 2006 issue! Thanks to DaNN-i for the scans!
        • Pop star's head in 'Book of Clouds'
[...] Speaking of images appearing in strange contexts, have you ever heard of Jessica Simpson? Well, neither had I until she was brought to my attention by a granddaughter working for a talent agency in Los Angeles. Recently, they [paparazzi] captured her as she emerged from a birthday bash for hairdresser Ken Paves at the Little Door restaurant in Hollywood. She was clutching a book. That's something, I gather, that one does not usually associate with her. So the paparazzi were eager to learn about her choice. She held the book up and proudly announced, "Now I know the difference between a cumulus and cumulonimbus." Close-up pictures, which quickly spread from one end of the Internet to the other, proved it to be a copy of "The Book of Clouds," by yours truly (John A. Day is a retired Linfield College physics professor and an avid meteorologist). Granddaughter Amanda caught the image on TV and hastened to spread the word through the family via e-mail. "Grandpa is famous!" she announced. I might say, I am impressed by Jessica's perspicacity. And I welcome publicity for the book, whatever the source. If Jessica really is a "dumb blonde" - so dumb she mistakes Luke Howard, father of cloud classification, as a young actor named Luke - she will still find plenty of pictures to look at. And maybe she will gain some new insights just from that. I hope "The Book of Clouds" rests prominently on Jessica's coffee table for years to come. In return, I plan to write and ask her for a signed copy of the photo for my coffee table. Source: here.
August 12th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
August 11, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving The Factory. Thanks to Fai!
        • Jessica at The Factory - video
Check out the video of Jessica's secret performance at The Factory here, or (if it doesn't work) go to!
        • Christina Milian mentions "A Public Affair"
Interviewer: You're in Jessica Simpson's wild roller-skating video for "A Public Affair" with tons of celebs like Andy Dick, Ryan Seacrest and Christina Applegate. There's a rumor that Eva Longoria hit you on the set. What happened?
Christina Milian: It was an accident. The roller-skating thing kind of popped up at the last minute, and so did the choreography, and when we did the two together, they're telling us: "Girls: Make sure you're roller-skating together, get closer, wave your arms in the air." It's just too many directions." Source: here.
        • Quick News On Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is asking fans to help determine the second single from her new album A Public Affair, due August 29. Fans can listen on her Web site and vote between "If You Were Mine," "The Lover in Me," "I Belong to Me," "B.O.Y.," "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" and "I Don't Want to Care."
        • Jessica performs secret live show + new special!
From "Jessica Simpson had a very public affair on Friday night! The sultry singer knows her core audience and did a (mostly) secret show at the gay dance party Pop Stars at The Factory in West Hollywood. Her glam squad of stylist Jessica Paster and hair maven Ken Paves were on hand to make sure that the buxom blonde looked fierce. Simpson performed a power set of Spin Me Right Round, BOY and A Public Affair, followed by an acapella version of Amazing Grace as an encore. Afterwards, we got to hang out with Jessica and all our other pals, including Paster, Paves and Freddy. Miz Simpson was filming a new special for MTV - based around her upcoming album - and that should air the week after the Video Music Awards."

Source: | More pictures
        • GAllery updates - continued
• 10 x American Music Awards 2004 Rehearsal [HQ]
• 29 x Clothing Line Launch at Magic, February 15 2005 [HQ]
• 11 x Las Vegas, February 16 2005 [HQ]
• 14 x Baton Rouge, December 11 2004 [HQ]
• 22 x Shopping with Nick, February 13 2005 [HQ]
• 14 x Miami Airport, January 6 2005 [HQ]
• 10 x Night Club, February 7 2005 [HQ]
• 11 x Willie Nelson's Tourbus, January 29 2005 [HQ]
August 11th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Lyrics
I added lyrics for "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" here, "I Belong To Me" here, B.O.Y. here, "I Don't Want To Care" here thanks to Krystie and Kacpy!
        • Gallery updates
• 18 x Unknown Show 2, ??
• 24 x ProBowl, Hawaii
• 28 x All American Wing Ding
• 20 x Wilmington Flower Market
• 01 x Winter Jacket Promo
• 97 x American Music Awards 2003 [HQ]
• 25 x Letterman - Arriving, January 19 2004 [HQ]
• 14 x Burbank, CA, April 28 2005 [HQ]
• 02 x Charlotte, June 15 2004 [HQ]
• 09 x Chicken Of The Sea Conference [HQ]
        • 2 more new songs
You can now listen to full versions of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" and "I Don't Want To Care" on Jessica's official site here! I have to say that I love all the new songs I believe that "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" could be HUGE in Europe!

