August 31st, 2003
More VMA HQs
I added 6 more HQ pics from the VMAs :)

Jessica And Christina's VMA Outfits Panned
Linda Stasi of the New York Post weighed in on the outfits worn by Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera to the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday. "Talk about taste - or lack of it, in Aguilera's case," Stasi sneered. "Not since Bjork showed up as a swan has anyone shown such creativity in bird outfits. Instead of just coming as, say, a parrot, Aguilera went the whole cycle - and turned up as a feather duster. Then there was Jessica Simpson, who looked like an astronaut's wife, or more correctly, an astronaut's wife moonlighting as a stripper." Read more. []

August 30th, 2003
More calendars!
I added 5 more calendars for September, hope you like them! Thanks Ewelina :D

MTV VMA 2003 Backstage Creations day 3 pics
Added 15 pics of Jess and Nick from VMA Backstage Creations & more pics from the Stuff party, as promised :)

Access Hollywood caps
I added captures of Jess and Nick on Access Hollywood, at the VMAs to the gallery, I will also add the video :)

Access Hollywood Spends A Day With Duff
Access Hollywood spent the day with Hilary Duff as she promoted her new album 'Metamorphosis' in New York City and caught a candid moment between Duff and Jessica Simpson before their appearance on MTV's Total Request Live. "I've seen the previews for your and Nick's show [Newlyweds] and it looks so good. I want to see it," said Hilary to Jessica. "It's cool they follow you around all the time." Watch a video clip here. []

Judge Simpson Afraid Of Losing Fans
While judge Jessica Simpson is ecstatic to work with Wade Robson on his new MTV reality show, she's not happy it is her job to give these hopefuls the boot. She tells Extra, "He's one of the best choreographers in the business and he's an amazing dancer. I'm the one who has to eliminate, so that's not my personality at all. Hopefully I don't lose fans." Watch a video clip here. []

Jessica Simpson Aims To Be Julia Roberts Of Music
Star magazine reports that with Jessica Simpson set to play a sexy superheroine in the new 'Fantastic Four' movie, she has lofty goals on the footsteps she wants to follow. "What Id like to be is the Julia Roberts of music," she said. "A wholesome beauty, but also sexual." []

August 29th, 2003
VMA 2003 HQs
I added 23 HQ pictures from the VMAs! More Stuff magazine party pics coming :)

VMA 2003 pictures
I added 134 pictures from the VMAs last night! I'm sorry it took me this long but there are many pics and HQs .. I tried to be fast! :) I also added one picture from Justin's performance at Roseland.

August 28th, 2003
VMA Preshow caps!
I added 16 caps from the VMAs preshow, thanks to Mike!

Jess calendars
I added a new section under Download > Calendars! You can print your own calendar with Jessica, more will be added :) Hope you like them. I also added more pics from Stuff Magazine VMA Pre-Party, some of them are semi HQ! :)

Jessica on TRL again!
Jessica appeared on TRL yesterday, as a surprise guest! She will be presenting at the VMAs tonight :) Read the transcript here. I added 10 pictures and 73 captures of Jess on TRL [thanks Mike!!] and also pictures of her and Nick attending the Stuff Magazine VMA Pre-Party last night :)

New article
She is seen as pop music’s queen of decency, and while Jessica Simpson possesses the required physical charms to be right up there with the rest of the barely clad diva’s, Jessica has always tried to stick to a more wholesome path, wearing more conservative costumes and letting her voice punch her CD sales through the roof rather than her cleavage, or her thighs. Since her marriage to 98 Degree’s singer Nick Laches, it appears that if there was any deficiency in sexiness Jessica and Nick are about to turn that around as the newly weds perform together in the debut single, “Sweetest sin” for Jessica’s new album “In this skin.” The new music video features the couple on a beach, and although most of the skin flashing is done by Nick, the new video is said to be sizzling. While both singers sit poised to launch new albums, in Nick’s case his first solo venture titled “Soul-O” and Jessica’s soon to be released “In this skin” the young couple are also preparing to star in their own reality TV show, the “newlyweds” which will air on MTV this fall.

