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Just interviewed Jessica Simpson. I admire a woman who can be heavily pregnant and still manage to wear heels!


@JessicaSimpson says fashion has been 1st place in her life & career. It’s a great way to wear Jessica Simpson Collection & have ppl see it

@JessicaSimpson says she wants to do a maternity line but she hasn’t come up w/ anything different #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she’d want to make a maternity line that is comfortable but really stylish. #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says the designers of #FashionStar she learned how to fabric shop and that inspired her

@JessicaSimpson says color trends are fun & it is important to have a great black or nuede shoe. Now she loves neons & color blocking

@JessicaSimpson says they’ve had so much success that it isn’t hard for her. It’s a career that needs her inspired #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says if she sees a shoe w/ stitching that isn’t tonal then she goes nuts. #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says there is one piece of clothes you should splurge on & for her it is shoes. #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says they focused on building an amazing closet for the consumer. #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she didn’t know she was pregnant on #FashionStar but now she walks around seeing things she’d like shrunk for kids

@JessicaSimpson says you’ll have favs on #FashionStar – you’ll fall in love w/ them as people & you’ll like who they are.

@JessicaSimpson says there is a lot of pressure as a mentor on #FashionStar – if you give advice & buyers don’t like it they’ll get cut

@JessicaSimpson says there are moments of surprise, shock, what-the-heck and I would have never thought of that on #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says designers that play it safe aren’t meant for #FashionStar @NBCFashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says you have to be a creative person that wants to sell more than to your local town to be on #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says in working w/ her collection she’ll tell her designers to be on #FashionStar since it’s a great opportunity

@JessicaSimpson says they are thankful they get a “save” since sometimes they disagree with the buyers #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she’ll be a “big blob on the couch watching herself thin” when viewing #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says there is something so sexy w/ a nude heel with a neon heel #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she prefers a six inch heel #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says the sky is the limit with anything she wants to do. Life is about expanding! #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she never expected what she’d accomplish in the fashion world, but she is very blessed for it #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says it is about looking at people and giving them an overall look. Understand their sense of style & make it cohesive

@JessicaSimpson says in the beginning she thought what she thought people should was always right. She had to give in though #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she wanted the designers to know what they are getting into – not just creative but be business savvy. #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says they don’t have to go through the terrible designers to get to the great ones. They are all great on #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says it is important to give colors & styles that are selling best on the floors #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she wanted to be there and talk with the designers to make sure they had a vision & listened to buyers #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says they wanted #FashionStar contestants to create closests for the every day person. You won’t be disappointed

@JessicaSimpson says the simple pieces, are what sell the most as they are every day wear in your closet. #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says the challenges on #FashionStar are pretty simple & simplicity is one of the hardest things to do as a designer

@JessicaSimpson says she won’t be performing on #FashionStar but it is her first Jessica Simpson Collection runway show!

@JessicaSimpson says Lisa & Lizzie do a really great job on #FashionStar. She’s proud of both of them. Both understood everyday women

@JessicaSimpson says being a part of #FashionStar was great for her collection & so she could talk to up & coming designers to mentor.

@JessicaSimpson says her teaming up w/ #FashionStar was a perfect fit. She couldn’t turn it down

@JessicaSimpson says Ben Silverman approached her to do #FashionStar & she was on their radar from being involved w/ fashion

@JessicaSimpson says #FashionStar found that in a lot of the designers but there are a couple standouts that will be around for a long time

@JessicaSimpson says any designer that can understand what people want to be wearing now is the biggest & best step #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says she enjoyed getting Elle’s opinion on the fashion business. Plus, her body is rockin’! #FashionStar

@JessicaSimpson says Elle is stunning to watch & has a great presence about her. She’s very professional. #FashionStar

Source: (Jamie Steinberg)

I feel as if I was there! Awesome coverage :)

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