Also our gallery has been moved to a new server so it should be faster and more stable now. Hopefully! If you have any problems with the gallery let me know.
        • New 'A Public Affair' Promo!
Here's a gorgeous promo picture from the Public Affair photoshoot! Thanks to jessicacn
August 10th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Award for SK
SKNET is Site Of The Moment at! Here's what they wrote: " is your only needed source for everything & anything Jessica Simpson. SK is home of the largest Jessica gallery out there and is first in its class when it comes to news. They always have awesome layouts and speedy picture updates, not to mention their huge gallery that features over 30,000 Jessica Simpson pictures. There is no competition when it comes to Jessica Simpson fansites, SK is the best! Go visit."

- aww thanks so much! Check out my award below

        • {Canada} Win A Chance To Hang With Jessica!
Canadian fans! Click here for your special offer! Thanks to Cheryl!

        • Lionsgate cuts Q1 loss, revenue lags forecasts
Lionsgate Entertainment Corp, an independent film and TV studio, said on Wednesday it cut its losses in its seasonally weak fiscal first quarter, helped by strong performances by its home video and international film divisions. Lionsgate reported a net loss of $3.6 million, or 3 cents per share, compared to a net loss of $21.8 million, or 21 cents per share, in the year-earlier quarter. That beat analysts' expectations for a net loss of 15 cents per share, according to Reuters Estimates. [...] Upcoming films include documentary "The U.S. v. John Lennon," action-thriller "Crank," teen comedy "Employee of the Month," starring Jessica Simpson, and a new sequel to the successful "Saw" horror films. Whole story.
Actress Jessica Simpson's towering platforms look like they could be a Hazzard to health. And with the stunning legs that graced Daisy's hot pants in the Dukes Of Hazzard modelling them, they could be pretty dangerous for her fans' blood pressure too. Jessica, 25, who is tipped for the Melanie Griffith role in a remake of Working Girl, posed for the pictures to promote her range of shoes and bags.
        • Video
Extra, August 9 2006
Format: mpg
Size: 14,07 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Captures
        • Help Jessica pick her next single!
From "So it's time to start thinking about a second single. I picked the first one, so I was thinking y'all could help me choose the second one! There are 4 new songs on my website. Have a listen and then let me know which one you like best!
- Jessica"
August 9th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Pictures
Here's some exclusive fan pictures taken by the lovely Hanna while Jessica was promoting "Sweet Kisses" in Sweden! Please do not post them on your website as Hanna requested them to be exclusive to this site, thanks for sharing! If you have any fan photos you'd like to share just e-mail me
        • New scans
Thanks to Lisa
• 06 x OK!, August 14 2006
• 05 x Star, August 7 2006
• 01 x In Touch, August 14 2006
• 02 x Life & Style, August 14 2006
        • Candids
July 27, 2006: Here's singer Jessica Simpson enjoying a night on the town with a hunky rocker. The pop star posed for pictures with keyboardist Jerry Impini after eating at a restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Impini, who is in the well-known Dallas band Strangleweed, is believed to be a good friend of the star. They dined at Steel restaurant with family and friends. Jessica, who wore a sexy black spaghetti-strap dress and high heels, had her back to the other diners at the sushi restaurant (high quality). Thanks to Fai
        • Forum back up! is up and running again!!
        • Jessica Simpson Exiting Le Deux Cafe
Jessica Simpson was videotaped exiting the back door of the newly revamped Le Deux Cafe in Hollywood, California over the weekend. Watch footage from
        • DIVA BIKINIS Blings out Jessica Simpson with Its Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Embellished Micro Swimwear
Diva Bikinis is exclusive swimwear company for the swag bags that were distributed to the VIP “A” LIST of superstars at the Miami Vice East Coast Premier after party in South Beach, Florida on July 25th, 2006. As part of its sponsorship and branding program, divaBikinis was selected by Universal Pictures to supply swimwear in the goodie-bags received by the attendees of the party at Club Mansions.

