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Scans: OK! Magazine, March 12 2012

There is one page on Jessica and Eric in the latest issue of OK! magazine and also there’s an ad for Fashion Star! Are you excited yet? I absolutely can’t wait to watch it!


A friend just sent me a video of me singing back in the day and the lil munchkin started moving like crazy! Let’s hope it wasn’t just gas!

Source:; picture credit:

Aww haha that is so cute! Little singer to be? :)

Scans: Heat [South Africa], March 1 2012

Check out the scans from Heat, South African edition, March 1 2012 issue!

The article isn’t very nice so feel free to skip reading it lol

Candids: Los Angeles, February 25 2012 [HQ]

I uploaded high quality candids of Jess out and about in Los Angeles.

BeautyMint Blog: Red Carpet Favorites: 2012 Oscars

Did you tune into the Oscar Awards last night? Check out three of Jessica‘s favorite red carpet looks.

For her first time at the Oscars, Milla Jovovich made quite the statement in an Elie Saab dress and Edie Parker clutch to which Jessica said, “She looked perfect in one of my favorite dress designers of all time!”

Cameron Diaz arrived in a gown by Gucci.

Actress Rooney Mara looked stunning in a gown by Givenchy and the classic red lip which Jessica said was “overall beautiful!” Jessica also loved the neutral and creamy tones. Whose look did you love?


JS Worldwide Project: Ohio, USA

jsc at dillards in canton, ohio

Thanks to:!

Candids: Shopping At Saks Fifth Avenue, Los Angeles 2/25

February 25, 2012: Jessica Simpson isn’t letting her huge baby bump get in the way of a little retail therapy. The soon-to-be mom put on a bright burnt orange maxi-dress and color-coordinated stilettos for a trip to Sake Fifth Avenue Saturday.


JS Worldwide Project: Poland

I took a pic for the Jessica Simpson Worldwide Project just now! It’s my miniature Fancy Love bottle and in the background is just the view from my window. Just a bunch of buildings, nothing special, I just wanted to give another example of what I’ve had in mind for the project! I will deifintely try to take a more interesting photo outdoors but it’s snowing today and the weather has been awful so I’ll probably have to wait until Spring.

I wanna see pics from different cities/countries, exotic places, trendy places, quiet places – your places! :)

Baby’s name hint?

5 days ago Jenn and Aurora posted the following messages in our chatter box:

Jenn: Anyone notice that in the most recent pics of Jess in the green dress, she’s wearing a necklace with what looks like the letter “M” on it? Hmmm……

Aurora: Maybe it stands for mom??

Jenn: Maybe, but I was thinking more along the lines of a baby name….who knows. I just found it interesting.

The fans are always the best observers! :) I asked Koko (Jessica’s assistant and friend) about the necklace and she told me it was by Jennifer Meyer. I googled it and one of the articles that poped up was this one:

Lil Find: Pendants For Posh Mamas

Some moms carry brag books while others have baby’s name and birthday tattooed on their bods. For trendsetting moms like Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, and Courteney Cox, a simple pendant necklace is what they wear to remind them of their lil love. Not on the cheap, these Jennifer Meyer necklaces are crafted from 18K gold- and diamond-encrusted letters. At $1,250 a pop, the eye candy would have most new mums seeing stars.


There were also photos of Katie Holmes wearing the necklace with the letter “S” for Suri :) So I’m guessing Jessica’s baby’s name might start with an M!

It’s just speculation but who knows? I’m so excited! What are your favorite names starting with an M? :)

BeautyMint Blog: Getting your skin Oscar ready

Today is the big day for Hollywood, the Oscars are finally here! Dates have been planned, dresses have been picked, and skin has been prepped. Want to know how to get your skin glowing and red carpet ready?

Nerida says, “A good night’s sleep always helps. Cleanse your face with a mild to non-foaming cleanser. Use a warm, wet washcloth to remove the product. This softens the dead cells, so they slough off with the second cleanse and rinse. Massage a treatment serum into your skin and then follow it with your daily face cream and eye product. Massaging promotes circulation, which helps strengthen, nourish and tone muscle fiber. This gives your skin the healthy, dewy look that lets you shine on the red carpet.”

Did you know that your BeautyMint Kit comes with all these essentials?


Click the image to view more BeautyMint promos with Jessica! :) Are you going to watch the Oscars tonight? I sure am! Fingers crossed for the Polish movie “In Darkness”!

Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie Offer Sneak Peek at Fashion Star

Fashion Star will be taking its style to the streets.

The NBC competition, which pits 14 unknown designers against each other for a chance to launch their collections, will put winning designs from each episode on the market for viewers to buy as soon as it airs.

“I don’t want to find the next great designer,” host and executive producer Elle MacPherson says in a sneak peek of the series, which premieres March 13. “I want to find the next great fashion icon.”

Sitting at the judges’s table: representatives from Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M, who “will fight it out for the hottest designs” from the show to take to their stores.

But the true stars of the show might be the people on the sidelines. Mentoring the designers along the way: Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos.

“You can be a wannabe,” Varvatos, a former Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren designer, says in the clip. “Or you can be an about-to-be.”


It’s the video I’ve posted before, the very first preview of the show! Still I’ve enjoyed watching it again. And again…and again haha! :)




Kara is one of the contestants on Fashion Star! Follow her on twitter @KaraLaricks!

JS Worldwide Project: Ireland

I’m not sure if anyone sent this one but i went on a weekend trip to Dublin with my husband and couldn’t believe it when we saw a giant Jessica Simpson Poster on Henry street! Hopefully you can see it from the attachment , it was taken on my phone!
This is the first Jessica Simpson advertisement i have seen in Ireland

Thanks to: caoimha!

So amazing! I decided to add the picture to the JS Worldwide Project even though it’s not showing much of the surroundings but anyway still great! Thank you so much for sharing it Caoimha! :)

Oh and if you’re in Ireland and want to submit your picture please do! There is no locations limit and there is no deadline. This will be a permanent project here at SweetKisses so you can take a pic and submit it anytime and it will be added to the project.

If you have any ideas/suggestions please post in this topic at or the chatter box or e-mail. I’d love to hear from you :)


I’m so happy to be a part of @nbcfashionstar! #fashionstar


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