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More precious pics with Maxwell

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These beauties were uploaded today to iVillage.com – so so cute! :)

Exclusive! 6 Easy Ways to Recreate Jessica Simpson’s Gorgeous Nursery

When you’re having a baby girl, it can be hard to look past pink when thinking about the nursery. But, with the help of designer Rachel Ashwell of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture, Jessica Simpson chose to keep daughter Maxwell Drew’s room sweet, yet sophisticated.

Ashwell recently spoke with iVillage about Simpson’s nursery decor — which included pieces from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic along with vintage finds — and gave these tips for how you can recreate the gorgeous look in your baby’s room.

Start with colors or styles, but not both. “When you mix up a color palette and you mix up a style, that’s when you start getting a mish-mosh,” Ashwell says. “Choose one or the other.” Simpson opted for shades of lavender and mauve with touches of pink and aqua.

Go vintage. Ashwell used a mauve/beige butterfly print vintage wallpaper to cover one wall of the nursery, and also brought in a mauve and beige flower-painted mirror with a “real wonderful patina.” The designer says she scours flea markets and other vintage fabric outlets to make one-of-a-kind pillows: “Jessica probably has 40 in her house, including the nursery.”

Don’t forget lighting. A chandelier adds a special flair to nursery design. Ashwell’s Capri style fixture is hand-made using glass beads and crystals. “It feels a little bit like a gypsy jewel and [Jessica] was all over it,” Ashwell says. “She felt that it was really lovely.”

Add personal flavor. To bring Simpson’s personality into the space, Ashwell says she added red cowboy boots and a Texas star.

Optimize your space. Because the family hosts so many visitors, Ashwell says they added a daybed to the room that’s also a trundle. “It’s great to have that possibility of extra sleeping space,” she says.

Get creative. Ashwell turned a dresser she found in Texas into Maxwell’s changing table. “It’s a lovely pale, turquoise color,” she says. “It has the functionality of the drawers below and then we just made an anchored changing table top for it. So again, that’s a really one-of-a-kind piece, that serves a function without compromising safety and lends itself to transition. When little Maxwell is 5, it’s going to have an evolution.”

Source: iVillage.com

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