Amongst the “A List” crowd that received these one of a kind, limited edition swimsuits were: Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Elaine Lancaster, Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan, Nikki Hilton, Brandon Davis, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Beenieman, the members of the band NonPoint, The Heatherettes, Richie Rich, Sky Nellar, Emelio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Dahlia, Lenox Lewis, Mya, Sammy Sosa, Laura Foster, Dr. Mark Soloway, Cecil Barker & John Ortiz.

“We created a limited edition piece just for the Miami Vice event. The rings were made of bone and they were adorned with Swarovski Crystal. We also added a hot color called Flip Flop. We wanted the “A List” guests to feel as if they were getting a one of a kind swimsuit, and they did. Diva Bikinis is the 1st micro bikini company to add bling to its swimwear. The suits for this event are part of the diva Xclusives limited edition collection and we only produced one hundred of the darlings,” said Juan Sastre, VP Production. Read more.
        • OK! UK Scans
Here are the scans from UK edition of OK! magazine, August 1 issue, thanks to Luke
        • Forum down
I'm sorry for the forum being down, it's been down for 2 days due to server issues. It will be back up asap!
August 8th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • New ad!
Thanks to Whitney for sending me this beautiful new ad for Jessica's footwear and handbags line! Click to enlarge Guess this is from the same photoshoot by Ruven Afanador I posted before. Very very pretty!

        • Jessica Simpson plans lingerie range
The curvaceous actress and singer came up with the idea while she was shopping for underwear. A friend of the Dukes of Hazzard star said: "Jess finds it really hard to find bras that she likes so she's decided to make her own." The 25-year-old singer, who recently divorced husband Nick Lachey after three years of marriage, once confessed how much she loves her breasts. Jessica said: "I have amazing boobs. They're just perfect. At school, my boobs were bigger than all my friends and I was afraid to show them. "Now, I feel they make my outfits look better. They're like an accessory."
August 6th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Site Of The Month
SKNET is Site Of The Month at Thanks to Zee for choosing my site and for the lovely award!

        • New candids
August 4, 2006: Jessica Simpson arrives at Hollywood's newest nightclub "Les Deux". Thanks Luke!
        • New photoshoot!
Here are 2 gorgeous pictures of Jessica taken by Ruven Afanador! Thanks to Alex for sharing them!
        • Jessica to be on Good Morning America
From Caity2413: "I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they said that Jessica Simpson is going to be performing on September 1! How exciting!! They said "Concert" so I don't know if she is going to be singing more then one song, or just one!"
        • New Candids
August 4, 2006: Jessica Simpson shows big lips as she goes eating sushi at a Hollywood Matsuhisa restaurant (high quality), thanks to the lovely Fai!

        • New Candids
August 3, 2006: Singer/actress Jessica Simpson dines at Il Sole Restaurant in West Hollywood, California (high quality).
August 4th, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Candids
August 2, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving Little Door after Ken Paves' birthday party (high quality). Thanks to my wonderful Fai
        • Audio
Here's another remix of "A Public Affair", thanks to Krystie

A Public Affair (Cass and Dubbs Mix)
format: mp3
quality: 192 kbps
size: 4,44 mb
Download | Megaupload Link
August 3rd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Video
Here's a video of Jessica and Nick performing "Take My Breath Away" together on Oprah. It was requested many many times and I promised I would put it up so here it is! The quality isn't best but that's all I got, enjoy!

Take My Breath Away @ Oprah (with Nick)
Format: wmv
Size: 16,94 mb
Number of downloads:
        • New 'Employee Of The Month' Poster
Check out this new poster for 'Employee Of The Month'! Thanks to Natasha!

