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April 30th, 2005 | by Joanna
Thanks to Lisa :D
Life & Style, May 9 2005 [03]
Us Weekly, May 9 2005 [03]
InTouch, May 9 2005 [06]

Bosworth, Simpson & Jolie Make Up Best Face
Americans want KATE BOSWORTH's two-tone eyes, JESSICA SIMPSON's hair, ANGELINA JOLIE's lips and British star SIENNA MILLER's nose, according to a new magazine poll. Readers of weekly magazine PEOPLE voted for their favourite celebrity body parts and came up with the perfect face. Bosworth just beat out CHARLIZE THERON and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES with her fascinating eyes; Simpson's hair was voted better than JENNIFER ANISTON's; Jolie beat JESSICA ALBA and BEYONCE in the lips department, and Miller was adjudged to have a better nose than NICOLEs RICHIE and KIDMAN. In another vote, sexy Mexican star SALMA HAYEK beat HALLE BERRY and LINDSAY LOHAN in the Best Cleavage category. ContactMusic.com

Tour Of Duty
I added 49 pictures of Jessica & Nicks Tour Of Duty! Click here! Thanks to Emily!

April 29th, 2005 | by Joanna
An Explosive Inside Look at American Idol
TV's mega hit is about to get rocked with a bombshell claim so jaw dropping and shocking, you'll never watch American Idol the same way again! Don't miss "Fallen Idol," an explosive ABCNews Primetime>Live special event on a special night, Wednesday May 4th - at 10/9 central on ABC. Click here.

A Little Bit live @ MADTv
I uploaded it and posted the link at JessicaForum.com but here it is once again!


More Tour Of Duty pics!
Thanks to Sheri!

by Mike New wallpaper
I added a beautiful wallpaper made by Mike - click to enlarge :D Thanks Mike!

New candids
Jessica Simpson leaves a steakhouse in Burbank. 04/28/05
Jessica Simpson picks up some celebrity magazines at the airport. 04/28/05
Thanks Criss!

April 28th, 2005 | by Joanna
People scans!
Thanks Lisa :D

Jessica & Nick's Patriot Acts (Blurb on Variety Hour)
From Lisa: "On April 22, Jessica Simpson AND Nick Lachey gave a concert to the U.S. troops at Germany's Ramstein Air Force Base, taped for ABC's May 23rd special 'Nick and Jessica Tour of duty' . They came out singing ROCK in the USA as a duet Exec producer Bob Bain tells US. "It was electric!" And it didn't stop there: They did a lot of meet and greets, including one to a 100 bed facility for injured soldiers. They sang AMAZING GRACE' to patients. Jessica teared up several times".

Mommy dearest
Who do American kids think would make the coolest celebrity mom? America Online asked more than 75,000 youngsters ages 6 to 12 that question.
Out of A-list stars Jessica Simpson, 24; Jennifer Lopez, 35; Gwen Stefani, 35; and Britney Spears, 23; Simpson snagged the most votes for celebrity dream mom, the New York Post reports.
Mommy-to-be Spears, expecting her first child with hubby Kevin Federline, 27, received the lowest number of votes. Lopez came in second.

Jess to be on Good Morning America
Check out the article here!

'Tour Of Duty' airdate
From disney: "Nick & Jessica's Tour of Duty" (9 p.m. May 23, ABC): In their third variety special for the network, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson follow in Bob Hope's footsteps entertaining the troops."

New pic
Here is a new picture of Jessica from Kuwait! Thanks to Dorothy :) Click to enlarge.

I guess it's ok for me to say that the forum is already a success! Thanks to everyone who joined already and I wanna encourage everyone to join because we're having so much fun posting, sharing Jessica multimedia and pictures! Some videos have been posted you are not able to download from the site so it's really worth joining :)

April 27th, 2005 | by Joanna
New wallpapers
Made by Luke - thanks! :D
by Luke by Luke by Luke

New pictures
Jessica and Nick in Iraq, April 2005 - thanks Lisa!

The Forum is up!
Our message board is officially open now! Everyone is welcome to register and post :) I hope we will have loads of fun there! Huge thanks to Luki for the forum logo and Stevie for so much help with the script :)


Nick & Jessica buy Sin City home
JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY have further rubbished reports their marriage is in trouble, by purchasing a new $1 million (GBP526,000) condominium in America's gambling haven Las Vegas. The couple's yet-to-be-built luxury abode will be in a new residential complex joined to the popular Palms Resort and Casino off the Las Vegas strip. The property will give the NEWLYWEDS access to a basketball suite, a state of the art recording studio and an exclusive spa. But the couple will have to wait until 2007 before they can take up residence. ContactMusic.com

April 26th, 2005 | by Joanna
Seventeen En Espanol [Mexico], 2001 [07]
J-14, May/June 2005 [09] (thanks Lisa!)