Jessica Simpson started her singing career on the Christian music scene, singing with gospel performers Kirk Franklin, and Ce Ce Winans. But her career really took off when she signed with Columbia records in 1999. Her first CD with a major record label included the singles “I think I’m in love” and “I want to love you forever.” Both of those singles did very well, but were eclipsed by her follow-up album “Irresistible” with the title track shooting up the charts and making the sun shine even brighter on one of the music industries true female role models.

Her new CD, “In this skin” is supposed to reflect the personal growth that Jessica has been though in the last year of her life. Not only with the marriage to Nick, but in her personal life. She hopes that the music in this album will serve to inspire the people that listen to it to fall in love, and follow their dreams. The first single from “In this skin” is about liberation. Written by Diane Warren and produced by Ric Wake, the song brings Jessica out of the teen queen category to show the new, sexually charged woman that she has become. “You will definitely know I am a woman after hearing this song,” Jessica has been quoted as saying in her Sony Music Canada Biography. In another track “You don’t have to let go,” Jessica says she is speaking to her father, thanking him for all the sacrifices he made for her, leading up to the moment when he walked her down the isle at her wedding to Nick.

Although no one can really tell for sure what the future has in store for them, the future facing Jessica Simpson seems bright, and full of promise. With a re-occurring role on “That 70's Show” and an upcoming role in UPN’s “The Twilight zone” Jessica’s TV career seems to be taking off, not to mention her slot on MTV with her husband. The two are preparing to set off on a tour together to promote their new albums. It seems as though the couple has left their rough days behind them, although Jessica does look back on the days when the two were apart and she vocalizes that part of their lives in the song “Underneath” also on her new CD. Jessica credits the love of her fans which provided the motivation for the title tracks message of courage, and her own personal unwillingness to give up.

So it appears that fans of Jessica Simpson have a lot to look forward to from the young artist, who, despite all the changes and challenges in her life, shows no side of slowing down either on the musical or the television side of things.

August 27th, 2003
Jessica Simpson Lined Up For 'Angel Ball'
The New York Post hears that Denise Rich has lined up Patti LaBelle and Jessica Simpson as the entertainment at her G&P Foundation for Cancer Research 'Angel Ball' benefit October 27th. Check out more on the foundation and the event here. []

August 26th, 2003
Album sales!
According to Jessica's album 'In This Skin' sold 63,358 copies and debuted at #10 of the album sales chart! Woohoo go Jess!

Good Morning America mp3s
I added the Good Morning America mp3's to the Audio section [thanks to Susan1218] and changed HQ Of The Moment.

HQs & video
I added Jessica's Miss Teen USA performance to Video section and a whole bunch of HQs:
* USO Tour
* Kentucky Derby
* Kids Choice Awards 2000
* HMV Signing.
I also added 2 capture collages from SMTV!

Billboard review of In This Skin
Album Title: In This Skin
Producer(s): various
Genre: POP
Label/Catalog Number: Columbia 086560
Release Date: Aug. 19
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: August 30, 2003

For her third Columbia album, songbird-siren Jessica Simpson went into lockdown with a host of Nashville and Los Angeles songwriter/producers to ensure that her own lyrical voice prevails throughout "In This Skin." The result is a topical triptych of love, marriage and self-assurance. First single "Sweetest Sin," a collaboration with writer Diane Warren and producer Ric Wake, is representative, with its slinky insinuations and adoring goose-bumps melody. Simpson shows off those glorious pipes on a number of lofty ballads, including the searing "I Have Loved You" and near a cappella "You Don't Have to Let Go" (a nod to her dad's love). There's enough tempo to broaden appeal, highlighted by the Egyptian-colored "My Way Home" and bass-bumpin' "Forbidden Fruit." A wholly satisfying set from a former teen idol who is obviously comfortable in her womanly "Skin." Tons of potential.—CT

August 25th, 2003 + RIP Aaliyah +
Exclusive HQs
I added 2 galleries of Exclusive HQs, I am not sure where they are from but they are so lovely! Thanks to Jess :)

Hairstyle Guide scans
Jessica is on the cover of Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, November issue! Check out the amazing scans in the Gallery!