        • Jessica attended Ken Paves' birthday party
Jessica, Ashlee and Eva Longoria among others appeared at Ken Paves' birthday party last night, check out pictures and video at!

* please excuse the gallery, I'm gonna do something for it to work better
        • Poll
Vote for Jessica in E! Online poll here:, the poll is in the bottom left corner!
        • UK Fans: Newlyweds Final Season DVDs
From Cheryl: "Order from here.
Region = 2 (Europe & Japan)
Price = L23.99 (a bit expensive for only 10 episodes!)
Release Date = September 18th 2006"
        • Not Happy Eva After
What is it with controlling fathers? We all know Beyoncι’s pa has the last say when it comes to her PR, but Jessica Simpson’s dad really wins the award for the World’s Most Interfering Father. His latest mission is to stop Jessica from hanging out with her NBF, Eva Longoria. But it’s not because he thinks she’s a bad influence, it’s down to the fact that he thinks she hogs the limelight! Apparently Mr.S even sabotaged a girls’ evening out recently as he didn’t want Eva getting all the press attention. According to American tabloids, he called Eva to say the evening was off as Jess was ill. Poor Eva was left behind as the other girls headed off to Vegas…Sounds like Eva should borrow some devious Desperate Housewives revenge plots.

- I don't think it's true at all!
        • Jessica Simpson is singing her heartbreak song
Jessica Simpson listened to the song Let Him Fly repeatedly to comfort her during her divorce from ex-husband Nick Lachey, and the track has become so important to her she has included it on her new album. At Christmas last year (05) when the couple announced they were separating, Simpson used the Patty Griffin song's lyrics to reassure herself she was doing the right thing. Simpson claims she was going through "a really rough time" and enjoyed bittersweet times listening to the ballad with her younger sister Ashlee. "We laid there listening to the song and just cried and cried like babies. "In a lot of ways, my sister really gave me the strength to pull through this really hard time," she was quoted by Contactmusic, as saying. "And it was just lying there and being with her that got me through it. I knew everything would be OK. The song is about how sometimes you just have to know when to let something go. And that was that moment. And I had to sing it," she added. ( Yahoo! News
        • Jessica Simpson may be Working Girl
Jessica Simpson's life is a far cry from the average nine-to-five job, but maybe that is exactly what's attracting the star to a new project based on the New York-set Eighties movie, Working Girl. Newly-divorced Jessica has just finished shooting Employee of the Month. In it she plays a cashier who works at a discount superstore and it seems that she can't get enough of pretending to have a regular job. According to the New York Daily News, Jessica's father and manager Joe was heard bragging recently about his daughter's interest in the lead role. It was played in the original version by Melanie Griffith. A rep for the 26-year-old singer-actress confirms: "It is one of the scripts she's considering." And, while Jessica considers her options, the movie's original stars, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver, are also rumoured to have been approached for the new project. Let's hope the most suitable candidate lands the job! Yahoo! News
        • New candids
August 1, 2006: Jessica Simpson leaving The Lodge (high quality), thanks to my dear Fai
        • Lyrics
Thanks to KChaff for typing them up! If anyone can send in the missing part of these I will be grateful EDIT: I corrected some lines with Krystie's help and I think it's pretty accurate now!
I also added lyrics to If You Were Mine, thanks to Krystie! Corrections welcome

The Lover In Me
Too long I've been
denying myself
hostage to thoughts i'm somebody else
and all the while you
have been wishing to
love on me

mixed feelings and misgivings
that's all a memory now baby
when you saw me
for what i could be
then i finally saw the same

Now the lover in me
sees the lover in you
and im happy to say that im so not afraid
for the lover in me
to meet the lover in you
cause i see what we'll be
and the lover in me loves you

Past it's just that leave it where it's at
i want to live in the moment with you
wasted so much time
startling but now i'm
spreading my wings and begining again

Mixed feelings and misgivings
that's all a memory now baby
when you saw me
for what i could be
then i finally saw the same

Now the lover in me
Sees the lover in you
And im happy to say that im so not afraid
for the lover in me
to meet the lover in you
cause i see what we'll be
and the lover in me loves you

no tears left to cry
you're my strongest tide
so amazing how you've taken me away
i'm too far off the ground
so heart don't fail me now
just let me oh let me
feel like a lover come down

