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24 is my new treadmill show!! How have I not watched this show before now?!?! Jack Bauer is my hero!
Jessica Simpson

MAG: Jessica’s World “Destroyed” By Parents’ Alleged Split

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“Jessica Heartbroken: Her Family Destroyed,” blares the cover of OK!, which claims Jessica Simpson’s parents are separating and that she’s “devastated” over their supposed split.
The mag, picking up a weeks-old report from the National Enquirer (never a wise idea), says Tina and Joe Simpson’s marriage is “on the rocks,” with Tina allegedly “living alone in Malibu.”

OK! notes, “Jessica had been hoping for a reconciliation, but now her mother is pushing harder for a formal separation.”

A so-called “insider” for the tabloid claims the 32-year-old Simpson is now “feeling emotionally abandoned” due to her parents’ purported split.

The “source” goes on to allege, “She has always been hugely dependent on her parents, but they are going through their own crisis right now, which means they don’t have much time for her.”

“It’s left Jessica feeling sad and helpless,” explains the supposed insider.

The magazine goes on to claim that Tina and Joe’s reported split has wreaked havoc on Simpson’s entire life, saying that “her emotional eating is out of control” (B.S.); that her sister Ashlee has “deserted her” (FALSE); and that she’s now “gotten cold feet” about marrying fiancé Eric Johnson (NOT TRUE).

Of course, all of this is complete nonsense as Simpson’s parents have NOT broken up.

A family insider tells Gossip Cop the tab’s tale is 100% fabricated and that Tina and Joe Simpson are still together.

Source: GossipCop.com


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I'm excited to see @ & @ back together again! Tonight on @ 10:30/9:30C! http://t.co/2Co7KmBw
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson to Guest on Katie Couric’s New Talk Show

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I am so excited about this news, can’t wait to see Jess again :)

For the first time since Jessica Simpson talked about her life as a new mom with PEOPLE, the Fashion Star mentor is expected to sit down for an interview. This time, with Katie Couric for the Sept. 10 premiere of her new ABC daytime talk show, Katie.

Among the topics she’s expected to address: what life is like with daughter Maxwell Drew (born May 1); her efforts to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy and her journey to get back in shape as part of the Weight Watchers family; and how she’s juggling being a mom and running a very successful fashion business.

“I think anybody who’s gone through a pregnancy, after they have the baby, it’s like, ‘I need to do something about this,’ ” Simpson, who’s engaged to Eric Johnson, told PEOPLE in May. “For me, I really want to do something that is a lifestyle, because in the past, I’ve been known to yo-yo diet.”

Simpson, who has been drinking lots of water, has been keeping fans posted on her weight-loss progress and various work commitments via Twitter. She recently Tweeted: “That’s a wrap! Just finished shooting my first @weightwatchers commercial. Stay tuned…”

Meanwhile, joining Simpson on Katie’s premiere episode: singer Sheryl Crow, who will talk about her recently-diagnosed brain tumor. Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand, Heidi Klum and others are also scheduled to sit down with Couric for her talk show.

The longtime co-anchor of NBC’s Today and anchor of the CBS Evening News will mark her new beginning by featuring conversations with women who are also marking similar transitions in their lives.

Source: People.com

Scans: Us Weekly + older

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I added scans from Us Weekly, August 27 & September 3 issues.

I also added older scans from Jessica P., check them out below :) They’re from Massive Presents Backstreet Boys, 2000 and J-14.

Thanks to: Jessica P. :)

Candids: Los Angeles, August 24 2012

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She has huge determination to shed the 70lbs she gained during pregnancy as part of a multimillion dollar deal with Weight Watchers. And it seems nothing can break the star’s focus when it comes to her weight loss goal.

The 32-year-old was spotted yet again wearing her gym gear as she was driven through Los Angeles by a friend in a Range Rover yesterday. It seems she may have been on her way to a workout and all that exercise certainly appears to be paying off as the singer’s face looked noticeably slimmer.

Even the temptation of some delicious fast food wasn’t enough to deter Jessica, who gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1. The blonde was seen driving past Irv’s burger joint and while she peeked at the eatery out of the window, she didn’t pull over.

Jessica reportedly is taking her Weight Watchers deal very seriously and has roped in friends and family to join her in her quest.

‘Jessica’s mom Tina Simpson is doing Weight Watchers, her assistant is doing it, people that work for her fashion company are doing it, Jess has enlisted everyone around her to try and lose weight,’ a friend of the star told Radar Online.

The website reports she is training with celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak and is ‘so serious’ about slimming down. She even recently tweeted that she had bought the girls in her Weight Watchers group pedometers ‘to track their steps.’

The inside source added: ‘Jess has really focused on getting back into shape and with her mom and friends and co-workers doing Weight Watchers she really thinks she’s going to be able to start quickly dropping the weight.’

Source: DailyMail.co.uk; x17online.com

New layout!

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So excited to present this new version of SweetKisses.net designed by the amazing Stephen Lind :) I wanted a more professional look, something organized and neat looking and this is perfect! I really love it and hope you do too! :) Wanted to make the site more content oriented as well so I will be working on updating the sections that need more love.

Thank you Stephen! :)

I also added some candids of Eric golfing on August 20th to the gallery.

Candids: Hitting the gym, August 20 & 21

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Jessica has been spotted hitting the gym again on August 20th and 21st! Check out the 2 sets of photos. I’ve been meaning to post them earlier but I was celebrating my birthday yesterday :) Enjoy the pics!

Source: x17online.com

Also Stephanie is back as Jessica’s assistant! :)

Watch: live performances of “Angels”

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I uploaded 6 live performances of “Angels” to Jessica-Media.com today! Which one is your favorite? I can’t help but love the one from the Latin Grammy Awards with David Bisbal – so powerful!

* Angels @ Early Show 2004
* Angels @ MTV VMA 2004
* Angels @ Letterman 2004
* Angels @ Pepsi Smash 2004
* Angels @ On-Air with Ryan Seacrest 2004

MAG: Jessica’s Parents Secretly Split, She’s “Rethinking” Getting Married

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“The parents of Jessica Simpson have secretly split, and now the singer-turned-fashion maven says their problems have soured her on marriage!” begins a piece from the National Enquirer.

The mag claims that Tina and Joe recently separated, quoting a “family insider” as saying, “Tina got tired of Joe’s controlling ways, and she finally had the courage to stand up to him and say ‘No more!’”

Now, because of her parents’ alleged breakup, Simpson is “rethinking marriage altogether,” notes the source.

This supposed tab insider reveals, “She told Eric [Johnson] she’s lost her faith in it.”


So getting divorced herself (from Nick Lachey) didn’t weaken Simpson’s belief in the institution of marriage — but her parents’ “secret” split did?

That’s odd.

And completely false.

A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop that Tina and Joe Simpson have NOT separated, and that the entire mag’s story is “not true.”

Source: GossipCop.com

Those tabs are really taking it all too far!

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