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Watch: Behind The Scenes of Fall 2010 shoot

Check out this awesome video from behind-the-scenes of Jessica’s Fall 2010 Collection photoshoot! :)


Candids: Dos Caminos, July 27 2010

Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Eric Johnson couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they had dinner and drinks at Dos Caminos in New York’s meatpacking district. We think they make an adorable couple!


Simpson keeps kissing beau

Singer-actress Jessica Simpson reportedly kept kissing her new boyfriend Eric Johnson during a dinner with her mother. Simpson was enjoying a lunch with her mother Tina and friends at Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos in Manhattan when she couldn’t keep her hands off her new boyfriend Johnson and kept kissing him during the meal, reports

“He always had a hand on her back, was touching her hair and kissing her head. They made out a few times,” said a fellow diner.

Simpson and the NFL football player only started dating last month.

“She looked super happy. And he was very attentive to her. They looked like they’ve been dating for ages,” said the diner.


Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: ‘Ivy’ League

Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend, former pro football player Eric Johnson, share a romantic lunch date at The Ivy on Sunday (July 18) in Santa Monica, Calif.


Jessica Simpson Rumored To Replace Simon Cowell As ‘American Idol’ Judge

Today’s “American Idol” rumor about the potential replacement for Simon Cowell has reality TV veteran and pop singer Jessica Simpson possibly stepping in to replace the cantankerous British judge who split after season nine.

According to Entertainment Weekly, an unnamed source close to the “Newlyweds” star said Simpson has had several meetings with “Idol” brass about possibly joining the show for the upcoming tenth season, which kicks off in January 2011. A representative for Simpson told MTV News she had no comment on the report.

“I’m not sure whether her people approached ‘Idol,’ or if it was the other way around,” according to the source, who noted that the “Dukes of Hazzard” star is just one of “dozens” of candidates who have reportedly been considered for the gig. Simpson joins a list that does not, however, include Elton John or Justin Timberlake, who were rumored to be in contention for the slot before their reps denied that either would be considering the spot on America’s #1 show. Meetings between “Idol” producers and John and Timberlake reportedly took place several months ago and were non-starters.

The spate of rumors comes on the heels of reports that former “Idol” producer Nigel Lythgoe is expected to return to the show for the upcoming season and that the “So You Think You Can Dance” judge/producer might be considering major changes to the remaining judging panel to give the show a boost. An “Idol” spokesperson has offered no comments on the Lythgoe, Timberlake and John rumors and could not be reached for reaction to the Simpson news at press time. Fox had no comment on the Simpson rumors, either.

The show’s producers have not announced when they would reveal the name of Cowell’s replacement, but the unnamed source told EW that “Idol” network Fox’s “dream scenario” would be to make a big announcement at its event at the 2010 Television Critics Association Press Tour on Monday (August 2). Among the other names reportedly in contention for the gig are singers Chris Isaak and Harry Connick Jr.


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Is “Happy” for Jess & Her New Man

Jessica Simpson’s new relationship with Eric Johnson is definitely on the fast track! Her sis, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, has met the whole family — they were all on that trip to Italy for Jess’ birthday together!

Ash dished to E! News last night, at Neil Lane’s bridal collection debut with Kay Jewelers in L.A.

“I went to Italy with her… we had a wonderful time,” Ashlee revealed. “It was a great time for the family to hang out.”

When asked if Ashlee approved of her sibling’s new man, she stayed pretty tight-lipped but did say: “Jessica is happy, so I am happy.”


Scans: Marie Claire [Mexico], 2010

Scans: Us Weekly, August 2 2010

Scan: Us Weekly, July 26 2010

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Clueless Outlets Say Jessica Simpson’s New Guy “Using Her”

When Perez Hilton and Star magazine team up, it’s truly a thing of beauty.

The tabloid, which has published such ridiculous garbage about Jessica Simpson that she threatened to legally challenge them twice, now speculates that her new beau Eric Johnson is “using her” for money.

“Jessica is so starved for love, she just doesn’t see any of Eric’s faults,” claims a Star “insider.” His “faults,” apparently, are accompanying Simpson on a birthday vacation to Italy and sharing amenities.

Hilton can’t wait to pipe up, taking Star’s story and insisting Simpson is “usually unlucky in love!” After regurgitating the tab’s story about Johnson and Simpson’s fancy trip, the blogger buys into the notion that the former football player is “just using her.”

“Smart guy, ha!” chortles Hilton. “But will Jess catch on??”

But will Jess catch on?

Um, Hilton recently reported that Jack Nicholson was pursuing Simpson. He’s also tied her (wrongly) to Taylor Kitsch. And to Gerard Butler.

So maybe it’s the blogger who should “catch on” and realize he has no idea what he’s talking about with Simpson.

Maybe Simpson had Johnson come with her to Italy… because she likes him. As a source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop, she’s a “savvy woman and knows who to trust and who not to, and so far Eric’s been a good guy.”

As usual, Star and Hilton have plopped themselves far from logic in order to brew scandal.

