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Eyes are the window to the soul. If this is the case, wouldn’t you want your eyes to reflect a youthful, energetic you? Aging is a process we all must experience however we don’t have to let it affect our self-confidence. Eyes are one of the first places the signs of aging appear. “Crow’s feet”, fine lines and wrinkles for some reason like to make their debut where everyone can see them. Additionally, possibly even before we experience these aging signs, we may develop under eye bags and dark circles.

Living with these annoyances can be a thing of the past. Don’t let your drooping under eye bags be the smudges and streaks on the window to your soul. BeautyMint Brightening Eye Gel claims to have the formula to treat these under eye problems and give you back the self-confidence you never should have let slip away in the first place.

Product Specifications

Brightening Eye Gel is specially formulated with mulberry extract a known lightening agent, in addition to soothing botanicals for ultimate brightening, de-puffing and anti-aging effects. These botanicals which include chamomile, aloe, and arnica work together to soothe and calm the delicate skin around the eyes.

Apply directly to the skin under the eyes as well as the eye lids. Pat on gently and use daily as directed by your BeautyMint regimen recommendations.
Product Benefits

In addition to natural, healing ingredients, Brightening Eye Gel has zero reported side-effects.
Furthermore, it has been tested on a number of individuals in an 8 week trial period performed by BeautyMint themselves, in which results were positive.

BeautyMint sells their products in packages. You can receive the comprehensive four product package for just $39.99 plus shipping and handling or an advanced five product line, recommended by co-developer Jessica Simpson for $49.99 with free shipping.

Beauty Mint comes in a product line because each product is catered specifically to your individual needs. When you first enter the BeautyMint website you will be walked through a questionnaire to determine the formulas needed for your skin type. After which, you will be recommended to both a four and five set product line.

Each set of products comes with a BeautyMint regimen recommendation that suggests how to best use the products for maximum effectiveness.

What We Think

We like this product line and believe that BeautyMint can truly offer you exactly what you are looking for. We believe that this under eye cream can deliver promised results and with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee there is no risk in simply giving this product a try for yourself.


Speaking of BeautyMint there will be a live chat with Nerida Joy this Thursday at at 6PM! If you have concerns or questions you should join. Check for more information :)

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