Nick & Jessica off on tour
JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY have further rubbished reports their marriage is in trouble by filming a third TV special. The reality TV couple, who have filmed two SONNY + CHER-type specials for American TV network ABC, will visit US Air Force bases as part of NICK + JESSICA'S TOUR OF DUTY. The pair will perform this week (beg25APR05) at the Rammstein Air Force Base in Germany for the ABC special, which will air in the US next month (24MAY05). ContactMusic.com

April 25th, 2005 | by Joanna
Message Board soon!
Good news! SweetKisses.net is finally getting a message board! Once everything is set up I will post the link :D I'm excited to chat with everyone there!
I also re-opened my Christina Aguilera fansite if anyone's interested, check it out: Miss-Aguilera.com!

April 24th, 2005 | by Joanna
Jessica Simpson Rocks the Night Away With Jackass Members in LA - April 19 2005. *updated* (thanks Emily!)
pictures removed due to copyright infringement issue :(

ABC Enlists Simpson, Lachey for Sweeps
Their MTV series is done, but ABC is hoping that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson haven't faded from the public consciousness yet. On Monday, May 23, the network will unveil the celebrity couple's third variety-show special, "Nick & Jessica's Tour of Duty." As the title implies, the focus of the show will be on entertaining U.S. troops stationed overseas. Read more.

April 22th, 2005 | by Joanna
Thanks to Lisa :)
Bop, May 2005 [03]
Quizfest, May/June 2005 [05]
InTouch, May 2 2005 [08]
Us Weekly, May 2 2005 [07]
Life & Style, May 2 2005 [06]

Site news
I've had some problems at school that's why I haven't updated for the past few days, I'm sorry. I'm gonna catch up now :) Comments will return soon but please rethink what I said before posting.

April 18th, 2005 | by Joanna
Simpson Glad To Be Typecast
Singer-turned-actress JESSICA SIMPSON believes she's delivered a convincing performance in forthcoming movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD - because she's playing herself. The IRRESISTIBLE singer was relieved her role as DAISY in the movie, based on the 1970s TV show, is close to her own personality and hopes this will make her character more believable. Simpson, known to millions from the hit reality show NEWLYWEDS: NICK AND JESSICA, says, "It was important for me to not go so far away from my persona and what people already knew me as." Source: ContactMusic.com

April 17th, 2005 | by Joanna
Thanks to Lisa!
Life & Style, April 25 2005 [09]
InTouch, April 25 2005 [06]
Star, April 25 2005 [06]

New 'Dukes Of Hazzard' Promo
I added a new promo photo for 'The Dukes Of Hazzard'! Thanks to Natasha for sending it to me :) Click the thumbnail to enlarge.

'Newlyweds' stars Lachey, Simpson filming show at Ramstein
KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Pop singing couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are coming to Ramstein Air Base this week to film a variety show with the troops. The “Nick & Jessica Variety Hour” will include comedy skits, music and appearances by music legend Willie Nelson, comedian and late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel, singer and rhythm-and-blues star Brian McKnight and country music duo Big & Rich. The April 22 show is free to Defense Department ID card holders, but those hoping to get a snapshot of the entertainers can forget about it. Producers are encouraging servicemembers to wear their uniforms but leave cameras, video recorders and strollers at home. The show will be performed at Hangar 1 at 7:30 p.m. Doors will open around 6 p.m. Touchstone Television Productions is coordinating the show, which will be aired on ABC-TV in May. An advance team with ABC-TV visited the base on Wednesday to scope out the locations, Air Force spokeswoman Erin Zagursky said. The Pentagon approved the show last week. Some details of the production are still being worked out and organizers warn that some things could change before the couple even takes the stage. Prior to the event, Lachey is scheduled to visit Spangdahlem Air Base and get a demonstration flight in a fighter jet. Simpson and Lachey are best known for their hit TV series “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” on MTV. The “Nick & Jessica Variety Hour” will be the latest episode of the couple’s series of television specials for ABC. Source: estripes.com

April 16th, 2005 | by Joanna
Take My Breath Away live @ Leno - requested by Ashley :) Enjoy!

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I added 12 high quality pics of Jess shopping in Malibu on April 10.

Nick And Jessica Happy For Britney
Nick and Jessica won't be following in Britney and K-Fed's footsteps any time soon. "We're very happy for Britney and Kevin and think it's awesome, but we're gonna hold out for a little bit," Simpson told reporters at US Magazine's "Young and Hot" party in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Source: MuchMusic.com

Here's the Us Weekly which is worth reading for once lol Thanks Lisa!

April 15th, 2005 | by Joanna
New pictures
Jessica with Daisy in a car, April 14 2005.

Variety Hour DVD Scans [04] (thanks so much Lisa!)