August 23rd, 2003
In This Skin in Japan
Here's the tracklist of Japanese edition of In This Skin, it includes 2 more tracks!! That is so not fair lol The album will be released there on August 27th.

1 - Sweetest Sin
2 - With You
3 - My Way Home
4 - I Have Loved You
5 - Forbidden Fruit
6 - Everyday See You
7 - Underneath
8 - You Don't Have To Let Go
9 - Loving You
10 - In This Skin
11 - Be
12 - Fly
13 - My Love

New scans!
Lisa sent me scans from the September issue of People magazine, there are new pictures so check them out - thanks so much Lisa! :D

I added quite some pictures to the Gallery:
* Blender scan
* InTouch Magazine scans [thanks Lisa!]
* M Magazine scans [thanks Lisa!]
* Sweetest Sin live @ Miss Teen USA captures
* 16 Good Morning America HQs [thanks Mike!]
* InStore Virgin CD Signing fan pictures [thanks again Lisa!]

August 22nd, 2003
Good Morning America pictures
I added 86 pictures of Jess on Good Morning America and a scan from New York Daily News from August 19th, thanks to Lisa! :D

Jess & Nick Portrait Session
I added 63 absolutely GORGEOUS pictures of Jessica and Nick portrait session on the beach! The Good Morning America pictures are coming :)

Jessica Simpson performed songs off her latest album on Good Morning America
Sticking to Her Roots
Jessica Simpson Does Her Family Proud

Aug. 22— You may confuse Jessica Simpson with some of the other blond pop princesses — until you take a closer listen. This songstress is in a league of her own.

Simpson, 23, has made her mark with her beautiful, strong voice and by staying true to her own values — even in the glaring spotlight of the pop world.

Just like her contemporaries, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Simpson auditioned for the new Mickey Mouse Club, but she didn't make the cut. Still, the Texas native found her own motivation in her Christian roots.

"Well, my dad's a minister so I grew up singing in the church Sunday mornings," said Simpson, who performed in Bryant Park in New York as part of Good Morning America's summer concert series.

"I would be the special guest singer. I just really loved seeing people's expressions and how they can relate to every word that comes out of your mouth. That's just amazing to me."

An Incredible Voice

What is amazing to others is Simpson's lovely voice.

"Not only is she beautiful and a really good dancer, and a very charismatic presence, but her voice is incredible," said Amy Barnett, managing editor of Teen People magazine.

Simpson hit the scene in 1999 with her smash single "I Wanna Love You Forever." Next came the song "Irresistible."

Now she has released her most personal album to date, In This Skin.

A Role in Newlyweds

She has also written songs for new husband, Nick Lachey, who is a member of the boy band 98 degrees. The couple now star in MTV's latest reality series, Newlyweds, where they are seen having typical couple spats.

"Nick do you realize that all we watch is sports?" Simpson said in a recent episode.

"That's not true," Lachey replied.

"Nick, we were in the car today and all we listened to was the game," Simpson said.

She may bicker a bit with her husband, but Simpson is all about family, observers say.