What a team!


I really like Gossip Cop! :) tehee!

Perez+Jessica Simpson = wrong

In addition to his stories being old and inaccurate, what’s really striking about Perez Hilton is his ability to get so much wrong with so few words.

Today, in a 75-word item about Jessica Simpson and Jeremy Renner, Perez claims that after their “fling,” Simpson “went over to see him and the visit ended up being pretty ‘awkward’ considering he had already moved on with another woman!”

Uh, Gossip Cop debunked that story a couple of days ago when a source close to Simpson assured us that alleged incident “never happened.”

But wait, it gets worse.

Perez then snipes that Simpson has moved on “with Eric Johnson — even if he is using her for the ca$$$h!”

Uh, we busted that rumor earlier today after a Simpson insider told us the “user” claims were false, and the actress/singer is a “savvy woman and knows who to trust and who not to, and so far Eric’s been a good guy.”

Number of words in Perez’s story: 75

Number of errors: 2

Numbers of laughs at his expense: Endless


Video: Watch Jessica Simpson’s Entourage Debut

Is Jessica Simpson ready for a new furry friend? If you ask Entourage’s Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), the answer is yes.

On Simpson’s Aug. 1 episode of the HBO series, Piven’s character tries to improve her mood after her beloved Malti-poo, Daisy, went missing and was presumed dead.

“I know how devastated you were after losing Daisy, so I thought little Rose here would ease the pain,” Piven’s Ari tells Simpson, 29, who appears as herself in the clip. (Watch above)

“You really are an a–hole! Have you ever had a dog, Ari? You should know they’re not like cars — you don’t just replace them…And Daisy was a Malti-poo…that’s just a poo,” she snipes as she slams the door in his face.

Simpson says she enjoyed her time on set.

“I have the utmost respect for the entire cast and crew of Entourage!” she Twittered after shooting the scene last May. “Thank you for making the past 2 days memorable.”

Simpson’s episode of Entourage airs Aug. 1 at 10:30 p.m./ET on HBO.


Jessica to Speak at Operation Smile’s 2010 Student Leadership Conference

Jessica Simpson, Operation Smile’s International Youth Ambassador, will speak on opening night at Operation Smile’s 18th annual International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC). Almost 400 college and high school students from 12 countries around the world will gather from August 1-5 at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. Jessica Simpson’s keynote address will focus on the conference’s theme – Be the Change! – empowering students to make a difference and change lives in their communities and around the world.

Since 2003, Jessica Simpson has helped to spread awareness for children suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate and the work of Operation Smile. In 2006, she visited Capitol Hill to speak on behalf of the organization. She has participated on international medical missions to Kenya and India, where she donned scrubs and witnessed the work of the surgical team in the operating room. Recently, Jessica launched a new initiative called A Beautiful Me in collaboration with Operation Smile, to help inspire self-esteem in young people who can then use their confidence and personal strength to change the world. Note: Jessica Simpson will be available for select pre-arranged interviews prior to the ISLC.


Ashlee: Jessica Simpson “Is Happy” With Eric Johnson

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz approves of big sis Jessica’s new football beau, Eric Johnson.

“She is happy, so we are all really happy,” Ashlee, 25, told at the Neil Lane/Kay Jewelers party at Drai’s Hollywood Thursday night.

“Her happiness is the most important thing to me,” continued Ashlee, who was part of the group that flew to Italy to celebrate Jessica’s 30th birthday earlier this month.

Ashlee says Jessica — who began dating her still-married guy about six weeks ago — isn’t talking about having kids of her own.

“She does love being an aunt though. She is a great aunt,” said Ashlee, who welcomed son Bronx Mowgli with husband Pete Wentz in November 2008. “Yesterday he was over at her house calling her ‘Jess’ [and then saying] ‘ica’ a few minutes later. It was really cute.”

Ashlee, on the other hand, “definitely” wants to expand her brood.

“We would love to have a big family,” she tells Us. As for how many kids she wants, she said, “You can never plan something like that.”

Bronx is growing up quickly. “Every day is like a milestone, I swear. It is the best thing,” said Ashlee. “I mean, being a mother, taking the time that I have taken off just to be with him has really been incredible. Every day he is learning something new and growing. It is fantastic. I feel very fortunate.”

How do they spend time together? “We paint. He loves the water hose outside. That is always exciting, especially because it is extremely hot outside right now. We write on the walls with chalkboard and chalk,” said Ashlee. “It is fun and it keeps you active because every day you’re thinking, ‘What are we going to do?’ Even if it’s just dancing in place. He is really cute. He is really becoming his own little man.”

Even though dad is in the band Fall Out Boy, Ashlee is the one who sings to him. “He knows mama’s voice because I sing for him all the time and we sing together,” she said. “He knows the Elmo song; he sings that in the car, which is really cute.”

His favorite music: “He loves Jay-Z. He says, ‘Jay-Z ma ma.’ So we do the ones without the swear words.”


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