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This cute pic was shared by Tina Simpson, it’s of Jessica and Stephanie having fun at Jingle Ball years ago – how cute! Hope many more will be shared, what a great moment :)

Scans: OK!, June 17 2013


Please note I am only adding these for photos, the article is full of lies as usual…

Candids: Ivy, Santa Monica, June 22 2013


Enjoying some couple time, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson headed out for a bite to eat on Saturday afternoon (June 22) in Los Angeles.

Holding her future hubby’s hand, the mother-to-be donned an airy pastel maxi dress accessorized with a starw bag as the duo took a post lunch stroll. Expecting a son later this summer, the blonde actress served as a bridesmaid for her pal Kathryn Sykora’s wedding party last weekend.

Soon, it will be the “Dukes of Hazzard” cutie’s turn to wed, as reports claim Jess will walk down the aisle with her hunky fiancée after their second child is born.

Enjoy the pictures of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson out to lunch in Los Angeles, CA (June 22).


Photos: Baby Bumpin’ Bridesmaid


Celebrating her gal pal’s nuptials, Jessica Simpson stood up in Kathryn Sykora’s wedding in San Diego, CA over the weekend (June 15).

Held at the stunning Rancho Bernardo Inn, the expectant mother showed off her giant baby bump in a fitted, black bridesmaid dress as she hung out with fiancé Eric Johnson, pal Cacee Cobb and sister Ashlee Simpson.

“Jessica seemed in great spirits despite looking like she was ready to burst, though she was definitely touching her belly quite a bit and moving around slowly,” a source dished to E! News.

In related news, Miss Simpson is expected to give birth to her first son, and second child, next month! Enjoy the pictures of Jessica Simpson as bridesmaid at a wedding at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego (June 15).



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This beautiful pic was shared by Adrienne Sands (Jessica’s friend and former assistant) on Instagram, all the ladies look absolutely gorgeous!


Candids: Beverly Hills, June 13 2013


June 13, 2013: Jessica spotted strolling in Beverly Hills with Eric Johnson. Looking good! Looks like the due date is coming soon.

Candids: Bowling in Studio City, June 7 2013


June 7, 2013: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have a ball at the bowling alley with her baby bump along with Jessica’s mom Tina Simpson. Jessica is dressed in a black dress and tan jacket.

Also I’ve seen the preview of the new layout for SKNET yesterday and it’s gonna be amazing! Can’t wait to show you :)



Awww!! Maxwell is so pretty! What a sweet pic! I just love it :)


Photo: CaCee & Jessica


Showered with so much love yesterday, Thank you Jessica Simpson #bestfriends #bestbabyshowerever

Source: Cacee Cobb @ Facebook

So adorable!!! :)