Gallery updates!

I’ve updated the gallery with some older candids and scans today! Check them all out below. Catching up is so much fun! :)

Gallery Links:
Running errands in NYC, April 24 2018 [HQ]
New York City, August 10 2017 [HQ]
Leaving New York City hotel, April 20 2017 [HQ]
NYC – Lil Frankie Restaurant, October 24 2016 [HQ]
New York City, September 20 2016 [HQ]
Women’s Health, September 2016
Beverly Hills – Via Alloro Restaurant, June 24 2015 [HQ]
New York City, September 8 2015 [HQ]
New York City – Bowery Hotel, September 11 2015
Good Housekeeping [South Africa], April 2014
Leaving Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, September 20 2017 [HQ]

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