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“Newlyweds” Episode Guide completed

Sorry it took so long! I’ve finally completed the Newlyweds episode guide. There is a summary of every episode, also screen captures, download links and (this is new!) an embedded video for each episode (except for 4×8 but it will be added shortly!) so you can watch directly at SKNET :) I hope you guys enjoy them! Click here to check them out.

Scans: Jessica’s Fancy Ad

Another magazine ad for Fancy fragrance has been added to the gallery, I just love it :)

HairDo Ad: Wrap-around ponytail

I might have posted this ad before but since I was able to get it I scanned it and added it to the gallery – how great does it look? The style I mean :)

For more HairDo styles, hair tips and accessories from Jessica’s BFF and hairstylist Ken Paves visit!

Scan: In Touch, October 12 2009

Here’s a little “follow up” article from In Touch, it clears up some stuff published by Us Weekly ;)


I meant “orgasm” not orgasim…one of the cute doctors here at the hospital informed me of my misspelled tweet. Hmm…was he hitting on me?

“You can fake an orgasim but you can’t fake laughter” Bob Dylan

don’t like having to leave and go back to a hotel room, but I’ll b back there tomorrow lovin’ on her. Nana is a fighter! Pls keep praying:)

Just left the hospital.she is a trooper:) RT @aly25: @JessicaSimpson hope your nana’s surgery went well and that she makes a speedy recovery


Sending lots of love to your Nana Jess :)

Ashlee Sees the Beauty in Sister Jessica

Jessica Simpson recently admitted she hasn’t always been happy with her body – but she’s definitely not alone, according to younger sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

“Everybody deals with something like that,” the Chicago star told PEOPLE at an event to launch Hershey’s new Pieces candy line in New York’s Times Square Wednesday. “The thing about growing up is that you grow into your own and find the things that you think are beautiful about yourself.”

Simpson-Wentz, 25, believes her sister’s upcoming VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty, which explores what beauty means in different cultures, will make the curvy blonde even more relatable to fans. “This is something all women can relate to – that’s what’s so great about her show,” she says.


Scans: Solo [Sweden], January 2010

Sweden loves Jessica, they put her on the magazine covers a lot :)

Thanks to: Ann!

Scans: Bild [Sweden], #3 2010

Thanks to: Ann!

Scans: Us Weekly, October 5 2009

Thanks to: Ann!

Scans: Hollywood Star, November 9 2009

I’ve been updating the gallery with some new/old scans, check them out!

+ 1 here

Thanks to: Ann! :)

Ashlee on The Price Of Beauty

Ashlee is also looking forward to seeing the full version of her sister’s upcoming VH1 series, the “Price of Beauty,” which premieres on March 15 – a show Jessica’s sister has only seen part of.

“I’ve seen previews of the show and I’ve seen a few minutes here and there, and it’s so funny and so cool and it’s really a beautiful show so I’m excited for her,” Ashlee said.

And Ashlee thinks Jessica’s show, which sees the country singer traveling the world examining different ideals of beauty abroad, is a great idea.

“Everybody has such a different standard… in every different country and culture and it’s really interesting,” she said. “It’s a way of finding beauty within yourself and I like that she’s sending that message.

“I think the best thing even about the show is finding your inner beauty and what you do love about yourself,” Ashlee added. “And I think, Jessica’s the most beautiful woman, ever.”



God doesn’t listen to our adjectives and adverbs. He listens to the simple need we have in our hearts. Pray with pure and simple FAITH.

My Nana is having a tumor removed tomorrow. I have to have faith in prayer


Cover alert: Allure, March 2010

Jessica will be on the cover of… Allure Magazine’s March issue.
– Out Feb 23rd but the pictures will be out before then.
– It should also be noted that this is the magazine’s issue dedicated to influencers.
– This is Jessica’s 3rd time covering the magazine.

Thanks to: Gary!

Scan: People, February 1 2010

Thanks to: Tamara :)

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