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Today is one of the worst days of my life: I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog Bianca, a 9-year-old English Bullterrier that I’ve always dreamed to have. She was the best dog: loving, funny and cheerful… I was hoping we could save her but unfortunately her condition was getting worse and worse every day (kidney failure and probably cancer, although undiagnosed). She was fading so quickly and it was best to put her out of her pain and misery. The house is so empty without her, I’ve been crying for hours and hours and the pain of her being gone is so overwhelming :(

Goodbye to my best little beloved friend, see you on the other side, I love and miss you so much! :( :( :( :( :(

The Fashion Star videos will be delayed, I apologise.

12 Responses to “O/T: Lost the battle…”

May 9, 12 • 3:02 pm

Oh my goodness, im so sorry Joanna. I will pray you get through this hard time. I have been here before, i lost my 12 year old lab, she was my world! And one day she was gone and there was a empty hole in my heart. Some people didn’t and still don’t understand why i was so upset, but im sure you understand! PETS are family. They become a member the day you get them and the love and emotion that is shared between us and our pet is unconditional. It will be ok, your pup is in a better place.. she is probably playing fetch with my lab :)!! I will keep you in my prayers love! All the best!! – Britney

Jennifer C
May 9, 12 • 3:50 pm

I am so sorry! I’ve been here before. Hang in there and just know she’s in a better place and not suffering.

May 9, 12 • 7:03 pm

I’m so sorry for your loss. :( 

May 9, 12 • 7:35 pm

Ohh :'(((( I have two loved ones myself and I can’t imagine a world without them. I’m really sorry for your loss :(((

May 9, 12 • 7:50 pm

I lost my sister (for me my dog was like a sister) on Dec. and still hurts me remember her. Pets are family and I know what you feeling, I’m really sorry for your loss. Remeber that one day you will see her again, loves and hugs from Mexico.

May 10, 12 • 1:30 pm

Im so sorry for your loss!! :(((( I can’t imagine how it would feel like if my dog wasn’t here with me..thinking about you guys and feeling the pain in my heart.  

May 11, 12 • 12:05 pm

 Thank you Emma. It’s been so hard and we’ve cried so much our voices changed, my nose is so sore from the tissues… :(

May 11, 12 • 12:05 pm

 Sorry to hear about your pet. They don’t live long enough! xo

May 11, 12 • 12:06 pm

 Thank you, hope yours get to live long and healthy!

May 11, 12 • 12:06 pm

 Thank you Kelly, I appreciate it.

May 11, 12 • 12:06 pm

 Yes, I keep telling myself that… thank you!

May 11, 12 • 12:07 pm

 Thank you Britney. I don’t think you can prepare for pet’s passing, it’s always traumatic and incredibly hard :(

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