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Jessica Simpson Watch Collection


Wow what an exciting addition to the Jessica Simpson Collection family, I want one!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Hi! Yes I know, I haven’t been a good site keeper lately… I’ve had such a busy month with my new job and Christmas, I neglected the website and I apologise. Thank you to everyone who still comes here once in a while – you really keep me going!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I did and Jessica inspires me so much to go back to a healthy lifestyle. Her results are so amazing and I wanna have such results as well.

So what’s coming for SKNET in 2014? Hopefully more frequent updates. I used to update everyday but I won’t promise I will do so… however I will definitely try harder next year. This website still means a lot to me and so does Jessica so I will continue supporting her through this website.

Giving you all a big hug and I’m so excited for 2014 – after all we have a wedding coming up! YAY! :)

xo Joanna

Jessica Simpson drops extra pounds from second baby


Jessica Simpson says “being pregnant for two years took a toll.”

She and fiancé Eric Johnson, a former NFL tight end, have two children, daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, born May 1, 2012, and son Ace Knute Johnson, born June 30, 2013.

Her hefty weight gain during her first pregnancy was a hot topic in the tabloids. She says she was “constantly hungry” and had a “big appetite.”

Simpson, 33, says she didn’t pack on as many pounds with her second pregnancy. Still, she says, whenever she went to the doctor and stepped on the scales, “I would say, ‘Really, I could gain that much weight in one week?’ ”

Simpson is back to her pre-pregnancy weight before Ace but won’t say what it is.

“With Maxwell, I vegged out and laid around. I knew I didn’t have to watch what I was eating for the first time in my life. I kind of let loose, and I gained a lot,”

says the singer, actress, fashion designer and celebrity spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. Many remember her incredible figure in cutoff shorts and skimpy tops from her role as Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie Dukes of Hazzard.

Simpson says she lost more than 50 pounds on Weight Watchers after Maxwell was born. She’s 5-foot-3. Weight Watchers tells members that a healthy weight range for a person of her height is 113 to 141 pounds.

When she got pregnant for a second time, Simpson says she gained “what a normal pregnant woman would gain. I did put on a good amount with Ace,” but she won’t give the exact number.

The difference between the pregnancies was that she was already leading a “healthier lifestyle” during the second pregnancy, and she kept exercising, working with her personal trainer three times a week and going on “walks with Eric, my almost-husband. I tried to get 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I didn’t mind gaining weight.”

When the doctor gave her the OK after Ace was born, Simpson says, “I jumped back on Weight Watchers.”

She followed the company’s new Simple Start plan, a two-week program that doesn’t require people to count points. It provides a shopping list and menu of options for meals and snacks, as well as splurges such as a glass of wine or serving of ice cream.

The plan is based on studies that indicate that weight loss during the first month of dieting is very predictive of both short- and long-term weight-loss success, says Gary Foster, co-chief scientific officer for Weight Watchers. “We want to keep it simple and structured, because those two things drive success,” and if people experience success, they are more likely to stick with it, he says.

“I saw the results really quickly,” Simpson says, and then she went back to the PointsPlus program.

As far as preparing the family meals, Simpson says she has “somebody who comes in and helps out. I do want to make sure I stick with the right recipes, and obviously my schedule is a little jampacked.”

She describes herself as “an OK cook. I’m not one of the best. Eric is really good at chopping vegetables. I’m not good at chopping.”

She gradually increased her exercise and now is going full speed ahead on that.

One day recently, she walked 18,000 steps. “With both kids, I’m running up and down my stairs a million times. Kids can keep your metabolism going. Eric and I go on walks together. I try and walk about 4 miles a day consistently. It makes me feel better.”

Exercise helps her

“with all the hormones I have to deal with. Working out and being active overall makes me a happier person to be around. I let out so much more anxiety if I go out and walk and talk to Eric, who is basically my therapist on our walks.”

In addition to walking, Simpson’s physical activity includes doing somersaults in the backyard with Maxwell.

She is also working with personal trainer Harley Pasternak four days a week for 45 minutes. “It’s a lot of resistance training, lots of lunges and squats. There are bursts of cardio throughout the workout as well.”

Simpson is on a mission “to be the best version of myself and to feel great. I want to be a great mom and a great example to my kids.”