Now the lover in me
Sees the lover in you
And im happy to say that im so not afraid
for the lover in me
to meet the lover in you
cause i see what we'll be
and the lover in me [3x]
        • New candids
August 1, 2006: Jessica Simpson shows off her fuller figure while dining at the Lodge Steakhouse with her girlfriends in Los Angeles, California.
        • 'Let Him Fly' lyrics
I posted them before but then I thought the song was not a cover after all. Anyway here are the lyrics of "Let Him Fly" by Patty Griffin.

Let Him Fly
Ain't no talkin to this man
Ain't no pretty other side
Ain't no way to understand the stupid words of pride
It would take an acrobat, and I already tried all that so
I'm gonna let him fly
Things can move at such a pace
The second hand just waved goodbye
You know the light has left his face
But you can't recall just where or why
So there was really nothing to it
I just went and cut right through it
I said I'm gonna let him fly

There's no mercy in a live wire
No rest at all in freedom
Of the choices we are given it's no choice at all
The proof is in the fire
You touch before it moves away
But you must always know how long to stay and when to go

And there ain't no talkin to this man
He's been tryin to tell me so
It took awhile to understand the beauty of just letting go
Cause it would take an acrobat, I already tried all that
I'm gonna let him fly
I'm gonna let him fly
I'm gonna let him fly
August 2nd, 2006 | posted by Joanna
        • Simpson dons big ears
Jessica Simpson wears huge false ears in her new movie. The blonde actress had to don the large prosthetic lobes for her role as a checkout girl in the comedy 'Employee of the Month'. A film source said: "Jessica had to wear them all the time even when you couldn't see them." Jessica - who stars alongside comics Dax Shepard and Dane Cook - plays Amy, a hot new shop girl who only dates employees of the month. Rumours have been rife that Jessica and Dane have been dating. It has even been claimed that Dane asked Jessica - the ex-wife of Nick Lachey - to join him for an autumn holiday. The pair host the Teen Choice Awards together on August 20.
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July 31, 2006: Jessica Simpson at The Ivy (high quality). Thanks to Fai
        • Jessica Simpson Covers Song That Convinced Her To Let Nick Go
Last Christmas season, while she was going through "a really tough time," Jessica Simpson introduced her sister Ashlee to one of her favorite songs, Patty Griffin's "Let Him Fly." "We laid there listening to the song and just cried and cried like babies", Jessica recalled. "In a lot of ways, my sister really gave me the strength to pull through this really hard time. And it was just laying there and being with her that got me through it. I knew everything would be OK. The song is about how sometimes you just have to know when to let something go. And that was that moment. And I had to sing it."

Simpson, who had just filed for divorce, went on to record her own rendition of the song, which closes out her fifth album, A Public Affair, due August 29. And unlike the title track — the LP's first single — there's no question "Let Him Fly" is a statement about her failed marriage to Nick Lachey.

" 'A Public Affair' is a play on words; it's not about what you think it's going to be about," Simpson said about her single. "People probably expected [it to be about Lachey] because of everything going on in my life, but it's not about him at all. It's about me going out with my girlfriends and forgetting everything that's around me, which is paparazzi, and just having a fun night. Because [paparazzi] can ruin a night."

Jessica selected the tune as her first single after her mother suggested the roller-skating video concept. "If my mom envisions a video from what you play her, that means it's a hit. That's how me and my sister dictate our hips — I mean hits," she said, making a classic Jessica-ism. "Hips, haha. That too!" Simpson said any of the song's similarities to Madonna's "Holiday" were subconscious. "I think people are ready to hear something that Madonna used to do," she said. "We all need to hear that every now and again. It wasn't a sample or something I meant to do, but she did influence me and still does today. I hope to have the longevity of her career."