"I think what sets Jessica Simpson apart is she has really said to herself and to the world, 'Family matters to me first,' " Barnett said. "'I'm going to get married before I have sex, I'm going to sing the kind of songs that will make me and my family proud.' " []

I added 9 HQ pictures from TRL, thanks to Jess :)

Soggy, Overwrought Pop Ballads Weigh Down 'In This Skin'
Sal Cinquemani of slant magazine has reviewed Jessica Simpson's latest album 'In This Skin', giving it 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. Cinquemani says of the album's lead single 'Sweetest Sin': "The catchy tune, penned by Diane Warren, is a glossy, ever-so-slightly over-produced affair. And the same can be said for the entire album, which is weighed down by soggy, overwrought pop ballads that find Simpson repeatedly declaring her devotion to [husband Nick Lachey]." Read more. []

Simpson Didn't Know People Would Laugh At Her
Jessica Simpson chatted with her fans in a chat on MSN yesterday, and was asked about the 'Newlyweds' reality show that premiered the prior night on MTV, featuring Simpson and her 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey. "Well, I knew I was spoiled, but it was exaggerated a little bit," Simpson said of her portrayal. "I didn't know people would laugh at me. (laughs) Our ratings were huge and I want to thank the fans for watching. I can't believe we're that entertaining." Read the entire transcript here.

August 21st, 2003
General updates
I updated the About Me section, today is my 23rd birthday so yay! lol I also added 3 new buddy icons, new affiliates and joined fanlisting for In This Skin album!

FanCentral updated
I added some members to the FanCentral; if you applied to join and don't see your name on there please fill out the form again - I lost all my e-mails when my computer got burned, I'm sorry.

Virgin Megastore HQs
I added 47 high quality pictures from the CD signing to the Gallery, thanks to Jess and Mike!

Virgin Megastore gallery updated
I added 27 more pics from the InStore CD Signing.

Howard Stern Predicts Dire Future For Nick And Jessica
Howard Stern weighed in on the debut of 'Newlyweds' during his show this morning and asked ''Who is Jessica Simpson exactly?'' He said he's seen pictures of her all over the place and he's not sure who she is. Co-host Robin Quivers said she's like a modern-day Leif Garrett in the way she's just everywhere but you don't know why. Howard brought her up yesterday and talked about a scene in her new reality TV show where she doesn't know if she's eating tuna or chicken because it says ''Chicken of the Sea'' on the package. Howard played the audio clip where she's talking about it with her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. Howard said if that's the way they live, there's no way the marriage is going to last. He said Nick won't want her raising his kids if she's that dumb. Howard said when her looks fade, the guy will probably be out of there. []

'In This Skin' On Target For 50-60k Album Sales reports that based on one-day sales, Jessica Simpson's new album 'In This Skin' is set to sell between 50-60k for the week, good enough for a top 15 debut likely, but well behind The Neptunes with 'The Neptunes Present... Clones', set to clear between 200-230k. Look for Bow Wow to clear about 150,000 units of his latest effort 'Unleashed'.

New interview
I added an mp3 of an interview with Jess from yesterday and changed HQ Of The Moment - the TRL one is so adorable! :)

Jessica MSN chat transcript!
Jessica chatted to fans on MSN and she said her next single will be "With You"! :D Read the whole transcript here.

August 20th, 2003
Sweetest Sin live @ TRL caps & video
I added a video and captures of Jessica performing Sweetest Sin on TRL yesterday - it's AMAZING so download it now :D Thanks to spike416aeboidep for capping the video for us! I also added one new animation and 2 animated JSMB sigs :)

Virgin InStore pics
I added 76 pictures of Jess signing her new CD at Virgin Times Square store! Take a look, Lisa [Jessfan4life] is in them too! :D

In This Skin CD scans!
I added 13 scans of the CD and booklet, thanks to Susan1218!

TRL mp3 & more pics
I added an mp3 of Sweetest Sin live @ TRL, thanks to Susan1218 and also 30 more pics from from yesterdays TRL! :)

Fan Encounter from yesterday
Sweet Kissies from the JSMB shared the story about meeting Jess yesterday, read it here. Also Jessica will be chatting on MSN tonight, here :)

MTV's Reality Version Of The Princess Bride
Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Sun-Times weighed in on the premiere episode of 'Newlyweds', featuring Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. Rosenthal writes, "Yep. Simpson, 23, is cute as a button, and--fairly or not--comes across on 'Newlyweds' as about as sharp. Like when she wonders aloud about whether she's eating chicken or tuna because the label on the can said Chicken of the Sea, as her 29-year-old husband rolls his eyes in restrained disbelief." Read more. []

Jessica Simpson reveals new 'Skin'
While the music world has been listening to Jessica Simpson since the late ’90s, never has it had the chance to truly hear her. The pop songbird seeks to change that with the Aug. 19 release of her third Columbia album, “In This Skin.”
THE NEW SET, which showcases Simpson’s lyrical skills for the first time, offers a crystal ball gaze inside her marriage to fellow pop idol Nick Lachey and the emotions behind finding the love of a lifetime. Read the whole article here.

