Simpson Mama Talks Jessica, Tony…

Jessica Simpson probably didn’t feel like getting pelted with an open water bottle two nights in a row, so she opted for a quiet night in Thursday. The rest of the Simps, meanwhile, weren’t quite so camera-shy, opting instead to get their photo op on by turning up to the star-studded opening of a Gap pop-up store on Robertson Boulevard.

But while Jessica didn’t attend the soiree, mother Tina Simpson was more than willing to dish on how her daughter is dealing with the single life.

“Jessica is just a really strong girl,” Mama Simpson said. “She has her stuff together, she really does. She’s very solid, so I’m very proud of her.”

Apparently included in that pride is Tony Romo, despite his less than chivalrous birthday-eve dumping.

“We like all of our exes,” she said.

Not to nitpick, Tina, but we’re pretty sure you mean Jessica’s exes. Unless Papa Joe’s been passing around the Kool-Aid? As for all that attention her daughter receives, most of which is well outside the realm of positive, Simpson said the family’s game plan is more or less to keep clam.

“We just try to go with the flow. Try to keep our mouth shut when we’re walking out so you don’t say things. It’s kind of crazy.”

They may want to keep their doors and windows shut, too, lest any more flying containers splash down on the fam. Still, the clan has been keeping plenty busy this summer, and not just by dodging paparazzi waterworks. Simpson says they’ve been spending their time “working, hanging out, laying by the pool, enjoying the grandson.”
And no proud grandma would be complete without a little gushing. Take it away, Tina!

“He’s awesome. He’s a sweetheart—getting so big,” she said of Pete and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s bambino, Bronx.

“He’s hilarious. He’s very funny, but then he gets serious, and he’s crawling! He loves music—he’s talking already. I could talk all day about him. I’m a proud grandma!”


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  1. I thought Tina handled the interview well. I saw CaCee on the left in one of the videos. I think Jessica may have been there. Saw another video that showed a driver driving a black Mercedes that supposedly had Jessica in it trying to get out of a very crowded parking lot on Robertson Ave. I thinks that’s where Tina was. The driver got out of the car and didn’t put the brake on and almost ran into another car. OOps!

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