For her second single, Simpson's eyeing "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)." It's a reworking of Dead or Alive's '80s hit of the same name in the way Rihanna's "S.O.S." is a remake of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love." "It's not a cover — it's a sample, really," Jessica explained. "I wrote the verses with Cory Rooney. ... When I did 'These Boots Are Made for Walking,' I wrote the verses from the perspective of Daisy Duke, but I didn't change the melody. But with this, we rewrote the melody and kept the chorus the same. And I'm singing in a different register, so people don't know it's me and that's kind of fun."

Simpson's not sure it will go to radio, though, as her handlers are worried it's too much of a club track. "It reminds me of that 'Waiting for Tonight' Jennifer Lopez track that everyone embraced," she countered. The first four tracks on A Public Affair, which also include "B.O.Y." and "If You Were Mine," were tailored for the clubs, but the other nine tracks mix it up and include a few slower tunes.

"I do love singing ballads, but I took a different approach," Simpson said. "I didn't do a big string-session type of ballad I'm used to. Working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, I took more of a Janet Jackson approach. More of an 'Earth Angel' type of approach."
There is some country influence on the album, but it's not obvious, she said. "When I wrote from my soul, there's some country in there, and that's what Jimmy Jam and Terry wanted to focus on," she said. "But it's more like how on Maxwell's last record you hear the steel guitar and the twang, but you have another beat that's driving you to listen to it. It has an influence that's a little bit folk, country, but it's like an accent." Along with Jimmy Jam and Lewis and Lester Mendez, who produced "A Public Affair," the album also includes production by Scott Storch. "It's called 'Fired Up,' and that basically describes the collaboration," Simpson said of the Storch track. "That came about from a quote one of my best friends, CaCee Cobb, always says: 'Let's get fired up.' So I wrote a song about it."

Simpson actually called on Cobb and other friends for "Swing With Me," which reworks Benny Goodman's 1938 swing classic "Sing, Sing, Sing." "Cory Rooney and I were writing it and two of my friends were in the other room, and I said, 'Come in and help us come up with ideas,' " she recalled. Jessica hopes to tour behind A Public Affair but wants to wait until at least three singles have been released, so "people get what they pay for." In the meantime, she's co-hosting the Teen Choice Awards with Dane Cook on August 20 and appearing as a guest on "The View" when Rosie O'Donnell debuts as a co-host September 5. "I adore Rosie," Simpson said. "One of the first TV shows I did was hers. We gave away some leather pants I split on the Ricky Martin tour the night before."

- so we get a cover after all - "Let Him Fly" and "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" is kind of a cover too but the lyrics are different.
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A Public Affair vs MC Miker G & Sven - Holiday Rap
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quality: 320 kbps
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credit: DJ Jay-R
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Don't forget to vote for Jessica in the Teen Choice Awards! She got one more nomination: Best Summer Song for "A Public Affair". Click here to vote!
        • iPod, Dell Computer, Jessica Simpson and Shampoo?
What connects the iPod, Jessica Simpson and shampoo? If you asked Hal Robb the inventor and holder of the patent pending on the Irresistible shampoo line manufactured by Nutralove it would be micro-customizing. With the enthusiasm of a talk show host at the recent Cosmoprof trade fair in Las Vegas he says it is simple, "the beauty business and the shampoo business have missed what drives people to purchase. The iPod, Dell computer and Jessica Simpson with her new single all do micro- customizing; now with Nutralove you can do the same with shampoo." The shampoo bottle is something to be seen. The topmost part of the bottle is clear and within this cap rests a small activator bottle. This small bottle is removed and then added to the main bottle. Other activators are sold separately so that the customer can mix and match activators. More shine with your moisture shampoo, no problem or how about sun protection with extra volume, again no problem. The shampoo comes in four varieties and is sold in the finest salons in the United States and in Asia. When asked if Jessica Simpson uses the Nutralove custom shampoo Robb commented, "I have no idea but I think it’s hard not to love Nutralove!"
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July 31, 2006: Jessica and Ashlee at The Ivy. Credit:
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        • 2 new tracks
If you pre-ordered "A Public Affair" album from you have probably received the full 2 bonus songs today. They are "The Lover In Me" and "If You Were Mine". Unfortunately I cannot post them on the site (copyright issues).
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