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Mindy Weiss On Planning Jessica’s Wedding

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Celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss appeared on E!News to talk about the planning behind the April 29 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Ryan Seacrest asked Mindy about Jessica’s tweet regarding her upcoming wedding!

Mindy’s response?

I’m ready, I would be honoured but I haven’t been called yet. It could’ve been a hacker?

TV Alert: Jessica on Oprah, May 5 2011

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Gaga’s performance on Oprah will air on May 5th, 2011. She will share the episode with Disney, Johnny Depp and Jessica Simpson.

Source: twitter.com/HausDeGaga

OPRAH. Jessica Simpson. giveaways. Seeing Johnny Depp’s new movie…WITH HIM..before it comes out…and me, 2nd row, crying as Lady GAGA performs live!!! And did I mention, Oprah??!!!?! What an amazing, surreal day! Total dream come true; will remember it always! Feel so lucky & blessed. Watch May 5!!!!!!

Source: twitter.com/BuellaMarie

The 1st Annual Do Good Awards: Ladies Who Give Back

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Whether they’re trying to find a cure for cancer or putting the arts back in our schools, these six awe-inspiring women are making a difference, at home and around the world.

Jessica Simpson: Singer, Actress, and Designer (Operation Smile)

Eight years ago I became an international youth ambassador for Operation Smile, a charity that has helped more than 160,000 children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities. I love children, and at that time I felt like I needed to stop fixating on the drama in my own life and do something for someone else. Since then I’ve traveled to Kenya and India with Operation Smile and have been with kids during corrective surgeries. Normally I’m squeamish, but when you know an operation is changing someone’s life, it’s empowering to watch. A lot of babies and kids with cleft palates can’t be fed properly, and in some countries parents give up kids with facial deformities because they’re ashamed of them. More than 200,000 children are born with severe cleft conditions every year. Operation Smile gives kids the chance to express what they’re feeling — to frown when they are sad, to smile when they are happy, to show their emotions to the world. To learn more, visit the website below.

Source: lhj.com

Scans: Us Weekly Magazine

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Spotted: Jessica and Eric in Chicago

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@Miss_RebeccaL: Just saw @JessicaSimpson at @hub51 in Chicago!! Soo pretty!!

Source: twitter.com/Miss_RebeccaL

New Pic: Jessica and Eric at Us Weekly Photoshoot?

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Maybe we’ll see a series of pics in an upcoming issue of Us Weekly?

Source: twitter.com/iesheaffer

TV Alert: Hollywood 411

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Mary McCormack, who is five months pregnant with her third child, sits down with TV Guide Network’s Hollywood 411 to reveal how USA’s In Plain Sight plans to deal with her — and her character’s — pregnancy.

Plus: Hollywood 411’s panel of experts dishes on the Royal Wedding, sits down with The Office’s mean girl Angela Kinsey and gets details from Jessica Simpson on her upcoming wedding!

Hollywood 411 airs Sundays at 7/6c on TV Guide Network.

Source: tvguide.com

Jessica Simpson Hints At A Wedding Date

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It seems that the wedding plans for Jessica Simpson and her fiancé, former football player Eric Johnson, are moving along nicely. Sure, right now the world is obsessed with that other wedding (we’re looking at you, Wills and Kate), but once that wraps up we can all focus on other nuptials. That is, once Jessica gets her plans in order.

Source: hollywoodcrush.mtv.com

Jessica Shuns Bride-to-Be Fitness Regimen

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It’s rare that I meet a bride who isn’t focused on getting in shape before the big day. Whether it’s adopting a healthy diet or ramping up workouts, many brides-to-be vow to get in shape before saying their “I dos.” Keeping with this tradition, it was announced in February that Tracy Anderson was working out with Jessica Simpson before her upcoming wedding to Eric Johnson. This week, however, Jessica told Us Weekly that she’s done following any sort of fitness routine:

“I just have to work out on my own. There is no regimen I need to follow. There’s no diet I need to follow. I just need to do some things for myself and that’s it. And that will make me feel the happiest . . . No exercise is fun! I am going to dance around my bedroom and hopefully lose some weight — and lift some weights and do what I can!”

Based on what Jessica said, it seems she may have parted ways with Tracy, or, better still, it’s a savvy way to get the attention off of her body. Keep in mind that a few months ago she tweeted, “Yes, I am working out, but why is that worth any sorta [sic] press? I always take care of myself. Eric and I could get married right now in sweats!”

Whatever the real reason, it’s nice to hear that she’s not feeling a need to slim down before her wedding. Especially since the idea of a “bridal bootcamp” is becoming more of a reality than an option.

Source: fitsugar.com

Jessica Considers Move Into Popsicle Trade!

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Jessica Simpson has released seven studio albums, starred in two reality television shows, six films, and founded a billion-dollar, self-titled fashion empire that sells everything from outerwear, jeans and jewelry to bags, shoes and dresses worldwide.

So what could possibly be next for the 30-year-old star?

“A line of popsicles! A popsicle would be really good right now,” Simpson told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while being honored as Style Icon of the Year at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood party on Tuesday evening.

Simpson said popsicles definitely trump a long Broadway run, the timeworn venue for actors and singers looking to leave their comfort zone.

“[I wouldn’t do Broadway] because I like to always switch it up, I can’t stay in a regimen,” she said. “A line of popsicles would be a lot easier.”

Simpson is also busy organizing her upcoming nuptials to former NFL player, Eric Johnson, and but apparently she’s the one putting in the all the work. “I’m planning my own, who doesn’t plan their own wedding?,” she said. “The best part is that my groom will say ‘I do.'”

Once she’s hitched, her husband may want to watch out, as Simpson plans to go down Nicole Richie’s TMI Twitter route.

“I do love Twitter, and I would say one of my favorite people to follow is Nicole Richie,” she said. “I think Nicole Richie is always straight up, really funny. She makes me laugh all the time, and she posts cool pics and makes fun of her husband, and I love it.”

Source: foxnews.com

Jess was having a lot of fun with interviews at the Hot Hollywood Party, but if she’s making popsicles then I’m buying!

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