August 19th, 2003
TRL pictures
Jessica and Nick stopped by on TRL today to promote their show 'Newlyweds', I added 94 pictures! Also added pics from z100 Morning Zoo.

Album Release!
Today is the big day for all the Jessica fans - it's the day of her third album release! Woohoo go Jessica, you made it and we love you and we're very proud of you :) Everyone get the album because it's amazing!!

August 18th, 2003
New scans
Lisa (Pure Infatuation) sent me scans from The Press of Atlantic City, thank you! I also added the new official biography.

New HQs
I added high quality pictures from Miss Teen USA, Del Mar and Hurricane Harbour :)

Jessica Simpson To Perform On The Late Late Show
Fresh after appearing on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn last week with husband Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson will again be stopping by to perform this time on the Late Late Show on Tuesday. []

Jessica's Corner
Jessica posted a message for the fans at her official website, here's what she said:

"Well, it has finally arrived! I've got a new album........ I can hardly believe that it has been two years. I want to thank you guys for being so patient and waiting with me for this coming week. This record is really scary for me. It is the first time you guys really get to hear me sing my personal thoughts. Of course, you know that they are all about Nick!!!!! I love being in love. I only pray that each of you guys is as lucky as me some day.

My prayer in writing this album is that when you have finished listening to it, you feel like you know me. There is a song about my own personal struggle with self esteem. It is called "In This Skin". It is dedicated to you. My hope is that from my own struggle and discovery, you will grow with me. You know we really are beautiful in the skin God has given us!!!!! I would also want you to be careful to the voices you listen to in your life. I have struggled with what others thought about me for years. They have told me that I should be thinner or my hair should be different or whatever. In the last two years I have really begun to listen to the voice inside of me. The one that keeps whispering "Your beautiful in this skin". I pray that this song will be something that we can all learn from. Anyway, I could go on and on about each song. I hope you love it as much as I do.

I also have a new tv show! You guys are going to laugh. Let me know what you think. I better go. I am off to tape a show. Keep your fingers crossed for a good week. Make everyone you know get a copy.......please. I hope to see some of you in New York next week!!!



August 17th, 2003
New pics!
I added pictures of Jessica at UA Football Scrimmage and a scan of TV Post cover with Nick and Jessica, thanks to Kelly for scanning it :)

Jess Gushes About Her Male Maid Hubby
Elysa Gardner of USA Today profiled a few of the new television series starring pop stars including 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica', profiling the recently married Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, premiering on MTV on Tuesday night (10:30 ET/PT). "Nick is amazing around the house," Simpson gushes. "He has done his own laundry and ironed his shirts since he was in third grade. Whereas I'm totally spoiled — my mom used to make my bed, and I got used to staying in hotels where I could just leave my towels on the floor and know that a maid would bring fresh ones. So the usual male/female roles are reversed with us." Read more.

August 16th, 2003
Caps and vids
I added some new captures and videos, check them out!

August 15th, 2003
Complete Woman scans
I added 2 scans from the October issue of Complete Woman magazine - they are GORGEOUS!! Huge thanks to PicCap and Criss :D

Sweetest Sin live mp3!
I added an mp3 of Sweetest Sin live @ Miss Teen USA, thanks to Susan1218.

I changed HQ Of The Moment - the new one is a beautiful one from Miss Teen USA!

