No Idol Time for Jessica Simpson

On the surface, Jessica Simpson may have seemed like the perfect replacement for Paula Abdul: Both are sweet, ever so slightly past-prime pop stars who aren’t exactly the verbally sharpest chickens in the sea.

But sadly (for the missed YouTube potential, if nothing else), the switcheroo is not to be.

J. Simp’s rep Cindi Berger has shot down reports that the blonde reality vet turned wannabe geisha will be filling the fourth seat at the American Idol judges’ table, telling E! News the rumors are “not true at all.” Tongues started wagging over the possible replacement this morning, when the New York Post claimed that Papa Joe Simpson was pushing for the casting coup.

Victoria Beckham she’s not.

Not content to let the official denial stand, however, the ever hands-on Simpson patriarch took to Twitter this morning to further stick it to the tabloid.

“So, I am in thailand…But, of course, the post says I am in town trying to get Jess to be the replacement for paula abdul…Do the lies ever stop????”

No, but the spell check clearly does.

However, in typical Hollywood-ending style, things may end up exactly where they started.

With Abdul’s name failing to turn up on the call sheets of Dancing With the Stars, Ugly Betty or even So You Think You Can Dance, it seems our favorite underappreciated judge is keeping her schedule well and clear, should producers have a sudden change of heart. Or salary offer.


2 Comments on “No Idol Time for Jessica Simpson”

  1. I knew it was a lie from the beginning. Look who put it out from the beginning. Do they ever tell the truth? They just want those other commentators, etc. to get there kicks, put-downs and meanness started.
    The ones who are doing all the ugliness just don’t have any news that interesting enough to write. I am sure Jess wouldn’t have such a confining job as that. Who wants it anyway?

  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited and I LOVE what you’ve done with this site!

    I’m so happy there’s an RSS feed – I can follow it on my livejournal now (time is not on my side lately so having all my news in one spot is a big help)!

    Wonderful job Joanna :)

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