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As everyone who has been even remotely close to a newsstand, computer or TV station knows, Jessica Simpson is expecting her first baby veryveryveryvery soon. In fact, she spent most of February, March and early April telling interviewers that she wasn’t due yet and enduring rude comments about her weight gain.

Thankfully, all that will come to an end when the big day finally arrives. Of course, then she’ll have to put up with chatter about her post-baby weight and pleas for pictures of the newborn, but that’s celebrity motherhood for you.

And just when will that happy day arrive? Well, I’m thinking that it might already have come – or possibly be happening right now!

No, there hasn’t been any word from the tabs or wire services, but there are certain hints in the air that suggest that Jessica and fiance Eric Johnson are now proud parents.

This much we know for sure: The newcomer will be a girl, and the parents have a nontraditional name already picked out for her. A source says she’ll be called Maxwell or “Maxi” for short, but only time will tell.

And you might not want to be so quick to dismiss my prediction as idle chatter from a celeb parent blogger. On March 22, I wrote a post about my suspicions that Hilary Duff had already had her baby. Three hours later, Hilary broke the news that she’d given birth to Luca Cruz two days earlier.


So take a look at these clues and tell us: Are these all signs that little Maxi is here or on the way?

It’s finally time
As far back as February, the public was buzzing that Jessica’s baby had to be coming at any minute. But she told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that her due date was still “a few weeks away” – and that was more than a month ago.

She hasn’t been sighted recently
The world has been watching Jessica closely as her pregnancy progresses. But she hasn’t made any appearances in the last few weeks, and no new photos have been sent to the agencies.

She’s expecting a large baby
Jessica’s OB/GYN estimates that her baby girl could weigh in at 9 pounds or more. Some doctors recommend inducing labor with large babies to avoid a long or stalled labor, which could necessitate a C-section.

The nursery is all ready
Last month, Jessica was feted at a star-studded baby shower with a “Charlotte’s Web” theme. In addition, Jessica Alba sent her this thoughtful package of environmentally-friendly baby supplies from her business, The Honest Company. Her little girl will lack for nothing!

She needs to get back in heels!
One of the things Jess regrets about her 9th month is giving up her favorite pumps. Somehow flip-flops just don’t suit her.

Her Twitter account is silent
Jess is an active tweeter, chatting about everything from her pregnancy cravings to Texas Independence Day. But she hasn’t tweeted anything since Saturday (a retweet of a Tracy Morgan joke) – not even to promote the new episode of “Fashion Star” tonight. THAT may be the biggest clue of all.


Jessica tweeted today actually so I guess the baby hasn’t been born yet!

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