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Watch: ‘Fashion Star’ Exclusive Sneak Peeks

“Fashion Star” has whittled the contestants down to a small group of designers, and now, it’s time to shake up the weekly runway format. For this week’s challenge (Tues., May 1, 10 p.m. ET on NBC), the remaining designers are focusing on their personal brands and creating campaigns for their collections.

The mentors — Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos — will give the designers guidance and insight into what makes a successful campaign. Not all of the designers take the advice, though …

We’ve got two exclusive sneak peeks at the upcoming episode, “What’s Your Campaign?,” one of which features Richie’s take on this particular challenge and her designer mentee, Nzimiro, the recipient of her cutest nicknames.

“A campaign is a real game-changer,” Richie says. “This is the designers’ opportunity to stop people dead in their tracks when they’re walking down the street, and I’m not sure if Nzimiro’s headed in the right direction.”

But it appears she’s gotten through to Nzimiro with her opinions about sweaters, leaving him with the final parting words of “one love” and an awesome handshake — just two more reasons to love her mentoring style.

The other clip gives us a revealing look at the judging. Who does Jessica Simpson say really “knocked my panties off”? And who did John Varvatos bow down to? Watch our two exclusive sneak peeks of this week’s ad campaign challenge to see.


Jessica Simpson: Bumpy Ride to Induce Labor

She was supposed to give birth over a week ago, and yesterday (April 29) Jessica Simpson was spotted going for a bumpy car ride in hopes of inducing labor.

The “With You” songstress sat shotgun as her fiance Eric Johnson drove her around for a bit, though it didn’t seem to do the trick.

Jessica’s dad Joe Simpson took to his Twitter page to update fans- “Still counting down the days til I am a grandpa again. Keep Jess in your prayers.”

Katy Perry also tweeted, “Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet?! I’m getting anxious,” while Chelsea Handler wrote, “How has Jessica Simpson still not given birth to this baby? I’m getting frightened.”


Jessica Simpson Worldwide Project: UK

I got a new submission for the Jessica Simpson Worldwide Project today from Amy! Amy took a pic of her JS perfume bottles with the view from her window, she is from Sheffield, UK! I love it, thank you Amy! :)

If you would like to submit your pic please e-mail me. Also for more JS Worldwide Project photos check out this tag (I’ll be setting up a page for this!) :)

Snooki: I Did NOT Diss Jessica Simpson

Snooki is firing back at tabloid reports that she dissed Jessica Simpson. At a recent event, the “Jersey Shore” star was quoted as joking, “I would die if I were her size,” referring to Simpson’s late-pregnancy body.

Outlets picked up the comment and tried to make it sound as though a feud had erupted between the two stars. On Saturday, Snooki blasted the sensationalism.

She wrote on Twitter, “I NEVER dissed Jessica Simpson you weird tabloids, get over it with your ‘pregnant war’ articles. I love the girl and her hot ass bump.”

Hopefully, that will end that.

The two women are in different stages of their pregnancies, of course, with Simpson due any day and Snooki’s own baby date still a few months off.

Simpson recently released a video from her baby shower, while Snooki and her pal JWoww have premiered the preview to their upcoming “Jersey Shore” spinoff, including a scene in which Snooki reveals she’s expecting.



Ha!Where is this? RT @Nybergmike: I don’t think @jessicasimpson will be happy at her new name representation in stores.


Funny! People are so creative! lol :)

BeautyMint Blog: Getting ready

We love this beautiful photo of Jessica getting ready on the set of Fashion Star. What’s your favorite part about getting ready?


Jessica looks amazing as always, I’m really enjoying the behind the scenes pics :)

BeautyMint Blog: Getting the smokey eye!

Although we love beautiful skin, we also love a dramatic dark eye. Karan Mitchell, Jessica‘s makeup artist on Fashion Star reveals how to get the perfect smokey eye.

She says, “I always apply the dark eyes first so that I can clean up underneath keeping the base and concealer clean. A good trick for doing a smokey eye like the one I did with Jessica, is to dip your brush into a shimmery cream eyeshadow and then a loose shadow. Blend from them outside of the lid inward and stay under the bone. It maybe a little messy figuring out the right amount of each at first, but the more you play the more you’ll see how fun this technique is. And you can start really experimenting with colors.”

Want another tip from Karan? She says, “To keep the dewy look and make sure you keep that glow all day, rub a small amount of your BeautyMint Moisturizer into your palms and press it lightly into your foundation. This helps warm up your base and remove any overdone makeup.


I love makeup and these tips from a pro are great!

Sexy!! RT @beautymint @JessicaSimpson’s make up artist from @NBCFashionStar shows us how to get the perfect smokey eye:



I love reading how happy my friend is before falling asleep. RT @KokoLikes: The Deployment: The End:


@JessicaSimpson you are up sooo late!!! I love you :)


So so cute!

Photos: Fashion Star Behind The Scenes – Episode 7

New behind the scenes pics from episode 7 of Fashion Star have been posted at and I added them to our gallery. So gorjess! Love Kristin Burns’ photography, she really captures emotions and beauty!


Captures: Fashion Star Episode 7 “Mentor’s Choice”

Jessica looked very beautiful in green! Check out the caps below :)

Also an update on my dog Bianca, last night she was supposed to have the surgery to remove the thing she swallowed from her stomach (I have no idea what it was, the doc showed it to me but I have no clue!). LUCKILY the doctor was able to take it out with an endoscope so she didn’t have to have her belly cut AT ALL! I am so happy and so relieved! She’s still recovering from the anesthesia and stress but she’s all better :) Thank you for your concern and prayers!!!

Watch: Next on Fashion Star


Can’t wait!

Scans: Us Weekly, May 7 2012

There are 2 tiny features with Jessica in the latest Us Weekly, a quote and a pic from Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve in 2003.

Captures: Baby Shower


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Beautiful!! RT @NBCFashionStar: Fashion Star: Ronnie’s Black Evening Dress #FashionStar

U r my mentor! RT @MichaelKors: You looked fabulous, Jessica! RT @jessicasimpson: Love the color of my @MichaelKors dress on Fashion Star!!!


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