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November 19, 2009: Jessica Simpson was spotted in Beverly Hills wearing Cowboys sweatshirt.



6 Responses to “New pic”

November 21, 09 • 7:14 am

wow! what’s up with that? Guess Miss JS is a bigger person than some of her fans that were so quick to hate on Tony Romo after the breakup. Good for her. Life is too short to be spending it on grudges and hate.

November 21, 09 • 9:14 pm

Jessica looks tired and a bit pale but she still looks a bit cute

November 22, 09 • 1:21 am

I think you always have to have makeup on while taking a pic or otherwise it might show you a bit pale. I think she looks great without makeup and dressed down.

November 22, 09 • 1:41 am

Oops, the wrong place posting.
But since I am here. Jess is a very big person and bigger than some of Romo fans also. They have always been hard on her. Ruthless people, some of them. Yes, she is a bigger person than even him. People break up everyday. It’s the way it’s done. The way he did it shows that it was an egotistical act, immature & heartless (her birthday and for the public and tabs to have a field day). It’s as if he doesn’t have sisters. Awful! Some of his fans I know wanted this.. the way things were going. But nevertheless all is good. She is looking fantastic. The best is yet to come.
Life can be beautiful and goes on. Beautiful, beautiful heart she has indeed. May God bless her.

November 27, 09 • 9:19 am

personally, i dont care what happened with tony romo its their business it takes 2 people to make it work or fail…it wasnt meant to be. im a dallas fan and i dont know if romo fans have been hard on her ??? i think it works both i said i dont care because i dont know what happened..he seems cool she seems cool and sometimes it doesnt work..but if shes sporting dallas, she cant be all that mad at him…they arent bad people…sh*t happens.


December 1, 09 • 12:45 am

Jess has a beautiful heart and would not hold any grudge toward anyone, especially ones she has cared about. That’s the best way to be.
Life goes on. The best for her is yet to come, if not already.

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