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I wanted to share my life changing experience with all of you, the readers of SKNET: on August 13th my biggest dream became reality when I met Jessica Simpson for the first time… here’s how it happened!

On July 23rd I’ve received an e-mail from Erin (Jessica’s friend) saying Jessica would like to bring me to Los Angeles for the taping of the finale of Fashion Star. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was 11PM when I read the e-mail, my heart was racing and I simply was so shocked (in a positive way!) – I didn’t get much sleep that night as you can imagine! ;)
I didn’t know if it was even possible as the finale date was August 13th so it was quite short notice but I was absolutely sure I wanted to give it a try! Duh! :))

Sunday was a looong day as I couldn’t wait for Monday to come – as I had to call the US Embassy and find out how soon I could get a visa to enter the United States (Polish people still need those…). I called them first thing on Monday morning and they said if I apply on the same day I could have the meeting with the US consul 2 days later and then (if I get the visa) they would send me my passport back within 3-5 working days. I got so excited to find out it was possible to arrange this in such short time! :) On Tuesday morning I went to have my picture taken for the visa application form and on the same day I scheduled my meeting at the Embassy for Thursday.

I was a nervous wreck by that time too! lol I wasn’t sure if the consul would believe my (somewhat crazy) story. But I was trying to keep my cool and just answer all the questions – and there were many! Luckily I printed the e-mail I got from Erin and I brought it to the interview, if I didn’t I’m sure they wouldn’t believe me. After all I went in there and said I wanted to go to Los Angeles for 3 days to meet Jessica Simpson lol ;)
Anyway, don’t want to bore you with all the details of the interview (it took longer than most people’s before me) the consul said the magic words: “your story is so crazy that I actually believe it” and “have fun with Jessica Simpson”!!! I was so happy I believe walking out from the Embassy I was literally glowing LOL ;) If only I knew that consul’s name I’d send him the pic above – hopefully he reads this! :)

I e-mailed Erin with the news of me getting the visa and the arrangements begun! I’ve received a full itinerary for my trip within days: I was going to stay at the hotel in Beverly Hills (omg!), just 4 blocks away from the famous Rodeo Drive! Can you imagine? I didn’t believe it until the moment I got on the plane. I was sure something would go wrong along the way and that it was just too great to be true. Somehow, it all went perfectly!

My trip started on August 11th, the flight was long but I didn’t care: I was on the way to fulfill my dream of over 10 years!

I arrived at LAX airport on Thursday 11:50AM, a very nice driver Steven picked me up and drove me to the hotel (thank you Steven!). The hotel was so stylish! The decor was so posh, you can check it out at Thompson Beverly Hills – loved it! The staff was so kind and helpful too, no problems at all.

Although I was tired I went and took a stroll along Rodeo Drive which was amazing! I was just taking it all in, breathing the LA air and enjoying myself. I went to bed at 5PM that day (lol) and slept until 6AM on Friday – and I was fine, no jetlag! Yay!

On Friday I was lucky to meet Jessica’s dad – Joe Simpson, Erin, CaCee Cobb, Amelia Garrison (who is Lane Garrison’s sister! and is awesome :)) and David and John – in charge of Jessica’s finances and official website respectively. Ah what a day, everyone was so nice to me, we’ve had breakfast/lunch at the Beverly Hills hotel (fancy one!) and I was told to keep my eyes open as many celebrities go there. Apparently it was too early because I haven’t seen anyone, however to be honest with the people at the table with me I wasn’t interested in any other celebrities lol ;) Starstruck much!

After that (awesome) meeting/meal Amelia took me on a bus tour to see LA which was super fun – we both got sunburned during the process but didn’t complain :) I was also able to buy some souvenirs for my friends and family back home.

On Saturday – the day of the taping – I got up early as I was so excited,, after all it was going to be THE DAY!!! Amelia picked me up at 12:30PM and we went to Culver City, where the NBC studios were located. When we arrived I spotted Lauren Auslander (Jessica’s PR person – super sweet!) and Erin, Amelia went to park the car and Erin took me straight to Jessica’s dressing room. Imagine the excitement!!! :) Jessica was not there, she was in hair & makeup and I could wait in her dressing room (spotted the Birkin bag she got from Eric there!). So I was standing there looking around and all of a sudden I hear: “hiiiii!” behind me, I turn around and … there she was – Jessica Simpson!!! She came up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever! She held me for what felt like at least a minute and I was just standing there like a dork not able to say a word LOL She was wearing a white bathrobe and was barefoot – she was sooo tiny! AND SO BEAUTIFUL! I can’t really remember if I said anything other than “you’re beautiful” to her at the time, my mind went completly blank!

Erin asked me if I wanted to hang out with Jessica while she’s in hair & makeup and of course I wanted to! So we went to hair & makeup where I met Jessica’s hair stylist Robert and her makeup artist and also there was Nicole Richie who took my hand and said “hi I’m Nicole” and smiled – it was like a dream! I got to meet Nicole’s hair stylist and makeup artist as well – super nice people!
While getting her nails done (Chanel’s nail polish, black) Jessica was singing Sade’s “Smooth Operator” which was on the radio/cd player? Oh her voice is beautiful and she was not even trying to sound good but she was so good! And then she was was humming Etta James’ “At Last”.
It was so busy in that room, everyone was going in and out: Jessica’s mom Tina, her sister Ashlee (I didn’t meet her as she just came in and went out) and Eric Johnson – who by the way is really hot (sorry, couldn’t help but notice!) and has a great sense of humour, he made a couple of funny jokes about the site/forum ;) Everyone was so nice to me and treated me as if I was a long time friend. I was overwhelmed by all the kindness, it was such a warm fuzzy feeling!

As for the show it was so fun to watch, during one of the breaks Jessica asked me to come up on stage and I could watch her do E! News interview. I mean – wow! She also introduced me to John Varvatos and again to Nicole, and they both have heard about me (from Jessica) and knew the Simpsons flew me in from Poland to attend. Again – overwhelmed!

The taping was long but before I left I asked if I could take a pic with Jessica and her photographer Kristin took some lovely shots of us :) Once again Jessica gave me the biggest hug, thanked me for coming and said the way I wrote about her at the website made her feel like a queen <3 You are a queen Jessica! An angel :) Before I left the studio Erin took me to Jessica's dressing room again so I could say goodbye to Tina, Stephanie, CaCee and Eric. I can't get over the fact how nice they all were, I didn't think anything like this would ever happen to me and I still can't believe it actually happened - I keep pinching myself haha :) So once again I'd like to thank everyone who made this dream come true for me: Jessica Simpson, Joe Simpson, Tina Simpson, Eric Johnson, Erin Alexander (you’re AWESOME!), CaCee Cobb (who was so cute and sweet), Amelia Garrison (who spent so much of her time showing me around and driving me to/from meetings), Stephanie Terblanche (with her cute belly and the donut! lol), Lauren Auslander (so nice!), Koko Stanley, David and his daughter Lexie, John, Steven, the staff of Thompson Beverly Hills, Lenora (the travel agent who planned the trip for me), and last but not least Jessica’s driver Dan – who has psychic powers and asked me about something he couldn’t have possibly known – freaked me out but he was so cool and kept me entertained while driving me to the airport on my way back.

I fell in love with the whole family and their friends even more. I hope I can see them all again someday :) THANK YOU!!!

Pictures by Kristin Burns <3

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August 18, 11 • 12:30 am

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