Jessica Simpson Pant Wetting Featured On 'Newlyweds'
WENN reports Jessica Simpson's tendency to pee her pants at the moment when she's amused will be documented in her upcoming MTV reality show 'Newlyweds' with husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. "We were having a party, and Jessica spilled something on the floor," Lachey explained. "She and her mom started laughing hysterically. Now, when Jessica laughs a little too hard, she has a tendency to lose control of her bladder. This was no exception. She pissed herself silly, and the camera was there to capture it." []

Jessica Simpson's Wedding Night Secrets
Jessica Simpson tells Blender magazine that she wanted to play the field when she split with Nick Lachey in 2001. "Basically, I needed to try out some new boyfriends." But she says it was a horrible experience that "made me realize there was only ever one man in the world for me ... Nick completes me." Talking about losing her virginity on her wedding night, Simpson says, "It was the most amazing moment of my life. I'm so lucky I didn't lose my virginity in the back of a Jeep or something. Instead, I had this amazing, elaborate wedding and I topped it off with that." Read more. []

Nick And Jess Perform At Rain
The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Jessica Simpson performed two songs at Rain (Palms) on Saturday night. She and husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees were there to promote their CDs: Simpson's 'In This Skin' and Lachey's 'Soul-O'. Also in the house: Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, and Dennis Haskins of 'Saved by the Bell.' []

Fan Watches Nick And Jessica Perform At Hurricane Harbor
A fan on Jessica Simpson's official message board saw the singer perform with husband Nick Lachey and met the newlyweds afterwards. JessicaSimp1fan writes, "We meet her and Nick yesterday we saw her concert which was awesome at Hurricane Harbor and Jess is singing better than she has ever sang in her whole life. She sang 'I Wanna Love You Forever' and she did not even think about that high note in the song she just belted it and it was awesome her voice her gotten 100 percent better. They sang 'Where You Are' and Nick and her haven't sang that they said in 3 years and Nick forgot the ending it was so cute. They just looked at each other and laughed and I was like 'Aww' and Nick kept on touching her face and moving her hair outa her face and smiling about her and they were so close and you could tell they really loved each other so much." Read more. []

August 14th, 2003
Guys, I am so sorry for not updating in the last few days! The thing is I've had a big problem with my computer, cuz it burnt :/ And I lost my hard drive with all the pictures and e-mails etc! That's horrible, I am working on getting the pics and everything back. I have a lot to catch up on now. For now I added 1 HQ picture from Las Vegas CD Launching to the gallery.

August 9th, 2003
People Weekly Scans
Lisa sent me new People Weekly scans, August 18 issue - check them out, thanks Lisa! :)

NYC Fans: Jessica Simpson In-Store Appearance
Jessica Simpson is coming to Virgin Times Square to celebrate the release of her new CD "In This Skin" on Tues. Aug. 19th!
Z100 and Virgin Megastore are proud to welcome Jessica Simpson to Virgin's Times Square location Tues. Aug. 19th at 5pm. Jessica will be live in person for a special in-store appearance where she will be signing copies of her new CD "In This Skin!"
Here's how you can meet Jessica.... just go to Virgin Times Square and purchase Jessica's new CD "In This Skin" starting at 9am on Tues. Aug. 19th. and you will receive a pass that will guarantee your admission to this event.
And wait! There's more! Make sure you get to Virgin early! After the signing takes place, a select number of fans will be invited to join Nick & Jessica for a special preview screening of their new MTV reality show "Newlyweds" next door at Planet Hollywood!
Please arrive early! Your attendance does not guarantee admission. []