I also updated the DVD section of discography.

Vote for Jessica
People has a poll called "Who's PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman 2005?" - we have to vote for Jess! Click here to vote :) Thanks Ildi for the heads up :)

Fed up Simpson speaks up again
JESSICA SIMPSON is so fed up with all of the false reports claiming her marriage to NICK LACHEY is on the rocks, she's spoken to US WEEKLY to set the record straight. The IRRESISTIBLE singer, who has been married to Lachey since 2002, has been the focus of a number of tabloid rumours, accusing her of cheating on her husband with DUKES OF HAZZARD co-star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. Meanwhile, Lachey has also faced a sea of reports that he's been flirting with other women. But Simpson is now eager to stamp out the string of inaccuracies.
She says of her friendship with Knoxville, "I adore Johnny - we worked together and that's all that happened.
"I am tired of the lies. It gets old.
"Nick and I are strong. It makes some people feel better to think we aren't. But we are. We are so in love. That is the truth. I can't worry too much about anything else." Source: ContactMusic.com

April 14th, 2005 | by Joanna
New pictures
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey couldn't wait to leave the Us Magazine party and go to Guy's to enjoy themselves. Los Angeles, April 13 2005 (thanks Emily!).

Thanks to everyone who agrees with me and supports what I have written below, thanks for all the e-mails - so sweet of you :)

Jessica talks to Us Weekly
In the new Us Weekly Jessica breaks her silence: those ugly rumors, how they cope and secrets of her style. Click to enlarge cover (beautiful pic by the way!). I'm hoping this will stop the rumors or at least some of them.

Jessica Simpson Talks "Dukes"
Blackfilm got to visit the set of "The Dukes of Hazzard" in Baton Rouge, Louisiana earlier this year and spoke with everyone's favourite airheaded blonde Jessica Simpson about her role as Daisy Duke in the TV adaptation. Read more.

About Comments section - my thoughts
Reading the comments sections is really frustrating to me these days: (almost) everyone seems to complain, criticise or diss Jess & Nick, especially Jess. Some people think they know what is going on with them by looking at some pics - how ridiculous is that?? "fake smiles", "not comfortable", "pretending" etc etc - to be honest with you I am sick of it! Guys you over analyse things! You seem to be unhappy no matter what she / they do! This is insane!
I thought fans should support they favourite celebs or am I wrong? There are a few people defending Jessica and clearifying the rumors - I'm grateful for that as I don't always have time to do so. So thank you :) To the rest of you: please take it easy and stop criticising her for everything! Losing weight, shopping without Nick (she never took Nick shopping with her before so what's your problem??), not dressing the way you'd like her to dress, her way of singing, acting - whatever! It's getting out of hand. And I'm really sad because not so long ago Jessica fans used to really support and stand up for her - what happened? Do you really believe all those crappy tabloids? Didn't Jess & Nick tell you what they thought of them on Leno? Why do you think they were fake and lying? Why would they do that? This has got to stop!
I'm taking the comments section down for a while because I really cannot stand all the negativity. Thank you. Diss me all you want via e-mail if you feel the need. And to Jess supporters: never lose faith in our girl! :)

PS. Send all the suggestions, comments, media requests etc to my e-mail address, thanks.

New pictures!
Jessica and Nick at the Young Hot Hollywood Style Awards, April 13 2005. Jessica looks so stunning :D
high quality pictures

April 13th, 2005 | by Joanna
UK News
From Thomas: "Following the enormous UK success of the Dessert Beauty range this summer the Dessert Treats line will also be unveiled into UK cosmetic stores! Also, Proactive Solution is being launched in the UK right now, the commercial featuring Jessica is on heavy rotation during commercial breaks on both the cable and digital networks."

Thanks to Susanna & Lisa!
More, March 30 2005 [05]
CosmoGirl UK, Prom 2005 [08]
FHM 100 Sexiest Special Issue [01]

Blast From The Past
I added some older pics of Jess from the American Red Cross Christmas TV on October 25 2000! They are tagged (unfortunately) but still beautiful :D

Pre-order Newlyweds season 2 & 3!
Amazon offers 30% off on the upcoming Newlyweds DVD if you pre-order now :) Great deal! To place order click here :D

New pictures
Pop Babe Jessica Simpson showed she can rock with the best as she let her hair down at a heavy metal concert. The stunning singer even grabbed a microphone and belted out the chorus of a song by 1980s rock band White Snake. Wearing a sexy black top, Simpson was laughing and joking with a group of girlfriends on Monday night as she enjoyed the weekly National Lampoon's Metal Skool night at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood.

April 11th, 2005 | by Joanna
New pictures
Jessica Simpson shopping in Malibu, April 10 2005.

