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Oprah from years back

While we’re waiting for Jessica’s new appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show I thought I’d upload her previous appearances on the show to :) Click below to watch the interview she did with Nick and also the performance of “Take My Breath Away” – which is the only one of Jess performing the song with Nick :) Enjoy!

Oprah interview (part 1) 2005
Oprah interview (part 2) 2005
Oprah interview (part 3) 2005
Oprah interview (part 4) 2005

3/3 Jess on Oprah

Beauty Around the World with Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is ready to go public about John Mayer’s kiss-and-tell. Then, what’s beautiful around the world? Lisa Ling reports from China.

Tune in on 03/03 to watch this show.


Behind The Scenes of JSC Spring 2010 shoot

Here’s the behind the scenes video from Jessica Simpson Spring 2010 Collection – beautiful!! :)


The Price Of Beauty Section!

Make sure you check out our section dedicated to “The Price Of Beauty” – in there you’ll find information about the show, episode summaries, photos, captures and multimedia! Content will be added as it becomes available so check it often :)

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Oprah: March 3rd

There’s been yet another change of date for Jessica’s appearance on Oprah.

change of date for Jessica on Oprah… Now it is Wednesday, March 3rd


Scans: Allure, March 2010

Here are the scans from Allure! The set also includes an ad for The Price Of Beauty! :)

Thanks to: Eduardo! :)

The Price Of Beauty: Promo pics


Mag alert: Cosmopolitan [Germany]

Jessica graces the cover of March 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan in Germany! :)

Thanks to: María!

JSC 2010: New Spring Promo

Stunning! :)

POB: Episode 1 – Thailand

Jessica, Ken and CaCee are on their way to Bangkok! First stop Thai massage! After a brutal twisting by their massage therapists, the cast is off to meet Sonia, their beauty ambassador in Thailand. Sonia leads the gang through the open market where they learn that Thai women like their skin to be as fair as possible. Enter Panya, a woman disfigured by the overuse of bleaching cream. Jessica is moved to tears by Panya’s emotional story. Up next, Jessica visits a monastery where she gets the giggles while attempting to meditate with a monk! Finally, the cast ventures to the outskirts of Thailand to visit the Karen Hill Tribe of “ring neck women” where they witness a little girl getting her first of many rings to come. Jessica, Ken and CaCee are adorned with their own rings and celebrate this exotic beauty ritual with a traditional feast!


I can’t wait!! :)


I’m so fired up for everyone to see what my friends and I discovered the last 4 months!!!


Jessica on Oprah: March 4th

look out for jessica on oprah march 4th. we looove oprah. papajoe is so proud of jessica.


Jessica Eats Cockroaches for Reality Show

Jessica Simpson has been thinking.

“There’s so much pressure on women to be beautiful,” muses the singer, 29, in the opening moments of her much-anticipated new VH1 reality show. “But what defines beauty?”

Her solution: Travel around the world to learn what women in different cultures do to feel beautiful. And bring best friends CaCee Cobb and hairstylist Ken Paves along for the ride. Oh, and capture it all on camera for The Price of Beauty, which premieres March 15.

Judging from the first two episodes, Simpson’s latest TV effort plays like The Amazing Race (um, minus the race) meets Oprah. Simpson gets a mild taste of cultural flavor, participates in quirky customs and interviews locals who went to dangerous extremes in their quest to be gorgeous.

For a teen popster who became a bona fide superstar thanks to her ditzy behavior on MTV’s Newlyweds with then-husband Nick Lachey (recap: Chicken of the Sea is not chicken), Simpson tries valiantly to rein in her antics. During her stay in Thailand, she samples fried cockroaches because they contain hair-strengthening amino acids. She also becomes visibly distraught meeting a local singer who was so desperate to lighten her skin that she permanently damaged her appearance, thus losing her husband and her career.

Simpson hasn’t completely lost her immature touch, however. While praying with a Buddhist monk, she bursts into a giggling fit.

Next stop? Paris, where she gets caught up in the fashion industry’s pressure to be reed-skinny. (There’s a pop-up graphic informing audiences that a French model’s average weight is 115 pounds.) Notoriously ridiculed for her weight in recent years, Simpson is aghast talking to a former anorexic model. Then she sweats it out while prepping to strut on a runway during the city’s Pret a Porter showcase.

Final verdict: Though she comes off as genuinely interested and sympathetic to the people whom she encounters, it’s obvious that she’s only really enjoying herself when she’s getting her massage treatments.

Check it out. (You too, Nick.)


Caught in the Act!

• She’s in Chicago to tape an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey show, but Jessica Simpson still found time to enjoy a meal out on the town with “mane man” Ken Paves and three other pals. The singer grabbed dinner in the upstairs lounge at Le Colonial in the Windy City’s Gold Coast neighborhood. While the group shared small appetizers and drank saketinis, Simpson sipped scotch on the rocks with her meal. When it was time to go, Paves picked up the check and left a generous tip.


Ken tweeted this:

The food was so good!!!


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