Jess at Hurricane Harbor
From PopDiva4u: "I got to meet Jess and Nick and get their autographs! It was amazing! I told Jess I loved her new single and couldn't wait for her album and shes just like "thank you, your so sweet!" It was very small so I had basically front row seats to the preformance. Jessicas first song was "I think I'm in love". Then she sang "Sweetest Sin". Then some new song from her album, which was amazing. I think it was called"With you" or something?? The song said she feels beautiful when she is in a t-shirt and stuff. Then she and Nick sang "Where U R". She said it had been a loong time since they sang it and she forgot the words(lol!). Then Nick sang a new song from his new album called"This I swear". He said it would be the theme song for their t.v. show, it was so beautiful! Than Jessica sang "I wanna love you forever" to some guy on stage, and he almost passed out, lol. Then she finished with bringing people on stage to dance with her for "Irresisitible". All in all, it was awesome. Jessica and Nick were even more gorgeous in person(she was so tiny!) and sooo humble and down to earth, it felt more like hanging with old friends than being at a concert. Jessica was wearing a tank top, sweat pants, and had her hair in a ponytail! I'm so glad I got to go, and I hope u all get the chance to meet her and Nick someday, it was AWESOME!"

Lachey takes Simpson on a frightening voyage
NICK LACHEY's plan to surprise his wife JESSICA SIMPSON with a ride in a hot air balloon turned out to be a disaster - because the pop beauty is scared of heights. Lachey, 29, didn't get the reaction he was hoping for when he gave his 23-year-old wife of 10 months the ride above San Diego, California. The former 98 DEGREES hunk, who was clearly unaware of his wife's fears, says, "When she got up there, she was just trembling and shaking." Simpson continues, "It was a little scary because I'm afraid of heights. I thought the basket was going to fall out from underneath me." Still, she adds, "It was very romantic." (RGS/US/NFA) []

Double Boyband Birthdays
JC Chasez of *NSYNC and Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees both turn 27 today. The Las Vegas Sun reports Lachey will be in town Saturday for his sister-in-law Jessica Simpson and brother/bandmate Nick Lachey's performance at Rain in the Desert. []

Jess and Nick at KIIS FM studios
I added 27 pictures of Jess & Nick at KIIS FM Studios.

Site Statistics
Since the site relaunched the number of visitors never passed number 1000... until this Thursday, when we've had 1058 visitors! Thanks everyone for visiting and the feedback :) And keep on visiting!

August 8th, 2003
I added a bunch of galleries, be sure to check them out :) I also have some more HQs from the TCA 2003 to add.

AIM Icons
I added 20 new AIM buddy icons, they are clickable now so to set it all you need to do is click! :)

Big Payoff For Jessica's Birthday Party Guests
The Enquirer reports that when Jessica Simpson held a birthday bash for herself when she turned 23, each guest was handed a goodie bag filled with stuff amounting to $9,000 as they left. []

August 7th, 2003
Jessica on LidRock CD
Mandy Moore's new single, 'Have A Little Faith In Me' from her upcoming Epic Records release, 'Coverage,' is now available on LidRock, a mini enhanced CD affixed to the lids of fountain drinks purchased exclusively at select Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, Edwards Theatres and Hoyts Cinemas. The new exclusive CD also features hit songs from Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson and Play. The newest LidRock CD is available for two dollars with the purchase of a large soft drink at participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres. Read more. []

Nick And Jess To Promote New Albums In Vegas
The Las Vegas Sun reports Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees are appearing at the Palms' Rain nightclub on Saturday night to promote their upcoming releases. Read more. []

Fan Meets Jessica Simpson At KIIS FM Appearance
A fan on Jessica Simpson's official message board posted several photos of her meeting with the singer from a radio appearance on KIIS FM in Los Angeles with JoJo. Check out The *F*R*I*E*N*D*S Princess photos here. []

Nick And Jess Preview MTV Reality Show
Extra caught up with Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees to talk about their upcoming MTV reality show 'Newlyweds'. Jessica says while there are moments of tension, "You will see us madly in love." And Nick remared, "We're newlyweds. We bicker about stupid stuff, we do things that the camera catches." Watch the interview here. []

I added pictures from the Red Hot and Boom Arrivals under Fan Pictures [thanks to Lisa!] and scans of the official pictures.

Redbook scans
I added scans from Redbook magazine, thanks to The Lacheys.