Also You Don't Have To Let Go audio has been fixed, so download it if you couldn't play it before :)

April 10th, 2005 | by Joanna
Reality Tour Live
I'm adding some Reality Tour live mp3s for those who didn't have the chance to attend the concerts and those who don't own the DVD. They are the DVD audios, great quality :) I've put 4 so far, but I'm adding more now so keep refreshing the audio page!
Edit: all of them are up - enjoy! :)

Jess in Michigan
So far that's the only date I have!
When: August 25th, 2005 @ 8 pm
Where: Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort (Mt.Pleasant Mi) 6800 Soaring Eagle Boulevard
Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858
Tickets go on sale: July 2nd
Price: not yet announced

TV Special : Nick and Jess going to Iraq
From totallyintojessica: "After spending months apart, the pair gained respect for troops living overseas and far from their spouses. To show their support, Joe says the couple will visit soilders in Iraq and perform at Germany's Ramstein Air Base in April for a special airing on ABC this May. "They know what it's like to be apart," Joe says. "So they are going to be thanking the troops for their sacrifice."


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Audios updated
I added 5 harder to find songs to the audio section, they are:
* Fly
* My Love
* Talvez Es Amor
* I Can I Will
* You Don't Know What Love Is
They were requested a lot so I hope you guys enjoy them! :)

Ashlee Simpson Tourbook scans
Here are some Jessica pics from Ashlee's tourbook! Thanks to Daphne :)

DOH Wallpapers
I added the official Dukes Of Hazzard wallpaper in 3 sizes here! Also check out the movie's official site here: DukesOfHazzard.warnerbros.com.

Sneak Peak at DOH trailer!
Check out this sneak peak at Dukes Of Hazzard trailer! Click the picture! Thanks Nua Lia!

April 9th, 2005 | by Joanna
More scans
I added Star scans from April 18 issue, check them out under the scans links below!

Vote for Jess!
Vote for Jessica at People's most favorite beautiful person of the year! Click here to vote! Thanks Calvina :)

Thanks to Lisa :)
Twist, April 2005 [05]
M, May 2005 [10]
Us Weekly, April 11 2005 [06]
Life & Style, April 11 2005 [04]
InTouch, April 11 2005 [07]
People Extra Spring 2005 [08]
New Woman, March 2005 [07]
NW, February 28 2005 [06]
Barbie, February 28 2005 [05]
Star, April 11 2005 [03]
Life & Style, April 18 2005 [05]
InTouch, April 18 2005 [06]
Us Weekly, April 18 2005 [03]
Star, April 18 2005 [07]

April 7th, 2005 | by Joanna
Site stats - another record :)
Another record in hits has been established: on April 4th the site was viewed 19044 times! How incredible is that! I never expected the site would grow so much, I remember being happy about 300 hits per day hehe :) Thanks to everyone who visit the site, especially the people who visit every day :D Keep loving and supporting our girl Jess! She's the best! :)
On a different note: I have a ton of scans to add but I have a pretty bad cold (yet again!) so I will probably post them tomorrow. There's a lot believe me!

Lachey "frustrated" by marriage rumours
Nick Lachey has spoken of his "frustration" over the relentless rumours surrounding his relationship. The singer, who is married to Jessica Simpson, has been the subject of much speculation that all is not well in recent months.

"It's more frustrating than anything else," Lachey told Seventeen magazine. "You have friends and family reading it, wondering 'is this true?'
"I think we were just shocked by how long these fabricated stories continue to stay out there. No matter what you do, people just spin it and misinterpret it. You'll be called defensive if you answer it, but if you don't, there must be something wrong 'cause you're not answering. You can't win.
"You just gotta learn to ignore it and know it'll pass. Like anything else, it'll come full circle, and they'll be loving you again."
Source: Digital Spy

E-mail update
I changed my e-mail address so please only use the new one from now on: sweetkissesnet@gmail.com - thanks! I'm also posting with my real name - Joanna now, since I get a lot of e-mails directed to Ashlee Simpson, I guess it confused people so lol :)

New pictures
Us Weekly Photoshoot with Daisy in Waco, TX

Jessica Simpson leaving Barneys with her friends, April 3 2005.

Jessica & Nick dine at the Ivy in Beverly Hills, March 30 2005.

April 6th, 2005
Site news
Thanks for your understanding and support during the last days! I'm gonna try updating regularly as it used to be. Newlyweds final episode will be posted in a few minutes.

Newlyweds, Season 4 Episode 10 FINALE
format: mpg

April 2nd, 2005
R.I.P. John Paul II
Today is a very very sad day for all the people all over the world: our Pope John Paul II died. It's hard for me to write anything right now as I am Polish and the Pope was an important person for people in my country (and other countries as well I am sure!). Please excuse me for not updating the site yesterday, when his condition was critical and today. We are heartbroken :( Rest In Peace John Paul II. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you. He is in a better place now...

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