I’m not gone…

Ok so I’ve been gone for a WHILE. Yes. I’ve been catching up on life etc… I recently got an email that the domain would expire shortly and I began to wonder if I’m ready to let this site go or not, and I guess I’m not because I’ve just reneved it :) I don’t know if I can get back on track and have it as up to date as I used to – yeah life happened! – but I’m not ready to let it go either.
We shall see… Jessica is still very dear to my heart. Love her bunches! So yeah… talk soon! xo

6 Comments on “I’m not gone…”

  1. I hope this website becomes active again since her name is in the press again more often and stating that she is working on a new album.

  2. What Exactly Is Going On With This Website? It used to be so active! :( Breaks my heart. At least, see if someone else can update it and stuff. Jessica is about to have a big year! :(

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