For years, there has been a lot of publicity about Simpson’s weight cycling. “People are going to talk about this no matter what. I might as well choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

“It does get old having people harping on how much you weigh or your body after pregnancy. I need to feel comfortable in my own skin. People are going to pick me apart no matter what I do. I’m always going to have critics out there who will make a story out of something.”

With two children a little over a year apart, Simpson says she and Eric “have our hands full. It’s so much fun. Every day we don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s fun to watch them interact. They definitely keep our lives busy but full of smiles. We laugh a lot.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have Eric with me and by my side, and he’s an unbelievable dad.”

The couple is in the middle of wedding plans.

“I’ve been pulling all kinds of sketches for dresses and colors. It’s a good goal for me. It’s good for me to feel the best I’ve ever felt when I walk down the aisle.”

About having more children, she says, “I can’t even think about being pregnant again right now.” But, she adds, “I would never say never.”

Source:, pic by Kristin Burns

Mindy Weiss Talks Upcoming 2014 Celebrity Weddings


As 2013 winds down to a close, we eagerly look forward to the new year as several of our favorite celebs will be walking down the aisle and tying the knot soon.

So who better get the scoop from than celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss?

We toasted the town with the wedding guru at a recent décor event for Homegoods, and over light bites and drinks from Contemporary Catering, we couldn’t help but ask her for the scoop on a few of our favorite engaged couples.

While plenty of planning details are often left as a surprise until the big day, Mindy opened up and offered some terrific insight on what we can expect from her famous clients in the coming months.

Weiss is spearheading Jessica Simpson’s upcoming wedding to fiancé Eric Johnson, which she assures us will be a magnificent event.

“I’m really excited about it. The couples in 2014 are really strong about bringing their style into the wedding so people recognize whose wedding they’re at,” she told us of the planning process.

Weiss also shares that Pinterest is really changing the game for her career.

“Pinterest has played a huge part and really changed my career so I know what people want. It’s how they live, how they decorate their home. They want their wedding to be a reflection of their lives,” she added.

Additionally, Weiss has also signed on to plan Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s big day, which we know will be a special affair down to every last detail.

“Sean and Catherine have a very grown-up style right now. They want something sexy and romantic. They use certain words to kind of guide me with their vision,” she told us.

Ohh la la!

One other tidbit she told us?

The Bachelor wedding will definitely be an outdoor one.

We can’t wait to see these sweet ceremonies!


Cover alert: Weight Watchers Jan/Feb 2014


Jessica is on the cover of Weight Watchers magazine, January/February issue! Such a great pic and she looks amazing! If you pick up a copy please send in scans – thank you!

Candids: NYC, December 6 2013 [HQ]


December 6, 2013: Gearing up for the holiday season, Jessica Simpson was out and about with her brood in New York City on Friday (December 6). Joined by fiancé Eric Johnson and kiddos Maxwell and Ace, the “Come On Over” singer looked stylish in a black Doors t-shirt and floral print jacket as she hopped into a shuttle van. So adorable!!

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Candids: Out & about in NYC, December 5 2013 [HQ]


December 5, 2013: The 33-year-old singer showed off her slim figure in a black blazer with floral leggings and thigh high boots as she made her way through the Soho district. I can’t even… she looks so stunning, love the hair and the outfit, and the necklace = perfection! Enjoy the pics!

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Jessica Glams Up 27th Footwear News Achievement Awards


She’s no stranger to industry events, and last night (December 3) Jessica Simpson graced the folks at the 27th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards with her presence.

The 33-year-old “Dukes of Hazzard” hottie looked slim and sexy as she posed with Nine West co-founder Vince Camuto outside the IAC Building in Manhattan.

And the shutterbugs couldn’t get enough of Simpson’s red and black knee-length Carolina Herrera dress teamed with black Casadei heels and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Jessica recently spent Thanksgiving in Boston with fiancé Eric Johnson’s family. An insider previously told press, “Eric is such an amazing dad. She completely trusts him and has all the confidence in the world with him as a dad. She loves Eric’s family and is really excited to bring both kids back east and spend Thanksgiving with them.”

Enjoy the pictures of Jessica Simpson at the 27th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards in NYC (December 3).

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