Even more TCA pics!
I added 31 more TCA pictures!

August 6th, 2003
I added scans from Lucky Magazine and J-14, August issues - thanks to Chloe! :)

More TCA pics
I added 15 more pictures from the TCA 2003 Backstage Creations.

Circle Of Friends
Jessica Simpson has achieved great success as a singer and is now expanding her reach as an actress and book author. She released her first album at age 19 and is just about to release her third, In This Skin, which she has written almost entirely by herself. In the past year, she has had a recurring role on "That 70's Show," and she and her husband, singer Nick Lachey, are currently taping a reality series for MTV called "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," which focuses on their first year of marriage. This month, Jessica released her first book, I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding, which contains tips and memories from planning her own wedding.

We were pleased to have Jessica lend her faith and strength of character to our cause, especially because her personal perspective was a perfect match for Circle of Friends. "My family and friends mean everything to me. I can't even imagine one of them suffering from a smoking-related illness. My best friends are on the road with me, and I hold my family close to me. You have to have a support team around you." Read more here, thanks Lisa! I also added the Ad to the gallery.

August 5th, 2003
Jessica in KIIS FM Studio
I added 3 captures of Jessica in KIIS FM Studio yesterday, thanks to KKTwins!

Cosmogirl scans
I added scans from September issue of CosmoGirl magazine, thanks to Julie!

TCA 2003 HQs
I added 11 HQ pictures from the Teen Choice Awards!

Jess to be American Idol judge?
It was on JoJo last night: Jessica's Dad announced American Idol wants Jessica to be a full-time 4th judge on the was the 1st time Jessica heard about it too! She said she would have to think about it cuz she isn't sure if she could hurt people's feelings if they sound bad. [thx jessluvsnick]

August 4th, 2003
Jess and Nick in Redbook Magazine
Nick and Jessica are featured in the new issue of Redbook magazine. The article is 5 pages long and it has new pics. If anyone can send me scans I'll be really happy :) hehe

Newlyweds Commercial video
I added the MTV Newlyweds Commercial to Video section, thanks to MTV Newlyweds.

Newlyweds Commercial caps
I added 23 captures from the Newlyweds commercial.

August 3rd, 2003
Even more Teen Choice pics
I added 39 more pics from the Teen Choice Awards :D

More Teen Choice pics
I added bigger pictures from Teen Choice Awards and 2 pics with Paula Abdul - TCA 2003 Backstage Creations, Day 2.

Teen Choice Awards 2003 pics
I added 38 pictures from Teen Choice Awards, thanks to :)

Lachey's Solo Debut Tops Wife's 'In This Skin'
Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed the new efforts from newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. He says of Jessica's 'In This Skin': "Her voice has no sweat or edge. Given the smudgy production, it's hard to tell if she can sing at all. It's like listening to Mariah Carey with cotton in your ears." As for Nick's self-titled solo debut, he says, "Lachey's album sounds like a work of staggering genius compared to hers. At least it has some hooks and clarity." Farber concluded, "Taken together, their albums suggest nothing so much as: 'Barbie and Ken: The Musical'." Read more. [, *crap* lol]

August 2nd, 2003
I added 10 awesome blinkies to Download, thanks Roxana :)

I added The Sweetest Sin music video to Media > Video section :)

August 1st, 2003
New pics
I added pics of Jess and Nick during a visit to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in Del Mar, Calif., Thursday, July 31, 2003.

Want to help get the word out about Jessica and her forthcoming album, In This Skin? Join Team Jessica here! You'll be able to win cool prizes such as autographed CDs and tickets to see Jessica, just for signing up and helping out.

Jessica's album release party in Las Vegas
From pvprincess621: "I overhead on Jo Jo on the radio that her album release party will be in Las Vegas in the Palms Hotel. He doesn't know the exact date. He will probably ask her on monday. He also was giving passes to the party.I wanted to enter but u have to be 21 and over. :(. Oh well. He also said columbia records will be there and that's it."

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